The Fat Heather Heyer Hoax Signals The Greatest Narrative Collapse In Modern History

At this point I want everybody to forget the assassination of JFK because it’s too far back in time for even Boomers to remember many of the details.

Forget 9/11 because we’ll never see the documents highlighting the entire story for decades to come.

And pretty much forget the Michael Brown saga (just put it in the back of your mind for possible future use) because we’re now at a stage in which those sorts of incidents mean little in the grand scheme of things.

Instead, I want you to focus on the disgusting slob that was Heather Heyer, for her death at the hands of morbid obesity and general unhealthiness formed the casus belli for the Judeo-Bolshevik total war against our rights to free speech and free expression.

Think about that for a moment:

It wasn’t the hilarious trolling missions against cretins like (((Luciana Berger))) that got us attacked like we’ve been attacked recently – I and several others were actually denounced on the floor of the British Parliament for mean tweets and articles back in 2014.

It wasn’t our dedicated activism on behalf of President Donald Trump that got us shut down – remember that we pushed The Don over the top, #NewRight cucks.

And it wasn’t even The Daily Stormer‘s super-troll involving a Hezbollah and Hamas-attended armed March on Whitefish that got us torn into by the entire internet maintenance structure – all it did was provoke a ridiculous lawsuit by the (((SPLC))).

No, at the end of the day it was attacks on menthol-smoking, fist-waving, Antifa terrorist Heather Heyer that got us slammed from all sides by registrars, anti-denial of service companies, and search engines.

Hell, even a fat joke meme was enough to produce threats of seizing’s domain, and would probably be enough to provoke the companies maintaining this site into trying to shut us down.

The funny thing about that whole thing is the fact that the migrating land-whale in green wasn’t even Heyer – it’s some other unidentified creature that may be of interest to scientists and biologists specializing in rare specimens.

Now you may be wondering why Heather Heyer – truly an insignificant individual when compared to others – became such an important figure for the Left and the pozzed right.

Well, while the answer may still be up in the air to some degree, I would like to think that it is because at last the Left had somebody they could truly call a martyr – a reason for them to clamp down on the growing menace (to them) that is the Alt-Right.

Blacks like Deandre Harris don’t work like they used to – mainly because they are usually guilty by default of criminal activities that can be nullifying, and also due to the fact that even among the American Left there is some semblance of Negro fatigue (with them it’s more subconscious than anything else).

Homosexuals and other deviants don’t work because most average Whites from across the political spectrum still cannot establish a connection with such sexually-vibrant men, women, and/or trannies (they would deny this wholeheartedly in public).

So why not prop up a White woman (dolled up as much as possible in all released official photos) in order to draw sympathy from those who might otherwise wonder at the destruction of the First Amendment?

Make it look like that we as a collective acted as domestic terrorists by extinguishing the life of a kindhearted heifer with the business end of a Dodge Challenger.

The perfect storm was set, witnesses were gathered, (((mainstream media))) ran with the story in a way that really formed perfect fodder for the normies, and all was done confidently due to the fact that nobody thought further footage existed to contradict the official narrative.

But oh how we can see that these Jews and Marxists are less shrewd than their subversive parents and grandparents.

They thought they had us dead to rights, and thought they could justify their obliteration of our most important right by pointing to the poor mangled jelly rolls of Heyer in a way meant to conjure up images of Christ on the cross (Jews hate our Savior, but still take advantage of the emotional impact of His suffering).

But at the final moment, they forgot that this is the age of the smartphone and of all-encompassing social media – almost nothing can remain buried for long.

And boy do we have some fun things to stir the pot with now, don’t we?


    • Oh, what a tangled web (((they))) weaved,
      When first their father* (Gen.3:1) did deceive…

      *’Ye are of your father, the Devil-
      and the deeds of your father he WILL do.’ – Jesus, to the Jews,
      St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 8

  1. Didn’t we also read that Heather paid for those packs of nigger Menthols via paralegal job at a Jew law firm? BURN IN HELL, HEYER.

  2. Interesting to know the Dodge challenger driver, what ticked him off. Was he corned by the streaking mob, panicked.Was he part of the protesters or not. One sided story score points for benevolent gov by lyin press.

    • I think it is pretty clear that he came down to support the pro Robert E Lee side and that he got caught in a hostile mob of Antifas threatening or attacking him with bats.

    • If the car was hit, you must acquit! The Dodge was attacked by baseball bat wielding negroes. The VA Soviet may have a difficult time getting around the video record of this attack. This may be a little too obvious to the Goyim, even for the Spawn of Satan to put across.

      • Ed did nothing wrong. But a great many wrongs have been done to him. If he gets good lawyers, he’ll be living on easy street for the rest of his life after he sues the city for millions.

  3. I think what you’re saying is rude and in bad taste. But if we banned everything rude and in bad taste, we’d have nothing left in our society but perhaps old Lawrence Welk records. And beyond that, since when is it the business of anyone to police bad taste? When it came to the various things Miley Cyrus did, we were told policing bad taste was wrong and oppressive.

    But that’s not my point. My point is that tech magnates saw fit to shut this show, but have never come out against the fact that any middle school student can access anal gangbangs with two mouseclicks. And don’t tell me about “parental controls” — every kid knows how to work around them. (I had originally put two examples of workarounds here, but removed them in case the kids are reading!)

    We can have 24/7 porn, but not opinions that dissent from The Cathedral.

    • Yeah, that was kind of the point to me being so vicious with this article – I actually held back somewhat hilariously enough.

      Think about it – you can access hardcore rape porn for free with about a dozen keystrokes, but will be censored and unpersoned from the internet for making fat jokes about a Communist insurgent that would have gladly bashed our skulls in had she gotten the opportunity.

      And the only way rape porn will be censored is if there is some sort of copyright infringement and Schlomo gets mad.

  4. Let’s watch this very, very closely, but also don’t jump to conclusions and make unsubstantiated claims that only we know THE TRUTH.

    US – Alt Right, Southern Nationalists must develop a good reputation of only presenting the truth. “The Truth is the best propaganda”. The Truth is most always supportive of us as the truth, caused the narrative to collapse in such high political cases like Tawana Brawley, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown the Jewish cemetery desecrations etc.

    As Jack Webb used to say:

    “Just the facts mayhem “

    • I would like to see those who traveled with Heyer, those who filmed with Heyer, those “medics” who treated Heyer, and the fat chick wearing green to all be subpoenaed to testify in Fields’ trial.

      And I would like to see the autopsy of Heather leaked to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what caused her death.

        • If I were Fields’ lawyer I would still want it as concrete evidence of the heart attack.

          Knowing how the Left is, they would throw the mother under the bus, tell the jury to ignore what she said because of fat contaminating her brain, and keep pushing the car narrative.

          • Surely the autopsy would necessarily be part of the trial? Before you can find anybody guilty of a crime, you have to prove that a crime was committed, i.e, that somebody died as a result of an illegal act committed with intent to kill (or depraved indifference).

  5. This particular ‘heifer’ doesn’t come across in the single face pic released (that apparently was not Heather Heyer) as the slightest bit kindhearted. She’s sneering and leering.

    I doubt that’s all accidental.

    • There’s early video of him driving East along the intersection passing the red mini van to his left that’s parked there for
      around 5 minutes.

      He then reappears driving south into the back of the Convertable that hits the minivan and presumably hits Heyers.

      I’d guess he missed an onramp to a highway or found himself otherwise blocked and circled back to roughly where he started onto the highway.

      Clearly lost and disoriented.

      • He’s a young kid that grew up in a nice neighborhood and had never seen combat before that day – hell, he probably never even fought with his fists during his childhood.

        I can fully understand why he reacted the way he did, as he was justifiably in fear of his life – had they gotten him out of the car it would have been lights out.

        • That car reversed straight as an arrow for 200-300 yards. No panicked 21 year old kid was driving that car, and especially not one with mental health issues.

          I’ve never been one for “conspiracy” theories, but I’ve seen tons of video now, and given that the man-on-the-scene interviewed by MSM was a State Dept. spook, that alone should give people, and especially those people who were just denied their legal rights by McAuliffe, Jew Mayor, Black Racist Asst. Mayor, et al,, reason to wonder about the official narrative of the alleged car attack.

          At this stage of the game, there should be no one left in the radical right who believes a word of any official narrative.

  6. Please build and cultivate your own personal contact lists of people that are open to receiving the true facts from our perspective. Only share 95% verified true facts, never rumors or conspiracy theories. Most regular Americans instinctively feel that the MSM and increasingly Neo Conservative, Cuckservative, Conservative Inc media is dishonest, pushes fake news. We can not spread any false news.

    In my case I have done well contacting Virginia state representatives (R) so far nearly 100% have been supportive. We all should be falling back more than a bit using older technology like personal phone calls – 1 to 1 emails.

    Always be on guard against disrupters, people who make us look crazy, people who look and act like they are reading from a bad, Jewish, anti Southern script. Lots of times these are actors, but probably the majority of the time they are just idiots that want to get noticed by acting the part of the evil Nazi.

  7. The Silence will remain firmly in place so they’ll keep their “martyr”. If the defendant is exonerated The Silence will be imposed on that too. Unless a “counter demonstration” ensues to “protest” the Nazzzeee verdict.

    • That’s also what I was trying to get at.

      These Jews still think it’s the first years of this century, and don’t understand that literally everything going on is being filmed by someone somewhere.

      They can try to silence the narrative if it totally collapses, but then it falls on us to unleash a troll storm the likes of which has never been seen.

      This is more important than heckling Alex Jones, and far more important than making some Kike in the British Parliament cry.

      • Alex Jones finally did something worthwhile in exposing EU White Genocide agenda. I hope he continues in that vein.

  8. Wow, With due apologies to Anglin – and I do owe him an apology, I thought the fat focus was simply staggeringly stupid, in terms of PR. I only saw, I guess, they younger Heather pics. She was in her 30’s and dropped dead of a heart attack? She WAS a land whale. Smoker, really really fat, Mud Shark, SJW – Leftism is UNHEALTHY.

    • Yeah, I too first thought that she may have just been a little chubby but nothing worth total torture.

      But I guess she really ballooned in her final few years – she was easily pushing 300 pounds at probably 5’6″ or so, and was apparently a fan of those fiberglass Nigger cigarettes too.

      And I’m personally being so damned cruel because they’ve literally started shutting us down over making fat jokes – if they do this to OD then it just proves the point.

      • Marcus – I understand. I trust your judgment completely. You are one smart cookie. I understand your public disdain. Yes. You can access the most VILE porn, for (((free)) – yet fat jokes about a mental case who CAUSED IT’S OWN DEATH IN IT’S THIRTIES is (((cause))) for extermination.

    • There is simply no cogent reason to ever apologize to Andrew Anglin.

      Some fatties have histories I can sympathize with. Some, especially women, can be manipulated and brainwashed.

      Anglin is simply grotesque.

      • Onceler, I am White. I was raised to believe that it’s the height of bad manners, and bad taste, to make disparaging remarks about a person’s physical appearance. Anglin certainly does not adhere to any such standard. I began trashing his physical attributes, since he put this type of attack “on the table”.

        .Anglin is grotesque, but even a stopped clock is right, twice a day. He’s RIGHT about this, this one time. Heifer Heather is being portrayed and USED as an excuse to destroy White Advocates. The mythos of Heather the Hulk must be delenda est’ed. ASAP.

        • She is being used, no argument there. But so is his general hatred of white women being used as it is specifically delivered via his fat female fixation.

          Since I’m in the hardcore skeptic camp, I’d say there’s a good chance her obesity and overall ugliness are being used to strengthen Anglin’s ability to demoralize whites. His depraved distortions and obsessiveness, as it were, instill and cloak self loathing in young white men and also in women. Feeding into it doesn’t seem healthy, even if at times fiendishly funny.

          Conversely, Heyer’s extreme image can’t be all that reassuring for the antifa themselves, and for the undecideds they might otherwise convince. Yet they get to delight in salving their egos with feeling superior to Anglin and his based groupies.

          I tend to agree that 10% is the vanguard on either side of the spectrum, and that the middle 50% go with whichever side wins. It’s just the 15% on each side that leans towards the 10% that makes up the difference, and all the psychological dynamics at play here alienate both vanguards from their supporting actors.

          Just more two cents.

          • I received an invitation to get on DS. I am wresting with what to do. I agree 110% with your assessment of Anglin’s pathological hatred of women. Women in general, not just White women. He’s leading tons of his very young, teenaged male fans astray. He’s teaching them to be as bad a failure with women, as he himself is.

            There are tons of horrid women, just like there are tons of horrid men. But not every-one is horrible. White men and White women need each other, for a plethora of obvious reasons….I haven’t stepped onto DS for ages, excepting a very brief foray to a recent link. I was disgusted…..but I’s still like to be able to log on when I want to….since I’m a woman and a Celt! ; } ! What to do….what to do…

          • You two can whine all you want about Anglin. No man in the radical right cares one iota about what either of you think about anything. Woman should not be in the public arena unless vetted by men, and no women should have the vote. Which, by the way, they won’t have very soon. Back to your whinging about Anglin now, and your cats.

  9. The carcass of that giant sea-cow, Heather “light as a feather” Heier, should be examined by marine biologists to determine how it managed to survive on dry land for so long. Was it from smoking seven packs of Newports every day? The industrial sized bags of Cheetos it consumed with its flexible snout? How did its flippers support such an immense weight?

    • I had already given the comment of the week to Procopius yesterday, but I think this post warrants a transfer of the award.

      Damn, Spahn.

      You made me spit my coffee all over my laptop. LOL.

  10. This post is convoluted. Are you trying to say the picture released of her isn’t her and that she is morbidly obese? Or that is a picture of earlier in her life( shades of Treyvon Martin) and she is now morbidly obese?

    • The pictures of her that were released by the media put her in the most attractive light possible, the green-clothed fatty is not her, and she is most certainly morbidly obese.

      Sorry if things came out a bit convoluted – wrote this piece at like 1 AM.

  11. I want to remind people that the jewish-run garment industry initiated the Twiggy anorexia epidemic, and its concomitant obesity epidemic in women.

    Sure, obesity truly knows no bounds…hee…in terms of race, sex, class, etc. But it does favor some demographics, and there does seem to be greater problems in women along these lines.

    Eastern european jews arrived in the US and went into the film/entertainment and garment industries at a time when both were exploding and very lucrative to control. They launched these enterprises with capital the germanic jews (not all jews here prior to the eastern european invasion were germanics but more were) made available, that they had extorted from the goy.

    It is no coincidence that both industries seeded profound psycho-social problems or neuroses into white american society that were carefully cultivated (and profited off of) through the decades to become almost inherent to the weave of our identity. This is not to say all american imbalances originated in the jews, just that, here, the obesity epidemic – especially in women – can be traced to jewish and also gay fag instigation. Most of the fashion moguls and certainly the designers were gays, by jewish appointment.

    Gay men hate women’s bodies. Well, the ones in fashion do. They design for pubescent male bodies, not female ones at any stage of development. Twiggy was a woman but existed on the extreme end of female figures, one that clearly echoed the fag fashionista ideal of pubescent male.

    Lots more there, but the fat female stuff in this whole affair is deeper than just a lazy entitled pig who refuses to exercise basic self control.

    • This is an extremely important point, I think. Heyer is obviously an aesthetically repulsive and gross White female specimen, but Jews have so totally destroyed the fabric of normal American society (and our individual psyches, at times) that it psychologically feels better to collectively attack anyone else but (((them)).

    • Except that you’ve just argued that women are not self-governing beasts – they have no agency. You’re right of course, but I’m sure you wish you hadn’t just made that argument.

  12. Onceler! Anglin called it.

    A morbidly obese woman had heatstroke and then a heart attack and then had her ribs broken by an Antifa paramedic.

  13. Heyer was not an AntiFa type protester. She was a local who was basically black culturally. I don’t think she was necessarily an activist. This was a protest of opportunity. Black society accepted her and that is the side she supports. She was a white (culture) hater.

    She was positioned just past the Toyota truck at the time of the accident. She ended up 30+ feet down the street – coming to rest near the convertible. She must have been struck by the Challenger. Video clearly shows her rolling/sliding to a stop as the Challenger comes to a stop. Her shirt is forced up over her midsection due to this action. Video is clear.

    Heart attack may be the final cause of death. The AntiFa medics may have a hand in this with their CPR attempts.

    It does us no good to meme out the “she died of a heart attack, not car attack” idea.

    She is being Trayvon’d in the sense that pics used in public do not accurately reflect her most current state. That is the best meme tactic. But it must be oblique. You cannot do fat jokes like Anglin, etc. There is no defense for it. It gives them the power to unperson you. That must be realized and taken into account.

    • Balls. Heifer Heather was a butt-smoking BIG FAT LAND WHALE Mud Shark, who died of her own idiocy, is PERFECT “optics”. It did EVERYTHING wrong. Every choice it made led to it’s death in it’s THIRTIES.

      She was an FBI recruit, fyi. It put itself in that mob. It created it’s own demise.

      I will refrain from my real thoughts on this matter, at this point

  14. Are we even certain the face shot of her leering at people is Heather Heyer or is that the woman in the greenish shirt seen on the car? Or someone else?

    I’ll assume the face pic is her. Odd that we don’t see any pics of her face anywhere else though. Real Heather in black shirt doesn’t look as fair as the famous sneering face.

  15. When you have a confidence trick inflicted on you you deny it first then you accept it then you laugh about it then you sorta get even.

  16. I guess it was inevitable that some terrible person would eventually post something so vile, so reprehensible, that the Powers That Be would tear down the entire Internet to silence that person. But in a million years I never thought the catalyst for this would be a fat joke!

    What Jews forget is that DNS is nothing more than a lightweight database for translating e.g. “” to “”. The only reason it was a monopoly is because the people running it charged low fees and refused no one.

    Now they’ve created a business opportunity for someone to set up an alternative DNS root server. Soon you’ll have to pay twice to register your domain, or give your users a five-minute tutorial on switching their nameserver settings from CensorDNS to FreeDNS.

    GoDaddy and CloudFare will eventually go into Chapter 7 liquidation, along with any other company that screws paying customers to appease non-paying SJWs.

      • Domain Name System was established in 1985. Before that, every Internet-connected computer, of which there were only a few hundred, had a “hosts” file listing all their names and addresses, so you could connect to “” instead of “”. Every time a new computer was added, everyone had to update their “hosts” file.

        Instead of keeping the names of all computers in one place, DNS uses a tree of servers, where the root servers control the dot “.”, other servers control “.com.”, “.edu.”, “.gov.”, etc., a third layer of servers controls “”, “”, “”, and so on. When you want your computer to be known as “” (the final “.” is usually omitted), just ask the guy down the hall who runs the DNS server for “”.

        All the software for this is free, with source code, so that anyone can set up a DNS server in minutes. It was very stupid of Blake Irving to play politics with something he has so little control over.

        John Gilmore said c. 1990, “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” Here’s the most severe test yet of that principle; it’s time to divest yourself of the companies that are about to get routed around.

        • Another non-techie here. Regarding your suggested workaround, don’t you still have an issue with the official agencies in each country (like ICANN) that licence registrars to issue domain names?

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