Cuck Island: Fox News Dropped From Programming, Future Caliphate Slaves Rejoice

Only in Britain could some of what we see on Fox News be considered illegal or incendiary.

Ok, maybe in Germany and Sweden as well, but they’re already completely lost causes for all intents and purposes.

I just like how everybody puts a nice financial spin on this story – it’s pretty brazen, and makes you almost forget that there was almost certainly agitation behind the scenes from those leading the Isles towards ultimate destruction.

Hollywood Reporter:

21st Century Fox has decided to stop airing Fox News in the U.K., ending a long-running carriage deal in Britain with pay TV giant Sky.

“21st Century Fox has decided to cease providing a feed of Fox News Channel in the U.K.,” the conglomerate said. “Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.”

These numbers are either a complete lie (I want to see the exact unaltered figures), or the Brits are completely REKT as a people capable of independent and normal thought.

Besides, everybody knows that one can watch most relevant news clips online through YouTube and other outlets.

It added: “We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the U.K.” A Fox representative said the news network’s U.K. feed came to an end Tuesday afternoon.

“21st Century Fox has decided they will no longer broadcast Fox News in the U.K.,” a Sky representative said. “Sky’s customers can still enjoy a wide range of dedicated national and international news channels.”

That’s right.

Good Goyim watch proper history programming provided by the completely unbiased BBC – adult content pun is half-intended.

Fox News has been in the spotlight over the past year as U.K. media regulator Ofcom looking into various complaints against the channel and making some rulings against it.

Despite its low ratings in the U.K., Fox News’ reporting has often generated headlines. In 2015, an on-air guest suggested that the English city of Birmingham was a “no-go zone” for non-Muslims, a comment that was met with widespread ridicule across the U.K. and was later found to be in breach of Ofcom’s broadcasting code.

Well, I guess that Tucker would probably be subject to fines and possible arrest if he set up studio inside the United Kingdom, and various other figures would likely be prosecuted for pointing out the obvious.

Might as well face it, Britain.

You’re doomed unless we someday invade and conquer your country in the first-ever successful example of nation-building.

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    • I think that “tiny bald mongol” (to use madam’s delightfully apt description) Anglin wants to possess that coveted title.

  1. The next generation of white children in England will be the sex slaves of their mooslime conquerors.

  2. Silly article. The Daily Mail and The Sun have both the circulation and message needed to do what Fox is accused of doing in the US.

    • Yeah, I was bored, didn’t want to write a bunch of Hurricane Harvey articles at the time, and therefore decided to shitpost.

      But on a serious note, I did neglect to mention a SECRET clause in the British media laws that allows the DM and The Sun to get away with things Fox got busted for.

      So long as you publish at least five articles per day discussing Kim Kardashian’s ASS, you can get away with blasting Moslems, rapefugees, etc…

      The above Brit papers do roughly ten per day, so they’ve built up bonus points.

        • @steve7927

          Same old crap, different day.

          White women: “Pray for (insert name of hurricane-prone area here)”.

          White men: “Let’s go help and rescue everyone without receiving any thanks from the jews, blacks or liberals for it.”

          Coons: “Where muh free shit at?”

          Mexicans: “Ay dios mio, now eez a goood time to sneek across thee greengo’s border!

          • Well said Spahn. Some Nig Nog on twitter is boasting about looting ” please only loot white owned stores”. Why are these savages in our country ?

  3. How could PM May’s husband, Mr. Theresa May, allow his wife to wear one of those dumb Mohammedan tablecloths wrapped around her head while speaking to those dirty heathen savages? Do the Mohammedans (or their jew masters) ever make any kind of concessions or displays of humility when speaking with Christians?

  4. Off topic, but the Bolsheviks latest butthurt appears to be the Maryland state song. Apparently they are plotzing over the words “northern scum” in the last stanza. Perhaps they’ll enjoy this version better.

    The commie Jew is like a snake
    O Maryland! My Maryland!
    Your liberty he wants to take
    O Maryland my Maryland!
    The liberal scum, the filthy fags,
    The kikes and cucks who write the rags
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    I hear the crack of skulls and bones
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    Amid antifas tears and moans
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    While violent apes of Baltimore
    Are burning stores and waging war
    The patriots they know the score
    O Maryland! My Maryland!

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