Department Of Justice And President Cuck Opening Up Civil Rights Investigation Into Charlottesville Car Hoax

From here on out, you will not hear me praising President Trump for anything unless he were to somehow undergo a miracle-like transformation into a Nationalist beacon of strength against Antifa (save your prayers for something better, though).

His response to the Battle of Charlottesville was a disgusting charade that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he cares nothing for us or our Cause(s).

And let me just take a second to strike down a few of the talking-points that some may use to attempt to counter my statement:

  1. His condemnation was done on the Jew holiday of Shabbat, meaning that his decision did not come from whispers made by his traitor daughter and rat-faced son-in-law – they are not allowed any electronics on this day per their religion.
  2. There never had to be any show of “unity” based off of the events that occurred. Antifa were deliberately violent and denied us a lawfully-granted right to exercise our freedom of speech. They are also a significant minority, and this is backed up by comments made all across stories published by the deceitful Lugenpresse on that fateful and glorious day.

And now they’re talking about going after Based Dodge Man for “civil rights violations” and “domestic terrorism charges” that may put him behind bars for the rest of his natural life (he’s a young buck, so this could mean fifty to seventy years in prison).


President Donald Trump will meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray in Washington on Monday to discuss the deadly white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the White House said after a mounting public outcry about Trump’s response to the extremists.

“There is no bigger case right now that we are working on. Every resource will be dedicated to it,” Sessions said on CBS. “I will be asking that we do that kind of thing today.”

Trump on Saturday denounced the “egregious display of hatred, bigotry, violence — on many sides” in Charlottesville. The White House said “of course” he included white supremacists, neo-Nazis “and all extremist groups” in that statement.

Sessions defended Trump and suggested the president may say more publicly about the issue Monday.

“He explicitly condemned the kind of ideology behind these movements of Nazism, white supremacy, the KKK. That is his unequivocal position,” Sessions said on ABC. “I think you’ll hear that again today.”

He also sought to reassure listeners about the federal government’s civil-rights probe of a car attack in Charlottesville that killed one counter-protester and injured 19 others. Two Virginia State Police pilots assisting with law enforcement during the rally also died Saturday when their helicopter crashed.

“It does meet the definition of domestic terrorism in our statute,” Sessions said of the car attack. “You can be sure we will charge and advance the investigation for the most serious charges that can be brought.”

We still don’t know all the details of the car incident, but what I’ve seen on footage since Saturday seems to indicate that the kid (he’s only 20) involved was reacting in response to Antifa attacks that would likely have claimed his life if they succeeded.

For reference, just look at what the Communists did to a few of our guys that were pulled into the crowd from the area around our shield-wall to be beaten halfway towards death.

Donald, you’re about to give another statement to the nation on this incident – please take into account that catering to a small cadre of Leftist terrorists and Coloreds that would sooner kill YOU than vote for you will do nothing to repair this nation.

You’re only going to demonize your base further, and subsequently cripple yourself in the process.

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  1. I wouldn’t jump the gun on this. It may be a chance for them to figure out “the behind the scenes” operation that is after Trump as well. Why did the police stand down? Why did all the media jump on this before most of the facts weren’t even known?

    • The police were ordered to stand down and eventually push us into the crowds of Antifa.

      If there hadn’t been a group of men ready for battle, those in the main Park crowd would have been torn into from the flank.

      And did you just hear Trump’s little speech?

      He ripped into us worse than ever before.

  2. Bitchboy Anglin making it a million times worse by openly giving away locations and basically doxxing our people. He didn’t come like we did but he’s been trying to hog the glory and encouraging folks into dangerous situations he has no idea about.

    Lots of awesome white women there whom yellow fever Anglin disparages yet he was too much of a coward to show his mug. I’ll be so glad if his Honey pot site stays down.

    • We came to Unite The Right and you are here tearing it down. If you or anyone has any evidence on Andrew Anglin being a Fed, share it. If not you’re just talking trash like an FBI shill

    • @Deep South: Well said. Anglin needs to disappear from our community — whether you’re a Neo-Nazi or an AmRen HuWhite (Zionist). He’s trouble. And that article he wrote about the girl that was killed was the last straw from me. We have to actively and aggressively push him out.

    • The Democratic Party was since Thomas Jefferson the party of Open Borders, though its one saving grace was it did support slavery. However it was TOO STUPID to realize the very open borders that it supported was what destroyed slavery in the first place. Thomas Jefferson was an Illuminati Globalist and Jeff Davis who was a good Democrat allowed another Illuminati Rothschild agent Judah P Benjamin almost absolute power in the Confederacy, dooming it to failure. Democrats=Globalism=Illuminati

      The Republican Party has always been the party of the Plutocracy, but at the beginning most were Isolationist and Anti-Globalist. The Republican Party didn’t get fully taken over by the Globalists until FDR destroyed them in 1932 and the Rockefellers bought everything up and purged the remaining isolationists.

      We have only had ONE White Nationalist President and that was Andrew Jackson. Most of our early Presidents were only Proslavery, they didnt give a crap about regular White Americans. Had they given a crap about us, they would have restricted immigration. They didn’t so that answers the question.

  3. Voted for Trump. Won’t do so again. He is a shill, and I always suspected such. You can’t expect a rich billionaire, out of touch casino exec to really know white America. He comes from the same halls that all the other billionaires and wealthy come from. The same ones who have for 50-yrs been attacking whites with ruthless and careless policies.

    • The only good thing to come out of this is that the Leftists still want Trump DOA so any move or statement he makes against us will never be enough. Trump alienates his base, he’s as good as gone. The only reason I feel the Lefties haven’t moved full JFK yet is that they are still feeling us out seeing what we are going to do. We are on offense now, best we stay on offense.

  4. It could lead to the Mayor of that city going down. Maybe maybe not but there you go.

  5. Didn’t have much faith in Trump, but had higher hopes for Sessions. So this is more important than immigration or the Wall. What a crappy administration.

  6. I never expected Trump to side with us. He is still a coward even if some of his ideas are well grounded. He isn’t going to side with whites being attacked by violent antifa. That never was going to happen. He wasn’t going to say “look they had a legal right to protest, but violent antifa showed up”.

    Trump is the president. All politicians in senior positions are anti-white. The blood of white people drip from their lips and every word. It’s why BLM, antifa, and many others get away with what they get away with, and why whites holding a peaceful rally are attacked and than made out be like the perpetrators of violence. I have never looked to Trump as one of us. He is not. We’re the only ones who will protect our civil rights. No single politician can really change anything, because they’re products of the system and don’t have freedom from that system to come to their own conclusions.

  7. First of all, what Trump says should mean nothing to us. Alt-right isn’t his creation. it existed before him and was energized largely because of several issues which still have not been address and looks to continue under this current administration. I point you to the Confederate flag rallies in 2015 as one example of the Alt-right presence well before Trump. I point to you the oath keepers protecting businesses in Ferguson in 2014. The Bundy ranch problems. While all of these may not be linked to any one event or even movement, this is an example of what has happened and why Trump could go full blown cuck and it would actually benefit the Alt-right. Trump is actually a liability if he is perceived as on our side, especially since he hasn’t fulfilled any of his major promises that his majority white base want.

    I don’t want Trump to fail, but a failed Trump won’t hurt us, especially not now since he has become much more of a neo-con since the election. People could start getting tired of Trump as they did with the neo-cons before him and they will find their way to various other groups, including the alt-right.

  8. This is an awful Waco moment. The entire weight of the establishment in all its forms is coming down on free individuals and their 1st amendment rights. All perpetuated in a lie. This is the second iteration of ‘ hands up don’t shoot’. Remember the absurdity and outcomes of that lie? God help us all.

    • Absolutely, same here.

      Thanks so much for the support, and let’s just try to stay strong in the midst of the storm.

  9. “From here on out, you will not hear me praising President Trump for anything unless he were to somehow undergo a miracle-like transformation into a Nationalist beacon of strength against Antifa (save your prayers for something better, though).”

    Marcus, Marcus, Marcus, how long are you and everyone else here going to keep making excuses for that bloviated, egotistical maniac in the Whore House? Believe your eyes. What do you see that he has done for US? I see nothing. I will not be used as a throwaway to reduce the heat on his rear end. The Left can have him. Piece by piece. I’m done with him.

    • Yeah, just pure sarcasm at this point.

      Honestly, the odds of him going full Nationalist are about the same as him transforming into an immortal reincarnation of Hercules.

    • So the original tweets were not done on Saturday?

      He was cucking from the beginning – all he had to do was some usual gibberish about how “despite the mean racism of the demonstrators, they are still entitled to their first amendment rights…”

      That’s all that he needed to say. It’s been done before, but don’t ever expect even that much from Trump.

      • Initially, he condemned all sides. That was on Saturday, and was the best we could have expected from him. His attacks on the legal demonstrators came after his inner circle–Ivanka, Pence, McMaster, not to mention RINOs like Graham and “conservative” media like the NY Post and Fox–had had time to pressure him.

        • Not at all. Remember the first incident with David Duke? He could have gone down that road, or just done what I said above.

          Cucks just a decade ago were always saying that sort of thing, and the reactions from the left would have been the same.

          Only Bannon stopped the original comments from being as vicious as they were on Monday.

          By that alone, you see where trump’s heart really is. He has NO love for us.

  10. The “kid” in the car drove like a pro, backwards. If he was nervous, that car would have swayed. No? Was it a kid in the car? Why did the Lefties go after the charger and not the van or car directly in front of him? Is that the one they were told to target? Just asking…..

    • Air bag didn’t deploy either.

      The kid charged wears glasses. The driver wasn’t.

      I’ve seen two different versions of what I think is supposed to be the same incident. Not 100% sure on this but someone on the DS posted a video showing the car crash into another car. Now I’m seeing pictures of the car running people over.

      Even without the last one, there’s more than enough cause for suspicion.

      • One more, the mangled front end is consistent with a car crashing into another car. But the story is that he ran people over. A badly mangled front end is not consistent with a vehicle/pedestrian accident.

        OK one more… Haven’t verified this yet either but supposedly there are pictures of the same car bit one has a sunroof the others don’t.

        With me being unable to load the Stormer anymore (either Google pulled it or my crappy internet isn’t letting me) maybe I’ll look into this crash a little more tonight.

  11. In Obamas 8 years he NEVER backed down to condemn the left and BLM for the violence and destruction their unlawful assemblies caused.
    That’s the difference between the left and the right. The Marxists are unyielding but the so called conservative right can’t roll over fast enough.
    Sessions and Trump have been a massive failure from day one.
    I believe Trump will be gone by year’s end as in resignation or impeachment and senate conviction.

  12. Trump is the biggest con man on the planet!!! He’s done NOTHING he said he’d do and he’s so far up the Jews’ ass, it’s ridiculous. He used the flyover-states to get into office, told us everything he knew we wanted to hear, but in reality, he hates our guts.

  13. Try doing your homework on this one without listening to the mainstream media. The whole thing was a stage production done with crisis actors and stuntmen. It has already been run through the mill on the internet, and it’s crystal clear that some of the videos and photos of the incident had two different dodge challengers involved, there was not a driver in the maroon van and it had been sitting in the middle of the street for at least ten minutes prior to the invident, and one man who reportedly broke his leg was seen in a video after the crash walking around without a scratch on him. The whole thing was a setup, bought, and payed for by George Soros.

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