TOP KEK: “Good Night, Left Nut” Guy Is A GoDaddy Employee

Karma/divine justice is a very strange thing when you break it down.

Ancient Greeks, Indians (not modern street-poopers), and Romans tried to explain this phenomenon throughout the course of centuries, but failed to get further than the idea that it may be something related to the universe/gods trying to balance things out, or that it had to do with punishment to those mortals who greatly offended the natural order through flaws such as hubris.

And in the case of GoDaddy, hubris is exactly what we’re seeing with their latest actions.

They thought that they could go against the natural order of things (which has been large-scale freedom of speech on the internet tubes) by attempting to destroy our most popular sites – they were the first to strike in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Charlottesville.

Well, when you decide to upset things, your filthy vermin-infested Commie employees will be brought down by the wrath of the Unknown – they’ll also be prosecuted for Antifa-related terrorism as well.

Daily Caller:

The man hit by a pepper ball round in a video that has since gone viral following protests in Phoenix, Az. is now facing charges for aggravated assault on police.

Twenty-nine-year-old Joshua Stuart Cobin was seen kicking a round of tear gas at police officers during a riot on Tuesday night. Following his actions, police fired a pepper ball at his groin, prompting him to fall over in pain. He was helped up by another man wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey.

The video quickly went viral on social media with memes like “Good Night, Left Nut.”

Cobin, a support representative of website service provider GoDaddy, identified himself as the man in the video on Reddit. Posting under the username “gotyourqueen,” Cobin claimed (despite his actions) that he isn’t a member of Antifa and that he did not support violence towards police and Trump supporters.

“The pepper ball shot missed Major Johnson by 3 inches north so all I have is some bruising in the groin area,” he wrote, adding that he witnessed a “peaceful protest” by the crowd as they were planning to march to the capitol.

He claimed that he saw “a character” throw a water bottle at the police before the police marched on the crowd.

“There were also a couple medium sized rocks on the ground,” he added. “That seemed to be the reason for the tear gas. I don’t know if it was instigated by counter protesters or just hooligans but that’s their reason for the violence.”

Phoenix police announced late yesterday that they booked the man on four criminal charges, including three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor for unlawful assembly.

If you’re someone who pays attention to these sorts of happenings, it baffles me as to how you could ever be an Atheist who denies any sort of supernatural motive behind what we now see on a daily basis.

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  1. “If you’re someone who pays attention to these sorts of happenings, it baffles me as to how you could ever be an Atheist who denies any sort of supernatural motive behind what we now see on a daily basis.”

    Come on, Marcus, the mere mention of this tells me you’ve been leaning this way for a while. I confess that I do honestly believe we are dealing with something “not of this world” and it has plagued humanity for eons. I don’t know what it is, I can only imagine what it may be. There are huge amounts of information out there that go in this direction. Most, if not all, of the secret societies are demonic (Skull & Bones is only one of dozens, maybe even hundreds, of secret societies). When Stan Monteith closed his orthopedic practice to discover what was really going on in our world, it included getting permission from Yale to look at Woodrow Wilson’s papers. He discovered a copy of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” among them as well as Wilson’s own writings which stated he thought Edward M. House (His Rothschild handler) could read his mind (Dr. Stan states in videos that some of these human demons (my words) have supernatural powers) . It’s in his book “The Brotherhood of Darkness” which can be purchased on eBay for less than $10.00 (shipping included). An easy read. Dr. Stan spent years looking for answers and he mentioned ancient technologies, the pedophilia network that controls governments, the rise of occultism in our time, etc. The herd mentality prevents many from even entertaining the subject.

    I’ve even entertained the thought that CERN and other haldron colliders (I’ve read there are a few others that are less known maybe smaller???) are being used to try and open another dimension. We really don’t know what they’re doing. Anthony F. Sanchez stated in one of his interviews that he has encountered people that have claimed to have seen what could be deemed as a flash of a former time period (near Dulce, NM, he met several kids who stated they were playing ball in a field and they told him there were a few planes in the sky for just a few brief seconds to minutes and then they disappeared (these kids described them and Anthony said it was a description of actual WWII German planes)). It’s on YT (I think it was with Jimmy Church). I don’t know what to make of it but I will never forget what he said.

  2. The guy is an asshole but facing felony charges is BS- ZOG has got it so that giving their chained dog cops so much as a dirty look gets you slapped with a felony. The Boys in Blue serve the jew.

    • Having cops around usually makes a bad situation worse. In an all-White society they wouldn’t even be needed at all.

      • National Socialist Germany,1937, the police stop carrying guns. A year later, clubs. At the same time, most of the prisons are closed & being converted to more productive uses. NS Germany experiences the lowest crime rates in the West. The end result of 100% Aryan mono-cultural, mono-lingual, socio-economic system.

        • Interesting, do you have a specific source for that, or is it just info picked up over multiple books?

          • Ironsides, most of this info I picked up from various websites including the now defunct, some of the late Dr. William Pierce’s various articles & several posts on the now censored Also, a German? posted some revised historical facts on that era, at yes, INFOWARS under the name “youngearthcreationist” going back about 10 years ago. Plus, I knew people who lived in National Socialist Germany (1933-45) who, if they were still living, would back up such facts. I remember one woman in particular who told me how safe Germany’s cities became after the National Socialists came into power.

  3. I just pulled out the book “Brotherhood of Darkness” and it was Edward Mandell House’s papers that Monteith went through. He said House’s version of The Protocols was different than others he had encountered:

    “It is impossible to understand what is happening today without understanding the origins of The Protocols. While going through Edward Mandell House’s papers at Yale University some years ago, I came across a copy of ‘The Protocols of the Meeting of the Zionist Men of Wisdom.’ It was essentially the same document as ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’, but the wording was different , which suggested it was a different translation of the original document.”
    (c) 2000 Brotherhood of Darkness, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Page 63

    Trying to find the section about Woodrow Wilson…. I have a hard copy of the book, not a PDF.

  4. Snowwhitey google search The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

    The hypothesis is that there are multiple timelines subject to various disruptor forces.

  5. Our enemies are constantly at war with nature because think they can beat it. It’s like the gambling addict who thinks he can beat the house. A lie can only stand so long before it collapses on itself.

  6. Despite 180 polarization, it is impossible for me not to extend this fool a modicum of sympathy: Sixty years ago, when I was thirteen, in the last baseball game I ever played, I aught a batted line-drive square in the crotch. Either that, or the subsrquent X-rays to make sure no bones were broken, struck me sterile. If this fool is some sort of SJW, his sterility enriches the human race.

  7. It was during the rise of Woodrow Wilson that “Isolationism” was replaced with our constant international interventionism and is one reason why we are broke as a nation. There needs to be more to a nation tha contemporary’s American welfare/warfare dichotomy.

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