London Diversity Taxes Collected: More Than 20 Injured By “Bucket Bomb” On Train

Look, I don’t even care about the terrorist attack itself, as it’s become perfectly clear that Cuck Island is essentially a lost cause for the foreseeable future.

What I’m more interested about is how the Brits will respond to having yet another bomb go off in their capital city.

You won’t see Ariana Grande sing “Dick Bicycle” in front of a crowd of budding degenerates – that would require a death toll of at least a couple dozen (children are preferred).

And you probably won’t see a live multifaith prayer service held for the victims – that requires at least a few dead to be a feasible option.

No, what you’ll probably see is a few trending Twitter hashtags hosting a litany of morons and normies pushing the usual solidarity and diversity drivel, and all subsequently forgotten until the next strike.

Sort of boring, to be honest.


Police have confirmed the explosion on a packed rush hour tube train at Parsons Green underground station, which injured 18 people, was caused by an “improvised explosive device.”

The Metropolitan Police Terrorism Command confirmed they were investigating. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said the IED did not fully detonate.

Rowley said it was understood that “most” of the 18 injured were suffering from “flash burns.”

He added that hundreds of detectives are involved in the investigation, including scouring CCTV footage and speaking to witnesses.

Domestic intelligence agency MI5 is supporting the police investigation, he said.

Images show a white bucket – seemingly with wires trailing from it – inside what appears to be a Lidl supermarket freezer bag.

Investigators say the device did not fully detonate.

Witnesses have told of an “extremely heavy police presence” and “quite a few people injured” potentially including facial burns. A number of injuries stemmed from a crush of people trying to leave the station.

The incident is being treated as terrorism-related, the Metropolitan Police said.

Armed police are at the station and surrounding homes are being evacuated.

The homemade device is believed to be the same type that was used in the Boston Marathon bombings. Experts believe the device was some kind of crude “pressure cooker bomb” that did not detonate properly.

In April 2013, two such homemade bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing three people and injuring several hundred more – several of whom lost limbs.

Major General Chip Chapman told Sky News: “It’s no accident this was both in a confined place and a crowded place.

“It seems to be this bomb either malfunctioned or it’s not TATP, the explosives used by groups like ISIS [Islamic State].

“It’s more like the Boston bomb. It’s almost like a pressure cooker device.”

In related news, we had another hammer enrichment incident in France – the suspect is apparently still on the loose.


Two women were injured after a hammer-wielding man assaulted them while screaming “Allahu Akbar” in Chalon-sur-Saône, France, according to reports.

The attacker, wearing all black, is still on the run, French media reports.

The two assaults happened near Place de Beaune, 15 minutes apart.

One of the two women is believed to have been hit in the back of the head.

Paris also got visited by a man wielding a Knife of Peace – he got subdued and arrested.

Daily Mail:

A knife wielding man has attacked a French soldier outside a Metro station in Paris today while praising Allah.

The attacker approached the soldier from behind and then lunged at him with the blade at Chatelet metro station at 6.30am this morning.

The victim managed to wrestle him to the ground and he was arrested by armed police as he shouted ISIS slogans.

The unidentified man is said to have rushed at a patrol of soldiers wearing combat uniforms and brandishing assault rifles.

‘He was restrained, and nobody was injured,’ said a source investigating the case on Friday morning.

And Cuck Island’s version of Birmingham was forced to bring a knife attacker to the ground after a few moments of standoff action (Alabama’s Birmingham would have had the cops just shoot the feral creature).

Just remember that nobody should use these stories to propagate hatred based off of religion, skin color, or lifestyle choices.

Terrorism is perfectly acceptable as a form of living, and does much to bring excitement into our bland vanilla culture.

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  1. Being blown up, stabbed, and/or hammered by 7th century goat-fucking savages is just part and parcel of allowing muslims to live in your society.

    One can only conclude that the UK and European ‘governments’ want this situation to exist, as the solution is obvious: No muslims.

    • Of course they want it. Then voters demand more surveillance, more central control!

      The English have been invaded and occupied, they’ve given up their guns, they’ve given up their right to speak, and they’re demanding their masters to spy on and control them.

      They’re becoming a slave society.

      Eventually you’ll have those in power raping and murdering at will. Who would stop it? Power concentration leads to abuse.

  2. When in London use a Black Cab. The driver will still most likely be a middle age racist called Dave or Collin. He’ll eff and blind about Pakis if you give him the right cues.

    Do not use the Underground. It’s full of niggers and Currymen.

      • they’re all shitskin collectivists being brought in by the Jew-owned political class to liquidate the Whites. Same as the ragheads, spics, and niggers.

        your density exceeds neutronium.

        • OK. I vote everyone goes back. What? They aren’t going back?

          Maybe then I’ll just accuse others of having “density [that] exceeds neutronium” to make myself feel good :p

          Nick Griffin has seemed to appeal to Hindus to try to help stop Muslim immigration. I’m judging by his tweets and I’m pretty sure what I’ve seen on the BNP website.

          I’d love for whites to organise as an exclusive ethnicity. Calling others names doesn’t accomplish anything.

        • I’ve likely been a nationalist for much longer than you have. I certainly don’t go around calling others “collectivist” lol. Marxism is just a secular religion to lead cattle to the slaughter. Only cattle believe in secular ideologies.

          Since I’m a nationalist though, I might think differently from you.

    • Maybe if instead of shooting Celts the English sought to bribe them, then there’d have been consensus to reject mass immigration. And too, England would still have Ireland.

      Divided and conquered. What’s a little big government if it kept the lazy Celts happy?

      • Scratch a campaign account for the British army and you get a cast of Celtic characters. I think the Irish ditched the empire just as the chances for advancement dried up.

        • That sounds right. They have plenty of songs against military recruiters.

          The primary complaint by Celts seems to be how capitalist growth tends to be uneven. In my state of SC, you have Charleston and Greenville metro areas which are booming (largely bc Yankees moved here). Other areas are incredibly poor.

          It’s not simply a matter of hard work or ability. Capitalism just tends to concentrate wealth, and it creates highly specialised labour. Brain drain pulls some of the capable away, but it doesn’t pull away everyone.

          Wealth, power, and prestige gaps that fall along ethnic divides are trouble.

          Supposedly some in, um, northern England are, um, more populist than the Celts. I’m not sure which region that refers to, but clearly for Brexit to pass there must be some healthy English still. And of course BNP/ex-Nick Griffin, and some others.

    • I care.

      They have no pride in England though. They seem most proud that at one point they ruled over India. So, what they really love is India, not England.

      No race is more insane than the English are today. Brexit gave me some hope, but apparently the new government is the same as the old government.

  3. I wonder what those Tommies in WWI and II would have thought if they could see what Britain has turned into as a result of their “victory” over Germany?

  4. Just don’t get it.UK and Euro many parts urbanized proximity whites should be able to organize enmass. it’s not like the U.S. suburbs, spread out thin.

    • Urban environments incline residents to become left wing. They depend on the government to manage the complex society, and they feel more like a citizen of the world. Also, urban residents tend to have fewer children, and they feel freed from societal norms and peer pressure.

      Aristotle used to warn against large cities, though he’d say nearly all of us are “urban” today.

      Maybe eventually the English will do as you say though.

  5. @Marcuscicero3 I like your attitude in this post. I agree that all these terror attacks are really starting to bore me. I believe your writing is getting better and better.

    • Thank you.

      I always find that my best work is either late at night or early in the morning with a cup of coffee.

      And the best stuff is almost always spur of the moment – when I plan, it usually comes out meh…

    • Parliament IS the Enemy Combatant. You DON’T KNOW that the “English Government” are not English at all, but are White HATING kikes, determined to exterminate the actual English?

      • Terrorists attacks intensify Muslims community in urbanized area is a launch pad inflict maximum death and destruction of duellers.London Paris NYC, Israel gaza strip.

    • Denise, I’m on chimpout watch, too. I would love an app that highlights chimpouts as they occur and offers space for public comment on the nogs. Of course it would be instantly banned by the anti-Whites of Jewgle, et al.

  6. Nobody here should concern themselves with it. As all these attacks are in big cities, most of the victims will be degenerates, immigrants and fags….the demographic common to most big, Western cities now. These people want the enrichment and die versity. I gave up on them years ago. They deserve eachother-let them reap what they sow.
    Rural, right wing people are never caught up in it, so just DON’T worry about it.
    Let the leftards eat blood!

  7. I hate all big cities- just stuffy, third world infested shitholes! Overcrowded with road rage,
    over development, hordes of incompatibles living on top of eachother, no parking anywhere
    and filthy graffiti and streets. Whites built them,but the minorities have been trashing them since the 60’s. Who needs them?

  8. This wasn’t a chimpout. The crowd of rioters surrounded the house of the mayor and perhaps for once targeted politicos for the things they do and don’t do. It was a proper political revolt.

    I’m a little jealous they are able to act against actual political figureheads. Imagine the Alt-Right doing something similar to Signer? Or Wes Bellamy or McAuliffe?

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