I’ve heard from some guys that doxxing and subsequent employment termination has been running rampant since the Battle of Charlottesville, and I feel it is our duty as honorable White Men to do whatever we can to aid those comrades of ours who are now in dire need.

You have to remember that many of us have families to feed, serious bills to pay, and housing/rent costs that are often month to month – thanks to the Jews there are more than a few of us who live paycheck to paycheck in a way that is sad to say the least.

Donations, extensions of new employment, and other ideas are possible in some instances, but here is something that I think we can all do for the brave Nationalists who are now struggling to make ends meet.

Spread this tweet and its information around far and wide, and make sure it gets to those in all our organizations, whether it be the League of the South, Identity Europa, Vanguard America, Trad Worker, the Daily Stormer Book Clubs, and all others that I may have missed.

Also just note that New York also apparently has a law on the books protecting workers from employment discrimination for lawful political activities, protests, etc…

I want to see these rotten Bolshevik vermin sued for everything they have, and I want to see those of them in high positions of power and wealth reduced to begging for change outside bus stations in the worst Negro-infested ghettos we have in this country.

Do your part, and help our warriors and activists fight the good fight.


  1. Next time, wear masks. Go all out and wear an Obama, Hillary, Chomsky, Sontag, Ayres, Lenin, Stalin, or Pol Pot mask. Your options are endless. F*ck with their heads (swallow your pride, this is a war).

      • Says the fucking Nazi LARPer keyboard jockey sitting comfortably behind his computer screen.

        I “didn’t wear a mask” once, you know what it got me? A SWAT team raiding my home and pointing machine guns at me, a felony conviction, 100% unemployable, and some jail time.

        These people want to kill and destroy you and its not a game. You are a cancer on the cause of identity and nationalism. Until you’ve risked or sacrificed you don’t get to speak, got it? Go beat off to Mein Kampf again, while forward thinking people come up with an actual plan to annihilate these fuckers.

  2. The worst part is, since 99% of businesses are white owned (besides landscaping and drywall companies and Roach Coaches), it is white cucks doing the firing.

  3. If the right would unite on the INTERNET and bring down a few of these businesses this would stop. We could boycott them at the same time promote their competitors.

    • Good point. The anti-whites were very strategic in their boycotts and threats, particularly in the beginning.

  4. What’s this shit about Christopher Cantwell turning himself in to the cops for using pepper spray?

  5. Here is where you give up a little territory by associating with groups like DS but manage to maintain the beachhead.

    If someone can see your face and then name sue the shit out of them in any state possible. Then they have to prove you *did* something besides exercise your constitutional rights. The problem with suing airbnb is that staying in someone’s house is a. personal, private space for hosts and even both parties ultimately where b. there is no way to prove any claim’s falsity. Even associating with the rhetoric of Anglin puts airbnb in a position where they could say they had been given ‘notice’ of a kind and therefore are liable for abuse against hosts by affiliated guests. No jury could necessarily figure out the truth of a host’s claim, hence airbnb’s pro-active stance (there are other reasons).

    A rally with tons of witnesses and cameras and physical evidence for actual assault creates a different ballgame.

  6. Now you’re starting to think like a community, rather than isolated individuals!

    Remember that it was a Jew, Leo Frank, who preyed on an isolated American worker, Mary Phgan, that was the start of the ACLU- , also the Jews could continue to pray on white Americans without threat of retaliation.It was the white man that organized into unions in the beginning. It is white men who built this country. It is white men who will now need to organize again, against the Bolshevik/Jewish overlords… wherever they may be found.

    Never forgive, never forget.

    • You mean the ADL I think, but good points. Mary Phagan should be as household a name as Anne Frank with the only difference that our martyrs are real.


    I would support there 2 ideas the most:

    a. Sue your employer if you are fired. You have a constitutional right to protest outside of your work place and it is none of your employer’s business. Sue for damages.

    b. A little camouflage while attending such rallies might help also. A full blown mask might be illegal in some states, but a fake moustache, a beard, a hat and tinted glasses and a bit of tanning lotion or such makeup might be enough to disguise the true you.

    Get some books online such as techniques of disguise for more info.

    Try it out and test it out before putting it to work.

  8. At is a new Millennial Woes video, about Christopher Cantwell. In its comment section, I’ve just now posted the following:

    “As I said at one or more websites and maybe to you, too, Millennial Woes, ‘Unite the Right’ was misconceived and, really, ridiculous.  It was, at bottom, a Southern Nationalist event, and any attempt to blend Southern Nationalism with white nationalism, the alt-right, or European ethnic nationalisms etc. is pointless.  Southern Nationalism is sui generis, and the very idea that, say, the League of the South’s Michael Hill, who was one of the rally’s scheduled speakers, could have anything meaningful to say to a non-Southerner was silly.

    “The attempt by Southern Nationalists to draw non-Southern support for their Confederate statues, by their casting of the rally as support for ‘free speech,’ or as opposition to a common threat to ‘the right,’ was weaselly, as I said–before the rally, I think–to Southern Nationalist Hunter Wallace, at his website Occidental Dissent.  The rally was something that no non-Southerner should have countenanced by his or her attendance at it.  Its having come apart before its start because the attendees took the antifa street-fighting bait shows that Southern man’s record of political incapacity is untarnished.  Sympathy for this Cantwell clown is misplaced.

    “PS  I stopped listening to this particular video of yours at 13:36, Millennial Woes.”

    • Brad: You are not going to find too many employers who would want to get involved in a “political” dispute in front of the NLRB. It might take some time too get a job restored, but, usually a win in front of the NLRB restores the employment and pays all lost wages. Take a look at the NLRB’s web pages.

      • You have lots of money? Good lawyers cost money, believe me, I had to hire one for this exact reason.

        The minute you are said to be associated with Nazism you just lost your case, why? Because you belong to, affiliate with, or support an organization that incites violence and terrorism. No judge or jury is going to be sympathetic to your case. You will be out a great deal of time, money, and effort, and have fuck all to show for it.

        There is a wide gulf of interpretation between “political affiliation” and “group that supports terrorism”. You will be found to fall squarely in the second camp. Your position will be indefensible, and you will lose. Source? Me, been there, done that. I don’t advise it.

        Do you know why we lose? Too much bad advice from motherfuckers who simply do not understand HOW this thing works and what the stakes are.

        PRO TIP: Don’t find yourself in the situation in the first place.

        • Quick resolution of the NLRB case: Prove it! There have not been any Nazis since 1945! WTF are you talking about.

          • Btw, it’s not necessary to hire a lawyer for an NLRB filing & hearing. Most NLRB cases are brought by union reps who are lucky to have graduated from high school. It you can write a coherent paragraph you are on your way.

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