Charlottesville City Council Attempts To Jew-Over #UniteTheRight’s Permit, Demands Relocation Of Festivities

Newsflash, White Man:

The Left isn’t going to let you secure the existence of your people and a future for your children without some serious complications and roadblocks along the way.

In fact, if current trends continue and if we substantially increase in strength, I wouldn’t be surprised to see various extreme-Left Jews/Antifa/undefined critters (and maybe even some in the mainstream) calling for their followers to kill those suspected of being Alt-Right “Nazis” by around the year 2020 or so.

Your job is to make it impossible for them to break you, and to defy their attempts to silence you by standing tall an defiant with your White brothers and sisters.

No matter what happens…

NBC 29:

City leaders and police officers are bracing for the controversial rally set for Saturday at Emancipation Park.

Officials held a press conference Monday, August 7, to discuss the upcoming Unite the Right rally. The press conference began around 3:40 p.m., and wrapped up before 4 p.m. Officials did not take any questions from the press.

Authorities have been trying to negotiate with self-described white activist Jason Kessler to move his rally to a different location.

Yes, Goyim, we’re just trying to negotiate with you.

You get the nice park far away from the Robert E. Lee statue, and we promise you we won’t let Antifa and Black terrorists deface and destroy your filthy, I mean nice and historical, heritage monument.

Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones said during the press conference that Kessler can have his event, but that it must be held in McIntire Park. The city wants to move the rally for safety and logistical reasons, but Kessler is so far refusing to make the change.

“They don’t have a legal right to deny us our ability to express support for the monument, in front of the monument as the permit said, ” Kessler said.

“The city has serious concerns about ensuring the safety of the expected demonstrators in the park, expected counter demonstrators in the public, and to protect against public and private property damage among other concerns,” said Jones.

Kessler has said that he expects hundreds of people to rally in support of the statue of Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee at the park. The rally is scheduled for noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, and is to include speakers and leaders of the alt-right movement.

Earlier this year, Charlottesville City Council voted unanimously to rename Lee Park. It was later decided by City Council to have the new name be Emancipation Park. A majority of councilors also voted in favor of removing the Lee statue.

“We will be there in Lee [sic] Park on August 12th no matter what,” he said.

Kessler told NBC29 that he is planning to file a lawsuit against the city.

Police believe the total attendance will be in the thousands, but that includes protesters and onlookers.

I shouldn’t even have to tell you that if the situation was reversed and it was a Leftist group (the BLM terrorist organization, for example) getting their rightfully-approved rally permit modified at the last minute, you would have riots on a scale that would reduce a city like Charlottesville to ruins.

However, we normal, heterosexual, non-Anarchist White men don’t usually resort to wanton destruction when we get our feelings hurt.

What we will do, and I want everyone on the fence to take this as a sign that #UniteTheRight is a gathering brought about by Divine Providence, is travel to Virginia, gather round on Friday night and early Saturday, and march to LEE PARK as was originally planned – and was sanctioned through a legal permit stamped by the city of Charlottesville.

We’re here to grow, gain in power, and to remind the Jews and their Leftist pets that THEY WILL NOT REPLACE US!

I hope to see many of you there.

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    • Thanks for the clarification – even Kessler was saying that the permit was being cancelled if certain conditions (moving everything to McIntire Park) were not met.

      Article has been modified to be more accurate.

    • The permit is in effect cancelled because we are having the rally at Lee Park and it will be with or without a permit. No compromise

      • The city council is essentially pulling one of the Jewiest tactics I’ve seen in quite some time by doing this.

        They’ll let us do our thing in McIntire Park miles away – while letting Antifa units run riot in Lee Park.

  1. This is good news in a way. Nobody puts out this much effort to try to block people from demonstrating who they don’t think have any political leverage.

    Their persistent attempts at stonewalling indicate clearly that we’re actually gaining traction and have become a force to be reckoned with. Lift up your hearts! Forward!

  2. Let the Cuckfederates deal with the pigs and antifa scum, I’m not going to risk getting sucker-punched or tossed in the hoosegow for Kessler and his crew, who cared more about not offending normies and sucking up to the kikemedia than making NS and Klansmen feel welcome at his rally.

    • fuck off boomer scum. retards like you are probably why “white pride” is such a taboo. This event is not for you. Go get your own faggot hitler event. We don’t give a fuck about hitler. Yes the world may have been a better place if he won, but if all we can do is LARP about the past then how are we going to move forward. This is about the WHITE RACE.

  3. Even if Kessler agreed to move the rally. I would still be at Lee park. By myself if that’s the way it has to be and I doubt I would be the only one. My hotel is booked my rental car is booked and I will be at Lee park on the 12th

  4. This gambit from the City of Charlottesville will fail legally. Where is Sam Dickson? He just won the case so Spencer could speak in Auburn. Get Dickson up to VA, file an injunction, and the rally will be on.

  5. Bonacoursi has a good point, obviously the city council and corporations like AirBB and doing Whites a favor by blocking the permits and cancelling the reservations. So whites can thrive as he puts it.

  6. You knew this was going to happen. They’re scared shitless of a huge turnout and are trying to discourage it into a harmless little gathering greatly outnumbered by “antifas”. Airbnb is on the same page.

  7. If Kessler tries to hold the rally in Lee Park with no permit, wouldn’t that be an unlawful assembly, just like the unlawful assembly of leftists after the Klan rally? In that case, the police used tear gas to break it up. Wouldn’t the city administration relish the opportunity to do the same thing to Unite the Right? Is this what they might be setting up? In that situation, the rally would not happen, and the administration could crow about defending Charlottesville from lawless right-wingers.

    Maybe it would be better to have the rally in the other park. At Lee Park, with its limited space, the opposition would be jammed close to the speakers–close enough to drown out what they say with cat calls and heckling.

    Thoughts anyone?


    After reading this article, and the comments below, I would say that this is the Gentile/Jewish War in a nutshell.

    How so?

    Gentile plan a move.

    Jews, and their lackeys, plot to throw a monkey wrench in Gentile proceedings.

    Gentiles fall out with each other, some determined to resist the monkey wrench by ignoring it, others making a slight tweak to continue on with the same strategy, and others, still, falling out with the others, and weakening the ranks.


    Yes, and that is : when will Gentiles start to use the Jewish tacticks against them?; this by taking a well considered advantage to every twist and turn the latter present.

    This wrestling match between unseen Organized Jewry, the Cuckt Council of Charlottesville, the Jewish mayor, and those organizations and folks coming to rally on the Alt-Right, presents opportunities for publicity, propaganda, and recruitment, that are far better than there would have been were there have no monkey wrenchs – some of which are yet to pop up..

    Gentlemen – being courageous and committed is absolutely fabulous, BUT, to really win, we are going to have to get into the habit of being clever.

    Clever wins wars.

    Doubt it?

    Look where the Jews are today – at the top of the heap, because they look to take every advantage offered them by those they regarded, and regard, as their opponents.

    Also, read ‘The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest’, by John A. Wyeth.

    Forrest was the soul of clever.

    • This…

      This is one of the best comments I’ve seen in months – it’s actually worth an article by itself without any edits.

      • Thank you so much, Mr. Cicero!

        Being a dyed in the wool rural Southerner, and yet having been raised by a daddy, who was a Jewish Businessman-Racketeer, it grieves me every day to see that how this game is played, and yet, how unwilling my fellow Southern Confederates are to ante up and get in the game, and play to win.

        Dixie is 70 years into a campaign to annihilate it.

        My hopes are to see an end to this.

        To those who cannot accept the fact that my being a half-breed means that I don’t belong, let me say this : Nobody benefits from a South where White Southerners don’t rule. 60 years of ‘Civil Rights’ is deadly proof of that.

        Let’s stop ‘resisting’ and get on to the business of throwing out those, and those ideas, who do not belong in our midst.

        • To truly understand the Jewish Problem, one must be around them constantly for a lifetime (like in some of the Northern cities or in Slavic countries), or one must have some kind of connection to them – whether it be business dealings, a family member, or in some cases, some of their blood.

          For those who do not fit any of the above criteria, the understanding can be learned and taught, but it will likely not be the same…

          • That’s very true, Mr. Cicero.

            Yet, I will say this : however, more important than understanding Jewry is understanding how they construct the world in which they live, and how we must deconstruct them, along our lines.

            The biggest problem I see Gentiles struggle with is that they tend to see a conflict in a 90 degree angle – that is, your opponent marches out, in a clearly ascertainable uniform, in a straight line, and then he begins to shoot at you, just as you shoot at him, until, as the sun begins to lay low, someone can take it no more, and things end.

            Jews don’t fight this way, but in a mobile 360 degree circumference, using endless guises and proxies which engage their would-be foes (us – in the case of this example) 24/7.

            Normally, when Gentiles set out to do something, and the Jews and their Allies adjust their lines to resist, Gentiles (particularly those Southern) get a kind of steel in their gut which impels them to go ahead exactly as planned, no matter what.

            ‘You won’t stop me, you bastard!’ – or something like this, is the feel of the moment in conflict – much like Mr. Kessler on this video.

            Well, that’s good, because we certainly need plenty of that, BUT, what we also need to ask ourselves, is where our enemies have just weakened themselves to meet our thrust.

            Yes, because, to meet the centre of our thrust, they have realigned their lines and brought up the reserves, leaving their new flanks bare.

            It’s precisely at this moment where Gentiles need to learn to step back and, while going ahead with the attack, adjusting it to take advantage of the way the new battle-lines play.

            We need to learn to hit them where they are weakest, and to use the landscape they offer use to OUR advantage.

            We need to learn to camouflage where we are weak and where we are strong, and we need to use traps to lure them, and, in particular, their allies, into doing those things for us which we cannot do ourselves.

            When this begins to happen on a regular basis, we will begin to win, and not before.

            It’s in our hands, but, we will have to make some changes of habit and exercise our noodles.

  9. My advice would be not to let them manipulate the organizers into an illegal act. With the Spencer-
    Auburn precedent in mind, there is plenty of time to find a Federal judge to issue an injunction against the city for their actions against the rally. The question is finding a lawyer.

  10. “Charlottesville City Manager Maurice Jones said during the press conference that Kessler can have his event, but that it must be held in McIntire Park. The city wants to move the rally for safety and logistical reasons, but Kessler is so far refusing to make the change.”

    No…cville is just catering to the large number of counter protesters they expect by trying to move it.


    Allow only the Unite the Right to hold their rally in Lee Park. Make all the counter protesters go to McIntire Park and arrest anyone who tries to troll the others space.

    Problem solved.

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