(((Stephen Miller))) Goes Full Fash On Lying Media Snakes, Sends Jews Into Rabid Rage

Study the face of sniveling CNN reporter Jim Acosta (it’s only too bad his ancestors weren’t turned away at the United States border), and observe just exactly what getting utterly REKT is supposed to look like on the personal level.

In just a few minutes, the entire worldview of those seeking the destruction of the West was shattered beyond repair, and that includes the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty by Jewess Emma Lazarus – essentially an invite to the foreign hordes that was not added until nearly a generation after the Statue’s installation.

Just keep reading, it gets even better.


White House senior adviser Stephen Miller smiled as he volunteered to “take one actual last question” at Wednesday’s press briefing, before press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders returned to the podium. He probably wishes he’d gone ahead and ceded the floor.

Seven minutes later, Miller found himself apologizing to CNN’s Jim Acosta over the fiery, bizarre, combative and confusing exchange that had just ended. The dialogue culminated in the senior White House aide lobbing insults at a member of the White House press corps, prompting Acosta to note that he’d just been called “ignorant” on television.

The explosive episode occurred as Miller took questions from reporters on a bill endorsed Wednesday by President Donald Trump that seeks to cut legal immigration to the United States in half. The policy would favor would-be immigrants with advanced skills, education and mastery of English.

I would like this bill to exclude all Subcontinent Indians, Chinese, and assorted Middle Eastern genetic rubbish due to the fact that their English is atrocious to say the least.

Like, whenever I get a call from Apu’s Telemarketing Company I like to respond to the, “How are you, Sir,” with the following:

“I’m miserable, addicted to meth and heroin, and want to slice myself with a rusty razor blade.”

Apu usually responds with a slurred and squeaky, “That’s good, Sir. How about taking a brief survey from (fill in the blank).”

Miller dismissed questions about the Trump Organization’s hiring of foreign workers and sparred with a reporter who asked what research backed up the policy proposal. But it was Acosta, who’d had testy exchanges with other White House officials at the same podium, whose questions raised the tension in the room.

Acosta, the last reporter called on, recited a portion of “The New Colossus,” a poem that was engraved onto the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. The sonnet “doesn’t say anything about speaking English or being able to be a computer programmer,” Acosta said. “Aren’t you trying to change what it means to be an immigrant coming into this country if you’re telling them you have to speak English? Can’t people learn how to speak English when they get here?”

Miller replied that speaking English is part of the U.S. naturalization process, and he said the poem Acosta referenced is “not actually part of the original Statue of Liberty” but was added later.

Do it, Steve.

Expose the treachery of the Jew in a way that only a fellow Tribesman could possibly do.

An Honorary Aryan certificate will be the final glorious prize.

Miller’s defense, Acosta said, “sounds like some National Park revisionism.”

“The Statue of Liberty has always been a beacon of hope to the world for people to send their people to this country, and they’re not always going to speak English, Stephen,” said Acosta, who said his own father immigrated to the United States from Cuba in 1962. “They’re not always going to be highly skilled.”

“Jim, I appreciate your speech,” Miller shot back. “Tell me what years meet Jim Acosta’s definition of the Statue of Liberty poem law of the land?” Miller demanded, his voice rising.

I’m wondering if Raul Castro would like to meet Acosta for some personal one-on-one discussions in a Cuban jungle prison?

It’s a fair question, I reckon.

It wasn’t immediately clear what the “Statue of Liberty poem law of the land” was, but the jab-trading continued. Acosta said Miller’s comments seemed to diverge from “what the United States has been about,” and Miller said the CNN reporter’s ideas were “shockingly a-historical.” When Acosta mentioned Trump’s proposed wall at the Mexican border, Miller took umbrage.

“Surely, Jim, you don’t actually think that a wall affects green card policy? You couldn’t possibly believe that, do you?” Miller asked. “I want to be serious, Jim. Do you really at CNN not know the difference between green card policy and illegal immigration? You really don’t know that?”

Acosta returned to the policy’s preference for English speakers, saying many immigrants learn the language later in life. “Are we just going to bring in people from Great Britain and Australia?” he asked.

“Jim, I can honestly say I am shocked at your statement that you think that only people from Great Britain and Australia would know English,” Miller responded. “Actually, it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree.”


While not a Jew himself, Acosta is the end result of the education and programming pushed by the Rootless Cosmopolitans wherever they dwell – even Stalin grew wise to them near the end of his life.

Miller would of course understand this, and I think those more dedicated to The Tribe get the reference as well.

Below is the full press conference for the viewer’s enjoyment, and I think we can all say wholeheartedly that today has proven to be the best day so far in this Administration.


  1. 1/3 of a billion people in the US is more than enough, especially when 1/3 of them are non-White.

  2. Trump’s bogus bill has no chance in the Zionist Congress.

    and what we on the hardRight want is ZERO non-White immigration.

    and the deportation of the Jews and all their anti-White ethnic henchmen.

    and one way or the other, that is what we intend to get.

          • YES! FYI – legal immigration needs to stop. A local acquaintance of mine has been MIA for ages. I found out “why” tonight. She has gone to the ER approx. ago, with pain in her head and a very high fever. She told me she didn’t even remember being there, later. The 2 female Dothead “doctors” barely looked at her, and sent her home with anti-biotics. She passed out the following day, and DIED in the ambulance on the way to the hospital (He adult son was at her house when she passed out. He called the EMT’s). She was revived, and woke up 12 days later in the ICU. She had an infection that traveled into her brain.

            The “legal” Orcs wreak as much havoc as the illegal ones do. Stay AWAY from Orc doctors.

  3. I’m a fan of Steven Miller.

    Bu the way, Peter Brimelow on Stefan Molyneaux. This was the kind of thing ruined by the mistakes of the last 9 months. I am predicting that within a very short period of time (11 days?), all of that nonsense will be rolled back and we will be much closer to the winning formula again. Not there exactly, but much closer.

    • I agree, and I think once folks from all over the country meet and feel comfortable around each other, things will start rolling in the right direction.

      The BIGGEST thing that needs to be done is to avoid the drama and nonsense that plagued WN 1.0.

    • I’m a fan also. Steve Miller shut down the Gang of 8 bill three years ago. That makes him a bigger hero than anyone else in this country, regardless of his religion.

  4. Immigration policy should be based on the interests of Americans, not immigrants. That should be obvious even if one isn’t a White nationalist. People believing that foreigners have some kind of right to come here and that opposition to open borders is un-American shows just how effective the globalist propaganda has been. Acosta citing the Lazarus poem as if it were some kind of inviolable part of the Constitution demonstrates either his complete ignorance or his contempt for the intelligence of Americans. The fact that he talked as if he were lecturing Miller indicates the latter option.

  5. I want millions of ‘Murkins deported. Muslims, Slants, Orcs of every stripe. And of course you know Joo.

    They are must go.

    Let’s start a petition to have that Lazarus defilement REMOVED.

    • I want to call in an airstrike and blow that whole f–king statue sky high! Then we can put a new statue in the style of Arno Breker ‘s The Great Torchbearer. We would call it The Statue of Victory!

      • You deserve Six Million upvotes for that comment. The Statue of Liberty is Masonic in nature, so it should be removed for that reason alone.

  6. Kievsky, owner of the website Mindweapons at Ragnorak referred to (predicted the onset of) patriotic Americans or Europeans who just happened to be Jewish AKA Righteous Jews whom he nicknamed The Jonathans. Jonathan translates as “gift from God.” Interestingly enough, there was a Righteous Jewess in the Book of Acts named Joanna, but I digress.

    There was a Jonathan named Tal Fortgang who briefly rocked the house when he penned his opus about why he refused to check his “White Male Privilege,” which stemmed from all the sacrifices his parents and grandparents made to be able to send him to Princeton.

    Stephen Miller is a Jonathan who really rocks the house. Good on you, Mr. Miller!

  7. I don’t mind Miller, and in fact he helps a lot along with Sessions on immigration. Miller grew up in SoCal and saw firsthand how illegal immigration destroyed LA. He’s not on our side obviously as a Jew but the fact that Miller KNOWS the Emma Lazarus poem was an invented myth that was added later reveals Miller to be somewhat of a fellow traveler. We should not sperg out and call for firing the ovens but applaud when someone like Miller inadvertently furthers our cause.

    • It’s rare, but there are Jews out there who hate their own people and everything that they stand for.

      Maybe like 1% on a good day, but yeah, because the Jewish Problem is a biological one, there’s no guarantee that the children of these BASED Jews would be the same (regression to the mean would say that this is highly unlikely, actually).

        • Yep.

          No issues there.

          Like I said, the BASED Jew is a genetic freak, and you can never be 100% sure that they won’t turn on you one day.

        • Spencer is not the only one, Mr. Finkelstein – it is also that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who, in the summer of 2015, said, ‘it’s time for all Jews to come home.’

          • I protest! Israel IS NOT their legitimate homeland. Palestine belongs to Palestinians, the people with real Israelite blood! We’re either principled or we’re not.

            On another note, Miller was too courteous but it probably was best to stay that way. I am hoping for the day that someone will put these minorities in their place and say that the American idea has 100% white ancestry. Everything about it is white. You will not have America without whiteness and we whites are sick and tired of everyone else and want to make America white again. The multicultural idea belongs in Khazaria and only Khazaria.

    • I like Steve Miller’s first couple of albums, such as “Sailor” and “Children of the Future”.

  8. I am VERY HAPPY this made it into the mainstream. They taught us Emma Lazarus’ “The New Colossus” in school as if it were law or some sort of religious creed.

    It isn’t. It’s a propagandist poem written on a piece of concrete. It’s about time someone said this and I’m very happy someone from the administration did it. The Overton Window has once again moved, and it’s now way, way over to the right.

    • How about we start a petition to have Lazarus’ poem, REMOVED from the Statue of Liberty, precisely BECAUSE is it not law, or even the WISH OF THE PEOPLE, but merely a POEM?

      • Excellent idea. I agree with this. I wonder why it was ever put there to begin with, esp. since it wasn’t put there till decades after the statue was put up.

  9. I’m sick of that poem written by a communist vandalizing the Statue of Liberty decades after it was installed. That meme has got to be countered. I do think there is way too much immigration, but some other factors need to be addressed as well. The destruction of the family structure has really opened up a vacuum for “The Patel Clan” to come in and take over what used to be white family businesses like motels, gas stations, mini-marts, liquor stores, etc. These used to require much more cohesive family structures for someone with a stake in the enterprise to be on site watching over the place. Now first with the 70s phenomenon of “divorced families” and leading to our contemporary phenomenon of “bastard families” escalating to different fathers for the children, white families willing to occupy a real economic niche no longer are very numerous. The “College Cargo Cult” has large numbers of capable white children feeling entitled to a non-existant pencil pushing job and go into debt-slavery for a worthless certificate of post-modern brainwashing. They feel real work is beneath them, goof off, and fail at all the entry level positions they take after entering the real world assuring they go nowhere in life. The same pathology that affects the black community leading some of the responsible blacks to look at the immigrants running their local businesses and asking “why can’t we be like that?” Seems to now be advanced in white communities too.

    • Good comment and I like the way you label certain factions of society. I’ll address one: “College Cargo Cult.” Not only does it create massive debt, but it’s also a subtle way of destroying families and assuring family business don’t thrives. When your lifetime plan involves sending Junior 1,000 miles away when he turns 18, you’ve already killed your family business plan. On the other hand, “The Patel Clan” is starting to do this soon, so their hold on local business may be weakened soon.

  10. I told my wife a few months back, ‘Honey, Trump is gonna need to get himself an aggressive Jewish Roy Cohn-like spokesman, to cure like with like.’

    Looks like he’s got his man.

    • Cohn was a homosexual jew who many believe secretly sabotaged Sen. McCarthy’s anti-Red crusade. RFK also worked for McCarthy. I don’t know if he was any more trustworthy than Cohn.

      • I understand, Spahn, that Cohn was no person we would want in our small town.

        That said, when you are dealing with venomous snake,s you bes’ get yourself a a snake, too – a King Snake, for nothing will hunt them up and beat them such as that.

        In this case, ‘trustworthy’ is not an issue, for everything that (((Miller))) is going to do in right smack dab in front of your eyes. Either he will be effective or not, and that will be plain to see.

        Ms. Huckabee Sanders has been a vast imrpovement over Mr. Spicer, who was unequal to the task, and, now, with Miller, we hope to see even better.

        People who are facing Judeo-Bolshevist Left have got to stop ‘defending’ and start attacking’, and, as Jews, collectively, and their inculcated proxy fronts are the most aggressive people in the world, none but one of them will be equal to the task.

        • Roy Cohn helpsed send the Rosenbergs to the gas chamber. All in all, his actions hunting reds outweigh the fact that he was a closeted pozzed Jew.

          • @Yehuda: What you say is true, although the Rosenbergs were probably sacrificed in order to protect other, more prominent jews from being exposed and executed.

        • Miller saw Mexicans ruin his hometown. He has a personal stake in stopping the “Barioization” of America.

  11. Both of them tip-toe around the issue of race. What is today’s conservatism but yesterday’s liberalism? How about we update the 14 words to a 16 word mantra that should guide all our actions? Something like-Resistance is mandatory. We will not be assimilated. The existence of our race is non-negotiable!

  12. How right St Paul by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost was when he said the Jews aren’t pleasing to God and contrary to every man. They even ruined the Statue of Liberty.

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