THE FIRE RISES: Pennsylvania State Senator Denounces George Soros As “A Hungarian Jew,” Refuses To Cuck

There’s definitely something changing – you can feel it no matter whether you’re a Southern Nationalist, a standard White Nationalist, or anything Alt-Right that doesn’t fall under any specific category.

It feels like the universe is correcting itself, as if the hidden channels that some Ancient Greek philosophers thought permeated everything are switching alignment, and/or the blessings of Almighty God are at last descending upon our people (the scales falling from eyes thing).

And the funny thing about it all?

The Jews feel these changes too, and are sweating bullets knowing that they cannot stop what they see looming just beyond the horizon.

Fox News:

A Republican state senator from Pennsylvania refused to apologize for calling billionaire Democratic megadonor George Soros “a Hungarian Jew” with “a hatred for America” following the accusations of anti-Semitism.

Sen. Scott Wagner, who’s seeking next year’s Republican nomination for governor, spoke with The York Daily Record on Monday and suggested people are overreacting over his comments.

“Everybody’s getting their knickers around their ankles over this and there’s no reason for that,” he said.

He added that his comments should not be interpreted as racist, also noting his long history of donating to the local Jewish Community Center.

God bless you, Senator Wagner, and may you rise to become not only Governor of the great State of Pennsylvania, but perhaps President one glorious day as well.

And don’t worry about the whole Jew Community Center thing, for I too have been known to contribute a shekel or two to my local Hebraic gathering place.

Wait, you mean nobody else stashes cash inside their oven?

It’s really a great hiding spot in certain situations, although you have to be sure to remove everything before you start cooking a meal – left a pizza box in there once or twice, and it’s not a fun experience.

But seriously, when you take a look at Soros do you not see an enemy of America and its entire White population?

The magic “Jew” word is just icing on the cake, and is essential to understand the true motive behind everything Georgie does to wipe out all that we love and cherish.


      • No coma, wide awake 24/7, writhing in unbearable pain, unable to even blink but able to hear everything such as his doctors discussing the immediate harvesting of his organs without any anesthesia.

  1. It’s kind of funny. Jews try to distance themselves from Soros because his daddy helped the Nazis. Will you stick to your ground, senator, even if it costs you your seat, reputation and livelihood? Our enemies hate the truth more than anything else and calling a Jew a Jew is the ultimate anathema.

    • HAHAHA!!! PA is where the Revolution began!

      Call Senator Wagner and voice your heartfelt support!

      Main Capitol

      Senate Box 203028
      Harrisburg, PA 17120
      Ph: 717-787-3817
      Fax: 717-783-1900
      TTY: 800-364-1581

      York District Office

      218 North George Street
      York, PA 17401
      Ph: 717-846-2828
      Fax: 717-852-8478

    • It definitely was. There’s a community that’s fighting a spiritual war against the heebs and their egregore of a god. The eclipse acted as a psychic amplifier of sorts.

  2. Good, but please leave out the oven. That’s anti White, Jewish lying propaganda. OK, so how about not spreading anti white, lying Jewish propaganda?

      • No. White Americans are not going to respond positively to calls to kill Jewish people by cooking them in ovens.

        OK – so how about stop reading from a bad, anti White jewish Hollywood script about the most evil bad NAZI people of all time.


    • The sight of a cremation oven makes the sheenies shreik like terrified rats. And that makes me laff six million times.

    • Thank you, Jack. I also do not find this playing at being fascist/Nazi stereotype amusing.

      Trad Right post some parody awhile back; it turned me off of that site somewhat. I’ve been an ethnonationalist all my life. I’ve worked tirelessly to argue nationalism as a math problem, logically with other groups. Nationalism is positive. It’s love. Playing at being the stereotype our enemies paint for us is stupid.

  3. What did that politician say that wasn’t true? Soros is a Hungarian jew who hates America. The sheenies may be howling over that statement but they aren’t exactly denying it, are they?

  4. The Saxon blood, through veins made pure
    With fire and ice did it endure,
    Stronger than the iron poured
    The blood he gave; his kin adored.

    But Saxon rage could come too late
    When meet he does his destined fate.
    He buys the lies; he takes the bait
    That nothing can his hunger sate.

    The Saxon did in beauty live,
    And by that did his beauty give.
    His language, art, philosophy
    Evolved with him in ecstasy.

    But Saxon rage could come too late
    For him to fight; for him to hate.
    By those made deaf, made dumb and blind
    That might he not his passion find.

  5. @Mr. Cicero…

    ‘There’s definitely something changing – you can feel it no matter whether you’re a Southern Nationalist, a standard White Nationalist, or anything Alt-Right that doesn’t fall under any specific category.’


    I feel it, too. The Jews have so overplayed their hand that many people, who never had an anti-semitick thought in their life, now find themselves disliking Jews.

    As my wife said, ‘Nazism has gone mainstream.’

    Well, if that is not quite right, then, certainly there is more than a kernel of truth in it.

    And yet, while some Jews seem to be starting to get that, most don’t – and no clearer examples of that miscalculation than the continued behavior of Soros, Zuckerberg, SPLC, JDL, ADL, AIPAC, and The Mainstream Media.

    The irony of this is that never in the history of Jews have they been treated with such kindness and generosity as they have been in The United States; and how have they returned that? – with wholesale usurpation, usury, chaos-mongering, and bullying!

    Incredible, and truly stupid!

  6. I saw an article a day or so ago about how 10% of the American population is essentially OK with genociding the Tribe, today – and it went on to discuss how once acceptance of a philosophy reached 10% of the population, there was no stopping it.

    Consider that 10% of the total population means 16% of the White population, in this case – and virtually all are young people. We’re already well past the point where there is any stopping this.

    • You’re right, AC.

      We are merely the front foam of the wave of White Man’s Wrath that is coming behind us.

      This is the story of game that almost got away, but, late in the 3rd quarter, we read through the odd blitzes and bought referees, got our running game and defence in order and never gave back the ball.

  7. What’s changing is that white (S)upremacy 3.0 is on its death bed and the alt-rite is the demonic harbinger.

    Unless a final radical step is taken, the amount of spirited white brains intelligent enough to assert a scope-clearing freedom will be nil.

  8. Why not just call George Soros an anti-white (S)upremacist? Why name him a “Hungarian Jew” thereby granting him particular humanity and hiding his diss-ease?

    The pathology of anti-white (S)upremacy afflicts a diverse collective of individuals each privy to a unique set of root causes.

    • Calling him anti-white would be good too. Globalism seems built on the belief that utopia can arise only after whites vanish.

      So, clearly the almost mainstream view is that something is wrong and evil about whites.

  9. Soros is an anti- white nation destroying condom gobbler. He has the means to singlehandedly kill off a small nation if he could, and our culture over a longer period of time. It really is criminal, what he, and those like him get away with.

  10. Or this?

    With this statement?

    ” We don’t know who funds Antifa but George Soros certainly could be one of the funding sources. There are reports that they are funded by The Alliance for Global Justice: Refuse Fascism and Soros’s foundations are contributors to that organization. Why no one is investigating Soros is a mystery.

    We know that Soros has ties to at least 30 major newspapers and media outlets.”

  11. Sharks are smelling Jewish blood, and it is “marvelous in our eyes.” [Ps. 118:23] had this article two days ago-

    Today, this ‘special alert’ was noted:

    “Dear Friend,

    Last fall, Donald Trump condemned “a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.”

    He said, “The only force strong enough to save our country is US.”

    President Trump was taking direct aim at political entities that do not have our best interests at heart, many of them founded and/or supported by anti-American billionaire George Soros. 2ndVote’s research has found Soros, through his Open Society Foundations, provides funding for organizations supporting abortion, same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, extreme environmentalism, opposition to school choice, and attacks on religious liberty, the freedom of speech, and 2nd Amendment rights.

    The world over, Soros has waged ideological battles by funding left-wing activists, anarchists, and radical movements that have allowed him to financially gain from the turmoil.

    A current petition at asks the Trump administration to “Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations’ assets under RICO and NDAA law.” The petition is only a few thousand signatures short from the 100,000 needed by September 19, 2017 to elicit a response the White House.”

    Then followed a link to the petition currently being discussed.
    It would appear that “normies” are finally realizing the simple mantra,
    ‘With Jews, you lose… Every.Single.Time.

    Soros is going down.
    5,999,999 to go……

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