Say It With Me: There Is No Such Thing As Jewish Control Of The Media

Jews are just like us, White Man.

They bleed red like us.

They salute the same flag as us.

They only have more domination over things in this world because they work hard and study.

They have a variety of political beliefs that are just as diverse as those of White men and women.

And they don’t have an agenda meant to destroy those of European heritage.

To suggest that any of the above points are wrong would be tantamount to another Shoah.

Oh, wait.

Well, it’s just a coincidence, Stupid Goyim.


  1. Marcus, I can’t find you on gab, just a couple of niggers named Marcus show up in the search results.

  2. Self hating Whites will find the video humorous. Anti-Whites will continue to deny White Genocide and continue to treat Whites as pure evil.

    The traitors in our midst allowing it are more despicable than the Jews working with them.

  3. It’s a shame that I can’t upload images. I have a screenshot of what the average jew thinks about what’s going on.

    In summary, they worship their monuments but fail to understand that removing American monuments is on the same level of their fears.

    They don’t realize that the Orcs do not distinguish them from us.
    At this point, the “Nazis” are the least of the jew’s problems if a race war were to actually break out.

    They are blaming Trump for all of it but it was the Obama administration that brought about the racial tensions from the start.

    Basically they are clueless.

    • There’s a lot they don’t recognize. Honestly their spatial IQ is way below average.

      That’s why this kind of crap always catches up with them.

    • Clark McClelland, the former NASA engineer destroyed by the Zionists, said the only race that is native to this planet is the negro. I kid you not. Clark also worked with Werner Von Braun & Kurt Debus and said many of the Nazi scientists were genuine Nordics. He said many were from the star or the planet Aldevron (spelling?). It was during a Jeff Rense interview in February 2016.

    • It’s Michael Bradley. Here’s his main link.

      Bradley’s basic premise is that the Jews have a lot of Neanderthal in them. It’s not a completely whacky idea. If you look at your traditional Jew with little White admixture they look way like Neanderthals. They have the long trunk and short legs. Their brain case is not as straight as Whites and a lot of their brain is in the rear of the skull. This is exactly what a Neanderthal skull looks like. I would readily explain their intense generational hatred of Cro-Mags(Whites). The Cro-Mags seemed to turn up on Europe’s Western shore and drive the Neanderthals into the mountains and less accessible regions. They also moved to the mountains in the middle east. Bradley says that the Arabs and Jews have a lot of Neanderthal in them and this accounts for their aggressive behavior.

      I’ve said many times that I think the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths, to much derision at times. I don’t mean every single one is but it readily apparent that the long term total behavior of Jewish society can in no way be distinguished from a tribe of psychopaths. Their behavior, manipulation, parasitism, including their aberrational sexual behavior is exactly like those of a clinical psychopath. I believe their weight of psychopaths in their population is extraordinarily high.

      Some WAY OUT speculation. There are no Female Neanderthal mtDNA, which comes from Women only. Only the Neanderthal Male DNA with Cro-Mag female mtDNA. One hypothesis might be that Neanderthals took, raped, Cro-Mag Women. You know they love our Cro-Mag Women cause theirs are so hideous. You can guess how that went over with the Cro-Mags and they probably then attacked them and drove them off. The Neanderthals lived in Europe for 250,000 years or so and didn’t do shit. I expect they were so aggressive that they could never get together to build anything. Bingo. Just like psychopaths. I have a theory that what made civilization possible was not wheat, or anything like that but “empathy”. Without empathy for your fellow Man there’s no way to get together long enough or in big enough groups to build anything worthwhile. I posit that Cro-Mag had higher levels of empathy. This means they could get together in larger groups for building, support and war. Neanderthals bite the dust. Right after Cro-Mag gets to Europe and the Med all kinds of stuff starts being built. Cities, art, better weapons, the whole civilization package.

      Now I think the Jews are sneaky lying bastards so I take notice that they went all out, total war on the Anthropologist that used skull shape, body morphology and studied how these fit different peoples. You would do that if you were part Neanderthal. Also notice the Jews say that everyone not African has 5% or so of Neanderthal DNA and they’re whooping up the Neanderthal as a nice happy fellow. There’s scuttlebutt that it’s a lie. They said average. Of course if nearly ALL of it is in the middle east, Jews and Arabs, but hardly none in everyone else…sure the average is %5 but it’s not the truth is it?

      That these facts mean anything is wild speculation but it’s something to think about. If proven it could be a weapon against them. Tribe of psychopaths…who the hell wants them around?? Neanderthal rapist…ditto.

  4. I’ve been posting hard on Breitbart all week and this morning I started tearing into muh holocaust.

    Badly outnumbered, cause no one else seems to want to join the fight lol. Join me if you like on the Boston free speech rally section.

    It’s good for the soul!

    • Actually I’m 90% sure the bastards shadowbanned me. It would be nice if somebody else went by there to let me I know.

    • Yeah, I have some good memories of the troll storms against Breitbart a couple years ago.

      Funny enough I was actually unbanned within like 6 hours of Kike Shapiro being fired.

      • This has been an interesting exchange. But I had to uninstall my Breitbart app, after I started questioning the story suddenly the app wouldn’t unload. Even with a force stop.

        And something was running phone battery down so I had to pull the battery for a while, now it’s back to normal.

        I seriously should have my head examined doing this without a VPN or Tor. Maybe look into Hide Me but at this point my ip has already been well logged.

        Ah well.

      • Hey Marcus –

        Do you know much about the Holocaust debate? I got into an interesting exchange with someone identifying himself as “Breedlove,” who indicated he was part of the team that got Ernst Zundel imprisoned. Any idea who he is?

        • Err…

          I’ve read some of the backstory behind the Zundel trial, but it was years ago, and I’d have to go back and refresh my memory.

          The guy could just be a troll – I’d have to see what he was saying in that comments section.

          • Pointless trying to reason with them, they behave exactly the way Hitler described them. You think you squashed them, you did squash them, then come back to find them talking about how much they prevailed in the debate and yada yada yada.

            The intent was to redpill normies, but man that Breitbart crowd…. Seems like a waste of time.

            I learned a few things anyway.

    • From past experience, when you bring up the pools they say that’s where evil Not Sees would drown their prisoners.

      • The more I debated with them the more familiar I became with their argumentative tactics. At the outset they counted upon the stupidity of their opponents, but when they got so entangled that they could not find a way out they played the trick of acting as innocent simpletons. Should they fail, in spite of their tricks of logic, they acted as if they could not understand the counter arguments and bolted away to another field of discussion. They would lay down truisms and platitudes; and, if you accepted these, then they were applied to other problems and matters of an essentially different nature from the original theme. If you faced them with this point they would escape again, and you could not bring them to make any precise statement. Whenever one tried to get a firm grip on any of these apostles one’s hand grasped only jelly and slime which slipped through the fingers and combined again into a solid mass a moment afterwards. If your adversary felt forced to give in to your argument, on account of the observers present, and if you then thought that at last you had gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on the following day. He would be utterly oblivious to what had happened the day before, and he would start once again by repeating his former absurdities, as if nothing had happened. Should you become indignant and remind him of yesterday’s defeat, he pretended astonishment and could not remember anything, except that on the previous day he had proved that his statements were correct. Sometimes I was dumbfounded. I do not know what amazed me the more – the abundance of their verbiage or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods. I gradually came to hate them.– ADOLPH HITLER

        What’s the link?

  5. White Nationalists all know the jews have vast power in the West. But it’s actually much worse than we want to accept. America is an occupied territory, and this is no exaggeration. Our country has been robbed from us. It is in the hands of the jewish state. We can’t even speak. America is run and controlled by jew psychopaths. Certainly, our congress, every congressman and senator receives direct instructions on every vote they cast from their jew handler.

    It’s not like these politicians don’t know about the jews. How could they not. Cognitive dissonance only goes so far. Jew or not, they are a part of it. They all know, in detail, exactly what’s going on, and they all know what will happen to them or their family members if they resist or attempt to reveal what’s going on to the people of the US. Besides, they understand, who would believe them?

    And the cuck media bozos, they have the same knowledge. They are willing part of the subversion. That’s why we call them the “controlled media”. Those in the forefront, the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the FOXjews’ fakes, and the countless others who support and propagandize for the jewish system — they know.

    • The USA was owned by the Jews since the day the Kikes and the Freemasons entered into a pact which we called Freedom and financed the entire shebang. The Kikes also managed to run and take the Confederacy down. All according to Rothschild plan. Whenever you see an assortment of JEWS or Masons, know its not a good thing

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