White Martyr Christopher Cantwell Has New Bail Yanked Away For “Dangerous Hate Speech”

Hey, Boomer Constitution cucks, how’s the state of affairs in your little happy world today, eh?

My guess is that your life is pretty much going swimmingly aside from a few minor health problems – your bills are being paid, your bank accounts aren’t half-bad, and your (((reverse mortgages))) are still yielding awesome spending money for trips around the tropical areas of the world.

Most of all, you still have your guns, and the overpriced gold and silver you purchased after seeing commercials on Fox News is still gathering dust wherever you chose to store it.

Nothing terrible has happened, right?

Well, I kind hate to break the news to you (that’s a lie because I actually find it fun in a darkly humorous way), but despite all the whining and Revolutionary War LARPing about how the Second Amendment will protect the First, freedom of expression is no longer a thing.

Don’t believe me?

Well, why don’t you ask Christopher Cantwell, who was forced back into his jail cell today after having his newly-granted bail snatched away due to the danger of his “hate speech.”

NBC 29:

A judge denied bond for white nationalist Christopher Charles Cantwell Thursday evening.

The 36-year-old appeared in Albemarle General District Court Thursday morning, Aug. 31, where the judge set the bond at $25,000.

Cantwell is charged with three felonies – two counts of illegal use of tear gas and other gases, and one count of malicious bodily injury – in connection to the torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia on Aug. 11.

The commonwealth appealed the bond decision, arguing Cantwell could be a flight risk to the community. After a long back and forth battle between the defense and commonwealth during another hearing Thursday afternoon, a judge ruled that Cantwell is a flight risk because he has no ties to the Virginia area, and his hate speech makes him a threat to others. The decision came down a little before 7 p.m.

“We’re obviously very grateful for the courts decision to deny bond to the defendant in this case,” Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Atty. Robert Tracci said.

Interestingly enough, it seems as if the destruction of freedom of speech is making progress far differently than it did in Europe, Australia, Canada, etc…

Over there, laws were essentially enacted without much consultation or consent by the people, while here in America, we see the Judicial System and private corporations taking the initiative on behalf of the Jews and Communists.

Whether it’s internet-linked companies and registrars attacking the rights of sites like The Daily Stormer, Infostormer, and Stormfront to exist, or whether it’s a judge deciding that mean words (no violence even involved here) pose the same risks to bail release as a lengthy record, vagrancy, or a history of violating pretrial probation, the fact remains:

We are no longer a free people in any sense of the word, and it’s hilarious indeed to think that a few years from now we may remain the most heavily-armed civilian populace in the world minus everything that our weaponry was supposed to protect in the first place.

And please don’t think I’m implying that we should resort to violence – I’m just stating an observation that I find highly fascinating.

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  1. This is very astute. Where’s the militia movement that was supposed to be our last defense against tyranny? Does it even exist anymore — or did it start to melt away when we got a REPUBLICAN president again — Boy George Bush — after eight years of Clinton/Democrat hell?

    Oh, that’s right — 9/11 changed everything”, including herding 2/3 of former ultraconservatives happily into the neocon warmonger mental nuthouse.

    • It was essentially destroyed with Ruby Ridge and then Oklahoma city finished the deal. You see, the militia’s message didn’t matter, the image of the militia movement and who they were was cast in stone to the vapid masses after those 2 events and they’re doing the same with the Alt-Right with Charlottesville. This was the first act in their game to create a public image that will destroy the movement. You all better wake up that government, our government, will do anything to protect itself. It will kill or destroy anyone, women, babies, working stiffs. You’re all allowing them to create the narrative.
      Charlottesville was a complete setup.
      The Boomers that are awake are an excellent resource and a well spring of experience. We’ve watched them do this stuff, we’ve seen the outcome of the Hegalian Dialectic play itself out many times.
      I’m watching it again right now.

      • Most of your “boomers” are of no value to the White resistance. They are too busy planning to retire in Mexico and Costa Rica, leaving their kids and grandkids aboslutely nothing but a more Africanized, judaized world.

        • I can’t speak for them. Some of us also worked our asses of our whole lives and have nothing. Prior to the internet we Boomers had an excuse for being ignorant; to research something back then involved libraries, brown paper subscriptions and just an innate desire to know this stuff but that is no longer so. I didn’t full wake up until around 2004. There is an old saying to ‘not throw out the baby with the bath water’. You should welcome the few that are awake. That’s all.

          • Okay, and what do you bring except for money? You’re old. Too old to do anything important. The average kid watching Youtube self-help videos has more skills than you.

            I say: donate your money and then go be suicide commandos for the cause. Everyday is like a cliffhanger for you folks, might as well go out with a BANG!

          • Right, but with the Boomer generation there is an overwhelming social trend that just cannot be ignored – it was the first to be really destroyed from the cradle by the Jews.

            So maybe I should just put up a disclaimer “Not All Boomers Are Like This (NABALT).”

  2. Are the phone call recordings he makes with Enoch part of the judge’s legal argument?

    Cantwell is probably going to be killed in Jail now.

    • He’s currently in Administrative Segregation, and none of his conversations with Enoch had anything remotely resembling calls for violence.

  3. Yes Mr Cantrell is being persecuted. But he made some rather obvious mistakes that were likely to get him persecuted

    He agreed to let a viciously anti White media company (Vibe) follow him around film hours of him and his comrades doing and saying hateful things . They even got him to demo the multiple scarey guns he was packing/hiding ready to kill innocent Jews , men women , Muslims the disabled that sort of thing.

    So far only two guys on our side have been arrested and are being prosecuted:

    Mr Caldwell
    The young guy who panicked and drove his car in to a crowd killing a woman

    In both instances the White did thinks that were foolish actions that will most always result in arrest persecution, plus they make out side look bad .

    Please do not speak and act from the enemy’s playbook

    • You forgot the guys in the parking garage that were protecting their own people from feral Black Deandre Harris.

  4. I still can’t believe Cantwell was foolish enough to consent to being interviewed by the weird looking jewess Elle Reeve. And then he shows her his gun collection! He was obviously thinking with his d*ck.

    As far as the Dodge Challenger plowing into that fat slob is concerned I only wish more shitlibs were killed that day. But there’s always tomorrow!

  5. A judiciary that is independent, i.e. independent of accountability to society, will always be a corrupt judiciary. Add in self-absorbed Boomers as judges, people who are narcissistic to the extreme, and you can kid yourself all day long, but you are not living under the rule of law, you are living under the rule of men and, more and more, of women.

  6. Marcus,

    They want him to stop talking. The telephone convos on the TRS podcast are exactly why he’s being broken.

  7. @Iman Robot

    I’d be God damn careful with your sweeping generalizations about Boomers because here’s one that could drop you like a rock. I’m a hair under 63, spent a bit of time in the jungle, have been self-employed my entire life, married to the same gal for almost 38 years, raised four kids including homeschooling (all four now degreed-plus one with a Doctorate), have lived off-grid in the Northern Rockies for the last twenty-five years (built our own hydro-electric system, home, shop, barns, fencing), still put up 20 cords of wood per year, 1600 bales of hay, raise our own stuff and shoot the rest. And when something breaks, “we” fix it.

    Exactly what are your You Tube “DIY” videos bringing to the table? Nothing, or right next to it combined with mistake after mistake after mistake. Hell. You probably don’t even own a decent set of tools. And you want me to donate money to a “Keyboard Commando” like you? Blow me, city-boy.

    At least on the “Western Rifle Shooters” site those folks are smart enough to attempt to get those of us Boomers “in the know” deeply involved because we know things you don’t. Life and death skills and practices. You would not make it through the first winter where we live. We get over 130 inches of snow and I have to plow the two miles to the nearest regular road every time the sky falls and extended periods of -20 to -30 are the norm here. You would die because you don’t know a damn thing. Wolves, Grizzlies, Lions, the works. Done twice daily, when we feed and water the critters come winter we have to go out armed. Period.

    Got a “DIY” video for that? And when was the last time you were on top of a 8,500 foot mountain with a backpack on and a rifle slung over your shoulder? Foir me it was bear hunting this past spring and I”ll be at it again during Elk Season in six weeks.

    Who the hell do you think you are?

    That said, on the whole my generation sucks. And so does yours and the one’s before mine and the ones that will follow you. I was red-pilled before you were even born but the fact of the matter is “tomlewis20” made a very correct argument when he argued that prior to the internet, accessing pertinent information was damn near impossible. You could order a few newletters here and there ($$$) that were monthly’s and that’s about it. The louts in the “Greatest Generation” taught the louts in the “Silent Generation” and by the time we hit the classroom “Critical Theory”, “Moral Relativsim” and the “We’re all the same” mantra were fully embedded in the curriculum. We’re all paying for “The Sins of the Fathers” and most assuredly for those of the mothers as well.

    Get over your “Daddy issues”, look at yourself hard in the mirror and get with the program.

  8. What Mr. Cantwell did, in making himself so visible, is the modern equivalent to grabbing the banner in a battle during The War of Northern Aggression.

    Anyone so doing will be shot down.

    Though, in this case, despite the enormous discomforts Mr. Cantwell will undergo, he will survive and thrive – just as did Louis Beam, under similar duress, before him.

    And from this experience Mr. Cantwell will rise a national leader, and an inspiration for the bravest of this generation of White adolescent bad-boys, who, actively seeking out a rebel with a cause, will pattern themselves after him.

    The more Mr. Cantwell is persecuted, the more there will be this transformation.

    His foes, our foes, are doing far more for him, in this regard, than he could, we, could ever do.

  9. Hate speech Hate crime

    American first class slipping to third class struggling paycheck to paycheck. Feds set aside race base preferential treament.

  10. @Iman Robota “Okay, and what do you bring except for money?”
    Brains. I could have told you you were being set up in Charlottesville. It was obvious and most of you still don’t realize you were. You were set up! You seem to think the whole fight is bare knuckles and sticks. The fight is for the minds of the masses and you’re losing badly because of stupid tactics. You still think these rallies are going to work. They aren’t. The public already sees them as white supremacist rallies and that is not going to change. Your tactics need to be focused on quick small groups in the beginning that show the left for who they are. They are, for the most part, very stupid and can be made to do your bidding. You could have pooled funds for billboards and had much more effect in a positive manner. You need to deliver a message and rallies will fail. Other methods are public productions like lefties do in places like Penn Station in rush hour except with a story line that will jolt their brains from the slumber of watching too much MSM. Maybe a modern rendition of the allegory of the cave. Something to make them smile and then end it with a strong message about different perspectives. Make the people smile and then teach. It is not a fast process. Look at the patience of the jews in destroying our country. You must out jew the jew!

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