White Pill Of Epic Proportions Incoming: We Are The Unassailable Future

I know for a fact that the days immediately following the glorious Battle of Charlottesville were tough for many of you, especially when the dust settled and we stood toe to toe with a censorship campaign that has not been seen in such intensity since the fall of the (((Soviet Union))).

Many have fallen, and many have been literally forced from the normal internet into the bowels of the Dark Web.

But this does not mean that the darkness is here to stay, for often the most pitch black moments come before the dawn.

We are now at the cusp of something great, and we have pure cold science to back us up.

If only you traveled to Charlottesville you would have seen the bright-eyed youth of our race over-represented in a way that likely helped to induce the greatest triggering of all time – our enemies understand their time is running short due to this observation alone.

We are the generation that will shatter the power of the Jews and their unholy alliance of Colorfuls, homosexuals, and ardent Communist vermin.

And I must thank Almighty God that I was put here at just the right time to join what will one day in the distant future be described as the greatest hour of the White Man.

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  1. “The jew is like a spider that cautiously creeps up a wall, knowing that it could be swatted with a rolled-up newspaper at any moment.”

    – Woody Allen

  2. “Primitive man sometimes drank the blood of fallen foes as a symbol of victory, and to absorb some of the strength of the enemy, but another blood-drinking practice, that of ritual murder, is the only one which has survived into modern times. This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host. That is why he refuses to abandon this custom, even though it has brought him close to extinction many times.
    When the Jew can no longer symbolize his role by kidnapping a perfectly formed gentile child, spiriting him away to a synagogue, and ritually puncturing his body in the places which they boasted they had wounded the Body of Christ, and drinking the blood of the dying child, then, according to Jewish belief, he is doomed. His prophets have warned him that when this custom can no longer be observed, the Jewish parasite’s hold onto the host will be loosened, and he will be cast off. Even though this ceremony is so horrible that most Jews refuse to participate in it, and all of them deny its practice, it still remains the final method by which the Jewish leaders signify and retain their control over this people. Should they
    abandon the practice of ritual murder, perhaps there would be a possibility that the Jew could be weaned away from his historical role as a biological parasite, and become a constructive member of the gentile community, turning his back upon a record of five thousand years of bloodshed, treachery and murder, which is his entire history. We say perhaps, because we do not know.”
    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Pages 35-36

  3. “”The white race is the cancer of history. It is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilization wherever it spreads.” – Susan Sontag

    These twenty-seven words capsule an enormous amount of information about the parasite-host relationship. First, it is an expression of the undying hatred which the parasite bears for its white race host. Second, it reveals that the Jew has never and will never consider himself as part of the white race, which it regards as a separate species. Third, this passage attributes savagery only to the white race — not to the bloodthirsty tribes of the Congo, not to the mass murders in China, nor to anyone except the highly developed North European civilization in Europe and America. And fourth, Susan Sontag reveals the entire situation in her phrase “autonomous civilization”. What does she mean by autonomous civilization? She means the parasite community, which demands total freedom to attach it-self to the host, to rule the host, and to prevent the host from casting it off. And she says here that the white race, because in the past it has reacted against the “autonomous civilization” of the Jewish parasite, is totally savage and evil.”
    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 36-37

    Are they even human? The $6,000,000 question.

  4. Got some weird comments about Middle Ages blood libels. Don’t think that’s really going to sell well now.

    Instead I recommend doing the necessary work, the hard work we must do contacting staff members of local officials. This is how we beat back about 10 illegal alien amnesties that the defeatists said we would lose everyone.

    I’ve contacting Virginia State representatives (R) and starting a dialogue and letting them know how disappointed I was with the events in Charlottesville VA. I explained my connection to the city/university – I applied and was accepted to the University of Virginia at Charlottesville and did so knowing that it was a Southern School. I also expressed my opposition to the dishonest and illegal actions of the mayor and governor of Virginia.

    Please be brief and be polite, try to engage in a dialogue not a one way rant. It works for me.

    Here’s the contact link to the Virginia State Representatives:


    • (((Jack Ryan))), Jewish ritual murder in the Middle Ages was thoroughly and fairly investigated by Church authorities who didn’t want to believe it. It happened, with an identical MO across centuries and many countries. Ariel Toaff’s Blood Passover would be your best starting point for research.

  5. When they say “neo-Nazi” they mean anything that’s pro-White. I’ve read before that 10% is the tipping point. Good news which helps to explain their desperate reaction to C’Ville.

  6. Great comments about Woody Allen and Taylor Swift!

    I don’t think we need to wait for the 10% tipping-point. Most White people are pro-White already. The problem is that ZOG doesn’t care what people think. Western countries are soft dictatorships run by the Jews.

    By the way, the Jews interfere strongly with the natural spread of ideas. The scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute should have tested their theories in a jew-free environment. They talk about “social consensus through the influence of committed minorities”… But what about social manipulation through the control of 99% of the media by 2% of the population?

    Anyway, ZOG can still be toppled. The Jewish anti-White system relies on White people who go along with it. And a lot of those people are pro-White but do not understand what’s going on. They don’t realize that we are being deliberately genocided by the Jews.

    So, we don’t need to make people pro-White. We need to specifically tell them about the Jewish problem.

    The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute says this in an article:
    As an example, the ongoing events in Tunisia and Egypt appear to exhibit a similar process, according to Szymanski. “In those countries, dictators who were in power for decades were suddenly overthrown in just a few weeks.”

    I’ve heard that the color revolutions are the work of Soros. Something similar happened in France a few months ago. There was a big advertising campaign for some politician named “Macron”, and he ended up getting elected president even though people still have no idea what he stands for.

  7. “…censorship campaign that has not been seen in such intensity since the fall of the (((Soviet Union)))…”

    You’re looking at this from the wrong side. Many see this as a defeat. I don’t. There was an intense decade long effort to make it where legal segregation of any kind was evil. That you COULD NOT refuse service or in any way segregate yourself due to race. OK they got that. Now by them using politics as a proxy they are bringing back segregation. We should be all for this. Eventually we will get our own services. We don’t need the Jew, he needs us.

    I’m been called a fool for saying so but I don’t believe that Nazi, Nazi, Nazi and White Supremacist talk is as effective as it was before. It doesn’t matter what your views if you don’t buckle down to the left they call you racist, Nazi and White Supremacist. We should note this constantly and when they say we should denounce them we should always reply that we’re White we don’t see Nazis as a problem for us. If they have a problem with Nazis they need to take it up with them.

  8. Marcus Cicero…. I wanted to take the time to say thank you and to everyone who was at Charlottesville risking everything, your jobs your livelihoods. Thank you for standing up publicly for our heritage and race, standing up for people like me, standing up for me and my family…..my wife my kids…..and everything our ancestors built and stood for…

  9. This assumes there is no opposition that is also unshakeable. Don’t forget antifa and jews and many white shitlibs are unshakeable in their beliefs also.

  10. This is exciting! Only 4M clear thinking white men needed in the white dominion of Canada to achieve tipping point. I wish there were more pro statisticians and actuarial scientists in the Alt-Right. We need the numerical truth.

    For instance, the corruption of automobile insurance with respect to recent ‘multicultural’ driving populations. I doubt actuarials are permitted to fully disclose the costly and deadly peril of introducing ur-races into Europid automobile technology. In the Great White North, we currently have 189 deaths per month, nationally across the total population — foreign national diversity included.

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