WELP: The Prophecy Of Steve Bannon Is Already Being Fulfilled

So roughly twenty-four hours ago, we heard the architect of Trump’s election victory speak of what the future will likely hold for the President.

In no uncertain terms (he just avoided labeling everyone responsible Jews), Steve Bannon declared to the world that the reign of Donald would be one dominated by Leftist infiltrators and Establishment cucks.

I had wrote much the same in my article detailing yesterday’s White House shake-up, but I figured any changes would occur over the course of weeks and months.

But fast-forward to today, and the Antifa rampage in Boston – latest reports claim that 40,000 piles of genetic waste rallied to riot against what they thought would be the resurrection of Adolf Hitler in the Commons.





Now you would think that Donald, following through with his excellent Tuesday press conference, would have condemned the ALT-LEFT for their disgusting displays of violence.

Hell, he would have probably been immune from actual harassment (Jew hysteria doesn’t count) due to the fact that the only speakers and attendees present were those belonging to the Alt-Lite section of the political spectrum – they usually tend to avoid discussions on race and on the Jewish Problem.

But, ah, this is what actually occurred.


It’s only going to get worse here, Brothers, and I want to reemphasize one key point:

We on the Alt-Right are on our own.

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  1. This is the civilian army Obama told us he was forming. Hey, it took a few years.

    Well, this was a free speech rally and now free speech is deemed exclusively ALT-RIGHT. We know that woke up some sleepy honkies.

    • Trump has a strategy we are not privy to. Let’s wait and see. They want to turn us against him and we need to restrain ourselves. Things just aren’t clear and I doubt any of us truly understand the situation. And, I would say, the Alt Right needs to lay low. Let the “neutral” patriot groups, libertarians, and free speech advocates get some heat from the commies. And, oh boy, will they.

      • thanks for the comic relief. Trump has:

        DOUBLED the weekly insourcing of Black Muslim savages from Somalia.

        HALVED the Obama-era deportation rate of Mexican illegals.

  2. Can you imagine the predicament we’d be in if they ever got our guns? The controllers are stoking people and it’s gonna get real ugly, real fast. Martin Armstrong calls a breakup of the United States around 2032 or so. I say he’s off by a good 10 years.

    Rule #1 – If you have to defend yourself, go for the white ones first. They’re mostly responsible.

    • Neither did Joe McCarthy. Except he and James Forrestal underestimated the forces of evil. McCarthy smeared as an alcoholic and a man with no “decency”, and Forrestal was rewarded with a swan dive from the 16th floor of Bethesda Naval Hospital. Both men’s reputations forever tarnished but only in the minds of blind, deaf men and women. They were astoundingly great men like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and they just happened to be fighting the same fight. The one against our secret rulers.

      • The Secret Rulers already had control of the Confederacy in the person of Judah P Benjamin and Jefferson Davis was doing whatever Judah told him. Stonewall Jackson HATED Benjamin who was one of them who blocked Jackson’s Sherman Style March through Pennsylvania plan.

        There can be no doubt the South was being set up to fail. In 1861 they had the most modern weapons, the best organization, and no blockade. Sec of War Floyd had plundered all the Federal Armories leaving the Union with junk smoothbores and the CSA had went to England and purchased thousands of Enfields and purchased thousands of French guns as well, meanwhile Lincoln’s Sec of War Cameron did nothing. After First Manasssas there was no reason Washington couldn’t have been taken but Mr. Davis wouldn’t go for the Kill Shot. By 1863, Union Manufacturing had caught up and much of the Southern forces were left to fighting with broken weapons that were nigger rigged together. Still at Vicksburg, Pemberton’s forces had superior Enfields to Grant’s Mexican War Smoothbores and when Grant took the city, all the Enfields were taken by the Union Army. Grant himself remarked that the South still had better guns than the North and that was 1863!.

        Jefferson Davis was constantly hampered by Benjamin and others from going for the Kill Shot. We had Lincoln and VP Hamlin having Ice Cream Socials and stuff and you’re going to tell me there was no way to cut the head off the snake? Of course there was, but the person keeping the CSA from the Kill Shot I believe was the Judas Goat leading the Lambs into the Temple to be murdered. THE JEW

        • You’re always an interesting and informative read, Billy Ray. I knew about Benjamin but didn’t know Davis was so weak.

        • “Jackson’s Sherman Style March through Pennsylvania”

          This didn’t happen for the simple reason that the South had nowhere near the number of troops required to implement it. They were already outnumbered near Richmond at the time. Jackson had parity in numbers in the Valley for a very short time, until the Union troops were diverted to deal with him. Had he received the numbers he was requesting for Pennsylvania, Richmond would have been in real danger of falling; even after Jackson tied up three times his own strength in the Valley, the South barely had the numbers to defend Richmond – and Lee hadn’t been granted command yet, either.

          As for not going for the kill, that’s hardly unique to the South, it’s recurring human stupidity. Same thing happened in the Barbary Wars for example – the military had them on the edge of total surrender, then a diplomat who wanted to make himself important sold out most of the gains. Same thing in Bush Sr.’s Iraq war – the road was open to Baghdad and Bush himself said no. There’s plenty of other examples. At and after First Manassas there was absolutely nobody at any level of command who had the slightest idea what to do next.

          There’s lots of things to blame Jews for, but it’s important to be sure that blame is for things they actually did.

      • “The enemy is communists!”

        The conservatives have peddled this one since the early 30s at least! Hasn´t worked.

  3. In the 1980s a Russian academician spoke of the need to protect and preserve cultural monuments of the past to wide acclaim. I suppose with the degradation of the “American” public and social/political culture we will need a similar popular movement here before much is lost. Each and every attack on our monuments saddens me and I hope that the group who has a project to identify all CSA-linked things and places and the prominent fake-news organization which identifies and locates all CSA monuments online (“here they are, go get them”) suffers a similar destruction of their own cultural monuments. Maybe the Muslims will do it someday.

  4. Just await the equivalent of the demolition of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow by Lazar Kaganovich…it can all
    Be rebuilt.

  5. I was at the rally in Boston today. This is my account of what happened.

    I arrived at the common with a small group of people. The counter-protesters had not yet amassed. As we tried to enter the rally we were told by the police that only a small security detail would be let in at that time. Due to having previously met one of the organizers, I and one other were brought in to act as escorts. After about 50 people had entered the rally site very few others were allowed in.

    We were given conflicting messages. At one point we were told only people who we could personally identify would be allowed in. The police would not commit to which gate would be used. Finally the commies blockaded all of the gates and the police said they could not let anyone else in. There were many patriots, possibly hundreds, who could not get into the rally. Some were turned away and sent into the crowd to be violently attacked. We received reports that patriots were being punched in the face and had their clothing, flags, and signs torn.

    Everyone entering the rally was searched while the commies were not. The commies were also allowed to carry flag poles which the city had stated were prohibited. As the crowd continued to build they called us Nazis, white supremacists, etc. It didn’t matter that at least 10 of the people inside the rally were obviously not white and we carried American flags.

    It took a long time before it became obvious that no one else would be allowed in. At that point everyone gathered in the bandstand and the speeches began although the audience was small and most of the people who wanted to attend could not get in. After a few speeches we received the message that the angry mob was attempting to overrun the barriers and attack us.

    We were quickly evacuated from the bandstand and led out to the street. At that point the commies ran towards our exit and began making threats against our lives. The police also pulled others into their cordon who were being threatened by the crowd. This included a person with a Bernie shirt and sign advocating for universal health care. He told us that when he tried to defend free speech the mob threatened him.

    As the mob continued to grow we were crowded into armored cars to be evacuated. We could not see outside but it was obvious the crowd was attempting to block the vehicles from exiting. After what seemed a long time we finally made it to the street and were dropped off at a location far away from the rally.

  6. This echoes what I’ve experienced all week on Breitbart, today especially.

    So so many parrot the line “antifa are the same as Nazis.” I would develop some good ways of explaining the difference, point out how the brown shirts were formed to protect the party members from this exact same antifa group. How the antifa flag being flown today is nearly identical to the ones seen in the pictures of early 1930s Germany, hanging next to the hammer and sickle flag of the Communist Party.

    How it was the Nazis that tried to stop this but we slaughtered them for it.

    How ideological opposites are not the same they are the opposite of being the same.

    How America can’t afford to side with the commies again, because this time it’s in our own back yard.

    But I was outnumbered, and the people there don’t seem to be capable of understanding simple facts. Everything’s an ad hominem with them, or a threat. My attempt at redpilling with Holocaust truth went nowhere. I was just sticking my neck out everywhere for no good reason.

    Trump waffles all over the place and will never even say the word antifa. He’s thrown us to the mob numerous times.

    And not just us, but regular normie MAGA types as well. His core base. I can’t imagine how they’re feeling right now.

    OMG I went to Wal-Mart this evening… Enough said. This whole country seems to be turning into one huge pozzfest all of a sudden, it’s really unsettling.

    Hopefully things will turn around after the eclipse.


    But the weekend before the black sun has been a huge black pill.

    • Breitbart is totally jewed-up- that’s why I don’t get why Bannon is perceived as “Our Goy In the White House”

      • Eventually the war on humanity will engulf the fake Jews as well. Trust me on this one. Their control is rooted in it but it is a different entity. The “Jewish” Sanhedrin controls them (the secret group of elders that control the rabbis), it doesn’t love them.

    • Yeah, that Paki conservatard (one of Ann Coulter’s boyfriends?) is pushing “They’re all Nazis” line. He just put out a book about it. There is no enemy to the Left.

  7. Welcome to the 2017 US, where jews, negroes, communists and their acolytes determine what stays up and what comes down and what can be said and what cannot.

    Yes, Captain, this is another of their Color Revolutions, this one unleashed at home.

  8. Copied from the comments at Western Rifle Shooters:

    “OK,after attendance report from me in Boston,no pics/videos,really needed a 360 degree look at all times though stayed at back of crowds.

    I will say for most part peaceful,yah,a lot of dumb signs including many saying “Communism will win” along with all the no Nazis ect.I would say about 70% of the crowd muffins,would not worry about them physically in any situation,except,well,pack mentality,and here we go down that road.

    This starts off as a “where is a cop when you need one” story.A group of about 30-40 people where circled around a kid(18-19)wearing a red MAGA hat,they were yelling at him to leave/go home yet had him circled and where herding him towards a fence,sigh,I started following and felt if they really attacked was against everything I said going into the fray with only me knife,I really thought that kid was gonna get ripped up!Suddenly 4-5- Boston cops come right up to the kid and start to get him out of there,the crowd backed off!Thanks Boston PD for saving this guy and perhaps me from great bodily harm,amazing the respect one gets with a Glock 23 on ones belt!

    Saw a lot of other hatred of that sort but not like a pack ready to attack,I got interviewed for a few local cable stations and one reporter from Providence Journal interviewed me,any comes up will post it.

    I did as walked around alone come across some other for lack of better word normal folks,we had a lot in common and talked to a few about building AR’s,gave them some advice and sites to hit,that was worthwhile in itself.

    I will say till you encounter these folks in large #’s you really don’t give em a lot of thought,you see them in action and thier thinking/lack there of makes one worry about this country.

    Was a fun ride on subway out of town,protesters joking how they got a guy to remove his shirt as they found it offensive,I at that point with 13 of the muffins didn’t care(once again,grey man failure!)and mentioned lucky he was not armed and didn’t shoot you.Interesting how while not in a large pack they shrink a bit,never underestimate your opponents but did read them right and was just frustrated.You do not realize how nuts some of these folks really are till you see it,we have a lot of challenges ahead as a country.

    In conclusion for now,I came away with two worthwhile things:

    The first was in a tough situation realize am willing to risk harm to help others even with ugly odds against me.

    The second thing was,I and all reading this,you do not have enough ammunition no matter what you think”

    Pay particular attention to that last sentence. Arm up NOW. Time is very, very short.

    • Thanks for going Truth Corps and thank you for posting.

      It reminds me of my experiences at Texas A&M. When you’re in the middle of it you find out real fast what you’re really about. I have no doubt all of us who have been actively pro-White for years will step up when the time requires it.

      Any one of us is worth 100 of them, at the least.

  9. Trump is holding us back. Also, Trump only responds to pressure because he is reactive, so we should be attacking him.

  10. Regarding that jewess holding the sign which claims her child-bearing hips will produce a sufficient number of offspring to replace us: Jews are notoriously slow reproduction -wise, their numbers worldwide have remained almost constant for many decades (Even though their imaginary Holocawst supposedly wiped out one third of them, their official post WWII population actually increased slightly from prewar levels). The only group of jews who reproduce in large numbers are the Hasidim. But they have to, because half their inbred offspring are Mongoloids.

      • The “official” world jewish populaton stands at around 18 million. But even if all the suspected half and quarter jews are factored in they would still be no more than 75 million, or one percent of the total human population.

        If I believed in the devil I would have to conclude the jews are his offspring. They certainly do look and act demonic.

  11. If I had known the Boston rally was going to be such a hoot I would have attended. But then my secret identity would have been revealed to the public. And they might not have been able to recover from the shock!

  12. I saw footage of one of the commies being interviewed on the…ahem…..’news’, and he babbled-‘we’re not opposed to free speech, we’re just opposed to hate speech’. On that logic, he should be opposed to all the hate speech spewed out about whites by the left every day…….but nup. They get to decide what is hate speech apparently, and have decided that anti-white hate speech is not hate speech.
    If we don’t organize soon, in the way they are, our nation’s, culture and race are gone. They don’t speak for us, and don’t care about us. That has to be our job.
    Tone up, read up , arm up, and get organized….we’ve got about 40 years.

    • there is no way we have 40 years

      if hillary was president it’d be kicking off right now

      re-think the demographics keeping in mind that old people basically don’t count for a lot of this stuff

      • McAuliffe said “We have been planning for a long time for today’s incidents.”

        imo this was all supposed to happen under a Hillary administration. That’s why they freaked so hard when Trump got elected.

        You know how big they are on anniversaries. The 1917 slaughter started in, what, early November?

        The reason I’m sticking my neck out on Breitbart so hard is because I think we have months, not years.

        I think Bannon is thinking along the same lines. The editorial bias at Breitbart has swung sharply in recent months to the *White.* That’s why they’ve attacking him so hard no matter how many times he pledges his allegiance to “Israel.”

        And apparently they’re letting me engage in open holocaust truth over there. That wouldn’t have happened with Shapiro over there. Think about it.

        That’s why Bannon resigned. He has no control over policy, so he wants to be where he can do the most good. He’s a good man, you can see it in his face and eyes, and God Bless Him for all the good he’s doing for his people.


  13. Well. I’m still posting on Breitbart. I posted in the Don Lemon thread this morning.

    Can somebody please go over there and tell me if I’ve been shadowbanned?

    Pretty please? Lots of cherries on top!

      • Same name. Same avatar I used on DS – the bright green fire dragon.

        Just scroll down until you see it, it stands out.

        For fun (or higher blood pressure) read my exchange with Breedlove on the Boston rally thread. You can use my posting history it’s not hidden.

        Thanks Denise.

  14. With all the voices on the Right starting to be muzzled/thrown off the Internet…what’s next…short wave….”texting” (Morse code)…

  15. I don’t why you post there. They have an enormous MASS of scripts(JavaScript) that come from a million sites. (I counted them there were 39 scripts all from different sites to get the vile page to show comments)It’s an abortion. Choked my browser. This is why the internet is so fucked. All these scripts. Bitch, bitch, complain.
    I normally turn all this stuff off. I clicked down about 12 times and finally saw,

    ” Triuwida Mike Ward • 2 hours ago

    It means anyone WHITE.

    White = Nazi

    And they’re coming for you next.

    Some advice. Get Firefox browser and get the add-on NoScript. It let’s you control what scripts run on what pages. Usually if a page has as many scripts as this one I refuse to to do anything with it. I may read it but I’ll never do anything else on on it and most likely just close it.

    • Great to hear, thanks Sam.

      I really shouldn’t post there anymore. I shouldn’t be posting anywhere at this point tbh.

      Thanks again.

  16. Glacier’s account says it all – freedom of speech is no longer allowed. Trump’s comment and then Ivanka’s comment – following Bannon’s departure, are all more indicators.

    Folks – I hate to say this but it’s really going to come down to either being ready to fight or … to leave the country.

    We have corporations moving against Americans that don’t tow the “Party Line” – the number of website de-platformings, YouTube demonitizations & eliminations, Twitter suspensions / eliminations, Google account suspensions (Jordan Peterson, etc.), etc. that have taken place in the last 6+ months is mind boggling.

    Then there’s the Democratic Party – that’s no longer the defender of the middle class blue collar guy – White or Black. They’ve been taken over by the Bolshevik ideologists.

    Then there’s the Media – obviously they are nothing but a propaganda arm for The Party. They have been infiltrated and their purpose is to spin events and news in the direction of The Party objectives.

    Then there’s the Republican Party – it’s been suggested for a long time that people like Ryan, McCain, and others have been paid off to go along with the “Party Line”. Then we find out from Wikileaks that yes – Hillary’s campaign made significant payments to 6 Republican traitors – possibly Ryan as well. And the Republican Party is owned by big business which goes along with the “Party Line”.

    Then there’s the Deep State – the military and govt bureaucrats that have been embedded by The Party over the last few decades.

    Then there’s the Bolshevik professors and the administrations that support them – brainwashing our children in the universities.

    Then there’s the useful idiots that are part of Antifa – these people are very dangerous. If The Party had absolute power and these Antifa members were told to go to Trump supporter homes, drag them out and execute them … do you really think they’d pull back and say no?!?

    Effectively what we’re seeing is an attempted Bolshevik takeover of the United States. Don’t think it can’t happen – imagine the surprise of the average Russian during the October Revolution of 1917. This was followed by people being dragged from their homes in the middle of the night – and then unbelievable tortures and finally death.

    Some of us may think “well yeah but the U.S. military wouldn’t go along with it” – I used to think that but I’m not so sure. In Venezuela I assumed that the military would turn on Maduro a lot sooner – but it hasn’t. So in our case there might be some breakaway brigades / battalions but we really don’t know.

    Assuming a civil war (not advocating an overthrow of the U.S. govt – we’re talking about breakout of civil war where even the govt is segmented), if you decide that you are willing to stand and fight to defend yourself, your family, your friends – how organized are you? How many traitors and spies have infiltrated the ranks? How many of your fellow Americans are willing to fight – and how many would rather roll over and just do what a new regime tells them?

    The other option is leaving the country – there are a lot of other places to go where your family would be safe.

    So – I think all of us have to think through both options everyday – the what, when, and how. Carefully monitor events so that you can be prepared.

    Make no mistake – this is an attempted Bolshevik / Communist takeover of our country. If you want to know what the aftermath would be like – simply read the detailed accounts regarding the Bolshevik secret police – the Cheka. And of course Solzhenitsyn’s accounts of the Gulags. Keep in mind that an estimated 60+ million people died. Also know that anti-Semitism was outlawed under penalty of death when the Bolsheviks took over. That tells you who was really in charge – even Putin said this publicly.

    • Bravo! I completely concur. This IS Jewish Satanism, trying yet again, to make a Hell on earth, and White Christian folk again are the Enemy.

  17. Those witches, in 17th Century Boston, would all be executed.

    Antifa- The revolutionary combat arm of the Democratic party.

  18. The jews have a strangle hold on this country and the real Americans. We haven’t a chance in negotiating our existence peacefully. It’s really do or die.

  19. I see polls which show that 44% of blacks are for keeping the monuments and 40% for their removal.

    Another (((group))) is pushing this.
    The same one which gleefully destroyed Russian Orthodox churches 100 years ago.

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