Memo To Donald: Canning Jeff Sessions Would Be The Type Of Retardation Legends Are Made Of

So, I’m not going to rehash the tweets because I’m assuming that even people locked away in bunkers have read them in the last couple of days.

Nor am I going to resurrect the Jeff Sessions Russian recusal thing aside from saying that the decision may have been due to the Attorney General not realizing that Jews and their ilk don’t have honor, mock the Christian concept of proper conduct, and will use your own momentum to stab you in the back in some twisted mockery of judo – I advice Sessions to read my article from a couple months ago for educational purposes.

What I will do is remind the President that at the moment he has no real allies aside from the former Alabama Senator, and that ruining his influence will likely doom us all.

Wall Street Journal:

President Donald Trump expressed his disappointment in Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday and questioned the importance of Mr. Sessions’s early endorsement of Mr. Trump’s candidacy, but the president declined to say whether he planned to fire him.

“It’s not like a great loyal thing about the endorsement,” Mr. Trump said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “I’m very disappointed in Jeff Sessions.”

Donald, I was at the rally in which this endorsement occurred, and I would like to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that any further attacks on Sessions – a man who is a Nationalist by any definition of the word – would be an act of castration upon yourself and your Administration.

Asked whether he would remove Mr. Sessions from office, Mr. Trump said he was unhappy with the attorney general’s decision to recuse himself from the probe into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The president has repeatedly criticized Mr. Sessions in recent interviews and on Twitter.

“I’m just looking at it,” the president said when asked how long he could continue to criticize Mr. Sessions without firing him. “I’ll just see. It’s a very important thing.”

Mr. Trump said he had no immediate plans to make any other changes to his top staff.

Mr. President, with all due respect, your cabinet sucks – you’re not going to get Bill Mitchell-level cuckboi squeals from me.

Flynn is gone, Bannon’s been broken and humbled, our Magic Negro Ben Carson is lying low taking a nap somewhere, and well, that’s about it.

We have a couple ladies nobody cares about, we have Mitch McConnell’s Asian wife, we have a few Neo-Cons like McMaster and Mattis, we have Super McCuck John Kelly, we had shekel-grubbing scumbag Andy Puzder for awhile, and we have a cabal of Jews with Kushner added in for good measure.

The addition of Scaramucci was just an additional slap to the face of the American people, with his arrogance in deleting all of his old incriminating social media posts representing rings on the striking hand.

Tillerson I suppose has been acceptable (as long as he plays nice with Russia and Syria), but if I had to bet, I would guess that he’ll be next to incur your wrath on Twitter.

That being said, Sessions is the last one-hundred percent decent man left standing, and it should also be noted that most of the successful MAGA policies on the domestic front (mostly immigration issues) have been due to Jeff’s tenacity and grit – period.

Not to mention the fact that, since you’ve brought up the Hillary investigations once again, could you please answer whether you think the following (((guy))) is going to indict her?

More than likely not…

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    • @Noteworthy

      But remember back to that Leslie Stahl interview?

      You know, the one where Donald said that he wouldn’t be going after Hillary, said that she suffered enough, and commented that the Clintons “are good people?”

      • Yes, I recall that. Down the Memory Hole where cuckservatives will leave it. Perhaps Sessions (like Trump?) backed off on Queen Bitch because he doesn’t want to be the next suicide?

        • @More of the Same

          I can’t speculate on reasons and I don’t want to, but at a glance, it’s not exactly helping his case.

          But like Hunter said in his article, I’m just shocked at how many of these Alt-Lite cucks have jumped on the Trump Train en masse – it’s so coordinated it really makes you wonder how much was planned (((behind the scenes)))?

          • I’m speculating with a touch of sarcasm. Alt-lite is respectable conservatism 2.0, the new controlled opposition.

  1. Sessions is not just a cuck, he’s a Southern cuck, which is the worst kind of cuck there is.

    • @spahnranch1969 -how do you differentiate? cucks all seem pretty bad no matter the compass heading.

      • The Southerner will cuck harder than the Northerner, who may still retain a sense of Yankee pride, defiance or arrogance – call it what you will.

  2. Sessions can’t fire Mueller but the new attorney general can. Sessions should fire Rosenstein then offer to resign.

    • Somebody whispering ‘remember JFK’ in your ear can make you
      lose your honor. A Marine will fall on a grenade to save his brother
      Marines… a patriot will say that he regrets that he has but one life
      to give for his country… but a pissant will ask ‘how high?’ when
      threatened by the ziocons.

  3. Sessions is a lifelong Swamp Creature so he is not going to rock the boat by going after the Wall St kikes or scumbags like the Clintons.

  4. Sessions should be opening investigations on swamp members. Why isn’t he? That was why we voted for Trump.

    Trump is absolutely correct to call publicly calling him out. Sessions was a bad pick. He will never go after his own. He is part of the establishment and a swamp member.

    On CNN they are now praising Sessions.


  5. This is what happens when you do not understand the Concept of the Political. You drain the swamp and then rescue the swamp critters and place then in your cabinet. The Retarded Right in America has never understood the Concept of the Political and unfortunately for them the Lunatic Left does understand it which is why conservatives always lose.

  6. Sessions is like Jimmy Carter. Naive. Thinks he’s doing the right thing but you can’t fend off psychopaths with kindness.

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