Steve Bannon Does 60 Minutes, Admits That Nationalists Cannot Succeed Using Pure Politics

Ok, I’ll admit that I sort of, kind of clickbaited y’all with the title of this article, but in-between what some of you may term a black pill is something that I think we should all take to heart no matter which section/denomination of the Alt-Right we identify with.

You see, Steve Bannon, a man who I personally believe harbors sentiments that mesh with ours more than he would ever admit, is essentially reminding us that the entire political establishment in its current form is our implacable enemy, and that the day may not ever arrive when we manage to put one of our own into the highest echelons of power.


Former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon believes that Americans should shun white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, and the KKK.

He explained his position during an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose, while defending President Donald Trump’s response to the protests in Charlottesville.

“[T]he Neo-Nazis and Neo-Confederates and the Klan, who, by the way, are absolutely awful – there’s no room in American politics for that,” Bannon said. “There’s no room in American society for that.”

Bannon continued that Trump was taking a position of support for the First Amendment, and defending Confederate monuments as part of national heritage.

“All Donald Trump was saying is, ‘Where does it end? Does it end in taking down the Washington Monument? Does it end in taking down Mount Rushmore? Does it end at taking Churchill’s bust out of the Oval Office?’” he said.

You know what?

I think Bannon is correct in assuming that we’ll never rise to the heights of American power – not while the Jews dominate finance, lobbyist organizations, and the dissemination of popular culture.

But there’s no reason why we can’t start expanding on the lower rungs of the political ladder.

What I’m saying is that we can, and should, start running people to be city mayors, local state senators and representatives, and members of Congress – let’s get the ball rolling on this for the 2018 Election Cycle.

At least let us primary some of these decrepit cucks from positions where they are vulnerable, resting on their laurels, and completely useless in the realm of social media – it’s easy to destroy a personality using the internet.

So, if anybody here in any of the fifty states (especially in overwhelmingly-White rural districts devoid of large vibrant cities) feels as if they live in an area ripe for the taking, I want YOU to perhaps consider a candidacy on the Republican or Independent ticket.

Hold off mentioning on White Nationalism, secession, and the Jewish Problem (I would say only try to run if you’ve never been doxxed), but instead run as someone similar in ideology to pre-election Donald Trump (or perhaps slightly to the right with some positions) and demonize your opponent(s) as members of the same swamp that broke the President on all fronts.

Only if you get into office (and there may be some who would still want to stay a sleeper agent), should you unleash your full potential as a Shitlord while still making sure your constituents are treated better than they ever would have imagined.

You could accomplish this by speaking out on certain issues like the Israel Lobby, exposing alliances that the public at large has no idea about, or by live-streaming all of your business dealings in the name of political transparency – just imagine the laughs that would ensue if a Periscope emerged showing Israeli subversives attempting a bribe or blackmail mission on members of Congress.

And if you were to ever be detected, you can almost perfectly visualize the triggering that would occur among the Left – with enough finesse it would make the post-Charlottesville tears look like weak whimpering.

They would be under the impression that “Nazis” had secretly infiltrated the government from top to bottom, and would thus feel as if camps and rickety wooden gas chambers would be just beyond the horizon.

You would possibly see a situation in which Antifa would start attacking random Republican meetings featuring people and politicians more cuck than man, and for that there would be no way to hide the happenings.

It may sound like random rambling, but I think some of us could accomplish the impossible – nobody a couple years ago would have ever thought we would have thousands of Nationalists gathered together in solidarity, did they?

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    • I can’t even watch it. I won’t watch it. It will sicken me. The false characterizations of white people which he repeats. No, Bannon, is just another cowardly white man among an endless ocean of them.

    • We owe Donald Trump and Steve Bannon a great deal of thanks for ONE THING. That ONE THING is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Electoral System is BROKEN and that voting has been a charade for probably a century plus. Now that this has been proven ON TO PHASE 2

  1. not sure I am with your solutions…yes, local politics is where we should focus, but not now…and especially not in rural white states…propaganda is where it is at…take advantage of social media to disseminate evidence that the establishment narrative is wrong and evil and that corporations and the rich are the ones pushing multiculturalism…also, there is a lot more to it than just jews…that should be obvious

    • The Jews are the facilitators and organizers. Remove the Jews, the entire substructure begins to collapse. This was the reason Reconstruction failed after the War For Southern Independence, there was no substructure and no NGO’s to work FOR NEGRO RIGHTS

      Most of the Republicans were just about punishing the South for the Rebellion and humilating them, NOT about Rights for Negroes, most of them despised the Negroes worse than the Southrons and would have shot them had they dared try to court their daughters. The true believers, the Sumners, Stevens etc were few but they were powerful because they had some (((political clout/money))) cough. The enterprise failed because by 1872 when it became obvious to the Northern Public what injustice and corruption was going on in Dixie, most of the Radicals were turned out of office and the process ended. Even Sumner himself turned against Reconstruction when he realized that it was more about making $$$$$ than protecting the Negroes he so loved and adored. He died soon afterward.

      The result of Reconstruction proved to the Jews that simple political strength would NOT suffice. They would have to establish NGO’s, and work through non-profit organizations to accomplish the job. First it began with philanthropists like (((Julius Rosenwald))), the co-founder of Sears and Roebuck. Rosenwald joined with (((Paul J Sachs))) whose father (((Samuel Sachs))) was married to (((Louisa Goldman))). Samuel Sachs was one of the founders of Lehman Brothers and joined with his father in law to establish (((Goldman Sachs))). (((Paul J Sachs and Julius Rosenwald))) in 1906 planned a Negro outreach program that offered money to Southern States to build Negro Schools, he was a major supporter of the Tuskegee Institute. The Jews FIRST worked within the boundaries of Jim Crow to sabotage it. First they started funding the construction of Negro Jim Crow schools, then with the Urban League in the North established Negro Schools as well. The NAACP founded in 1909 faciliated an army of Lawyers all around the country, most of them Jewish. The best weapon these guys had was (((Edward Bernays))) who managed to convince the City of Atlanta to allow the NAACP convention to meet there in 1920.


      A quote from Julius Rosenwald 1911:

      “The horrors that are due to race prejudice come home to the Jew more forcefully than to others of the white race, on account of the centuries of persecution which they have suffered and still suffer.”


      • billyrayjenkins,”…The Jews are the facilitators and organizers. Remove the Jews, the entire , substructure begins to collapse…”

        I think you’re right 100%. Whatever the White group of this or that we’re told the problem is without the Jews they would lose money and power. I say lets get rid of the Jews first then we can work on the others.

        At some point they’re going to try to kill us off like the Russians. I don’t think it will be that long. They’re under enormous pressure and it’s likely the next President after Trump will be in their pocket. He may pull the trigger and try to finish us off. If they do try this I bet it will start with some kind of infectious disease. Remember these words written by a survivor of the Jewish attack on Russia.

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn


        The longest living Empire in all of history, the Byzantine , made it illegal for Jews to be judges, lend money, be lawyers or be teachers.

      • Well, part of the answer is right in our post, we must form our own NGOs. It worked and still works for those trying to destroy America, why can’t it work for those trying to preserve our country, culture, and civilization?

  2. It’s the financial system that’s at the center of our problems. And, we know who controls the money supply. That is the root of everyone’s problem. Everyone, everywhere.

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=zqdQvmavYrw

  3. Yes, change must start from the bottom, up. Not the other way around. And the schools, uni’s, media, arts, entertainment , banking and political establishment must gradually be freed of Jew/Marxist influence or the next generation will never be rid of the cancer of white guilt- a disease I don’t personally suffer from.

    • The only way change is going to come about is from armed and organized White resistance. No politicians or other Establishment types are going to stick their necks out to help us.

      • I hope you’re wrong but it doesn’t look good. If so it needs to be completely non-organized. Remember the clock maker who tried to assassinate Hitler? He went onto a hall where Hitler was going to speak for at night for several days and chiseled behind a clock. Loaded the hole with explosives and then tied them to the clock. Fortunately for Hitler he left earlier than expected. It’s amazing how many times they tried to kill him and he was saved by little quirks.

  4. You all are doing exactly the same thing the Jews think they can accomplish-change the people’s politics,without changing their souls.

    (((They’ve))) tried this, ever since Caiaphas said Christ should die, so that ‘the nation should survive.’ And then what happened? Roman legions razed Jerusalem to the ground! God is not mocked.

    Well, I’m telling you that’s exactly what you’re doing: attempting to circumvent the Almighty,
    and rule yourselves…without the King.

    It’s an impossibility.

    If the recent meteorological events-total eclipse across the majority of United States: two hurricanes; one deadly, one beyond the pale, are not waking you up, what do you need? An earthquake that goes from the state of Maine to San Diego?!?

    Oh, sure… WN types running for election, will help you so much … especially relying on the votes, or appealing to the “normie’s” -who couldn’t fucking be bothered with standing up for their history, their heritage, and their race, even prior to C’ville.

    And now? I watched supposed “intelligent questions” bend over backwards to avoid appearing as though they had ANY connection with the white boys marching in Virginia, on August 12. It was astounding how fast they turned Judas!

    And these are the “good” Normie’s! All the ‘abnormies’ really want, is to engorge their obese bodies with more junk food, watch their fuball, and talk about Jeebus on Sunday morning -as if that totem was going to save them!! In other words, the seven deadly sins, run amok!!!

    The Demos (Mob) are idiots. All they ever want, is “bread and circuses.” You cannot rule a nation with a bunch of Wiggers and Niggers.

    And the Boomers-my own generation? They have squandered their intellectual and physical capital with one of the greatest increases in personal wealth ever known in the history of the planet, for what? To send their children to Godless state indoctrination centers, known as colleges and universities?

    No, folks. I hold very little hope for the future of this nation, and in fact, after Donald Trump’s cucking, (in his dealings with both of the Republicans and the Democrats) I am of the opinion that this nation needs to be destroyed!

    To hell with United States! To hell with this godless, apostate, blasphemous, aborting, faggot loving, schizophrenic, hyper-indulgent, vile nation! May God’s judgment fall mightily on the USA, and may those who live after us, (if any) never forget the lessons: of trusting nonwhites, Jews, and politicians, and not God, for their/our political salvation.

    While I may still stay on many of these forums and hope for the best, I don’t believe it’s going to happen. Please Jesus, prove me wrong.

    • ” And now? I watched supposed “intelligent questions” bend over backwards to avoid appearing as though they had ANY connection with the white boys marching in Virginia, on August 12. It was astounding how fast they turned Judas!”

      “Intelligent CHRISTIANS!!!”

      Lord, I hate this method of commenting. At least with disqus, you can edit and correct your errors. But when an auto-correct decides to reinvent the language you’re using, it’s insane…..

    • Like my JW brother always tells me, we need Jehovah’s government. Just get “The Truth” and wait for Jehovah god’s return, any day now.

  5. Mr. Cicero is of the first to begin to talk sense. You all better get used to watching what you ‘can’t stomach’ because if you think someone is the enemy I advise you watch every move.

  6. It’s predictable how they never condemn any other kind of racial identity except White identity. How many millions of Whites does that disenfranchise? Forget about voting politics. Practical politics is the way to go. Seed Mantra memes. Get White Genocide out there.

  7. “White Christ Weblog” – I miss it.

    Wake up, fools. “God” is our God. It says right in the book that He gave other gods to other peoples and that He gave other lands to other peoples, He also promised a “New Israel” to His people, a land with seas on both sides, with many rivers and cities without walls.

    Is that not this country, this continent?

    If you have no God you have literally nothing and shall lose, utterly. The farther we have moved away from Him and the Son, who in truth was and is a “Mean Jesus”, not the sandal-wearing hippie bastard on a pack of Zig-Zag rolling papers, the worse our circumstances have become.

    Yes or no?

    If He does not exist or is everyone’s God, their G_d or no one’s “god”, then why? The decline in hard-hard ass Christianity parallels our decline and collapse. The more you mock, the faster and farther we fall.

    • There are LOTS of Gods. And every religion assures us that its God is the only true God. And its rules are the only true rules. And then they go to war with each other to see whose rules will DOMINATE.

      Religion’s problems begin the minute it becomes organized. Because after organization God no longer rules. The organization rules.

      I rather like the early Christian organization. It all went down hill after Rome got control.

      BTW some of those Zig-Zag people get it right. They listen to their heart. And if they listen to the God in their heart they will do OK. HE has an individual plan for each of us. Something no church (in its present form) can encompass.

      • Strange how the city of Rome was destroyed by the Vandals and the Western Empire collapsed right after Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity to be the new state religion of the Roman Empire.

        • The Christians got their revenge. The Vandals were converted.

          And the Romans got their revenge, Roman culture dominates Europe. (but for how much longer?).

          I’d like to see American Culture (1776) outlast Americans.

        • The wealth gap is also partly why Rome fell. Who wants an empire anyway though? No point fighting for an empire. A nation is something to fight for though. Empires are just a place to reside in and pay taxes to.

  8. They don’t want whites organize for political power and all the goods that goes with it, leaving non whites to fend for themselves.

  9. The only way the right can win the argument is to put merit (not race, religion, and all the rest) at the heart of every decision.

    Testing job applicants. etc. That may mean whites will not do as well as the Chinese in some tasks. (and the more difficult (brain power) the task the better the Chinese will do. It is a function of Gaussian distributions and the tail of the curves.

    And sadly for the very high cognition tasks Jews will be doing better than the Chinese. My advice – win them over. Certainly it can be done. Milton Friedman after all started out as a conventional Democrat. And he is way closer to the alt-right than Rham Emmanuel.

    It is easy to fight your enemies. It is way more useful to win them over.

    Merit. After all it works fairly well for baseball teams.

    • Win over Jews?


      Hate to be the guy who bursts your bubble, but aside from the one in a million (maybe Steven Miller?), that’s never going to happen.

      These Kikes want to literally bathe in the blood of the dead White Race, and they’ll do anything to annihilate us.

  10. Steve Bannon needs to stick to what he’s good at,sucking his own dick.Notice how every time someone says we’re awful or terrible they can never say what it is that’s so awful or terrible about us? It’s because they have no idea.They don’t know the first damn thing about who we are,what we believe,what our goals are..not a damn thing.

    If there is not a place for us,then there damn sure won’t be one for kikes,niggers,spics,arabs,gooks,cucks,communists,anarchists, and other anti-White scumbags by the time we get done.

  11. I have no problem with Bannon’s stance.

    Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered.

    Bannon’s a brilliant strategist. His staffers took some cues from OD during Trump’s worst campaign crisis 😉

    People expect too much and wallow in neo-reactionary too deep.

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