President Trump’s New Friends Attack Baked Alaska With Chemical Agents, Permanent Blindness Possible

I just want to say that this was almost certainly not regular garden-variety pepper spray, or even bear mace.

With these chemicals, pain and suffering usually subsides after short to moderate times, and permanent damage is unusual when there isn’t some sort of weird allergy or freak turn of events involved (most of us near the entrance to Lee Park were hit multiple times).

What hit Baked Alaska is still unknown, but I’m hearing everything up to and including hydrochloric acid – something that would show that Antifa are in fact roughly equivalent to Moslems in terms of sheer barbarity.

But yet President Trump condemns US as the enemy, and calls for OUR eradication.

Again, let me repeat that slightly rephrased:

President Trump is showing more support to the Coloreds and Communists who opposed him and threatened his life consistently during and after the Campaign, but wishes the destruction of those who supported and oftentimes volunteered on his behalf.

If that isn’t world-star cuckoldry, then nothing is.

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  1. Unfortunately, we no longer have the right to ‘free speech.’

    You know it and I know it.

    We’ll get it back after a very long fight, during which time, unfortunately, many many will suffer.

    Sadly, there is no choice – other than submission, and those days are by the by.

  2. Trump was a gamble. We thought maybe he was gonna be different, maybe he was gonna help us out. Nope. If this was the NFL Draft, he was a 1st round pick that turned into a big bust! Very disappointed he’s condemned us while letting ANTIFA, black thugs and other anti-white left-wing terrorists off the hook. He’s also legitimized attacks on whites with his statements today, totally abandoning us. And notice how he’s stopped using the phrase RADICAL ISLAM anymore after appointing McMaster and getting a hero’s welcome in Saudi Arabia. His new attack line is “evil WHITE supremacist terrorists”. He’s made us public enemy #1 now and we’re all on our own. He’s called the dogs on us, they can do whatever they want to us now and he won’t flinch. He’s siding with his dear (((Ivanka))) and son in law (((Kushner))). We’re nothing but an afterthought to him, he doesn’t give a flying fuck about us. He used us to make him President but now disposes of us like one of his hookers that he uses/abuses and dumps the next day. This is a sobering wake up call for me and I’m sure plenty of other people.

    It’s amazing what a fucking phony this guy turned out to be.

  3. Secession. Final, Irrevocable, Inevitable. Via bloodshed, surely. But the innocent will prevail over the forces of evil.

    And Trump has now become an Antichrist. I will not commemorate him at the altar, ever again. He is as Pontius Pilate- useless, AND accursed. His ‘seed’ is spoiled. May his name perish. Go ahead, Demon-crapic party. Start the Assasination attempts. God has removed his mantle from this hubris-laden ass.

  4. Sorry but if BA was sprayed in the eyes with something that could blind him, the area would still be inflamed, swollen, or both. Not buying this one either.

    I also think David Duke is an infiltrator.

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