Mitch McCuck And Failed Presidential Candidate John Kasich Unite To Support Antifa

To the Anfifa terrorists who maced us, attacked us from our blind spots, and hurled urine and feces bottles at our shield-wall, I have to say that my respect for you is higher than the respect I hold for the Republican Party.

You at least assembled in Charlottesville out of fanatical conviction for your iconoclasm and your Communist beliefs – I’m assuming the money provided by Jew George Soros was just an added material bonus.

The GOP, however?

They’re nothing more than craven cuckolds who have spent decade after decade selling out their constituents (overwhelmingly White) after promising them the world come election time.

Oh, and by the way, Antifa, they’re now your allies in the fight to destroy European Civilization in America.

Daily Mail:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has weighed in on the weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, castigating Donald Trump without naming him.

‘We can have no tolerance for an ideology of racial hatred. There are no good neo-nazis,’ McConnell said in a statement. 

League of the South also falls under the “Nazi” category in McConnell’s mind, for we condemn everything he stands for – including his BASED Asiatic wife.

Like the vast majority of “True Conservatives,” he is an enemy of both the Southern people, and Whites in general.

The choice of words, while careful, appeared to push back against Trump’s claim on Tuesday that some ‘very fine people’ were among a crowd of white supremacists who rallied in the college town.

McConnell’s wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, stood next to Trump on Tuesday as he insisted both sides of the weekend’s clash bore some responsibility for the violence that led to one death and nearly two dozen injuries.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich tore into Trump earlier in the morning. 

‘Pathetic, isn’t it just pathetic?’ Kasich said kicking off a ‘Today’ show appearance Wednesday morning.  

I had heard through the rumor mill that since getting REKT by Donald Trump in the Republican Primaries, Kasich has been reduced to the status of a homeless vagrant – forced to scrounge meals from wherever and from whoever they may appear.

Now that just might be Fake News, but photographic evidence seems to indicate that there is quite a bit of truth in the speculation.

Kasich, who reminded the audience that he never endorsed Trump during last year’s campaign, said he worried Trump’s false equivalency would lead to the bullying of Jewish and African-Americans kids in the schools.

We Good Goyim have to always think of the poor Colored children, and as a result must offer our treasure and lives to the Antifa busily engaged in smashing our cities and monuments into dust.

‘And to not condemn these people who went there to carry out violence and to somehow draw some kind of equivalency to somebody else reduces the ability to totally condemn these hate groups,’ Kasich warned.

‘It’s terrible, it’s just terrible,’ he continued. ‘The president of the United States needs to condemn these kinds of hate groups,’ he said, adding that it’s ‘not about winning an argument.’

In fact, President Trump has condemned us all more times than we can even count – remember the State of the Union address that condemned the bomb threats to Jewish centers that were in actuality made by an Israeli member of The Tribe?

It just goes to show that at this stage of the game, the overwhelming majority of our politicians are our unequivocal enemies, and will gladly sell their souls to avowed Marxists in order to gain brownie points with the “anti-racism” crowd.

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      The Corporate CEOs are abandoning Trump, and, consequently, he has dissolved the economick councils for which he had great hope.

      This is big news for us, as it will force Mr. Trump to realize who his real constituency is and against whom he ought be fighting.

      You watch – this will lead to an ongoing dogfight that will end will The Donald busting up trusts like Google – something which well needs be done.

      The evil & greed of the Left and the Corporate Class, respectively, will help harden Trump to his real task – that of saving White Americans from Beezelbub International Inc.!

      • I know better than to get too optimistic, but I do agree it’s possible that Trump will become a more reliable ally as the fickle “friends” around him continue to betray him.

        I hope he caught wind of Richard Spencer’s conference, particularly the part where Spencer stated that he still had faith in him.


    This idiot says in his letter that we can “have no tolerance”……for the allegedly intolerant!

    He is promoting “tolerance”, but his himself intolerant!

    The liberals and RINO’s are too stupid to see their own stupidity.

    Also, calling WN’s KKK, neo-nazi is a scam.

    Hey McConman, show me one WN at the rally who had been to Germany and worked under Hitler and joined his party.

    If he is not a Nazi, how can he be a neo-Nazi?

    Neo-Nazi is just a fraudulent term of these negrophiliac scammers.

  2. I’m a National Socialist. And doggone it, people like me!

    Bitch McConnell is almost universally despised in KY yet he gets reelected over and over by the same (((powerful interests))). His chink wife (who also serves as McConnell ‘s “beard” – he’s a homo, you see) is Trump’s Transportation Secretary, which of course is a do-nothing job. And yet McConnell can’t wait to countersignal Trump every chance he gets; Textbook definition of an asshole.

    And what was the last good thing Cucksucker Kasich did for the Buckeye state? I can’t think of anything.

    Why aren’t those two swinging from the gallows pole?

  3. Have these haters of their own people ever wonder who will be there with the leftist thugs comes for them.

  4. the Jews, via the (((Central Bank))) money-machine, own them all. including the fatuous Trump.

    also note that the Jews spent the weekend blackmailing and strongarming servers, ISP’s, domain providers, and etc. Daily Stormer is gone, along with some other hardRight sites. I’m surprised OccDiss is still up. Even my own relatively low traffic race realist site has been under both front and backdoor DOS attack all night and on into this morning.

    good to know that WN’s are heading for Lexington KY next. Hope they bring guns this time. This is now all out war. Whites vs. the Jews, their hired political class, their ethno-communist street thugs, and their badged orcs.

  5. OD has experience with all this stuff though. It was interesting listening to the latest daily Shoah and how excited the boys were with the riot. This was just one riot guys. Welcome virgins!



    Because nothing will help the opponents of those candidates he is supporting, in the coming elections in Dixie! – men such as Judge Roy Moore, he running against Scalawag Luther Strange.

  7. Trump needs to accelerate the pace of draining the sewer, and fast. McCuckell must be replaced and Kasich is just jealous of Trump.

    • Max: Hail fellow, well met! It looks as if this fine website, along with, is going to be the headquarters for the counter-offensive against King Kike.

      • Everyone needs to gather on in the event that everything else gets shut down.

        That will be designated WEBSITE ALAMO.

          • The Fuhrer Bunker.

            Although the League of the South is proud to say that we have a working prototype of “The Bell,” which will be ready for teleportation use if things get too dicey.

        • Spahnranch, I’m trying to reply to you. Don’t know if this is a reply or just a post. I wouldn’t have known about this site if you hadn’t replied to a post at IS a few months ago to someone asking what happened to Marcus. Since then I’ve been reading here but haven’t posted till today. I’ve noticed you, Herrwolf, Marcus, of course, and Denise (of the Celt I presume, I recognize her writing) have been here awhile. Can you PM someone here? Oh, and thanks for mentioning as I was wondering if there was any other sites worth reading. Do I have to log in for every post?

          • Unfortunately, we don’t have a PM system set up as of yet.

            But if the Stormers continue to stay down, maybe that’ll become a future project.

    • Welcome, Brother.

      Hell, we’re going to have to set up refugee processing forums for all those coming from the Stormer and TRS.


      I would quote the statue of liberty poem for lulz, but I don’t want any Kike taint to infect this site.

  8. Race Hate is is fun!!….You don’t believe me?….Just ask our Jewish Friends in Israel!!!…And our Christian Tax Dollars pay for this!!!

  9. Kasich’s parents were Croatian immigrants, and possibly closet Muslims, who claimed to be Roman Catholics. Pretty common in that part of the world, which was ruled by Turkish Muslims for hundreds of years. Kasich probably is part Turk too.

  10. We all need to never stopping preaching to our white kin that they should never, ever again fight for a country that hates them and their heritage. Let the TruCons use the antifa freaks and BLM dindus to fight the North Korea for their jew paymasters.

  11. Speaking of shit shows Congress is promising hearings on white soooooooooooopremacy, that ought to be informative, but by then this story will be old news.

    I hear Trump has a rally scheduled soon in Arizona, I wonder if the ugly beasts of antifa will attack there

    • I got on this morning but it’s down again.

      You can keep up with Anglin at

      He’s been in great spirits ever since Trump saw his picture lol.

  12. It’s not a surprise. Hopefully Nehlen beats Ryan. 2018, we need civic nationalists to beat these people.

    Trump continues to believe in a sort of civic nationalism and to generally believe in the status quo. His actions suggest this. And he’s repeatedly shocked by the reality.

    I don’t think Trump is “with us”. He’s a civic nationalist. But he’s not anti-white. The whole “New York liberal” thing is not proving true at all. He’s a regular guy who played at being a greedy real estate tycoon. Now he’s learning just what real evil looks like in DC.

    • Nehlen is far more /ourguy/ than an average Civic Nationalist.

      Remember when he went on Fash The Nation?

  13. While I’m no fanatical supporter of Trump generally, he did correctly state that violence came from the Left in Charlottesville……and hasn’t this truthful statement sent them into a frenzy!?!
    Read my lips leftards-you….were….violent. what part of Trumps statement wasn’t true???
    Maybe he should have said……’these deplorables went to Charlottesville and threatened the safe spaces of others, so the peaceful, tolerant Left kindly suggested they not be there, and were met with violence, all instigated by the Alt-Right’.
    As I keep saying, the Left hates the truth.

  14. Yeah, “antifa” conspicuously left out of his anti-White rant, damned traitor. On the bright side, C’ville fallout is demonstrating that our overlords don’t take pro-Whites as a hateful but powerless movement anymore. What’s our next move?

    Whitaker was right. Any White who objects to his ongoing Genocide is a Nazi. Anti-Nazi, the new code word for anti-White.

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