The Cuckening: White House Caves On Government Shutdown Over Mexican Wall Shekels

I suppose the saying, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me,” is especially applicable here – we can’t afford to be the usual run of the mill morons who run to the ballot boxes every election cycle to vote Republican despite stabs in the back too many to count.

And I think a good place to make people see reality is with The Wall – when you look at all of Donald Trump’s campaign promises, this is probably the most well-known and most symbolic.

And besides, wasn’t the halting of transsexual military funding supposed to cover at least some of the expenses for our border fortifications?


The White House has reportedly told Republican lawmakers that it won’t shut down the government if the wall on the southern border is not funded in the upcoming short-term budget deal — a position seemingly at odds with the promise President Trump made last month to supporters in Arizona.

Congress is set to run out of money at the end of September, setting up a now not-uncommon scenario where the lawmakers must come up with a short-term deal or shut down the government.

At an August 22 rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump pushed a hard line on funding for the border wall, something which many congressional Republicans have adopted a luke-warm-at-best attitude toward.

“We are building a wall on the southern border, which is absolutely necessary,” he said. “The obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it, believe me, [but] if we have to close down our government, we are building that wall.”

However, the Washington Post reported Friday that White House officials have “quietly” notified Congress that the $1.6 billion of funding would not need to be in the short-term “continuing resolution” to fund the government until December.

Officials reportedly said that does not change the fact the wall remains a top priority and that it must be funded in the subsequent December bill.

The Post notes this is the second time Trump has backed away from the threat to shut down the government over his popular campaign promise. After tweeting that the government needs a “good shut down,” he backed away from the threat in May when lawmakers funded the government through to September — that resolution also contained no funding for the wall.

Because this originated in the Washington Post, perhaps we can hope that it’s all just a pile of Fake News, although logic and gut instinct is telling me that this is the real deal at least to some degree.


      • Take a look at the NEW Republican Party logo, it is quite different than the old one. The symbolism is interesting…..

        The old one – 3 upright stars/pentagrams
        The new one – 3 inverted stars/pentagrams

        Come one, we all know what it means….. or do we?

      • Like i said when Trump was running, DONALD TRUMP IS A MEANS TO AN END. He has largely done what I wanted him to do and that was to expose the Government as unfixable and an arm of Jewish power, I always knew it was to begin with but thanks to Trump its now obvious. NOW WE MOVE FORWARD

    • They always are threatening to “shut down the government”. Somehow it has never seemed to quite happen.

  1. I don’t really pay much attention to what Trump says or does anymore, since the US govt has lost its legitimacy and must be overthrown regardless of who the President is.

  2. Looks like the Trump phenomenon is over. No Wall, wars in the Middle East are ramping up and DACA will most likely remain.

    It fun while it lasted.

  3. I do think Trump initially had the best of intentions. He is just a figurehead at this point. He ran on the Wall and ending wars in the ME.

    He is a one term President unless he fulfills campaign promises in a big way. Debatable though if having him in office is better than a far leftist.

    Time will tell, I suppose.

  4. Yes, sadly for every one who loves truth and justice, there’s another tool in the White House, so we can’t expect any. I think it’s very possible the jews didn’t really want Hillary. With Hillary in, everybody on the right would be in total unity. Electing Trump splits the right. There are those like us who understand Trump is a total tool, and a stupid ass to boot, and then the other half are those who will be waiting in vain for him to do something until 2020, when he will quit, or lose.

  5. The immigration matter isn’t settled yet. We haven’t seen yet what Trump will do.

    Also, trade matters. Trump has been a change agent if nothing else. Look around: Things are far different from 2 yrs ago. Trump and the reactions against Trump did that.

  6. The goal of voting for Trump wasn’t to save the US but to improve our position. Our position has improved. Wallace on twitter believes things have gotten worse, but they have not.

    It was always unlikely he’d succeed at transforming the US.

  7. There’s been some money dedicated to the border just not near enough for “private” firms to complete the task. $250 million or so I think.(not sure). Trump ought to get creative. He could ask for Federal prisoner volunteers to build the wall. Pay them $2 an hour and give them better food. The prisoner budget could be raided to take care of them and since the deep State LOVES having troops all over the planet publicly announce that since we can’t build the wall troops will be needed to guard the border and the prisoners while they build the wall so we will leave Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. That ought to light a fire under their asses.

    With 200, 000 people or so they could build a solid rock wall in four years or so easy. There’s a construction engineer that figured out how to build the pyramids with internal ramps and rolling square blocks over a a semi circular wooden track on the ground. His theory is super plausible because they have actually found a bunch of these semi circular wooden tracks at the site. No one knows what they’re used for but he shows how you can roll square blocks on them just like you roll a round cylinder on a flat surface. The key is when you roll a round cylinder your only using energy to get it started and overcome friction. All of us know you can roll a lot of weight on wheels. If instead of having a plane with a circular cylinder rolling on it you have a square with a semicircular track it’s just the same as rolling a cylinder. The square block is NEVER picked up. The square sides just roll right on the track so the center of gravity of the square block never moves up or down. You’re only pushing against friction. It seems odd but with the right track you can move many tons square blocks with one Man.

    • Sam, you are worse than I am about off topic rambling, lol.

      Well met 🙂

      And I agree that bringing the troops home to build the wall would be excellent. We need 0 of the overseas bases to protect us from the total of 0 foreign threats we face. Absolutely no one threatens the US. No has. No one will.

        • Mexico is also the only country that is currently invading the US. They are moving over 1000 troops a day, every day, into our bases. Boots on the ground.

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