Fashy Haircut Stab Victim Turns Out To Be A Lying Hoaxer, Arrested For Filing False Police Report

We need to start really paying attention to what the Left (especially those in Antifa-associated groups) is thinking and planning in the coming weeks and months.

In fact, I would like to now make the first proposal (I’ll elaborate more in the near future) that we start infiltrating their organizations both online and offline so as to get a better understanding of their strategy on both the local and and national levels.

Such a plan would surely guarantee that we don’t start falling for hoaxes and propaganda coups on a regular basis.


The U.S. Navy seaman who created an internet buzz claiming he was stabbed by someone who called him a “neo-Nazi” because of his haircut has been charged with false reporting, the Denver Post reported Monday.

As Breitbart News reported last Sunday, Joshua Witt, 26, gave a harrowing account of being stabbed in a Colorado parking lot to the New York Post in the aftermath of this month’s violence-strewn “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA.

Police in Sheridan, CO, the Denver suburb where Witt claimed he was stabbed while on leave from his San Diego station, are convinced the story is fiction. According to the Denver Post, reviewing surveillance video revealed no assailants in the area. The other shoe dropped when video from a sporting goods store near the supposed site of the crime showed Boatswain’s Mate Witt buying a knife. Witt later admitted to police that he’d accidentally cut himself.

In a country in the midst of an actual wave of political violence, including by the Antifa activists Witt appears to have been trying to implicate, the alleged hoax got perhaps more attention than Witt would have liked. He is now facing a maximum of one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,650.

Breitbart at this moment is going easy on this guy without getting into too much explanation into just why he would decide to slice himself up and blame Antifa – some of our more tech savvy guys already proved some time ago that this guy is a Leftist believer.

In my opinion (and this comes from years of working on trolling missions, Overton Window pushing, and other methods of swaying the public), we’re starting to see the first signs of the Enemy learning to adapt to the remarkable rise of the Alt-Right.

In future, my guess is that you’ll see a lot more of these fraudsters emerge (some with beaten faces, some with stab marks, and some with vandalized property) in the hope that we’ll report on each and every one vigorously – without proper vetting and background checks.

And at that point it wouldn’t take long for the Lugenpresse (who has already essentially assumed the role of Antifa press corps) to condemn us for stirring up Fake News in regards to the Bolsheviks – similar to how they use several of the Alt-Lite brands to try and characterize us as charlatans and rumor-mongers.

It’s a pretty clever project, in my opinion, and one I feel can best be neutralized by placing our own spies deep within the Communist apparatus.


  1. There’s no way a metrosexual hipster-fag like that could ever be mistaken for a fashy goy, not even by a dim-witted coon. Hopefully he’ll get thrown in the hoosegow, beg the Nazi Low-Riders for protection from enraged negro inmates and not receive it. Then I shall laff six million times.

  2. The leftie trolls on sites like Breitbart have adapted various talking points.

    Cuck is now an epithet used to describe Leading figures and spokesmen on the radical right.

    You now have lefties adapting to supporting corporations challenge conservatives on free market principles.

    They can copy and innovation and turn it around.

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