Who’da Thunk It? Antifa Riot In Phoenix, Tear Gas Deployed, SWAT Units March Through

Antifa always proves to be their own worst enemy – it’s their actions that likely helped to catapult Trump through the Primaries and General Election due to the fear many White normies felt when watching normal people being subjected to vicious attacks on the streets of America.

But I truly believe that we’ve moved beyond the point where the Left could contain their anger and exercise true self-control.

Their hatred of the White Man has now gone into overdrive, and has begun to manifest itself in ways that many of us on the Alt-Right have warned about for years and years.

Cucking isn’t going to work, negotiations aren’t going to work, and turning the other cheek in the method taught by corrupt “churches” isn’t going to work (that phrase has been interpreted in the wrong way, but that’s a discussion for another time).

They are going to try to kill us – it’s just that plain and simple.


Rioting broke out among leftists in the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s Tuesday rally in Phoenix, AZ. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Shortly after the president’s speech ended and night fell in Phoenix, protesters began to throw water bottles and scream obscenities at police.

$100 on the line that some of these bottles were filled with urine, feces, or some sick combination of body fluids following a recipe that was at one point confined to prisons.

After being told to disperse, some refused to do so. CBS News reported they were met with tear gas and “less lethal rounds,” commonly known as rubber bullets.

Many of the protesters carried “anti-racist” slogans of the #Resistance.

Others clearly bore the trademark black and red flags, face coverings, black clothing, and downward spear emblems popular with the extraordinarily violent “Antifa” movement. Tuesday’s rally was the first time Trump called out Antifa by name.




A couple of White Pills were to be found in this debilitating mess:

First off, a Communist terrorist was hit in the BALLS with what appeared to be a tear-gas canister – perhaps proof that estrogen treatments among male Antifas have not been forthcoming.

And second, President Trump did mention Antifa and our historic statues during his speech, although the fact that he omitted his Tuesday press conference and has nobody of value left in his inner circle sort of negates this in the long term.

I suppose we shall see, though.

We shall see.

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  1. I understand people got a big rush from his rally last night but seriously we need to put a lid on the emotions and look at what he’s doing and not doing. Otherwise we succumb to manipulation and then wake up in 2024 realizing that it was all a pipe dream.

    Build the wall. Deport the illegals. Bring back the manufacturing jobs. Stop the H1B and H2B visa labor. No more foreign wars. These are the core issues upon which Trump needs to be judged – not the adrenaline-pumping drug-like highs we get from his rallies.

    Perhaps he’s horse-trading with the Afghanistan deal – buys political capital from the GOP leaders that he needs for objectives. Ok – I can accept that – but now it’s time to get started and make it all happen. No more platitudes – I want to see real events taking place that show we’re moving directly towards the goals he promised us in return for our votes.

    Otherwise it’s all bullsh__.

    • Why can’t we do both?

      Trump insisting on attending the rally was a great move. When the antifa try to prevent the president from speaking to the american people they prove themselves to be the evil tyrants and the jewmedia a cabalistic cult of liars.

        • spahnranch1969 this is another typical JIDF tactic.

          Besides subverting white political advocacy, you’re attempting to degrade the quality of discussion and debate on here.

          Stop fantasizing that people don’t read right through you.

      • exactly. Trumpenthal signals one day, countersignals the next.

        meanwhile time keeps on passing…

        No Wall.

        “sanctuary cities” just keep chugging along.

        insourcing of Black Muslim savages from Somalia DOUBLED.

        deportation of Mexican and other illegals at HALF the rate done by Obama.


  2. I agree with you Captain John – my gut says Trump just wants to salvage his presidency for the history books, a civil war is coming and we’re not prepared (what happens when they cut your internet and cell phone – do u have equipment to communicate with your teammates?).

    I’m really just talking to the people that I see on Twitter gushing with emotion about the “awesome speech” last night.

    • That’s a great point. We need to set up methods of communication and meeting areas, privately through Hunter. Get a Ham radio or a satellite phone if you can afford either or both.

      • My big fear is they’re going to do a false flag attack again soon. What I’ve been posting on BB is I think they’re going to frame some “Nazis” (multiple so they have a basis to come down on “Nazi” groups, and they’re probably going to stage it in a JCC so everybody feels sorry for Jews.

        And they may or may not use actors.

        Then the government can roll out anti-Semitic hate speech laws which shuts down all discussion on the Holocaust, 9/11, and really anything having to do with politics.

        I think we need to spread this meme far and wide because if you know anything about how they operate, this is what they do.

        • Ham radio – we should all look to the 88 frequencies: for the 40 meter band use 7.088 MHz, or 14.088, 21.088, etc.

        • A JCC would be too obvious, and there’s too much evidence of faked attacks on jews. They also tend to alternate so as not to arouse too much suspicion; C’ville was a psy op against ‘nazism’ so next will be some different angle.

          People underestimate that while whites are the jews’ biggest concern, the non-white hordes they’ve inculcated with entitlement also pose a major threat to them as the plan is for all to be peasants on the jew plantation.

          Expect the next false flag to frame another identity politics group, likely hispanics.

  3. “We’ll see” —

    With Trump, don’t hold your breath for him to do anything positive. What we will see from this drone, is more bullshit against Whites.

    • I’m actually surprised CNN had an article on Dick Gregory’s death. There are many YouTube videos with Gregory stating the Charleston church shooting and Walter Scott shooting are hoaxes. Michael Slager and Dylann Roof are in the same jail in cells next to each other. At least they were at one point.

      Just saying……

  4. If Trump digs deep who funds these violent groups called antifa,he ll pull out of the hat SPLC ADL since 1960s.

  5. Hunter Wallace

    This is all you need to know:


    EVIDENCE:Google Mother Jones Vladimir Putin…………..Why all the hatred for Vladimir Putin?

  6. Regarding Metal Woman’s link – yes they are targeting a takeover of the United States. The insane reaction by the Media, Democrats, corporations, and useful-idiots to Trump’s election was the shrieking of the Bolshevik monster as it got stopped or at least slowed in its tracks while closing in on its prey.

    The big-time de-platforming that’s been going on over the past 6 months is an obvious sign that (((they))) are scared – so their plans are being accelerated.

    A group needs to fight this at the legal level and Trump’s DOJ should be attacking this as well – possibly from an anti-Trust perspective (that would scare the crap out of Google and others since they could risk being broken up).

    But if nothing is done and they continue shutting people down then the future is dim.

    Regarding preparation – one might pull a group together (spanning several states) which is focused on “survival in the event of an EMP attack on the U.S. power grid by North Korea” (as an example). The organization and equipment (communications, weaponry, etc.) would applicable to other “disasters” as well …. 😉

  7. I´m not too enthusiastic with the Unite The Right rally, it wasn´t a failure but not a success either
    but the protests, bwas everything I hoped for, once more they and the financial backers behind them
    doubled down on what got Trump elected in the first place and turn more people toward the “alt-right”.
    Same with the GOP Establishement reaction, supporting self-proclaimed anarchists and communists in a country in a country where the Right is obsessed with teh enemy is comuneesm and the Mainstream Narrative pushes that Stalin killed 20 millions (thought never as loudly as the holocaust).
    With calling them alt-left, Trump avoided falling into the fetide, stale swamp of teh enemy is communesm so dear to boomer cuckservatives.

    Even better, it is consistent, there has already been more antifa riots, acts of violences and unrests
    since then. Then there will be events in other cities and in other cities after that. When regressive, Alt-Left violence and lawlessness gets normalized and justified at lenghts by the medias, so will the reaction to it. People already are increasingly aware of how selective, arbitrary law enforcement really is.
    The antifas proclaims that if anyone had violently resisted the rise of Hitler, he would have been stopped but long before that, leftist groups used political violence in “weimar” German republic years before Hitler was a serious contender and the SS, SA was formed to oppose that.

  8. “antifa. Facists a bundle of sticks meaning, united we stande.divided we fall. antifa is divide and rule via open borders.Chinese state is facists/ nationalist.immigration/colonization is not permetided in their living space.

  9. Last night, I listened to the Schnitt Show and he got into a screaming match with a Trump Supporter who defended Trump’s “Both Sides” to his cuckservative clucking. She self-identified as a Hispanic married to a Black. She said both she and her husband supported preserving the Robert E. Lee monument and other Southern monuments. She also derided Antifa’s violence as worse than that of the so-called Nazis and Klans.

    It was funny listening to a White talk show host evoke Godwin’s Rule against a Non-White couple and lose. The Jews are making a serious mistake destroying their White host countries the way they are. If and when Whites lose all influence and either go extinct or end up as some rump population in majority Non-White countries, Shoah Business is going to come to a screeching halt and Muh Holocaust will be ignored by the newer citizens who comprise some other historically oppressed population.

    The rhetorical question has always been what precisely have conservatives managed to conserve? The Right to Life? Traditional marriage? Freedom of association? Homogenous populations? Our borders? Safe restrooms? Now we have so-called conservatives whipping up fear over intolerant Muslims tossing gays from atop skyscrapers or something. How long before they proudly proclaim that Democrats are the real pedophobes and they have always supported the right of pedophiles to love any child they please?

    If you think about it, the conservatives are nothing more than controlled opposition and their function is to set up token resistance, abject surrender and then massage the leftist theme du jour into something more palatable to the average American. I think the current theme being massaged by Schnitt et al is the leftist plan to impeach Trump or get the Republicucks to remove him through Amendment 25, because Trump is either too “stupid” and/or “crazy” to “get out of his own way.”

    All of us need to contact these shows and stalwartly support our candidate and call them on this massaging of leftist themes they have gotten away with and what they are trying to do now. Defend Trump’s “both sides” speech and point out that one-sided criticism of those protesting Robert E. Lee being taken down because they protested along with so-called Nazis and KKK can apply to Charlottesville’s dead victim. After all, if Heather Haier was counter-protesting with a bunch of violent antifa communists, should we safely assume she was one of those attacking those cars and deserved to be run over by a driver who was not interested in being “Reginald Dennyied” and chose instead to use his car to ram through the “Kill (or be Killed) Zone?”

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