Jewish Federal Judge Blocks Deportation Orders For Hundreds Of Iraqi Rapists And Murderers

Well now, I’m sure nobody here ever saw something like this happening.

Whoever would have thought that a Jew in the judicial system would aid foreigners accused of raping, sodomizing, and murdering American citizens?

I personally would never have seen this coming, as I find it difficult to believe that a member of the Chosen of G-D would ever lie, deceive, or swindle – John Hagee told me that Jews are perfect divinities incapable of true sin.

Washington Examiner:

Federal immigration officials are angered with a judge’s decision to block the deportation of Iraqi illegals, including rapists and murderers, potential endangering Americans with further victimization.

“It’s just terrible,” said Thomas D. Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the agency’s former top enforcement and removal officer.

On Monday, a federal judge in Michigan gave a three month reprieve from deportation to some 1,400 Iraqi nationals. U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith said he was concerned that the Iraqis, many of whom are Chaldean Christians, would face religious persecution if sent back home.

The decision, the second from Goldsmith, was the latest to make the group a protected population, one ICE and other immigration officials don’t believe they deserve.

It covers some 1,400 Iraqis nationwide. ICE has custody of about 200, of which about 140 are in the Detroit area.

So now we have Jews defending Christians by placing them into a special kind of “protected class?”

I think what we have here is a textbook example of the the “Overreach Principle” that is so widely discussed in Alt-Right circles – the Jews and Leftists will continue to warp reality in an attempt to keep up their agenda, and in the end, anything could be said or could happen.

Principles and steadiness mean nothing to these people.

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  1. Ah goyim, you are a melting pot. We invented it and you went along. Remember? You didn’t know a coffee colored country is what we had in mind. Ah, we make war by deception. Remember?

  2. The angle that you, Mr. Cicero, took on filing this report was exceedingly apropos – the simple fact of the matter is that an event like this is far from ‘news’, as it is, and has been, a regular event, sad to say, throughout my entire life.

  3. Here’s some work info for doxing. For $200 I can get lots more personal info. Remember to be very strict, don’t threaten anyone, don’t talk about violence etc. But we should do what the left does – sit ins, demos in front of the guy’s home, where does he play golf. We should contact the rape victims of some of these worst ever illegals.

    Judge Mark A. Goldsmith
    Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse
    231 W. Lafayette Blvd., Room 815
    Detroit, MI 48226

    Courtroom: Room 860
    Chambers Telephone: (313) 234-5240
    Chambers Fax: (313) 234-5368
    Court Reporter: David Yarbrough (313) 234-2619
    Case Manager: Karri Sandusky (313) 234-5241

  4. Chaldean Christians are among the earliest community of Believers and are indeed a persecuted minority in post-Saddam Iraq, so permitting them to stay while their cases are being reviewed is not necessarily a terrible thing. Unlike their Mohammedan counterparts Christian Arabs are not known to be rapists, terrorists or welfare leeches.

  5. Chaldean Christians are notorious for going in the worst all Black American ghettos and setting up rip off convenience stores in food deserts. This is exactly the same thing Jewish Kaufman immigrants did in European cities, America to get a foothold.

    Just because someone says “they’re Christian” that’s not a free pass – it’s race and culture, politics. Rev. Jeremiah Wright of the Black Liberation Theology Cult and AL Sharpton do their sh** as “Christians”.

    Anti White racial/ethnic Jews like Madeline Albright and Left folk/rock Singer Bob Dylan/Bob Zimmerman at sometime tried “Christian” scams. These Muslim, Black migrant boot licking Catholic in name only Pope Francis does this shi* under some Christian disguise.

    • I’m certainly no spokesman for the Chaldean Christians but without those convenience marts in the ghetto the coloreds won’t have anywhere to buy their groceries. One of the reasons prices are so high in those stores is because of the cost of doing business in such dangerous neighborhoods. It costs a lot of money to be poor in America.

      • When the coloreds go on their next “protest” these stores will surely be looted and burned down. I imagine it’s very hard and very expensive to get insurance if it can be gotten at all.

  6. ” Chaldean Christians are a group of Nestorians who broke from the ancient Apostolic Church of the East in 1681. They joined the Church of Athura and Mosul which 128years earlier had already split with the Nestorians…”

    They are no more Christians, than the Jews. The Nestorian heresy is one of the greatest, most evil Heresies in the church. They are anathema to America.

  7. Look at it as a learning exercise. America is terminal. Learn to discern the toxins that destroyed the United States so that said toxins dare not raise their head in the Ethno-State. Who thought it was a good idea to let the Supreme Court-and not the states-determine what is and what is not constitutional? Imagine instead a Constitutional Council instead of a Supreme Court deciding what is constitutional. Make it where said council is divided into three equal factions, one group elected by the people, the other appointed by the states, and the remaining faction by the chief executive. Be sure you have a constitution that that has clear definitions of who can be citizens.

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