Cuckfederates Double Down: Enter The BASED Black Wife

The world has now devolved to the point where it’s become hard to separate reality from satire – some of it is due to our honed-in-fire trolling methods, while the rest is due to the sheer levels of cuckoldry embedded in most of society.

Even for someone like me who pretty much satirizes as a second job, it’s hard to tell at times.

So please forgive me for thinking at first that the below was the work of one of our better artists – even the spelling errors look like some sort of bizarre parody.

Sad thing is – this looks straight up legitimate.

May God have mercy on our poor souls.

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    • Yeah, it’s pretty nasty.

      My historical knowledge on the Cuckfederates is a bit shaky, so could someone please explain to me just how in the hell did these idiots go from the original CSA Constitution that held up White Supremacy to this?

    • There is less and less good human material on which to build. It is not very satisfying, but the most we can do now is red-pill as many of our folk as possible and hope/pray for system failure. Another part of the problem is that the WBTS is now far in the past. I read the SCV website from time to time, and it seems to me that the SCV is just going through the motions now. It is becoming nearly as invisible as the Revolutionary War associations.

  1. Considering the number of Mulattos in 1860, I’m guessing white men of the Confederacy didn’t care where they scattered their seed. The anti-miscegany laws came later, “just don’t marry one” e.g. a Mustee.
    Now I’m not for interracial marriage on prudential grounds but realize that non-marriage whites knocking up black women wasn’t exactly frowned upon during the honorable and noble period.

    • I personally don’t care if cucks race mix with black women. We could create division between light skinned niggers and dark skinned ones.

  2. It is time for an organized movement to force the removal of all statues and monuments commemorating Union soldiers, officers and units due to the brutality and illegal rape, theft and destruction they wrought. Remember Lincoln argued the southern states had been hijacked and secession was therefore illegal. That means their brutality was against American citizens! How can we stand for monuments to such wanton illegality? It should be time for a new purging of historical monuments, from Maine to Massachusetts to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.

      • @billyrayjenkins

        “Don’t worry thats next on the SJW list”

        The Union monuments won’t come down because they’ve already been woven into the SJW/Judeo Communist narrative. Furthermore, they’re all but forgotten by the Northern public. Who are so used to being on top, culturally and politically, that they’re complacent, taking their status for granted. The monuments will fall to the weeds and moss at about the time that the people in the Northern states have been induced to vote themselves out of existence.

        • No they will come down because any celebration of White Men in public will be destroyed if they have their way. They’re already attacking Revolutionary monuments in some states as well. Remember at the end of the day its about removing White men from public display.

          The Jews want nothing short of full erasure.

          • James the vast majority of the NORTHERN PUBLIC are descended in whole or part from Post 1865 Immigrants especially in the Northeast, so they don’t have any emotional or family investment in anything of the past. Their world began at Ellis Island. They are rootless and easy to control. Thats why they brought them in in the first place. Sad thing was the Democrats both in the South and the North both thought this immigration was a good thing, they continue to do so.


            Southern Nationalists automatically conflate the present Jewish Problem with the Abolitionist issue when the two while similar come at it from two different angles. The “New England” vision was a Christian cultural manifest destiny, the idea was with them that Christian civilization was always right and that humanity must be brought under this big tent Christian standard of Ethical precepts. The basis for the Yankee vision was part Enlightenment and Part Calvinism/Puritanism. The Yankee in his idea thought that if the Negro was free and educated, then he could be a productive member of society, and a good Christian as well. This type of Christianity that the Yankee kept was a Social Justice Christianity but its ideals were at the end of the day Biblical.

            The Southern Vision of reality was based upon Orthodox Christian understandings and a hard Literal Interpretation of Scripture. Southern Christianity was based in a simple idea, there is a place for everything and everything in its place and that the continum should go on for eternity.

            The present group of which we are dealing began with the Progressives Communists (Jews) in the 1870’s is completely different. It is completely based upon the Talmud and Marxist thought. However the problem was when they began to gain some power in the press, they were blocked from becoming part of American Culture because even as late as World War I American culture was unquestionably Christian. A bit of subterfuge was necessary.

            The Communist Jews discovered that they would have to reinterpret history to be successful in the United States. They latched onto the Abolitionists and Lincoln, but they stripped away most of the ideas of Christian Dominoinism that these Calvinist Abolitionist loons had and reinterpreted it in the Marxist paradigm. The fact is that the Abolitionists based their beliefs upon Christian ideals, although misinterpreted missapplied and foolish. Charles Sumner put a copy in the Harvard Library of Ben Franklin Morris’s Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States (1864) in the Harvard Law library. Thus Sumners whole opposition to Slavery was based in misapplied butchered so-called Christianity.

            The Marxists successfully managed to reinterpret the War of Northern Aggression as a Class Struggle and created the Abolitionists and Radical Republicans as kin to Lenin and Trotsky. This missapplied butchered History has allowed them to do all sorts of things, and it has even sadly crept into Southern Nationalist circles. The Post 1865 Yankee Civilization was largely built upon the concept of advancing Christianity, albeit their perverted disgusting Social Gospel form of it. The idea of religious diversity, relativism and all the present ideas did NOT have their beginning nor their acceptance with the abolitionists, that came with the Progressives and Kikes getting full control of the systems of education media and finance by World War I and was unleashed slowly in the 1920’s. Frankfurt School took it to the next level.

            However thanks to the Internet the Leftist Implosion is beginning, The Leftists successfully in the 1920’s created a new Abraham Lincoln, not based in anything of the old but for a few remarks. This leftist Madison Avenue Lincoln Frankenstein creation is dead now, thanks to all of the nice little ditties Lincoln wrote about Niggers getting out there and the fact that he was bankrolled through most of his life by Kentucky Tobacco Planter money, before the railroads and never raised one peep about it. The fact that the Left made a movie about Nat Turner shows to me that we have now turned a corner. Abe Lincoln is just another Racist Southern Cracker to the extreme left now, Nat Turner was the 1831 Nelson Mandela to them. This is why all the monuments will come down. No Cracker Monuments, no Christian churches will remain. Trust me, the Lincoln Memorial will go down eventually as will the rest. They cannot stop this train now.



      “It is time for an organized movement to force the removal of all statues and monuments commemorating Union soldiers”

      The ones here in Dixie.

      • Those are usually found in cemeteries and as far as I know aren’t public monuments. Shouldn’t be too hard to get done. Now National Cemeteries, thats a horse of a different color

  3. I can only think of one or two White guys I know of who ever “made it” with a Negress. And that was in the Army, where attractive White girls were exceedingly scarce. And one of those guys was exceedingly drunk.

  4. It doesn’t get any more based than a black, American, wife. Although you could get even more victimization points if she was also a lesbian and HIV positive.

  5. You’re right. It’s getting harder to separate reality from satire. How about Civic Confederatism?

  6. Real Confederates are going to have to find a way to get along with Cuckfederates, as we are vastly outnumbered by them, and cannot afford to have them with our enemies.

    How that would be, however, eludes me, at this moment…

    • Junius —

      Last night, I prepared a reply to the last statement you posted to me in our exchange that was spawned by a comment I’d posted about Sherman’s march from Atlanta to Savannah. When I was ready to post it, I found that the Occidental Dissent entry in which we’d had the exchange was no longer showing up in my browser. It’s still not there, so I’ve thought I should post my reply in the present entry, even though it’s off-topic here.

      Here goes:

      When I consider the ineluctable tension of our friendship, Junius, I’m reminded of a passage in “The Creed of the Old South,” by Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve. Gildersleeve, as maybe you know, was a classical scholar, who was born in South Carolina, graduated from Princeton, and awarded a doctorate by the University of Gottingen. His twenty-year professorship at the University of Virginia was interrupted by his service in the Confederate army.

      About four-fifths of the way through his “The Creed of the Old South,” Gildersleeve writes of two occasions on which he was in the company of James Russell Lowell, the New England writer who, as Gildersleeve says, “had wielded the flail of his ‘lashing hail’ against the South and the Southern cause and ‘Southern sympathizers’” during the Civil War (as I, a Northerner, shall call that conflict).

      “The Creed of the Old South” originally appeared in 1892, as an article in the Atlantic Monthly; but in 1915, the jubilee of the war’s end, it was republished, in book form, with another Gildersleeve piece, “A Southerner in the Peloponnesian War.”

      The first of the two encounters between Gildersleeve and Lowell took place, as Gildersleeve explains, around 1877, during a month in which Lowell was lecturing in Baltimore. The second encounter seems to have taken place in the same month.

      Without presuming to compare me to Lowell or you to Gildersleeve, I present, from “The Creed of the Old South,” the passage below. Gildersleeve, as you’ll see, cites a poem in which Lowell esteems Virginia as George Washington’s birth place.

      “On the second occasion [Lowell and I] were passing together under the shadow of the Washington Monument, and the name of Lee came by some chance into the current of talk. Here Mr. Lowell could not refrain from expressing his view of Lee’s course in turning against the government to which he had sworn allegiance. Doubtless he felt it to be his duty to emphasize his conviction as to a vital clause of his creed, but it instantly became evident that this was a theme that could not be profitably pursued, and we walked in silence the rest of the way,—the author of the line

      Virginia gave us this imperial man,

      and the follower of that other imperial man Virginia gave the world; both honest, each believing the other hopelessly wrong, but absolutely sincere.”

      • @John Bonnaccorsi…

        Dear john, i don’t consider you ‘hopelessly wrong’.

        I consider that you have a view perfectly consistent with your race and nation – White Northern and The Yankee Empire, respectively.

        I never begrudge you your views. I just reject your views of the South, not because there is not truth in them, but, because they are too unfairly reductionistck.

        Still, I regard it is your God-given right to be partial to your own kind.

        This is why I believe in Southern Secession – because I believe we cannot be friends while being in a union with y’all, because y’all will always insist that we have your views, and, thus, must subordinate ourselves to y’all.

        Once we, collectively, can be out of this kind of grappling, we can be friends and do many things to support each other.

        Thank you for the post.

        I went back to see your post, on that day, but, like you, I noticet that it had been pulled – I assuming because of recent attempts to minimize disharmony between White factions.

        Good night!

    • There are no “real Confederates”, they all died long ago, my real Confederate ancestor, William F. Hines, died in 1928 for example.

      No one in the legitimate Southern nationalist movement is attempting to breathe life into the Confederate government, that was ended in 1865 (and no, I’m interested in tales of unsurrendered government officers).

      Real southern nationalists are forward thinking men and women that seek a secession from the United States, which is a government and nothing more. Secession means that the US government leaves our southern lands. They must drop all their taxpayer funded equipment, including all military hardware and consumables, and get on trucks and be motored out of the south.

      If we’re feeling benevolent that day.

      • @Mr. Hines…

        I very respectfully disagree with you, Sir.

        There are real Confederates today.

        I understand that you are not fond of the idea of resurrecting a Confederate Government, but, note that many are.

        All the best!

  7. There’s a tendency here at OD to over intellectualize house hold appliances and farm equipment.

  8. I saw something just like this over the weekend. A white guy that wasn’t hideous (he could’ve easily found a white woman) with the fattest, ugliest, smelliest looking negress imaginable. I just stared at them in disgust. Why? What is their problem? Why find and proudly date not only a black woman, but one of the most vile ones imaginable? And I can’t be sure but I think they were with his parents, or family members of some type. I’d tell my son to never come back if hat’s how he chose to disrespect his family and heritage. Disgusting.

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