Are You Ready To Offer Your White Children To The Black Hangman?

As a Christian, I would like to take a few moments to talk about God.

You see, I find it disgusting to see modern day heretics push the idea that all you must do is say a simple prayer in order to procure the aid of the Almighty (some say you can say the same prayer six million times if you’re a total degenerate with no willpower).

Maybe on a metaphysical level you can do that, but when it comes to affairs on the mortal plane, it’s beyond obvious that the Lord will only help those who take matters into their own hands and actually FIGHT for their existence.

And he has done this for us (White Men) in the past.

He stood with us when we rose in arms against the initial Moslem incursions from the south and the east in the 700’s.

He stood with us when we threw back the Turkish scum ramming themselves against the gates of Vienna in the 1500’s and 1600’s.

And (this is somewhat controversial to some), I feel as if he stood with us in the 1930’s and 1940’s when the Germans rose in righteous wrath to hold back and weaken the Judeo-Bolshevik hordes that sought the entire subjugation of the West.

Now it seems as if we live in a time when this same heavenly help may be necessary once again, and I urge everyone to think about what will occur if we lie down like craven dogs during this most decisive of hours.

Watch this video again, and perhaps watch it a third and a fourth time, for I want you all to harden yourselves to what we shall face in the coming months and years.

Things will soon reach levels of insanity and barbarity that will make everyone look back on events like the Battle of Charlottesville with nostalgia, and many of you will be forced to witness and possibly participate in things that will make you wonder whether hell itself has opened up upon the Earth.

Only the strong, faithful, and hardened will make it through, but take heart in the fact that God Himself will stand over these most courageous soldiers.

Be ready, White Man, or you may find your sons and daughters playing a part in terrorist art come to life.


  1. The Germans united the world against them.

    That’s like Bernie praising Antifa and your XXX video for stirring up America against the Left.

    In the ideal, whites would try to actually win for a change, not go out in some stupid blaze of glory. Uniting the world against whites: Not a good strategy.

    • The whole thing about the world uniting against Whites would have happened anyway – my guess is that it would have been a predominately-Communist Europe turning against the United States with help from the Jews that had already arrived in the very early 20th Century.

      • Jewish power isn’t absolute. Many Europeans would have stood with Germany against Communists. Conservatives liked them originally. Germany should have prepared for the inevitable attack from the east and should have rallied western Europe and Poland to its cause.

        Jews are a tiny, tiny minority. They’re not some great gods. Their great strength isn’t their IQ but their ability to work together.

        This is very divisive: “We demand land and territory (colonies) for the sustenance of our people, and colonization for our surplus population.”

        • But you had Europeans from all over join to fight in the East. Remember that the Waffen SS had units from across the continent and beyond – a French unit was one of the last to fight in Berlin.

          • Yes, that’s true. Nevertheless significant numbers of Slavs believe NS slaughtered them. And again, Poland (Polish claim both sides were bad). I don’t know the average Hungarian view of NS. This topic obviously isn’t my forte. It just seems quite divisive.

            In a war, people can fight for a lesser evil without it being 100% “good”. We’re all fallen, but communism is a tremendous evil, especially earlier communism.

            Partly why some Easter Europeans today seem to like NS I assume is due to their persecution under communism. I’ve met Volga Germans who claim Russians persecuted them as well. Many moved to the US, where they promptly became liberals… (the ones I’ve met anyway.)

          • The Volga Germans were essentially exterminated during the war, and the rest were deported to the Asiatic areas of the Soviet Union.

          • It’s amazing what people do sweep undenrye rug. The only verified genocide in ww2 was the Germans living beyond the contemporary borders of Germany. In a sense that’s war BUT it would be nice if it were understood better. These Outlander Germans were actually blameless for Adolf and the war as well. When you put the result of the war through that prism you realize why the allies and News needed the storty about gassing 6 million to justify the final result of the war.

    • And we see around us what the rest of the world fought for.

      It’s all well and good to second guess and theorize what might have been.

      But the fact is that some fought to create this world.. and others fought to prevent it from coming about… to prevent us from sinking to this level.

      • Many Brits were likely fighting just to keep Germany out of the British Isles. Chamberlain took them to war, so to war they went. At least some Brits thought they were fighting to prevent the German state from challenging the British empire.

        After the war, Jews and the mass media redefined everything. Suddenly the motive of all of the troops was against nationalism etc.

        And then we had another enemy for a Cold War. So, everyone united to oppose that. And when that was over, society had really changed. And it kept changing.

        Anyway, NS just isn’t going to work. The healthiest polities, and perhaps the healthiest ethnicities, are Poland and Hungary, other East Europeans. Tancredo is a pretty good political leader, so we have some good Italians. Northwest Europeans are just very left-wing today. I don’t think we can rely on Nordics alone, and NS suggests Nordics alone.

        RamzPaul posted recently how he wants each European polity to remain mostly distinct. So, he isn’t wanting to mix away Nordic identity.

        • I am not saying that we should march under NS banners

          I’m just pointing out that the feeling you constantly see expressed about it on Alt-Right sites is a natural reaction that’s not going away, because of the significance it plays the moral system that was imposed on us post WW2. It has become more of a symbol than it ever would have been otherwise.

          RamZPaul is simply an old man who is scared to go too far, who is bowing down to Jewish propaganda to preserve himself. Which is fine, everyone needs to make their compromise with the world, except for the fact that he’s such a passive aggressive little girl about it.


          • NS is a natural reaction, especially for those of German descent; but it’s also useful to anti-whites I think. Politics 101: Divide your enemy, keep him from his natural allies.

            Passive aggressive can work. I only care about winning myself. I’ll check up on my honour when the ethnostate is ever achieved, haha.

            Some here were saying he’s Jewish, but I doubt it from his comments. He behaves as if seeing the world from a Hungarian’s vantage. I only follow twitter accounts though. I hate 95% of Alt-Right/Alt-Light videos. 30 minutes into a video I’m always cursing my lost 30 minutes.

  2. Probably the best argument against speaking well of NS Germany is: Eastern Europe. The future looks to be western Europe fleeing to eastern.

    Eastern Europeans don’t like how Hitler viewed them as less white, supposedly killing millions.

    People can insist on marrying only other northwest Europeans, but the whole Hitler thing has to go. It’s death.

    • You can say “it has to go” all you want.

      But nobody of significance is really even propagandizing it to begin with.

      People just can’t help but notice that the wrong side won.

    • We don,t let Western Europeans in . Liberalism is genetical and we don,t let them bring this disease to here. We here in Eastern Europe got rid from liberal gene and we don,t want it back.

      And we like Hitler. And we admit the real problem. White genetical liberal. Without white genetical liberal jewry and the rest of the folk is powerless. When you take the snake head off, the tail stop moving.

      Tiny countries from Estonia to Macedonia defending themselves successfully against mass immigration. Because we recognized the problem and instead of “defendingwhiterace” we went after Heather Heyer first. So we got rid from our liberals and after finishing off white liberals jewry is powerless. That because tiny Macedonia already has the wall but mighty USA don,t.

      White liberal is the root of all evil. Magic Mud Theory don,t work. Eastern Europe is 99% white not because of “slavic whatever” but because why hit the root cause of our problems and kicked the liberals out. After that, Soros and jewry and rest of the folk became powerless.

      • That’s wise to keep out immigrants. If you have children, then there’s little argument for letting in immigrants.

        I’ve never been liberal. The whole “it’s genetic” argument is just Englishmen trying to argue why they’re superior for growing so powerful at a point in history. When China becomes dominant in 50 years, we’ll hear plenty of theories explaining why the Chinese are genetically superior :p Everyone wants to feel fuzzy and superior.

    • The remarkable part of Natsoc is that it has been utterly friendless for 70 years. But it still keeps on pointing out the truth.

  3. The Kali Yuga in a music video.

    He appears to be saying “can’t we all get along” to cover his ass but I think the hanging of white children is the nigger fantasy along with killing teacher.

    All it needed was him raping a white girl, and I’m sure he has.

      • correction: these Hollywood-Jew produced/directed movies encourage shitskins to rob, rape, murder Whites. The Jews are currently formatting the Blacks as a White-killing Einsatzgruppe.

        Hitler? A brilliant political leader, but a catastrophe as Warlord: strategic victory on his plate at least 3 times, and fumbled it away every time. Worse, he started in on the Jews and did not finish. Thus giving the Zionists Palestine, and making the diaspora Jews the A#1victim postwar Entitlement Group. Which status which they are now using – via the ((Central bank))), a bought-and-paid-for political class, and the ((MSM))) – to destroy the Whites and their civilization.

        On balance, Weaver (and VoxDay) are right about the Hitler thing. Give it a rest. Focus on what the Jews and their hirelings are doing to us in the here and now.

        • It seems we could use that to our advantage: Meme it. Jews whipping blacks into attacking for them.

          Some blacks seem to at least understand now that immigration *does not* benefit them – at least unskilled.


    Whites are quite talented and can make many counter videos too.

    You have been talking about Kali lately, but Kali means black. It reminded me that when the Indian students at the uni saw blacks, they would often run, and whisper to each other “kala kakoos”, “kala kakoos”, which literally means melena, or black feces. They wanted to run away from the black feces.

    In other words, light skinned Indians refer to black skinned folks as “black excretum.”

    So if some white become angry at such videos, and make counter videos showing negroes as black feces swimming in a septic tank, and a white lad closing the lid, who will blame them?

  5. Hitler didn’t have any problems at all with colored people, as long as they stayed out of Germany and didn’t fraternize with frauleins. He had a lot of support among blacks in Africa, probably because of his anti colonialist policy. And black American POWs were always treated humanely by their German captors.

  6. The nigra has lost his fear of White humans. It’s almost as if they are angry at us for NOT whipping and lynching them anymore.

  7. National Socialism is the only hope for our future. We can not give “Hitler” a rest as he has given us the “guidebook” on defeating communism. In fact, it’s the only political system to date that has defeated it on a national level (not discussing the international war) which is all we can hope to achieve.

    In America, we actually have a lot more ability to convince our brethren of the truth about Hitler than we do the truth about Jews. People LOVE jewry here. How many people do you know collecting rent payments here??? On the other hand, we have so much ammunition of real facts to discuss about Adolph. It’s not a fools errand to direct people towards NS and we must, for it is the door.

    I want to comment about a previous post claiming Hitler should have gotten eastern allies. The eastern front Poland was consumed by the enemies indoctrination. It would be like saying NS America needs England, South Africa, , and Australia. Friend, we are on our OWN. At best we can befriend other ethno-states through the power of God.

  8. “…National Socialism is the only hope for our future…”

    Uhhh…no it’s not. We had a perfectly good system where you had to own property to vote. You had to pass an intelligence test to vote. You had a balanced legislature in the States where there was one house that was region based and one population based just like the Federal government. We can go back to those and nullify the crazies and the Jews. If the Supreme court disagrees, pass a law saying these things are legal and keep impeaching them until they get it.

  9. “We can go back to those and nullify the crazies and the Jews…”

    Communism doesn’t let you go anywhere. You don’t go from communist control to constitutional anything. Communism eats constitutionalism. You also won’t go from Communism to a republic of an type or a Confederacy. You are dreaming and don’t understand communism.

    I suggest you go read the communist manifesto by Marx. It isolates every fraternization in society and nullifies society itself. The only government that has brought it under submission is one that demands human cooperative involvement.

    • We’ve had thousands of years of societies. A cooperative society is possible without resorting to national socialism.

      Aristotle warned how wealth gaps lead to instability. Livy and others have warned of the same. It’s political science 101.

      And today the US has expanding wealth gaps with demands for greater government control to “solve” what has pretty much been intentionally created.

      No one wants decentralisation. No one wants any sort of checks on DC and corporate power. We see increasing centralisation, increasing desire to control people (not only in this society). It’s a trend and a dangerous one.

      Russia is able to withstand the US only because it has a powerful and capable president.

      Regarding Marx, he wrote many things. His ideas are ridiculous. It’s just secular religion. All Marxists really desire is total power and the destruction of whites and Christianity.

      Anyway, every society falls. The weird fear of Communism is misplaced. It’s secular religion that aids people who just want to slaughter us.

  10. The world has not had thousands of years of Marxism. It’s a relatively new system that keeps pulling societies down. The scriptures talk about the last days men being “lovers of themselves” and Marxism caters to that mentality. Marxism touts the proletariat as the chief power and cries for them to revolt.

    A cooperative society is only possible with a cooperative people. You will not find that in our society. Sam correctly stated we “had a good system” but it was because America was filled with people that cooperated with each other with no demand, on their own free will and accord. People today are different, and after 150 years of Marxist indoctrination you won’t even find a neighbor to help you put a roof on your house….and you certainly won’t find anyone willing to help someone defend against tyranny three counties away.

    I don’t think NS is the best form of government, but it isn’t a bad form of government. I hope I have made a pitch for why I believe we have no other options. If all the talk of getting back to the constitutional principles in the past 10 years had done more than it actually has I might would agree with another option, but going to Charlottesville opened my eyes. We need to fear communism in this country. It has stirred the masses against us.

    • It’s not new is what I’m saying!

      Political science is old. Everything is old. You just have salesmen trying to sell new things. Everything has been tried. Progress is a circle.

      Technology changes things somewhat, but largely political science is the same as thousands of years ago.

      What Marxism and other new fads are? Religion. They’re secular religion. Nothing new. Same old bs.

    • You write: “Marxism touts the proletariat as the chief power and cries for them to revolt.”

      This is not a new thing! It’s not at all. It’s politics 101 to play underclasses against those who are dominant.

      Slave revolts were a major threat to the Spartans, for example. It’s a very old game. Its also old to invite in people to fight your enemies. So, when Marxists welcome in immigrants whom they then stir up with anti-American frenzy, it’s not new.

      We lose, because we reject history. We choose to lose. America is not dying because of the Jews; it’s dying from suicide. Whites are refusing to compete, refusing to even try.

    • Regarding NS, it is death, because it divides whites against themselves.

      A cooperative society is wonderful. *NS is not the only cooperative society possible*!!!

      We do not have to choose among these same few stupid alternatives. Nothing is new. We need to return to trying again, return to living again.

      And a start to living would be to once again study political science. If we once again read real political science books, then we’d understand how any number of options are possible.

      Whites die, because we choose to die. Whites need to choose to live.

  11. I wish you had went to Charlottesville. If you had seen the Government oust us with your own eyes you would understand. Political science debate and public discourse is gone. It’s go time.

    And organized communism from the upper echelons down is way different than a slave revolt in ancient civilizations. Propaganda, religion, and news all stir the slaves to start fighting each other!

    • There’s more control today, sure. But you had religions and silver tongued demagogues in the past.

      And the ancients knew how important culture was for raising children properly. We rejected our history in exchange for ridiculous, half-baked ideology. Iron law of oligarchy means there’s always an elite. Since we tried to do without an elite, Jews had an easy time placing themselves as influential elites.

      Anyway, there is need for organisation, just not NS.

    • Just to add, Aristotle does mention wealth redistribution. It wasn’t unheard of. And Belloc warned of the imbalance of capitalism. He said we’re watching a return to slavery, and he was correct.

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