Down Goes Deandre: Get This BLM Terrorist/Fraudster Arrested For His Anti-White Brutality

Right now, we need to be doing all we can to have the Fake News narrative about Charlottesville shattered into exactly six million scattered pieces, and I think at this very moment we have a scoop that may be able to do just that in a very short amount of time.

You see, the story of bouncing little BLM thug Deandre Harris was one that circulated throughout the news – including the Communist News Network (also known as CNN), and the Cuckold Congregational Channel (it’s not an acronym for Fox, but whatever).

Hell, Deandre’s plight even made it all the way to the United Nations, and helped to facilitate a condemnation of our country for the alleged hate-beating of the young Black man.

Harris also managed to attach himself to the viciously anti-White fundraising company GoFundMe to the tune of more than $165,000 – donated by well over 6000 confused fools likely virtue-signalling to their social circles.

But here’s the thing – the footage most of the world saw in the hours and days after the Battle of Charlottesville was expertly doctored, spliced, and edited to phase out the first few moments.

And like many things, the narrative essentially does a full 180 if you broadcast the entirety of the video.

Let’s watch the deleted scene, shall we?

Observe the shorter Negro with a dark shirt and shorts wielding and swinging what appears to be either a club or a maglite – he made direct contact with one of our guys so badly that multiple stitches were needed (facial damage also occurred).

There is other footage circulating around showing a mob of rabid Black rioters stalking several units of our men near the entrance to the parking garage that had been home base before the march to Lee Park – footage that also proves that any fighting done by us was purely in self-defense (just as we’ve been saying since the day of the Battle itself).

Just as I want to see those who fire our men after successful doxxing missions sued for everything they’ve got, I want to see Deandre in prison broke and destitute.

I want him charged for his attacks on us, and I want all of the money he raised under fraudulent means given over to the Alt-Right for further training and organizational purposes.

Let Little Deandre live the rest of his miserable life knowing that his own actions helped to strengthen his worst enemies, and let him watch the White liberation of this country from the confines of a nice cold prison block.

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  1. One of the people in cahoots with Shaun King is Zach D Roberts. Here is a link to his web page.
    Here is his Twitter.
    He has been spreading lies all over. He is some kinda freelance photographer. He stated he had an interview scheduled with the FBI on his Twitter. I posted on his website he better not perjure himself because there are many witnesses to the incident including me. In the full video you easily see saint DeAndre and his accomplices attack our group before he got his ass whooping. Also, at the end you can hear and see our guys stop and say ok let him up.

  2. Better to let Deandre walk free- give a broke-assed nigga $100K and he will be dead within a year from dope or a robbery attempt.

    • “Never give a coon any money, fame or authority, because it will make them go ape-shit.”

      -Oprah Winfrey

      • In other Nigger News today, 1000 Picaninnies rallied in support of Colcoon Kaepernick at Negro Felon League HQ- the $ amount resulting from the protesters’ lost-work time due to their attendance of the protest was estimated at 0.

    • Slaves can never be free- their ontological state is not predestined for the corresponding freedom of Christendom Man. [Eph.1:4]

  3. Words cannot express the joy I feel whenever I see some nigger or Marxist faggot writhing in pain after getting BTFO’d by an enraged White man.

  4. A fool and his money are soon parted. This is one GoFundMe campaign that I was happy about. Remember, the whites who started and supported this operation need to go down first. Drain their wallets because what’s up ahead ain’t gonna replenish them.

        • 90% of which are actually Jews or Mischlings fraudsters posing as White. Dont let it fool you, the average White especially in the North is dullard who never thinks about anything but MUH JOB MUH FAMILY MUH HUNTING TRIP MUH TRUCK MUH HOUSE. As most are dullards, there is just a teency weency pool of internet trolls doing all of this. MOST OR A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF WHICH ARE JEWS!

  5. This thug gets thousands and meanwhile Eric Pastrick (a Knock Out Game victim) never received a penny from GoFundMe.

    • Right now they’re back on the Dark Web entirely, so I guess the refugee processing needs to be set in motion again.

      You’re talking about the sidebar link, right?

      • There’s only one solution to this combination of fake news on tv and the injustice of what they’re doing to the Stormer.

        Trump needs to turn CNN over to Anglin. Like, yesterday.

    • Yes the DailyPedo needs to stay on the dark web with the other rejects of the world. It’s where the other pedophiles and junkies gather and do their sick rituals.

      • They are circulating a meme that truths about who’s-a-jew, in the case of weev for example, is a jewish/FBI plot to spread paranoia among pro-whites. Pedo flunkies and their misogynist groupies are so desperate to maintain their false martyrdom they’re ‘weeving’ this madness, convincing themselves that’s not a paranoia unto itself.

        Facts are facts and jewish infiltration of supposed pro-white has been proven, as has been weev’s jewishness. Besides, Mossad control over the CIA is more encompassing and obvious, which is why such cyburban legends implicate the FBI (which isn’t to say it hasn’t become co-opted as well).

    • Madam, your characterization of Anglin as a “tiny bald mongol” made me laff six million times!

  6. @Deep South: I must say there is something rather unsavory about that Anglin fellow and his cult-like following of Asperger Acolytes.

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