Australia: Moslem Blasts Whites As A “Dying Breed”, Claims That Haji Fertilization Will Help

Michael Cushman just recently cited an article that explains to us the dire situation of Western men in terms of sperm count – an issue that could one day lead to the demographic collapse of many nations in Europe, the Americas, and Australia as well.

However, after becoming knowledgeable on the subject, solutions have still proven quite hard to come by.

Should we change our diets to focus less on T-reducing substances like soy and processed sugar, and more on Paleo-style cuisine?

Should we exercise more, and stop being obese slobs that pay more attention to Negro-ball than fertile women?

Or should we just accept the inevitable, and just slowly let our nations become depopulated and barren by the end of this century?

Well, never fear, White Man, for an astute Moslem of Egyptian origin has found the perfect solution – if you’re a weak cuckold, that is.



The head of a Muslim food certification body in Australia has said “Australian women need [Muslim men] to fertilize them,” causing an online outcry.

Mohamed Elmouelhy, the head of the Halal Certification Authority in Australia, wrote on his Facebook page that Australian women needed male Muslims because men in the country “are a dying breed.”

“Australian women need us to fertilize them and keep them surrounded by Muslim babies while beer swilling, cigarette smoking, drug injecting can only dream of what Muslim men are capable of,” his post read.

He added that Muslims “have a duty to make your [Australian women] happy.”

Elmouelhy concluded that the white race in the country “will be extinct in another 40 years” if Australia “is left to bigots.”

He advised Australian men to “better go choose a plot for yourself at your local cemetery” and “if you can’t afford it, commit suicide.”

Well now, I’m hoping that y’all aren’t going to take those comments lightly, for they in reality represent what literally every single Moslem and assorted non-White immigrant is thinking both consciously and subconsciously.

Non-Whites are entering our nations as an occupying army (Moslems and Africans especially), and from a brief study of history it should be easy to understand what occupying armies have done to conquered womenfolk since the Stone Age.

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  1. If you aren’t training, eating healthy,hitting the bag/firing range, and claim to be a WN you’re just larping. I often look at the Polish nationalists for inspiration. What really bothers me is western men have the enemies at their doorsteps yet aren’t doing any of the above. On the other hand, Poland is a homogeneous country yet, they do all the above plus are anti-drug.

  2. the problem isn’t “low sperm count”. White family formation and reproduction in Europe, North America, and elsewhere has collapsed via the kosher Culture of Death: legalized abortion, porn, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism. Combine this collapse with Jew-instigated open borders insourcing of non-Whites, and the White race – with the possible exception of Russia and Eastern Europe – will be extinct well before the end of this century. Then and only then will the Jews be safe. And can we blame the Jews for not wanting to be pogrom’d, ghetto’d, and holocaust’d ever again? Of course not.

  3. Most Australian women ( outside of the inner city latte Left ) wouldn’t go near a mohomed with a barge pole. They’d be like….no thanks!
    This statement by that Muslime is typical of their racism and disrespect. Also, they don’t come to Australia to escape Islam and tyranny- they bring it with them. They change countries, then they try to change the country.
    Unfortunately, in a way he’s right- the whites here, like elsewhere, are not breeding. If our useless government had a brain cell between their ears, they’d offer incentives for whites to breed. Instead…….bring in third world hordes to replenish and enrich the nation. They’ll breed, they’ll do the jobs the whites ‘won’t do’.
    Yes Muslims could be the majority one day….and we all know how they treat minorities.
    Refugees today. Sharia law tomorrow.

    • john,

      ” If our useless government had a brain cell…” THERE IS NO “OUR”. There’s ZOGs, all over the Western world, period.

  4. Mohammedan “males” are faggots who prefer to have intercourse with pigs, goats and boys. They are also afraid of dogs. But the thing they are most afraid of is taking a friggin’ bath.

  5. Normies should be subjected to these pronouncements constantly. The disgusting Diversity-Equality-Democracy-Holocaust religion of the West must be undermined by exposure to reality.

  6. Muslim men could never satisfy a woman in bed, or provide for them emotionally or financially. They aren’t capable. Our women have no time for them.
    Another issue with koranimals is they don’t even like eachother, so what hope do we have if they take control of our nations?
    I say to Australian men- get fit, breed, arm up and just plan ahead. Our government has betrayed us, so expect the inevitable.

  7. @Mestigoit,
    Yes, its pretty bad here. Our government boasts about stopping 1000 illegal boat people from arriving from Indonesia each year……but then allow in 100, 000 ‘legal’ incompatibles behind our backs each year, whom they neither tell us about, or seek our permission first. The real insult is that from their point of arrival, they then permanently cost us money with assimilation programs, housing, free legal aid, their crime, affirmative action programs….I could go on. They’re an absolute burden to the locals, yet the government spins the lie that we….somehow benefit from them.
    When the British were in India and Africa, it was like….how dare they threaten the fabric and existence of the natives. However its smiles all round when whites now face the same threat in their nations.

  8. A good percentage of this problem is WATER. If you are consuming CITY WATER or BOTTLED WATER and you want kids STOP IT NOW. If you live in the city, get all your water run through reverse osmosis but as I am not even sure that will remove everything, it would be far better if you went out to the country, found an old farm well with safe water and brought that back in a large glass container that fits on top of an old fashioned water cooler. USE THAT WATER FOR DRINKING COOKING ETC. Of course there are other things as well, we must make homemade soap (LYE+LARD) and only use that for washing hands and bathing. The other items like diet are probably the most important, but diet wont work if you dont get rid of the bad water. Even if you are drinking a gallon of water a day, if its poisoned city water or stuff from the store likely ridden with crap, you are counter productive

  9. At least this raghead is honest about his intentions. If more coloreds were this blunt, then WAY more white people would finally see that their only goal is to dominate and exterminate us. Its not about fighting “racism” or “oppression.” They hate us, plain and simple. They want our blood and our women. They are out for war, and unfortunately many of our people are too brainwashed to realize this.

  10. This post is a few days old – but he’s right. Tons of alleged White Nationalist males blame Da White wimmenz for everything – but for every THOT out there, there is a 25-40 year old Gamer Boy who dresses like a 3 year old and behaves like a 2 year old. Now there are brothels, in Austria, that feature Japanese sex dolls, instead of actual female prostitutes.

    Think about that.

    Those sex dolls are extremely expensive to build, purchase, and maintain. You must be well-heeled to play with them. The males that can afford sex dolls are NOT spending their resources on producing children.

    Think about that

  11. The decreasing sperm count study was conducted by Israelis. I don’t believe it. Even if I did, it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t really affect the birth rate. There is more than enough sperm produced by a white male to fertilize his wife. The actual bottleneck is the decision on number of kids.

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