Durham: Police Arrest Morbidly-Obese Alt-Left Terrorist For Destruction Of Confederate Monument

We now live in a society that targets our history, our heritage, and our blood with near-impunity.

Think for a second about what would have happened had a group of about 100-200 of us, armed with sticks and anti-Negroid signs, decided to march on a statue of MLK with the sole purpose being to rip it down for easier stomping and spitting access.

My guess is that mass arrests would be immediate, beatings by police widespread, and legal action swift and draconian.

But in this day and age, a Black savage(s) can reduce our most cherished monuments to rubble with little risk of serious prosecution, and with a serious likelihood of support from rabidly Marxist politicians and cultural figures that are now mainstream.

The Atlantic:

Sheriff’s deputies have begun arresting protesters who tore down a monument to Confederate veterans in front of the old Durham County courthouse Monday night.

Taqiyah Thompson, who climbed a ladder and put a rope around the statue before a crowd tugged it off its base, was arrested by deputies around 4:45 p.m., immediately following a press conference at North Carolina Central University, in which she had defended her actions and others demanded amnesty for all involved. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office confirmed that deputies had begun executing warrants, but she did not immediately know how many.

“I did the right thing,” Thompson said during a Workers World Party press conference on the steps of a building at the historically black college. “Everyone who was there—the people did the right thing. The people will continue to keep making the right choices until every Confederate statue is gone, until white supremacy is gone. That statue is where it belongs. It needs to be in the garbage.”

Thompson was one of several speakers at the press conference. Loan Tran said the group was demanding amnesty for all those involved in the project, including that the sheriff’s office and district attorney drop all charges. They also wanted meetings with the county commission, and criticized Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, for his statement Monday night that summarily pulling down statues was the wrong way to deal with them.

“That statue glorifies the conditions that oppressed people live in and it had to go,” Thompson said.

Was this sow present in Charlottesville this past weekend?

I could have sworn I saw that thing hurl urine bottles and feces at our brave men.

Cooper, meanwhile, offered a more aggressive statement late Tuesday afternoon on Medium, demanding that the General Assembly repeal the law preventing removal of monuments.

“Cities, counties, and the state must have the authority and opportunity to make these decisions,” Cooper wrote. “Second, I’ve asked the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to determine the cost and logistics of removing Confederate monuments from state property as well as alternatives for their placement at museums or historical sites where they can be studied in context.”

Just as a footnote, please remember that Cuckservatives support the same ideas regarding Confederate monuments as the rabid Communist mob that is now being served arrest warrants.

The only real difference is that the cucks would like to see official laws and regulations attached to incidents of cultural terrorism – bonus points if Constitutional interpretation plays a role in the decision.

They are weak, they are worthless, and they hold no principles or loyalty to the hundreds of generations that came before them and made their existence possible.

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  1. Get the lads to suit up with transparent respirator designs.

    The Unite the Right crowd was attacked with chemical weapons in essence.

  2. Well said, Marcus. She’d be over in Botswana eating grubs and walking miles for partially-clean drinking water or maybe even a slave in Saudi Arabia. It’s all about slavery, slavery, slavery with no mention whatsoever of the Arabs, African kangs, or Jew slave ships in the story. What infuriates me more than the removal of these statues is the fake, kosherized revisionist history that has smeared the South for generations and caused all of this to occur.

    Why shouldn’t we demand the removal of everything MLK? He was a communist and America is supposed to be the polar opposite of a nation that worships communists. But, since (((you know who))) created communism, Israel’s loyal agents in our House and Senate make sure the sheep get the proper Frankfurt School education of their history.

  3. Confederate symbols trigger these people because they are a symbol of White resistance, but it is our existence that is the ultimate target.

  4. I have to admit I don’t really hate her. I pity her. She is a slave but she just doesn’t know it. At least her ancestors knew they were slaves. She is a slave to mind manipulation and it ain’t white nationalists doing it to her. All worked up over slavery and the evil white man her entire life and probably goes home to a dumpy trailer or shack, depends heavily on food stamps and other government handouts, and has a diet that will send her to the grave years before true nature would have. This is her 15 minutes and then back to that dark place again.

  5. That extension ladder will need to be replaced. I think the recommended max weight on one of them is 250 lbs.

  6. I’m really surprised Occidental Dissent, Hunter and Marcus especially, is taking this “obese” thing from Anglin. This is just childish and mean and it has no place in this conversation.

    • Yes, you’re right.

      When it comes to those defiling our history and our heritage, we should go ahead and make sure we don’t make them cry by making fat jokes.

      I suppose we shouldn’t curse either when they come with machetes ready to chop our women up…

    • “I’m really surprised Occidental Dissent, Hunter and Marcus especially, is taking this “obese” thing from Anglin. This is just childish and mean and it has no place in this conversation.”

      Pat, clearly, you don’t realize we are now in ‘C’ville War II.’ This is not the time or place for niceties and ‘genteel southern charm’ anymore. THIS IS A GENOCIDE- ours, frankly.

      The sheboon (for Niggers are not humans) is grossly overweight, intellectually inferior, emotionally at a 12-year old level, and a woman to boot, who has NO PLACE in a discussion of matters pertaining to Christian Men. Andrew Anglin may have been brash, obnoxious, and hard to handle, but he was brutally honest about a LOT of things.

      Mocking and demeaning (depersonalizing, I believe the Leftoids have ‘stigmatized it… while they do the same damn thing to those THEY find opposed to their Bolshevism) the ‘lesser races’ to use an older, but TOTALLY VALID term for the ‘Xenos,’ is TOTALLY APROPOS.

      THEY ALL NEED TO GO. Secession. I secede from Trump’s Weimerica.

    • Pat, you still don’t understand what Anglin is doing.

      For decades WN 1.0 played nice and it got us nowhere. Animals don’t respect courtesy they respect strength.

      And things will have to change in a very big way before we can afford to be nice again.

  7. These nignogs don’t want white ‘supremacy’ gone…..they want whites gone.
    First they got Africa back. Then they’ll want North America. Then they’ll want Europe. Then they’ll want Australia.
    They’ll come for your town, then your neighborhood, then your jobs, then your daughters……then for you.
    Fuztards will never be happy until they’re totally inside the existence and culture that we created.

    • “These nignogs don’t want white ‘supremacy’ gone…..they want whites gone.”

      Exactly, John! We already know that they define ALL WHITES as “White supremacists (racists)” by virtue of our mere existence. That has been the core of the “White privilege” and “White guilt” indoctrination since these terms were (((invented))). Remember the Time Magazine cover, the one entitled “Is Your Baby Racist?”, the one with a sweet little WHITE baby on the cover??? We are “White supremacists” if we are White people, period. So, by their own definitions, to “end White supremacy” is in fact to END WHITE PEOPLE.

      The time for being peaceful and reasonable has been LONG gone. The sooner Whites realize we are ALREADY right in the middle of open genocide against our race, the better. And like some of the others have stated here: I HATE OUR ENEMIES, ALL OF THEM! I HATE THEIR ROTTEN, FILTHY, STINKING, LYING, STUPID, SAVAGE GUTS!!! I. H.A.T.E. T.H.E.M.

      • @JimB,
        Exactly. We’re certainly on the same page.
        The list of enemies against us is endless…..hate group-the SPLC, Commies, Muslim’s, alphabets, blacks, the Chinese…..so, ummm…….we’re certainly going to have to watch our backs into the future. And the Jews….they’re weapons of mass destruction.

    • They take for granted all the benefits of White civilization without having Whites around to produce it.

  8. next time, Southron Cavaliers: Win. Then we can take down all the Jew/Nigger monuments. Not to mention the Jews, niggers, and White collaborators.

    first step: bring gun to next hardRight happening. If a communist thug attempts to bear mace you, shoot to kill. Cocktails are good too. Esp. vs. jew.gov cops.

    • Terrible advice. I like what the lads did with the shieldwall. Coordinate a rush at Antifa.

  9. What a typical sheboon – fat, ugly, stupid and mouthy. I don’t want to ship our niggras back to Africa, because the blacks over there don’t deserve that kind of punishment. My solution would be to castrate all the male nigglets at birth, the way that hog farmers castrate male pigglets to control their aggressive behavior and keep the size of the herd manageable.

    • A middle way between Spahn and John. Sterilize negro males who are criminal offenders; their ‘rights’ no longer matter. Stun, and slice all grown men. With the women, anyone under an IQ of 100, tubes tied. They can still have sex, but can no longer procreate. Children will see how they need to NOT be ‘Uppity,’ and will conform, or they will have the same humane treatment applied to them. A Criminal Class, like a criminal race, must pay for their crimes. This is the only logical and societally beneficial solution. And it is a FINAL solution. Within a generation, we’d have THEM under control.

      Meanwhile, gerrymandering, repeal of LBJews’ C’ville Wrongs bastard laws, wouldn’t hoit, either….

  10. @Spahn,
    No thanks. Africa can have them. They deserve eachother. They give you lip, talk over the top of you, and endlessly complain. Smart enough to be a pest, yet too stupid to contribute anything positive to a country. They seriously need to go.

    • @john: You’re right, our coloreds have to go back to their jungle habitat. I just hope the African blacks have enough sense to eat them.

  11. VDare has had their Paypal account frozen/blocked. Here’s what their ‘Emergency’ bulletin said-note, the ‘I am not to blame, I wasn’t there’ mindset among the cucked,- and these guys are among the most intelligent of that class!?

    “Dear Readers,

    A few minutes ago, the VDARE Foundation was kicked off of Paypal without warning.

    We were given no reasons, so are left to speculate why we’ve been suddenly purged. Best guess: the Charlottesville debacle — in which VDARE.com played no part, either in planning, promoting or appearing — is being used as an excuse for the authoritarian Communist Left to punish anyone who disagrees with their anti-American violence against patriotic people.

    Luckily, we were prepared for this and the disruption will be minimal.

    But this is only the beginning. Despite the increasingly hysterical news cycle, despite the scenes of brutality on the streets of so many major cities, despite the fever-pitch that it all seems to have reached, this is only the beginning.

    We need your help desperately. We need it now.

    It is impossible to predict on what level we will be attacked next. We must have the resources to defend ourselves and our people.”

    C’ville War II – Jews started it. (((THEY))) are the evil ones.
    May God defend the RIGHT.

  12. Back in 2015, when there were large skill pro-Confederate rallies antifa literally drove from one rally to the next to try and protest. You had tens of thousands of Southerners supporting the flag in their own towns and cities, they were all obviously locals, and than there were antifa, many of whom were not locals, not even from the towns where these protests had taken place and where these statues stood, either by birth or by state.

    Also, there is no need to use “Negroid” or “black savage”. You do not help those doing their best to try and move both WNs forward and Southern rights forward.

  13. The previous NC governor was actually a good governor and did wonders for the economy and traditional NC values. Why the heck did NC vote this goofball of a governor in?

  14. The white purge is upon us! When will our people wake up? Don’t worry football season is just right around the corner.

  15. The real antifa were Charles De Gaulle and Winston Churchill, both of which liked Robert E. Lee. General George S. Patton, another WW2 hero, was related to Robert E. Lee. Robert E. Lee’s military abilities are taught around the world. He fought more years in the American army than he did the Confederate army. Modern antifa are not actually “Antifa”. They have nothing to do with the original antifa. They call themselves that to try and link themselves with some heroic bravery, when in fact, most of the people who fought in WW2 would never have had anything to do with these people today. Not even the Communists, who by and large, the general population still shared normal and conservative values. I highly doubt the Russians charging Berlin were dressing in mini skirts, wondering what gender they were, and if they could screw the other man in front of them.

    These people trying to claim the mantle of something they have nothing to do with is laughable.

    • Yet of course the LBGQT BLM infantry is precisely what they were sacrificing for.

  16. The thing is where is this? DURHAM NORTH CAROLINA the HOME OF DUKE UNIVERSITY. This is in essence an outpost of the worst of Leftist New England and Israel in the South. The local Southerners have no say in the matter, the Colleges have overpowered and now control the people/politics

    Take a look at the South closely. Most Southern States have at least 2-3 plus major TIER 1 Colleges or more. Virginia has TWO ACC schools, North Carolina has FOUR, South Carolina has one ACC and one SEC so do Georgia Kentucky and Florida. Tennessee has TWO SEC, so does Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Arkansas only have one SEC school each. Texas itself has FOUR Big Twelve Schools and one SEC Schools and Oklahoma has two Big Twelve Schools. Of course West Virginia is also Big Twelve.

    This does not count the plethora of large Colleges in the South with lesser Athletic programs which number in the hundreds but this is a big problem. Few will address the College Industrial Complex, particularly the College Athletic Industrial Complex. Granted Extreme Liberalism is going to be much harder to pull off in say Tuscaloosa or Auburn or Oxford than it would be in Austin or Charlottesville BUT even at the Spencer rally in Auburn there were minor problems. The point is THEY HAVE A TOEHOLD IN THE SOUTH. Period. They have slowly gained a toehold for years, dating back to the 1930’s even they were getting one, it was a slow process but eventually it worked. George Lincoln Rockwell had a riot on his hands when he spoke at Wake Forest in the 1960’s.

    The South has TWO MAJOR PARTS OF THE PROBLEM. The College Athletic Industrial Complex and the College Industrial Complex overall. Compare North Carolina to Vermont, which has the latter but not the former. If the people of Vermont weren’t so Leftist to begin with stopping the influence of the college on the population would be easier. The South on the other hand has a more insidious problem. Although the vast majority of the population IS CONSERVATIVE and the vast majority of politicians and state judges are BASICALLY CONSERVATIVE these selfsame conservatives are scared of the College Industrial Complex because of the money it brings, particularly in revenue from Out of State Students and the Athletic revenue the state brings in.


    • If there is any kind of a bright spot, college isn’t as important as it once was. It’s become an expensive racket for many people, and they aren’t able to earn any thing like the money they borrowed to go. And it’s becoming painfully obvious that much of university has become the worst type of indoctrination centers for limousine liberal dog crap. And as society continues to decline, college will be less and less important.

  17. I have some monuments that I’d like to see torn down, like the one that the abolitionists built for ole Coffin Abe. And take the bastard off of the five dollar bill and the penny too. The public has had to look at the this war criminal long enough.

  18. We are certainly seeing the fruits of democracy and multiculturalism. How anyone can still think this is a good idea is beyond me.

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