President Cuck To Release DACA Amnesty Guidelines, Claims No Chain Migration Included

The most powerful cuckold in the world is now apparently trying to soften the blow of his poorly-worded amnesty betrayal by claiming he is in control of negotiations with the likes of (((Charles Schumer))), and that anything put on the table will benefit the workers of America before anyone else.

Hold up.

American workers benefiting from the legalization of millions of non-White parasites (many of whom are well-trained and already groomed for middle-management positions in our nation).

That’s even more of an oxymoron than “Christian Zionism,” and even more absurd than the idea that importing tens of millions of Moslems will help to defeat Islamic terrorism.


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters Friday that the Trump Administration will be laying out details of a possible deal with Democrat and Republican congressional leaders to pass legislation on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and border security measures.

One reporter referenced President Donald Trump’s tweet that no chain migration could be a part of an immigration bill, then asked Sanders, “What did he mean by that?”

“The President is focused on making sure that in the efforts of these ongoing conversations between both Democrats and Republicans, that we deliver on responsible immigration reform. He wants to help American workers and families,” replied Sanders.

Chain migration refers to those who hold legal status in the U.S. and use that status to bring members of their family to the United States. The question has been raised in relation to the possibility that DACA recipients, if given legal status in the, could in turn use that to get status for members of their extended families.

“No deal has been final reached on this process,” Sanders continued. “He supports making an agreement on DACA, but that would have to include massive border security and interior enforcements.”

Media reports have been rife with comments from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi after they took part in a dinner meeting with President Trump on Wednesday evening. The two followed up with a joint statement indicating that they made a deal with the President to quickly legalize DACA and would not include the building of the southern border wall Trump promised during his 2016 campaign. Trump refuted the claims of Schumer and Pelosi at he traveled to Florida on Thursday morning, stating that no deal had been reached.

“He’s still 100% committed to the wall. And we’re going to be laying out what our specific priorities and principles are in that front over the next 7-10 days. We’ll make sure that you guys are all part of that,” Sanders continued in Friday’s briefing.

A reporter pressed, “…this is referring to the idea that people given status in a bill could not then sponsor relatives later for immigration status. Has he drawn a red line on that?”

“As you know this president doesn’t use the term red line,” replied Sanders who returned to saying that details will be laid out in the days ahead.

Actually he does – quite often, in fact.

But what Sanders said is just a basic white lie that really isn’t all that damaging – what’s coming is far, far worse.

I’m hearing a lot of the Trump personality cult leaders (think about how idiotic and beta that sounds) push the idea that making a deal on DACA amnesty is not all that bad so long as we don’t wind up with a form of chain migration that turns 800,000 invaders into 3-6 million.

And I’m not even sure if these statements come from sheer retardation, an understandable lack of historical understanding, or a blindness fueled by some sort of daddy fixation (our country is so Jewed that anything is possible).

But let me try to lay out a few reasons why any form of amnesty at this point is tantamount to swallowing a shotgun blast.

  1. DACA is Trump’s only serious bargaining chip – any Leftist demand could always be countered with a threat to deport the maturing fifth column in our midst. Once legalization occurs, there is nothing left to retreat to when push comes to shove.
  2. Chain migration as a separate issue is of course a serious problem with any invasion situation, although it is not the only factor when we look at collapsing White demographics – birthrates are far more destructive. Think of the DACA critters as a sort of mutating virus or cancer – either two or just one (they usually marry their own racial kind) will eventually beget 3-6 children that will go on to beget 3-6 more each. A look at some of the Northeastern cities and Puerto Ricans is a great case study – a relatively small number of migrants multiplied ridiculously to form a majority in some areas just two or three generations later.
  3. Any agreement made today about halting chain migration will just be nullified less than two years from now when the Left seizes power in the 2018 Elections – the GOP is going to be crucified. Even if a Democrat majority is not formed, you’ll still have enough cucks hanging around to agree to a lifting of the restrictions. Hell, Trump himself may do the deed just to avoid impeachment – or if (((Ivanka))) cries hard enough.

It’s a pretty simple rebuttal of the delusion, but at this point I’m just trying to draw in the disaffected ex-Trump supporters rather than the fools who would follow their Glorious Leader (they always took that title literally) to the ends of the Earth.

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  1. Problem is as he himself employes menial labor jobs American won’t do.Demand of employers from carpentry,retail and farmers.

  2. Well he told us all during the campaign. He told us up front….

    “We’re going to build a wall and put a big beautiful door on it.”

    Turns out it’s a BIG door.

  3. I have been active on social media since Thursday calling for Trump impeachment, and that remains my position.

    The issue that I think that this article is glossing over is that the betrayal has already happened. It is not a future event. Trump made an agreement on Wednesday night with his bffs “Chuck and Nancy” for Amnesty for 6 million, unlimited chain migration and no Wall. We know this because he himself explicitly confirmed as much on TWO separate occasions on Thursday. Trump also tweeted support for the DACA invaders in a way that sounded like Jeb or Rubio.

    Even if Amnesty doesn’t pass nothing will negate the fact that Trump already agreed to sell us out, only backing down when he faced massive pressure from his base.

    We have got to work to impeach Trump immediately. The man is an unreliable sellout and a traitor.

  4. 3 – 6 children? No! It will most definitely be 10 – 20 children! They breed like cockroaches and they are born pregnant!

  5. One play here, apart from generalized outrage, is getting 41 Senators to block the legislation – filibuster.

    The GOP has done this multiple times in the recent past. They believe that they can win over hispanic voters for some politicians while ultimately nothing changes. This is the Bush/McCain strategy and it is a failure in practical terms and politically has lead to this populist uprising.

    I don’t have to tell anyone here that non whites only vote based on racial loyalties, only whites can conceive of universals. Racial polarization is only going to increase, no matter what anyone does. Many of the “hispanics” and even Jews who tilt to the right, have significant amounts of European genetics which allows them to identify with the right.

    These too clever by half political acrobatics demoralize the base and they stop donating, talking to family and friends, fighting it out in message boards etc etc etc which has a multiplying effect.

    As I have said so many times in the past, if this REALLY is a dangerous situation, our actions should reflect that belief. No more shenanigans. It’s time to get extremely rational. One could argue that that is what the Jews concluded after WWII and that is why they dominate us now.

  6. There is no way this amnesty will be limited to the preposterously-low figure of 800,000. Even if the law stipulates strict conditions the federal (((judges))) will declare it unfair, discriminatory, and point out disparate impact. ALL illegals and their entire extended families will get amnesty by court order.

    This would be the worst betrayal of the voters EVER and the one with the greatest lasting impact.

  7. There once was a program called DACA
    It gave us a bunch of brown Caca
    Then a cuck came along
    And gave us the schlong
    Meanwhile the kikes went tick-tocka.

  8. Hunter,

    My phone is out of commission (hope temp). I have a blog in draft noting the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution and the 50th anniversary of the Detroit Black riots. Should be pretty basic. I’ll post in an hour if I don’t hear from you saying otherwise. Thanks Hunter JR.

  9. Peter Brimelow is more optimistic. Our enemies didn’t push through amnesty when they had pro Amnesty Bush as president and a more Lib Dem Congress. No reason it’s going through now.

    “At, we are battle-scarred veterans of the Amnesty Wars going back to the eve of 9/11. We offer these observations:

    Everyone is always in favor of Amnesty when it’s first rolled out. Then it collapses.
    See here, here, here

    It’s arguable that a limited DACA Amnesty is worth trading for an end to chain migration, interior enforcement, the RAISE Act
    Of course, the record shows that no such deals are enforceable. And the Democrats won’t accept them anyway, because their bottom line is Electing A New People. That’s probably why this DACA Amnesty will collapse too. Nevertheless, it’s a logical possibility, although we would rather not deal at all.

    Trump has wobbled before. He’s always come back.
    See here, here, here.”

  10. Instead of whining, call your House representatives and Senators urging them to oppose DACA. Previous amnesty attempts failed because of furious opposition from constituents.

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