GAB Now Under The Kosher Cloud Of Censorship, Threatened With Domain Seizure

I never thought I would live to see the day when a fat joke is treated with more seriousness than calls for Jews to be shoved into ovens, than Moonman parody songs calling for the extermination of the Negroid Race, or straight up Holocaust truth studies (there never was a “Final Solution”).

But we’re now at that crazy and fateful day, and I can say with assurance that we need to step our tech game before everybody to the right of Fox News finds themselves “unpersoned” in a manner that could at some point, and I’m putting on my paranoia cap here, lead to quiet and abrupt “disappearing.”


This is the story of Gab’s most difficult and most controversial decision to date. On September 1st I opened my email to see a note from the compliance department of our domain registrar, Instantly I knew something was up. They asked that we update our contact information on the domain within one week or it “may result in the suspension of the domain.” To be fair: the address was outdated. The last time we tried to update it on the AsianRegistry website it failed. We promptly provided the requested information and updated to our new address.

A few days later we heard back, only this time it was from AsianRegistry’s legal team. They noted that they had received a “formal complaint” about content posted on Gab. They cited the individual link in question and told us that we had 48 hours to remove “any images that are in violation of their policies.” We then proceeded to read their guidelines to determine what violation could have occurred with the post they cited. We have followed up with their legal team to get some clarity and specifics about which clause was violated. The only thing that stuck out to us was the following vague and ambiguous clause:

Instra Corporation prohibits unlawful use of a registered domain name or product/service we supply, in a manner that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, or hateful against another party. This includes, but is not limited to, hate speech, discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, religion, sexuality or race. Instra Corporation reserves the right to suspend or delete any product or service that, after reasonable investigation, is deemed to be in breach of this clause.

You’ll also note in their guidelines that they “typically give 15 days,” in our case we were given 48 hours to act.

Yes, when there is something sinister at work on behalf of the Chosen, deadlines, laws, and standard procedures get ignored in favor of one key tenet:

Strong vs. weak.

And in terms of technological and financial power, we are right now the weaklings no matter how much righteousness and truth we have on our side.

And this is a company based out of Australia ordering the shutdown – it’s not just the United States lashing out at freedom, although my guess is that this would have played out almost the same had the domain registrar been based in America.

Again, laws don’t matter to these (((people))) – force does.

Instra generally provides registrants with 15 days notice of a pending domain action due to a violation of our Terms of Service in order to provide them with the opportunity to remedy the alleged violation. If the registrant is not in violation of our Terms of Service at the end of the 15 day notice period, we may cancel any pending action and consider the matter resolved. This notice period may change depending on the circumstances.

Upon looking at their guidelines, we reviewed the post in question to determine if it had broken our own Community Guidelines. Our guidelines are very clear about properly tagging content that is Not Safe For Work.

Gab follows the Stewart Standard Jacobellis v. Ohio, 378 U.S. 184 (1964) on what constitutes pornography and obscene content.

We believe the post in question was indeed obscene. It should have been marked #NSFW and it was not, therefore it is in violation of our Community Guidelines.

For the record, here is the post that was called into question:

Which was based off of the following post made on Twitter by someone most of you probably recognize:

A bit vicious, I suppose, and not THAT funny when compared to some of the content the Alt-Right has put out over the years, but surely nothing compared to the filth one can find on 4chan or 8chan nowadays – it’s mostly just homosexual pedophiles hanging around since Nationalists were purged.

Twitter and Facebook are much the same way – you have sexual deviants, swingers, and literal cuckolds allowed to post their degeneracy at will without any of these threats levied at the social media platforms/websites.

This is not the first time we have enforced our guidelines. Gab has banned users for spamming, making death threats to the President, posting revenge porn, and doxing among others. We’ve been transparent and incredibly fair about this on many occasions.

We believe this effort was coordinated and planned. We knew this day would come and now we have entered a crossroads with a very binary decision: remove one post or lose our domain and thus the entire website.

Our choice was very clear to me. The post needs to come down. If it does not, we lose our domain. To my knowledge there are no pro-free speech domain registrars and that is a massive problem. Our only other option now would be to play a cat and mouse game by transferring our domain to another registrar. Others who have attempted to play this game have failed and even had their domain seized completely from under them. We will not play these games. We have little choice, for now.

This is the height of folly when the big picture is analyzed.

Andrew Torba should take a look at how the (((Left))) plays this game and understand that today they’ll order a fat joke deleted, tomorrow they’ll order the removal of all Merchant memes, anti-Semitic comments, and racial slurs, and next month will decree that anybody with so much as a minute link to the Alt-Right be purged without question.

When they sense weakness, they move in for the kill like a vulture targeting a starving Ethiopian (this pic will probably be banned on Gab by Thursday if the registrar decides to go for broke and push their shrill cries for censorship further).

You may disagree with Anglin, and you may think that some of his rhetoric is foolish, counterproductive, or just plainly disgusting, but he isn’t even the topic of our discussion at this specific moment.

This is just the target they chose (probably somewhat at random but easy due to notoriety) to use as their initial battering ram against what is/was the last social media platform championing free speech.

If it wasn’t this, it would have been something else probably in another day or two – someone else linked to the Alt-Right for sure.

The free and open internet as we know it is under attack. It is centralized and controlled by no more than a handful of companies who provide these services:

  • Hosting
  • DDoS protection
  • Payment Processing
  • Domain Registrars
  • Mobile device hardware and software distribution

Without any of these things an individual website can not possibly compete and operate at scale. If left unchecked, these centralized platforms will continue their dominance and control the means of all information, personal data, and communication on the internet.

It’s only going to get worse if we don’t get our most brainy individuals to work on alternatives – this site will eventually fall, and so will all social media outlets linked by even the most minute thread.

And then somewhere (probably in multiple areas to be honest) hands will be rubbed, smiles will form under beaked noses, and beady little eyes will glow with glee.

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  1. The bastards are really going for broke. I’m noticing more people on YouTube getting banned, too, like Scott Roberts and others… Plus videos getting comments disabled, sharing disabled, “Hate Speech” warnings placed before them, etc. Brian Ruhe uploaded a video like yesterday where he interviewed a black kid who claims to be a National Socialist, and that video was censored with the no comments/no shares crap. The JWO is really trying to bring down the hammer on us. Everywhere. God, I hate these lying sacks of crap.

  2. I have an idea or two.

    GAB could become a domain registrar. They need several thousand dollars for the (((non refundable))) application fee, at least $70,000 in cash, and the people/hardware/infrastructure. They probably have most or all of these things right now.

    We could start a credit union, serving these sites and our people – to address the financial attacks. Somebody must have a background in banking. Maybe it could handle cryptocurrencies, too?

  3. Not trying to defend Torba, but maybe he posted that generic ToS violation as a place-holder until he could provide a more detailed explanation of what happened?

  4. Vox Day’s followers now seem to be arguing that people who post anything that offends someone should be silenced. I think that they’re just delighted that Anglin got taken down, since that site seems to have a wild hair about him, but do they realize that Vox’s site is also offensive to leftists and they’re saying that he deserves to be silenced as well?

    The cognitive dissonance, it burns.

    • The effete dilettante Earl of Spencer, Vox Gay, Andre “Nigger” Anglin….Why can’t we have any halfway normal people leading this thing of ours?

    • I’d say this is concerning, but Gab should be appreciated until more significant censorship arises.

      Arguments were not censored, only a tasteless joke.

      Since Gab appears to be significantly better than Twitter, it should be appreciated as “best possible” for now. If possible, something better should be pursued, possibly by Gab.

  5. That “something sinister” is that filthy Jews control the world. We knew this would happen at some time. That’s what Charlottesville was planned to bring about — Internet censorship.

    • You’re right to a degree, but even if Heather Heyer hadn’t wrecked that poor Dodge Challenger something else would have come about.

      • Can you believe (((MTV))) invited Heyer’s mother to their disgusting awards show? Alongside some cucked relative of Robert E. Lee denouncing the statues?!! We are truly living in dystopian Clown World.

        • I can believe it, definitely.

          Although I heard that Heyer’s family is also fat – I’m shocked the stage didn’t collapse.

        • That guy didn’t seem to have much knowledge of what had even happened. He just wanted to defend Lee and his family name…

          The tv likely told him bad things, and he believed the bad tv.

          So, he’s not necessarily a “cuck”. Probably he’s just oblivious to the world like so many people are.

    • The censorship looks to be an overreaction. This is too early for censorship, so in a sense it is good we’re being censored (provoked into finding a legal way around).

      Free speech is still possible in the US today. 10 years from now, it will not be possible.

      We knew we’d lose free speech eventually, which is why the weird Constitution obsessing “conservatives” are so annoying.

  6. What’s happening to Anglin is truly unbelievable. As much as I despise his juvenile, retarded attacks on White women (he needs to grow up) – HE MUST DEFEAT ZOG. How can we help him?

    • Actually – scratch that. Not giving him any cash until he grows up and stops abusing White women. I don’t like that he’s dragging Emily Youcis down to that level, too. Before DS got relegated to the darknet, all the articles were things like “ARYAN PRINCESSES? NOPE, MUDSHARKS”

      • Anglin is back to his old tricks. He’s running down White women while praising Oriental women to the skies. He also seems to have a preoccupation with anime porn (hentai). He kind of creeps me out.

        • Same feeling here. He’s a couple years older than me. I can tell just by looking at him, and reading some of the really angry things he’s written about women my age (there was a certain piece denigrating all Millennial-age White women as evil, mudsharking whores) that he’s not a good man. What’s his racial background? He’s weird looking, too.

          • So – Anglin may not be a good man per se, but he IS quite courageous in the face of Jewry, and I do rather enjoy most other DS articles and authors… so it’s a give or take…

          • John – I’m positive he is. It’s really pathetic that Henrik and Lana over at Red Ice gave this individual a platform for his debased shekel-grubbing, and I believe Sinead McCarthy of Renegade Broadcasting arranged for some sort of fundraising tour around the country. There seems to be ZERO due diligence, by anyone, ever, although none of them speak Afrikaans. Totally pathetic. My heart weeps for the Afrikaners.

          • @GoyGoddess – Anglin has a full blood cousin who is half black and half Jewish. I have 100% proof of that and can post his name. He’s on Facebook with Anglins other family members connected to him on there as family.

          • @GoyGoddess – yes his name is Tyler Michael Bletz – easily searchable and public on FB (for now). I’ve actually spoken to him before. He knows all about Anglin (he calls him Drew) and says he’s been known as mentally ill and a drug user since he was very very young.

            This is not where I got my information on Andy – I actually know him. But his cousin is very open about their relation and is a total progressive weirdo.

          • It’s not easy to creep me out, but occasionally Anglin and some of his Daily ‘Spergers manage to do just that. But I never fear, because I know that Lord Mithras is watching out for me.

    • Anglin is right. Modern women are insufferable narcissistic sluts, whose “empowerment” came first and can be credited with kicking off White Genocide and the great replacement. 90% of single white women vote for this. They demand it. The 19th amendment has been about as devastating to civilization and probably more so than the slave trade.

      • Gender Equality began with Satan but the Modern Age began with Freemasonry and the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776. It was a slow phase in. Even Vice President Aaron Burr on behalf of his daughter Theodosia hung a portrait of psychotic feminist Mary Wollstonecraft over his fireplace mantle. Burr supported open immigration and gender equality and yes he was an ILLUMINIST!

      • “can be credited with kicking off White Genocide and the great replacement.”

        Which shows just how ignorant you are on that issue.

        “The 19th amendment”

        Came after sociopath Woodrow Wilson was re-elected and broke his promise not to involve the US in WW1. It is clear you don´t have knowledge, only emotion.

      • While Anglin is not necessarily a Christian, much of the stances that he advocates: for nations, for sex/gender differentiation, for Society/ are eminently biblical.

        Trouble is, for most Feminazis, that would be returning to gender norms in the US, around 1912 or so. And the ‘little darlings’ don’t want to go back to that place of the Biblical submission to their lawful male heads- whether Fathers, Husbands, or elder Brothers.

        But they should With Jews, you lose-Every Single Time.

  7. I really hope Alt Tech can continue to come up with work-arounds, but the sheer power of the entities involved in silencing us will make this virtually impossible in the long run without at least government regulation on these monopolistic tech firms. This is the same old Jewish game that can be seen throughout the white world in which there are laws against “incitement to violence, or hatred, etc.” These laws are extremely problematic, as that which constitutes “hate” is subjective, and when all the hands that control the levers of power are anti-white, then these laws will necessarily be applied selectively. We see this everywhere. Non-whites (or whites) can spew out the most vitriolic hatred against whites as a people or even individual whites, and there are absolutely NO consequences. Meanwhile, anyone merely supporting white identity without even attacking or even just providing “hate” facts, such as murder statistics unflattering to non-whites, will be banned, unpersoned, or even jailed. We are going to have a lot of martyrs before we win this thing, but win this thing we will. Our will is strong, and it will only take a small proportion of whites to wake up and face the challenge ahead of us. More and more join our cause everyday, which is cause to rejoice. Our (((enemies))) are scared, and their heavy handed tactics put this on full display. That is a tasty white pill!

  8. Ahh the Jooo’s! They’re like a colony of termites hell bent on destroying our homes.
    Laurie Penny is currently in Australia and appeared on an ABC Q&A show. All that slag ever does is waffle on about how terrible white men are and how ‘persecuted’ that minorities are in the West. How she was let into Australia, I have no bloody idea, given the amount of hate speech it spews out.
    This ‘British’ citizen is part Irish, Maltese……..and Jewish. That tells you everything you need to know.
    Its reinforced my view that our side still has a hell of a fight ahead of us.

  9. Is it a case that they’re really worried by a White awakening or have they achieved so much control that they’re moving in for the kill?

    • @Irish – is this the real Irish Savant? I’m a total fangirl! I love love love you! Lady Savant is one lucky lady!

      Anyway, I’ll stop drooling – the answer to your question is “Yes”.

      Didn’t we know this would happen? The Children of Abraham ARE the Children of the Devil. Murder and assassination are among their most beloved tools. They’ve gotten away with murdering chiefs of State, for centuries. Why wouldn’t they kill us?

      Be ready, folks. And remember – they may be lizard demons, but they are made of flesh, too.

    • I think it’s a combination of the two that in the minds of the Jews is interconnected.

      There is an awakening and a backlash underway, but the levels of control make the worst of the Soviet era pale in comparison.

  10. An Interview with “conservative Christian” Andrew Torba:

    He’s “reconsidering” free speech on the Net, “after Charlottesville”.

    what IS Torba, anyways? He’s described as a “Conservative Christian Republican”, but doesn’t GAB allow porn?

    I know the drunkard Anglin’s fat obsession isn’t the point – but is he really helpful in advancing our agenda?

    And Youcis? What is the gay drag devotee/White Sharia advocate’s genetic legacy?

    Why do we have such TRASH in “leadership” positions?

    • Great find, Denise. WTF is beta cuck Torba doing being interviewed for ‘Jewish World Review’?

      As if we must be reminded, NEVER – EVER – TRUST ‘CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES’ to preserve ANYTHING.

      These traitors DESTROYED White South Africa and are doing it again here – but you can always count on historically illiterate, mystery meat Americans to destroy something afresh.

      Emily Youcis is gross, I don’t know where these people come from. LOL, Lauren Southern literally IS A JEW…dear God, help the Alt-Right cam-whores pick up a book…

      • Oh, dear God. Now the white wigger ‘rapper’ Anthime Gionet, alias ‘Baked Alaska’ (he’s only a month older than I am!) is claiming ‘WHITE LIBERALS’ DESTROYED AMERICA! (NOT JEWS, ANTHIME?!)

        Folks, we need a cleansing fire. NONE of these individuals are intelligent enough to be in any sort of ‘leadership’ position. Is this a movement, or a joke?

        • Matt Heimbach would be a good choice to lead the alt-Reich, except he sort of looks like a rabbi or an ayatollah.

        • Goy Goddess,

          it’s not a single factor. Jews are significant, not the only factor.

          Baked Alaska just got a new role in some film. He’s probably worried about his career if he’s indeed “cucking”. Nothing wrong with that.

          • I thought Baked Alaska would make a good actor. He could play in stoner comedies with Jack Black and Owen Wilson.

          • I’ve never listened to his videos, so I dunno. His tweets sound all right. He has many twitter followers.

            I respect anyone who loses his eyesight in defence of RE Lee.

          • You have a recommended current books about Zoroastrianism?

            Jan Knappert has a short, very positive 2 page summary of Zoroastriasm and their prophet Zoroaster.

            Indian Mythology by Jan Knappert
            Harper Collins Publisher 1991

          • Jack Ryan,

            I have a book: Textual Sources for the Study of Zoroastrianism

            by Mary Boyce (Translator)

            They believed in two gods. They believed defects were created by the bad god. Some animals are good, some bad. They aren’t sure which are good and bad though. For example, some think ants are made by the bad god, some don’t.

            They seem to like eugenics somewhat.

            I do not believe Zoroastrianism is tenable in the modern world. For one thing, it’s in pieces. Another thing, its ideas that two different gods created things is ridiculous. The truth is we have mutations.

            Islam happened to Zoroastrianism. Islam nearly happened to Hinduism, but the Brits saved the Hindus, somewhat.

            Some speculate that the Irish pagan religion was related to Hinduism.

            I have a book on Hinduism I like: The Wonder That Was India by AL Basham

            Hinduism embraced a great deal of popular fiction into its religion, similar to how the Mormons do. Originally they seem to have greatly believed in the power of the sacrifice, however. And it is interesting to think of Christ as the ultimate sacrifice.

            Some aspects of the book were very interesting to me, such as the lamenting during times when nations were devoured by empires. And also how Buddhism was the religion of merchants. Additionally, different conquests were called different things – my assumption was a “demonic conquest” was viewed negatively. It’s when one polity strives to absorb a neighboring polity. It seemed like it was viewed more favourably for a strong polity to just raid its neighbor, not absorb it. I’d have to look at the book for more details, but that’s something that interested me, the possible meaning.

            I also enjoyed where the Hindus condemned atheism as a terrible thing.

            Both pagan religions talk of rule by either the priests or the warriors. Biblical Jews btw were originally ruled by their priests, until they adopted monarchy like the pagans.

    • Madam, the gab community is astir with rumors of your imminent arrival. Are those rumors true? May I report the good news to other gabbers?

    • I read the article twice…then went back to check again…Torba doesn’t come even close to saying anything remotely like your assertion.

      “He’s “reconsidering” free speech on the Net, “after Charlottesville”.”

      He never says that. In the article, Torba is referred to as becoming more amenable to the federal government getting involved in regards to the censorship taking place in Silicon Valley. The only reference to Torba and the events in Charlottesville were him saying that “after Charlottesville, conservatives were being lumped in with more extremist actors on the internet” and that’s what changed his views about the internet being unregulated.

      If anything Torba is now 100% for having the government step in and force the issue with tech companies, to stop them from using their power and influence to censor a person’s right to speak freely. I listened to an interview with Torba last week and gab is mounting a legal attack right now, using the angle of anti-trust and anti-competition, as well as declaring google a monopoly in order to push back and have failsafes installed to protect everyone from being censored. The good, the bad and the ugly speech, it all counts.

      He never said he was reconsidering free speech on the internet after Charlottesville. I combed this article, he never he alluded to your assertion.

    • That’s going to take me 30min to read (including links)! It looks very interesting though.

      Assange recently used the term “mean girls” in a tweet. I’m going to finish your post and links when I return. (Replying now, bc I likely won’t later.)

      I expect you’re correct that the end result could well be greater decentralisation. I used to talk with a tech guy online. He said there’s no way to separate a network fully. Total control is too difficult. (Conservatives like myself want more control over the culture.)

      Check out Purism on twitter. They’re releasing a phone soon. Great thing about full open source is the individual owner of the phone can in theory control it 100%.

      I hope there’s no blood… The instability of the US almost guarantees society falls apart at some point though. So many weaknesses in our current society.

      Very good Machiavelli quote.

      • @weavercht: Zoroastrianism is the basis on which other monotheistic religions were founded, such as Christianity and Islam. And by ridiculing the dualism of that great religion you only succeed in ridiculing yourself, you arrogant, unenlightened swine.

        • Ty. I cited two very good texts considering I’m no expert. And I do wish to preserve and research religious origins.

          I also mentioned how Muslims had damaged both religions.

          A religion is supposed to be true. I might be an “unenlightened swine”, but a person is supposed to believe in God. If your religion is teaching something that doesn’t add up, it makes faith difficult.

          I do not claim to have a mastery of either Zoroastrianism nor Hinduism. I would further state that so much has been lost that my suspicion is it’s very possible neither religion has been preserved fully, especially the former. Hinduism has its oral tradition intact (so far as we know), but Islam certainly destroyed a great deal, possibly some deeper origins.

          I’m also a mortal enemy of those who claim to be “white nationalists” but really want to get into a lab to replace whites with some new creation. And such people *have* in the past shown up at right-wing sites. Zoroastrianism, as I noted, is friendly with eugenics. I fear what a modern “priest” could manipulate a group of people to do… No Marxist has ever been at the level of anti-white as is a transhumanist. It’s the perfect evil, the perfect absolute enemy.

        • And maybe I should have linked to this one instead:

          Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices (The Library of Religious Beliefs and Practices) by Mary Boyce

          I’ve only read the other I mentioned.

  11. Too bad that was one good looking White chick on the right. With these types it’s best never to talk with them, especially about politics. Instead go out with them, pretty women like to go out to places, be seen and see other people – take them to hocking games, take them to music concerts, best of all take them dancing, dance, hold them and try not to talk much or at all.

    Women don’t like to be told that they don’t know what they are talking about, but it’s the truth. So instead, do physical things.

    It’s probably best to date pretty women that don’t speak English as then you don’t have to understand the nonsense that they are speaking.

    • Jack you’re nearing 50 and never married and no kids….maybe stop doling out advice since it obviously doesn’t work for you.

    • You can have your semen stored for up to 10 years now. And it’s not thought to degrade over that time.

      So, if you find a young girl, maybe early 20s, who’ll have a child for you, you could maybe pay her to have the child.

      Then you wouldn’t get bullied by people like Deep South. And you’d have a little child to raise.

      Girls in Ukraine and SA have lives that are a living Hell. I’m sure someone there would do such a thing for money. It’s better than some girl living as a slut, which is how many East European girls seem to live… In having a child like that, I’d like to think the girl preserves her dignity if you’re then taking the child to raise yourself.

      Just an idea 🙂

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