A Template For The Future: Turkey Holds Mass Trials Accusing Journalists Of Terrorism

I obviously don’t like Erdogan and hold him as an enemy for his hostile actions against Europe, but at the end of the day I RESPECT him far more than I respect many of the weak beta males dominating Western politics.

Erdogan, knowing he had enemies within his own regime, helped to formulate a coup against himself (not technically confirmed but almost certain) that was crushed within twenty-four hours – a catalyst for a purge the likes of which we should hope to emulate one day in our own nations.

Following this, Erdogan turned on the Turkish media, which by a quick study of the facts seems to be inundated with much of the same subversion and Fake News that we in America have grown to understand quite clearly in recent months and years.

But the Turkish Final Solution of the Media Question does not consist of angry tweets at 4 AM, nor does it involve a constant reshuffling of Executive personnel tasked with battling corrupt talking heads day in and day out.

No, it involves brutal beatdowns by loyal military and police, arrests by the dozen, and treason trials that aim to prove that the accused journalists are equivalent to bloodthirsty terrorists.

Brilliant, Reccep.

Just plain brilliant.


Prominent journalists and other staff at a Turkish opposition newspaper went on trial on Monday accused of supporting a terrorist group, in a case that critics of President Tayyip Erdogan consider attack on free speech.

“Journalism is not a crime,” chanted several hundred people gathered outside the central Istanbul court to protest against the prosecution of 17 writers, executives and lawyers of the secularist Cumhuriyet newspaper.

The trial coincides with an escalating dispute with Germany over the arrest in Turkey of 10 rights activists, including one German, as part of a crackdown since last year’s attempted coup against Erdogan.

Turkish prosecutors are seeking up to 43 years in jail for newspaper staff accused of targeting Erdogan through “asymmetric war methods”.

“I am not here because I knowingly and willingly helped a terrorist organisation, but because I am an independent, questioning and critical journalist,” one of the defendants, columnist Kadri Gursel, told the court.

I can just imagine rats like (((Jake Tapper))), (((Wolf Blitzer))), and (((Rachel Maddow)))) claiming the same as they are hauled into courts in the most humiliating way imaginable – I wouldn’t even let them have belts for the far-too-large pants that would be issued.

Gursel, who, along with editor Murat Sabuncu and other senior staff, has been in pre-trial detention for 267 days, was prevented from hugging his son in the courtroom by security guards, the newspaper said on its website.

The 324-page indictment alleges Cumhuriyet was effectively taken over by the network of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, blamed for the failed putsch last July, and used to “veil the actions of terrorist groups”.

Like how the “American” media uses their anti-Russian drivel to protect and veil the actions of ISIS?

Or how the “American” media pushes for regime change in Syria – sabotaging the one leader who has stood toe to toe with Moslem terrorists for the better part of a decade?

Rights groups and Turkey’s Western allies have complained of deteriorating human rights under Erdogan. In the crackdown since last July’s failed coup, 50,000 people have been jailed pending trial and some 150,000 detained or dismissed from their jobs.

As part of the purge some 150 media outlets have been shut down and around 160 journalists are in jail, according to the Turkish Journalists’ Association.

This could be done rather easily (or with a serious effort) here in the States if those in power (yes, Trump, I’m talking about you) actually decided to shatter the treasonous media for their despicable actions.

It could probably best be done by pushing an “Un-American Activities Act” or something of the sort – much like what was done back in the middle part of the last century to root out Communists and their sympathizers throughout the country.

Now that would be something helping to #MAGA, that’s for sure.

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  1. Crypto-Jews of the Donmeh are the Turkish deep state. Erdogan is waging war against the Jews.

  2. Just for general information,

    Liberals are very fragible so everybody can do what I do. I send every morning to German newspaper editors short Email width mainstream links how Julius Streicher and his Der Stürmer ended up in Nurenberg.

    It will cost. They will ban Your IP by first email so You must get new IP every morning. Also You need a phone you van make factory settings every morning. I my country cheapest mobile SIM card cost little more that 1 USD so all fun is little more than 30 USD per month.

    And don,t forget to be honest.

    Dear Editor.

    I kindly remind , that for your 25 years of speaking, writing and preaching hatred of the white people, you are widely known as ‘White-Baiter Number One.’ In your speeches and articles, week after week, month after month, you infected the German mind with the virus of anti-whitism….your incitement to murder and extermination at the time when whites in the west were being killed under the most horrible conditions clearly constitutes persecution on political and racial grounds in connection with mass immigration, as defined by the Charter, and constitutes a crime against humanity

    Looking forward to see you and your fellow coworkers in the Nurenberg

    Kind regards

  3. Spahnranch1969,

    I agree. Journalists are in general our enemies and dishonest, contemptable people. I would like to see Trump crush CNN and WaPo for starters. Without the media to organize and enrage the Left, Trump could get a lot more done. And a major source of anti-White power woukd be gone.

    • @Michael Cushman

      Yep, and it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when we have to look to non-White rulers to see how these journalistic deviants should be treated.

      It was one of our worst mistakes as a race and a nation – allowing so much freedom that a hostile group of (((foreigners))) was able to swoop in, seize control of essentially all media, and use it as a battering ram against us.

  4. The Donmeh was/is not the Deep State in Turkey. The Donmeh Jews took power during WWI. The Empire of the City controls Turkey since that time.

    Reccep ‘the Hen’ is a co-ethnic with the Khazars. GOG swings him around however it suits the ZOG wars for Greater IsraHell. Did you see the long lines of ISIS tankers going out of the ISIS held territories in Iraq and Syria heading for the pipeline in Turkey. Reccep’s job is to build the Islamic buffer crescent ( a caliphate) between the Jew Empire State of IsraHell and the Russias.

    • @Lynda

      Yeah, Erdogan is definitely not a trustworthy character, and is actually dangerous in many respects, but one can still learn from the examples of nasty individuals.

      Sarcasm and dark humor aside (I hope people understand that I’m not a Turk cuckboi), what Erdogan is doing with these journalists is something that we in the United States would have done up until the early 60’s – imagine Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, etc… facing an Un-American Activities hearing…

    • @Lynda: I presume you are referring to the Young Turks? Apparently they deposed the Sultan in 1908 with the intention of turning over Ottoman-ruled Palestine to the Zionists.

  5. The big problem with Erdogan, is that in the past he has always been over-the-top pro-Israel. Saudi Arabia has strict censorship too.

  6. It looks as if Erdogan wants to restore the Ottoman Empire and proclaim himself Sultan Reycep Turkroach I.

  7. You have to give it to the muslims…..they just up and do what a lot of us would love to do, that being silencing fake leftard media, keeping degenerates under control and showing zero tolerance of those whose culture and religion is at odds with their own. If our……..’leaders’ had any backbone, they’d learn something from them.
    I don’t watch the news or read newspapers anymore. Leftard propaganda masquerading as ‘fair and balanced news’. They try to influence opinion. Anyone who thinks for themselves can see that.

    • Study Duterte as well.

      He’s doing all of his work under a system pretty much copied from the United States.

  8. “I can just imagine rats like (((Jake Tapper))), (((Wolf Blitzer))), and (((Rachel Maddow)))) claiming the same as they are hauled into courts in the most humiliating way imaginable – I wouldn’t even let them have belts for the far-too-large pants that would be issued.”

    You arrest them at 3 in the morning so they haven’t bathed and have bed hair. You take their mug shots and parade them before loyal journalists for photo ops and video ops to be printed in the newspapers and broadcast on television.

  9. Sorry Marcus. I have to strongly disagree with you on the case of Turkey. In Turkey and countries like Egypt, Algeria, Iran – there are a certain % of White people and Whiter people. The President of Syria – Assad and his British educated modern Wife are very White, well dress and have views on politics, education that are very similar to us – that’s why the Russian back Assad. In these countries, the Whiter you are – the more secular/Christian you are and the more anti Islam. The Secular Republic in Turkey as set up by the very White Turkish nationalist hero Kemal Attaturk established the Turkish military as the defenders of the Secular Republic guarding against mobs of backward, swarthy Islamists trying to drag the country out of Western European civilization back to some backward 8th century Arab savagery. Turkish President Erdogan is now reversing the wise course of Kemal Attaturk and seeking to make Turkey part of the Islamic anti White 2nd world, getting close to 3rd world.

    The key is see how foreign leaders dress, how they promote their women to dress and act. Under the White Shah of Iran, Iranian women aspired to wear the best French fashions, after the Islamic revolution women were made to wear Black burkahs. The Shah of Iran was overthrown because he was perceived as being too Western, too pro American too White.

    Hey folks, we got nothing in common with mobs of 8th century Islamists who don’t bathe, shave or use toilet paper. If you are confused about Islamists go check out Rotherham England and see how the Paki Islamists look, act – they rape/sexually groom young English girls.

    Life seems so easy to understand – yet so many of our rather bright, intelligent people who claim to be on our side get confused and fall down in to all kinds of race denying nonsense. I sight the Ron Paul, Rand Paul cult a lot, but there are so many others.

    • @Jack Ryan

      I understand your argument (and I know what you mean by the whole Moslem emulation thing), but at the same time even guys like Assad would have no problem dealing swift and vicious judgement on those they perceive as enemies of their nation.

      It’s like with Duterte – he’s crazy, but it’s a crazy we can study (at least to a certain point).

  10. I think this issue about The Press could be overcome, if, in order to acquire an annual license to practice, each ‘journalist’ had to produce a volume of work to show that they made a regular attempt at ‘journalism’, and not one-sided propaganda.

    • @Junius

      But why go to the trouble of creating a whole bureaucracy to enforce that?

      Eventually it’ll just get corrupted anyway if the same characters stay in the game.

  11. “Erdogan, knowing he had enemies within his own regime, helped to formulate a coup against himself (not technically confirmed but almost certain) that was crushed within twenty-four hours – a catalyst for a purge the likes of which we should hope to emulate one day in our own nations.”

    Fake news. The Zionist owned US plotted to overthrow Erdogan for supporting Palestinians and Hamas. Erdogan has turned to Russia for military weapons since the failed coup.

    • @Jim

      Possible, but why then did the coup plotters not down Erdogan’s jet when they had it dead to rights on their radar?

      And why would the United States try to go after the country that was the guardian of ISIS’ northern supply routes into Syria?

  12. Possible, but why then did the coup plotters not down Erdogan’s jet when they had it dead to rights on their radar?

    This information was circulated in the Western press after the failure of the the coup. Turkey is opposed to Israel’s plan to create an independent Kurdistan from territory taken from Turkey.

    • The plane thing wasn’t a Western press thing – even autists on 4chan were watching the flight path while wondering, “WTF?.”

      Same applies to the entire coup up until the end – even when Erdogan landed, the rebels could have easily shelled and overrun the airport to end the whole thing (many of us were watching live as it was happening).

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