New York: Sicilian Terrorist/Governor Andrew Cuomo Prepares To Purge NYC Of All Confederate Tributes

To be totally honest here, I had no idea that New York City – essentially home base for the Jewish power structure in this country – still had anything remotely connected to the honoring of Confederate war heroes.

It might sound weird to Southerners, but throughout the North there are still streets, statues, and even monuments dedicated to the men of the Confederacy – mainly built in the decades after the war as part of a reconciliation effort aimed at healing the evil wounds caused by the semi-genocidal War Between The States.

The fact that Southern men broke Union army after army, and pretty much wrecked the old Yankee demographics in the North, also led to a grudging respect that continued for roughly a century until Judeo-Communist social engineering began to lead us to where we are today.

Now everything has come full circle, and we’re at the point where all must die.


Fox 40:

In a letter to the Acting Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo urges the removal of two New York City streets named after Confederate Generals. The streets in question are Stonewall Jackson Drive and General Lee Avenue.

“Symbols of slavery and racism have no place in New York,” said Cuomo. “In our state, we condemn the language and violence of white supremacy in no uncertain terms.”

According to the letter, the U.S. Army denied a request by community leaders and legislators to remove the names of two Confederate Generals on its Fort Hamilton Army Base on August 7. Cuomo says the Army claimed, “renaming the streets would be controversial and divisive.”

Cuomo is “strongly urging the U.S. Army to reconsider its decision” and he is calling on them to rename the streets.

“Renaming these streets will send a clear message that in New York, we stand against intolerance and racism, whether it be insidious and hidden or obvious and intentional.”

Statues must also be destroyed in order to usher in the millennium of joyous multicultural freedom from White existence.

And don’t think Bad Goyim are going to be able to protest in defense of their history and heritage in NYC, for Cuomo has already thought ahead to such a situation.

Imagine felony hate crime charges for just showing up – it’s easy if you try.

New York Daily News:

In the wake of the deadly hate march in Charlottesville, Va., Gov. Cuomo said Tuesday he will introduce legislation designed to prevent a similar situation in New York.

The bill being drafted would add to the state hate crimes law the new offenses of rioting and inciting to riot when the actions target protected classes. The penalties for engaging in rioting that’s deemed a hate crime would carry tougher felony sanctions under the plan.

Cuomo is dubbing the proposed change the “Charlottesville provisions” and said it is designed to “reaffirm that while peaceful demonstrations are allowed, New York will never tolerate advocacy or the incitement of imminent violence against protected classes within our communities.”

“The ugly events that took place in Charlottesville must never be repeated, and in New York we’re going to stand united against hate in all of its forms,” Cuomo said. “Our diversity is our strength and this legislation will help protect New Yorkers and send a clear signal that violence and discrimination have no place in our society.”

Sadly enough, my guess is that the Cuckservatives will jump aboard these proposals with a gusto only possible among the weakest and most craven life forms on the planet.

So long as Cultural and Racial Genocide is couched in proper legal terms, the True Conservatives will march in lockstep with the Antifa hordes.

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  1. the kikes and their shabbos goyim like Cuomo will not be satisfied until the only statues and memorials left will be the ones dedicated to the Hollowhoax

  2. NYC was basically Pro-Confederate. Didn’t they Butcher 2,000 nignogs during the Civil War in the Draft Riots?

        • The old school Yankees that can directly trace ancestry to the Revolution and Civil War are almost extinct in many areas.

          If you’re looking for them, best to check out small towns in western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Upstate New York.

          They were long ago supplanted by the Jews and other Euros.

          And I’m usually not one to seriously trash other European peoples (even those from the peripheral areas), but Cuomo’s actions are beyond the pale for me. He’s going to be ripped harder than any political opponent would ever even attempt – low blows and kidney shots (figuratively, SPLC) are perfectly ok.

          • Italy is technically north Africa, if you examine its borders. They’re closer to Africa than to Europe.

            Europe sort of starts at the Italian Alps.

          • Marcus I been telling everyone on OD and every other website how that demographically for many reasons the Confederacy actually won the war. The situation in Massachusetts because of the war deaths was so bad in the 1870’s the Boston Marriage was a common arrangement for women in Massachusetts. A Boston Marriage is two unmarried women living together. The last true era when any real old Yankee Political Establishment was evident was before FDR when Calvin Coolidge was Governor of Massachusetts and Henry Cabot Lodge was in the US Senate. After FDR, the last remaining real power of the old Yankee class was Henry Cabot Lodge II, who was a very powerful politician into the 1960’s.

            The Jews have merely coopted the things these folks built and now use them for their own purposes

          • Maine and Vermont are full of them.

            New York City’s remaining of the old school mostly consist of the Irish and Italians that came after the war, and majority of them have fled the areas in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens that there forefathers built.

        • The Episcopalians were Yankees more than not. But they were only one element of the jew-called WASP’s.

          • Harl, the original Northeastern WASP’s were largely Calvinist Puritans their church was known as the Congregationalist Church. When the Congregationalists split after the Revolution a small percentage of the people became Unitarian/Universalists who basically are a step above atheists. From about the 1820’s until 20th Century, there was a massive outflow from Congregationalism and Universalism to Episcopalianism in New England among the moneyed elites. The same thing happened in New York and New Jersey as well, the Dutch families in the Hudson Valley converted over to Episcopalianism as did the old Puritan ones in New Jersey as well. By the 1870’s the Episcopalians were the Church of the WASP Elite and old money and the other Protestant groups were for commoners.

            Of course as these WASPs had low birth rates, by 1920 Catholics outnumbered them all over the place. The rest as they say is history

    • The NYC Draft Riots were more about working class, especially irishmen, being outraged that they couldn’t buy their way out of service, unlike the monied class.

    • NYC was also sympathetic to the South after the Civil War. Many displaced Southerners from the ruined elites moved there to make a living after the war, i/c generals, writers, businessmen. Their physical presence had an impact, and (I’m speculating) may have influenced the creation of Confederate/Southern related memorials there.

  3. Andrew Cuomo is hardly sicilian; at best maybe 1/4, probably less.

    His father’s parents came from southern (not even the southern most part) Italy and his mother’s side was split between Naples and northern Sicily, supposedly.

    Matilda Cuomo, Andrew’s mother, wasn’t even the one who looked so north african even as Mario’s parents were from the mainland.

    • Meh…

      Close enough (the one drop rule gets used on this Communist dog).

      If he wants to annihilate our history, he better get some thicker skin than his Lugenpresse kinsman.

    • The North Africans barely touched Sicily as compared to the Jews who were there from the days of the Persian Empire. In fact genetically the Sicilians and the Jews are cousins Sicily was about 30-40% Jewish in 1400 most converted under Spanish Rule. Most of the Sicilian Mafia families are Jewish Families. Andrew Coumo is following his blood. His KOSHER blood.

      • His blood isn’t all that Kosher. And he looks like Mario, not Mattilda. And not all the arabs who landed in Sicily were jews, either.

        The italian mafia rules Italy right up through till you get to the North, where it’s more checkered but still a very corrupt country. Perugia’s railroading of Amanda Knox had major and obvious mafia fingerprints, for various reasons; Perugia is in central Italy.

        ‘Y’all’ need to get over this obsession that the italian mafia is somehow the jewish mafia. Yes, the jews ran more of it in the US but it was still easily half italian.

        No one has more intimacy with these people and their various iterations than me.

        • Harley all you need to do is look up the Surname database. The Italian Jews are more like the Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews, they are the root race of the Ashkenazi Jews as well, as the Ashkenazi originated in Sicily/Southern Italy and then migrated north to the Rhineland, largely during the era of Charlemagne.

        • Some books to read are Supermob by Gus Russo and The Valachi Papers. I don’t know of any that specifically detail this so-called ‘sicilian’ mob which doesn’t really exist as separate from the ITALIAN mafia.

          Both books explore jewish orchestrations in the mafia.

          People are exaggerating majorly that it’s all ‘sicilian’ and, that it’s mostly jewish. Valachi, the first mob informer who turned in the mid-1960’s, seemed to place it somewhere in the middle, anywhere from 40-60% of the ‘italian mafia’ was in fact jewish.

        • My sources are the Church records which records that the family names such as Bonnano and Colombo are Jewish families, names of Jews who converted to Catholicism in the 1400s/1500s. Also the simple fact that Jews made up 30-40% of Sicilys total population points me in that direction.

          Here is a database of Surnames that Sicilian Jews assumed after their Baptism into the Catholic Church. You will see most famous Italian Actors are actually Sephardi Jews

  4. I wonder if that swarthy WOP governor of Jew York State is aware of the fact that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of underground sweatshops in the JYC area employing who knows how many illegal third world immigrants, and that those immigrants are being treated worse than slaves? Is he also aware that JYC has a thriving forced prostitution (aka, white slavery) market, which is run by the Israeli and “Russian” mobs? Maybe he should look into those matters instead of pestering the Army to change the names of the streets on its military bases.

  5. NYC’s admitted communist mayor De Blasio is also trying to grandstand, going further than Cuomo. De Blasio is half german and half italian; he changed his german father’s surname to suck up to all the mediterraneans (guineas and jews) in NYC for political expedience.

    It’s *that* bad in NYC, in terms of being a WASP. Any non uber-privileged ‘WASP’ woman will get serious shit just for breathing. But De Blasio’s name change should be a lesson to all the delusionals who think I’m being a crank. Note that it’s not a jewish name he de-aryanized himself to; any germanic who doesn’t kowtow to pretty much every group but especially meds and blacks risks punishment.

    Most italians in NYC aren’t crypto jews. This should be a lesson. For a time in NYC’s history there was a thick layer of working/middle class italians who weren’t in total lock step with the jews, but as their higher up’s maneuvered in alliance with the jews over the decades most either went into the NJ and some NY suburbs to rig the competition (again, with the jews usually) with whites and work their rackets. So at this point most are transplants and/or the ruling class.

  6. Andrew Cuomo’s goofball “dago red” brother Chris Cuomo who does the morning show on CNN is another Roman Catholic asshole. Roman Catholic and asshole are becoming synonymous.

  7. A close and dearly beloved Dixian pal of mine has recently traveled through Yankeeland, and absolutely marveled at the plethora of Confederate Battle Flags dotting the fair countryside. As in everywhere. In Yankeeland, please understand, Dear Southerners, that this display is a deliberate and starkly clear political statement.

    • I have seen battle flags in New York state, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, rural Maryland. It is not rare to see it.

    • The Stars and Bars have become the symbol of White Resistance all over any place in the world not in love with the Nazis. The Poles, for example, were flying the Confederate Flag when Trump visited.

    • Miss Denise – the wife and I spent 12 years on the New York Vermont state border, and, though the area is crawling with ‘Conservatives’, they are the completely cuckt kind like are so many Tarheels.

      Sadly, in all that time, I only saw one Confederate flag – in Hudson’s Falls.

      That said, you live in the part of New York that is midwestern, not the part of it where I lived – which is New England.

  8. This hatred of the South and Southerners doesn’t represent the attitude of most northwestern europeans in NYC’s environs, like suburban NJ. We either descend from those who fought against the Confederates and respect the blood they shed for their own soil, and/or empathize with what it is to live under tyranny as an anathematized minority amongst the sandniggers and their tools.

    Maybe all it takes to love your brother is to be surrounded by ugly dark invaders who want to rape your daughters and enslave you.

    • My great-great grandfather fought on the Union side. During one battle, he got lost behind enemy lines. When the smoke cleared, he ran into some men flying the Stars and Bars.

      There were two reasons why he wasn’t captured, supply lines had been disrupted to the Confederates for some time and they ended up stripping the better clothed Yankee dead, so he did not look out of place in a blue uniform AND he had a French accent, so the Rebs assumed he was a Louisiana Cajun. God smiled on him, because the Cajuns originated in Northern France like him.

      In any case, he ended up fighting with the Confederates until he could make his way back to his unit. He really liked them a lot and respected them as fighting men. He said the time he spent with the Rebs were the best days of his life. Southern Hospitality, I guess!

      Most of the White Catholic ethnics who immigrated to America after the turn of the century see Southerners in a pretty positive light. They don’t understand the very well, but they think the women are sweet and the men are sexy. They love those Southern accents. Basic consensus is that Southerns are very nice in a stubborn intransigent way. No Northerner who has ever met a Southern has walked away with a bad opinion of them.

      I think the leftists hate the South and Southerners, because Southerners represent the true heart and culture of Heritage America and its founding. They are threatened by that. Most of the Founding Fathers were Southern planters. The first president was a Southern planter. The author of the Declaration of Independence was a Southerner.

      I also think the leftists want to punish the South for their part in electing Donald Trump. Aside from Virginia, the South remained pretty solid as a voting bloc and were just as if not more instrumental than Pennsylvania, MIchigan, and Wisconsin in giving Trump a win.

  9. Good old Krafty Wurker the Jew troll makes his appearance. Listen turdface, my “Roman Catholic asshole” great grandfather fought for three years in an Alabama regiment in the Lee’s Army of northerm Virginia. What did your forebears do for the South?

    • Lee’s monument was just desecrated under the aegis of…Roman Catholics.

      McAuliffe and Kaine run the state, even Warner, the other national senator, is one of Kaine’s acolytes.

    • As did my Cajun ancestors, members of the 6th and 8th Louisiana Infantry, fighting and dying at Gettysburg and in Maryland.

    • Who do you think allied with guineas and jews in NYC to get to this point, jedediah?

      The irish catholics are roman catholics.

      It pains me to admit it and more of the irish in NJ and upstate NY are just schizy when it comes to the guineas (more don’t like them but remain in their corrupt cult), but facts are facts. Without the irish catholics of NYC and even NY State this wouldn’t be happening.

      Time to look forward and move on. The US was founded in final flight from the vestiges of Rome in the Church of England.

    • They want to make it crystal clear that they’re not anti-“antifa” because anti-White cowards hide behind anti-White screamers and thugs.


    What would one expect by someone who stated that, ‘anyone who believing in the 2nd Amendment or The Right to Life, has no place in New York State?

  11. There are Confederate monuments on Staten Island, NY.

    They were erected by the second wife of President John Tyler, a Virginian Though he was thirty years her senior, she fell in love with him and his state and became a Southern sympathizer. Her name was Julia Gardiner Tyler.

    She left Virginia in 1862 and after the war, her brother made sure she was cut out of the family will impoverishing her. But she continued to do volunteer work for the Confederates and nearly got her house burned down because she was flying the Confederate flag.

    She was instrumental in resettling a lot of them on Staten Island after they lost their homes. A lot of them became permanent residents of the state of New York which is another reason why there are so many Confederate monuments up there.

    She finally got a settlement as a Presidential widow and moved back to Richmond to be near her husband’s grave. She’s buried there in Richmond next to her husband.

  12. The big story here is criminalizing White speech. “Protected classes” implies there are unprotected classes, aka Whites. The strength of Diversity is a genocidal hammer beating down on our race.

  13. Trump not backing off on making the monuments an issue, more tweets opposing

    I haven’t studied the polls too closely, but it looks like the public doesn’t actually support tearing down the statues, so this should actually be harming the left electorally

    But what good is electing more Republicans when they actively refuse to do stuff that is popular… if it benefits whites

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