The End Result Of Individualism And Freedom: Muh Tolerance Tattoos

First off, I always tell people that before they get a tattoo, they should imagine just how it will look when they become a saggy, wrinkled senior – also best to remind them to not get anything because of emotions at any given time.

And second, I don’t think women should get tats if they value their bodies and natural beauty – that’s just my opinion, so don’t get all bent out of shape if you’re a female that’s already had some ink work done in the past.

But right now I’m stuck in quite the little dilemma, as I don’t think the following creature has more than basic sentience, and I’m still not sure if it’s a biological female – maybe is the most conclusive decision I can make.

Whatever the case, the point stands that thanks to this culture’s twin beliefs of freedom and individualism, this fool will suffer no consequences for its actions – it’ll probably get congratulated for “courage” and “edginess.”


  1. I find most tattoos to be disgusting, on men and women. They will serve as an obvious signal, now and in the future, of idiots to avoid, or purge.

  2. When that woman is forced to wear a burqa in 2040, she can just show the authorities that tat…..won’t make any fuckin difference to them.

  3. female w/tattoo= thot. the only acceptable tattoo for a man is an SS Blutgruppe on the inside of the left bicep. If God had wanted beautiful white skin besmirched he would have made us all shitskinned untermensch.

  4. Along with the current, repulsive tattoo fad, let’s not forget all the disgusting body piercings, the ludicrous rainbow colored hair dyes & even surgically induced facial disfiguring that is now all a part of this unrestrained individualism & tolerance.

  5. Tats are purely a personal thing. It shouldn’t be anybody’s business but the ADULT person with or getting the tattoo(s). Of course people with tattoos must understand that a lot of people associate them with gangs and criminality, and so be willing to tolerate bad attitudes toward them, at least until they can change them.

    I don’t have any myself, though I have quite a few bumper stickers! I guess I don’t want to commit myself to what I believe today for life. I might change my mind. I tend to get sick of looking at the same thing every day, so I’d probably get sick of a tattoo, but I don’t have a problem with other people getting them…

    just as long as they don’t promote hatred…

  6. While I have a number of men I consider good friends, with lots of tat ink on their bodies, I’d never consider one for my person and think that most would have never begun their ink trail had they thought about the long range issue. I could be wrong.

    That said, those that have tats that say what the images above say have abandoned all pretense and should be regarded as collaborators with communists, or outright communists themselves.

  7. Because you can’t be on Twitter all the time virtue-signalling, faving, liking, friending and unfriending – thus the need for a tolerance tattoo. These are the people who should go to work in the Ficki-Ficki tent at the rock concerts.

  8. Any white person, other than a Marine, sailor and any other vet is dishonoring himself
    with ink. ANY woman is dishonoring their God-given beauty with ink. Think gang skank.

  9. There’s nothing “radical” about getting tattoos and body piercings. In fact the System approves of you doing just that. The REAL radicals are jew-wise National Socialists!

  10. Sorry but I regard tattoos and body piercings as a non-white influence on our people. I know I will be told that its ancient Celtic tradition. Let me remind you that the Aztecs practiced body piercing as well as body modifications as well as many “Native-American times. And the Polynesian islands and New Zealand Maoris also embrace tattoos as a way of life. In fact before the rise of Liberal Modernity a white person with tattoos or body piercings was looked upon as borderline criminals and definitely degenerate.

  11. The problem is the culture, not the freedom. We have kikes popularizing dementia, anti-social behavior, self-destruction, perversity and nihilism/anti-christianity in the media. I have said this for decades. Fuck off freedom, go after the Jews and their useful idiots.

  12. In fact, tattoos are a great boon for guys looking for quality woman. Being wholesome, clean, and upright is rebellious now. Tattoos are a huge advantage for weeding out human shitbags.

  13. Ever look at the mindless, forgettable and pointless things that are written in your high school yearbook by people who you never saw two months after you graduated that talk about events that you don’t remember and care less about even more? That’s what a tattoo is. A tattoo is like having your 70s bellbottoms welded onto you because they are so cool that you want to wear them forever. Tattoos are like all those inane tweets that my niece makes about how she just had the most amazing breakfast that she’ll remember her whole life.

    In a few years there will be tattoo removal stores on every corner.

    I depsise tattoos even more that I have expressed here. Faggots love tattoos.

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