California Yes! Hepatitis A Outbreak Continues To Spread Through Major Cities

Everybody knows you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and likewise everybody knows that you can’t create a multicultural utopia without a few thousand cases of severe liver disease.

It may sound a bit harsh, but along the way to Equality Paradise Supreme, you’ve got to go through the phase in which feces flood the streets, homeless people share dirty needles, and homosexuals spread illness by doing things too nasty to describe in detail.

It’ll get better – the Jewish professors who I spoke to told me so.

San Diego Union-Tribune:

Los Angeles County health officials declared a hepatitis A outbreak Tuesday, days after a public health emergency was announced in San Diego County, where at least 16 people have died of the highly contagious virus.

Case numbers are still small in L.A. County, with only 10 people infected as part of the outbreak, said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health. By comparison, almost 450 people have contracted the virus in San Diego.

Ferrer said the department is ramping up prevention efforts locally so more people don’t get sick. San Diego’s outbreak has already spread to Santa Cruz, where 69 people have been diagnosed.

Officials say homeless people in California are most at risk, because the virus appears to be moving from person to person within that community. People become infected with hepatitis A, which affects the liver, by ingesting the feces of someone who’s infected, often through contaminated food or sexual contact.

It’s always the gays.

Think back to the last time you heard that normal straight people were spreading a Third-World disease by eating each others’ excrement.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you a few minutes.

San Diego’s outbreak appears to be fueled by poor sanitary conditions, with many cases among people who used shared restrooms in jails or shelters.

Ferrer said L.A. health workers will inspect homeless encampments in Los Angeles to improve sanitation, while spreading the word about improved hygiene. The city of Los Angeles is already cleaning the streets on skid row with bleach, a practice San Diego adopted earlier this month in an effort to reduce disease transmission.

Maybe I was a bit harsh on the anal fetishists – it could be Indians spreading the Hep due to importation of their cultural practice of defecating on the streets.

She also said they’re aiming to distribute 40,000 vaccinations of hepatitis A to homeless people in L.A. County. They’re also providing shots to new jail inmates, active drug users and medical providers.

“We are very early in an outbreak and the more people who get vaccinated in the high-risk populations … the smaller the outbreak will end up being in L.A. County,” Ferrer said. “This is in fact a disease that’s preventable.”

The efforts will continue for months, she said, as San Diego officials expect their outbreak to persist into next year.

Lady, it’s going to continue indefinitely.

And it’s just going to get worse as the homeless population increases, and the migrant population swells towards the point of becoming innumerable.

Los Angeles County health officials said that before this week, they had already counted eight patients infected with hepatitis A. Five had recently traveled to San Diego or Santa Cruz, where they were probably exposed, officials said. Three other people were infected at a healthcare facility where one of those five was being treated.

But Tuesday, officials said they had diagnosed two people who appear to have been infected locally, triggering the outbreak declaration. The two new cases involved homeless people who had not traveled to a place with an outbreak, Ferrer said.

“The outbreak label isn’t meant to scare people,” said County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl at Tuesday’s county supervisors meeting. “It isn’t suddenly that we’re rife with hep A cases here.”

Dr. Sharon Balter, L.A. County public health department’s director of acute communicable disease control, said an outbreak of hepatitis A is the homeless community is especially concerning because many have underlying health conditions.

Most people recover from hepatitis A on their own, but it can be seriously harmful for people with other liver conditions, including hepatitis B or C. Approximately 4% of infected patients in San Diego have died, a significantly higher proportion than the typical 1% mortality rate for the disease, she said.

“This particular population is particularly vulnerable,” Balter said.

This is why we support the labor camp idea of our Russian brothers – send those with deviant tendencies to work hard in the fresh air doing something beneficial to the community at large.

One could recruit guards with a loathing for bizarre “lifestyles” to enforce chastity among the homosexuals, and one could provide an incentive for early release if certain guidelines were met.

My guess is that with such policies, we would see the eradication of Hepatitis in California so long as deportations were carried out at the very same time.

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  1. “All the animals come out at night – whores, skunk pussies, buggers, queens, fairies, junkies, dopers, sick, venal. SOMEDAY A REAL RAIN WILL COME AND WASH THIS SCUM OFF THE STREETS.”

    – Travis Bickle


    Yes, Hep A is spread by the fecal oral route. It is truly a 3rd world disease.

    California used be called a paradise, until the Judaists imported 3rd world aliens and turned into a gutter.

    This country imports more than 3 million kala kakoos (the word Indian students at the uni used for dark skinned people, and a word which literally means black feces) per year, more than the REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED.

    To get rid of diseases, get rid of the aliens.

    • Years ago I was in a large office building. There was one huge floor where the tech workers were. The whole area was set up with cubicles. As soon as I entered the area the stench of Indians was over powering. I’m not sure what it is about them. They stink though. The stink is enough to make one nauseous. And they are also very arrogant.

  3. I think this is a concern in any type of public recreation facility today. Particularly, swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms. Little Pedro, or Patel poops in the pool, or little Consuela or Loukisha loses all or part of her rag in the pool and you got a problem.

    I have the most expensive membership you can get at a very well appointed public facility, and even there I’m getting concerned about bacteria and viruses in various areas of the facility.

    Here it’s not the Jews, it’s the Roman Catholics. Maybe they think praying Holy Catholic Marys will drive away the evil demons of the bacteria & viruses? I guess it’s cheaper than hiring a couple of normal adult janitors who know how to clean. There’s no reason to have finger daubs and other greasy marks all over the inside of stainless steel elevator cabs. Defeats the purpose, wouldn’t you say.

    • Damn, now there’s a competition. This is in a contest for the stupidest statement of the day.

      “Here it’s not the Jews, it’s the Roman Catholics. Maybe they think praying Holy Catholic Marys will drive away the evil demons of the bacteria & viruses? I guess it’s cheaper than hiring a couple of normal adult janitors who know how to clean. There’s no reason to have finger daubs and other greasy marks all over the inside of stainless steel elevator cabs. Defeats the purpose, wouldn’t you say.”

      Jews are engineering the non-white, non-Christian invasion of both Europe and the US and Canada. They’re paying for it to happen, buying the huge rubber rafts, and funding the NGOs that are picking the negro muslims up in small freighters to transport them to Europe.

      • Pal, you obviously have not been reading what the Pope, and his Cardinals, Bishops and Priests have been saying and doing, and, doing is more important than saying.

        You do realize those are not WASP hordes pouring across our Southern border.

        • Most of them aren’t of the Latin Church either.

          You obviously don’t know squat about who Is pouring over the southern border. They are mestizos only a few of which speak English, must less claim Latin Church affiliation.

          • 95% or more are Roman Catholics. That’s a fact Pat. Heck, they even sell Latino Roman Catholic voodoo supplies in the supermarkets today. I guess you don’t buy groceries. LOL.

          • Theodore Hesburgh was the president of Notre Dame for 35 years. A close family member of mine knew him well.

            Hesburgh lobbied to get that fink rat jew spy, Pollard, released.

            While the Jesuits are the most directly jew-linked order, the fact is, all ROMAN catholics are part of the Judeo-Roman caliphate order.

            Krafty is right except that he’s ignoring that jewish and catholic assaults on germanic protestantism are always coordinated at the top. Roman Catholicism is just Islam lite.

  4. Hep A is only spread one way, oral-fecal. It can be spread via sexual contact, rarely. Oral-fecal is over 90% of the method of transmission. Keep in mind that Mestizos and Muslims don’t believe in hand washing after bowel movements; muslims claim some sort of cultural prohibition on hand washing, y’all know what that means.

    The chicken processing plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee is almost 100% muslim, you know what that means.

    It will ruin your liver, to the point of not being able to consume any alcohol at all.

  5. That end of downtown San Diego — more or less around the trolley tracks on Park Blvd. — is where black hard-core heroin addicts loiter. The treatment clinic closed a couple of years ago, but the addicts didn’t move on. On weekend nights, parking fills in the touristy Gaslamp bar area. Bargoers are forced to park further away, and run gauntlets of surly, insolent, older black males, avoid Mexican street characters on kiddie bicycles, and pretend to not see random insanity.

    I always thought the drunks were heartless to literally step over dying street people on their way to booze and sex. Go through the area enough, and you’ll see everything. Even so, it’s not right to call the drug bums “homeless.” You can’t compare them to men who work, go to college, are invisible after dark, maybe recently divorced, but just can’t afford California’s high rents. Drug bums, on the other hand, are visibly on the streets by choice.

    The health department doesn’t bother clarifying important details. They don’t mention the plague of bed bugs centered in that area, either. That one never made the press at all. Only after a couple years of infestation did the city start clearing the streets of encampments weekly. As the easy chairs and couches and carpets slowly disappeared, so too did the bed bugs. Of course, the bums aren’t cleared away. They dig more treasures out of the trash and set it up again.

    This is the reality of life in California. You don’t want your wife and children to ever be within a hundred miles of one of these junkies. But they’re hanging out at the gas station you’re pulling into, loitering at the bus stop next to your grocery store, and waiting, forever waiting, at the dumpster of your complex.

    Their positive outlook is infectious.

  6. Always the skeptic, I don’t think it hurts to wonder, when vaccines are at issue, whether the stats or facts being reported are legit.

    Also, the threat of infectious diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy was used to establish the asylums of the 1940’s and 50’s. Rich northeastern women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Geraldine Thompson of NJ went about transitioning the residents of what had been poor houses into these sanitariums under the guise of treating disease. Mostly they were using some actual diseases to disguise their dispatching of the masses of poor people displaced and dispossessed by the Depression.

    Today it is common for jewish ‘advocates’ to claim that poverty and ‘mental illness’ go together – most of the victims of jewish greed and exploitation are genetically defective, they insist. Today it’s vaccines, tomorrow ‘medicine,’ next year internment.

    Just saying.

    • In 1929 the stock market crashed. That same year Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital was built in Monmouth County, NJ.

      Some historians trace the passage of the 19th Amendment – women’s suffrage – to the eventual rich women-led movement to transform what were poor houses into these asylums for ‘the mentally ill.’ Geraldine Thompson of Monmouth County was both suffragist and ‘reformer:’

      The theory goes that FDR, rumored by many to have been part jewish, and the (((oligarchs and robber-barons))) – most of whom were established jews – wanted the class reforms of the era to be controlled as per jewish agenda, hence the tasking of women of privilege with the warehousing of the poor. Women, even rich ones, were perceived as less threatening and their drive to dominate less obvious, so some say. It was easier to cloak class repression by these liberated do-gooder women as benevolent concern for the ‘diseased.’

      Food for anti-feminist thought. Lots of parallels to today.

      • Class Repression? Putting “mentally ill” in an asylum is wrong?

        Dude, they ARE mentally ill, as numerous studies have shown. They need care and medication as they are unable to handle life on their own. It’s tragic and sad but people can have a deformed mind just an they can have a deformed limb. Nature used to handle these types quickly with the onset of a cold winter, but that is a cruel fate, beneath an enlightened society. We should care for our sick and blind and mentally ill, not allow them to wander the streets spreading diseases.

        However, calling the establishment of housing and care for the insane “class repression” shows your communist roots. This is not “warehousing of the poor” but the sequestering of the sick (both physically and mentally) away from the general population so that diseases just like this don’t get a foothold. In a monoracial culture this problem is small, but none the less important.

        Love your Race.


        White Homeland! Northwest Front!

        • And, it was the communist Soviet Union which declared all opposition to it ‘sluggish schizophrenics.’

          So, you either like communism or not. It’s not an a la carte system.

    • This was a response to Lt. Greyman of the mythical Northwest Front. I’m all ears about the mythical disease that spreads poverty.

      I know of a very real one – Judaism.


    Christie is the chair of Trump’s commission to combat opiate addiction. Advisers are not listed, but Jared Kushner is one according to a CNN article on the topic of the last few days.

    Please check the OD article thread right before this one on black nanny abusing white child to hear how Jared Kushner’s wife decided to plug for pharma’s post partum epidemic claims just days before Congress convenes hearings on CARA and 21st Century Cures Act, which deal with addiction as a ‘mental illness’ and other pathologizations of (especially) the white working class. Fathers are now suffering from child-endangering post partum, we’re told.

    Last, wonder why San Diego is the California city highlighted for Hepatitis A outbreak. Spotlighting San Francisco would bring blame on gay men, and placing extreme conditions in LA would implicate the masses of illegals and blacks as well. San Diego is the whitest non-gay city in Ca.

    • Why did San Diego just so happen to have the biggest Hep-A outbreak? Perhaps you will notice that the trolley stops in the area of infestation just so happen to be on the overlap of the Orange and Blue Lines. The Blue Line goes to the border. The Orange Line goes through the blackest part of town: East San Diego, Euclid Avenue, and such.

      Los Angeles has a lot of diseased negro and mexican addicts, but lacks the vibrant diversity of a border crossing from the Anus of Mexico (as the mexicans themselves call Tijuana).

      • That may be so, but it’s worth noting that the hispanic lobby is the only challenge to the 21st Century Cures Act and CARA. Hispanics have been running ads in NJ against Christie’s law, passed this past winter, that funnels massive funding into the Stasi State under the guise, especially, of solving the opiate addiction crisis – which the drug companies created to begin with.

        In California around a year ago I think Jerry Brown refused to sign a bill that passed in the state houses instituting a tax on the rich (making over 1 million a year) to devote to ‘treating mental illness.’ Pharma (and the hospital lobby) is so powerful it could force such a bill through congress but Brown would have been the single executive responsible for signing and executing.

        The hispanics want their gibs, and recognize the drain on what they consider their resources into a pharmaceutical industrial complex program offering them little. Pharma targeted the white working class with their flooding the market with prescription opiates. Hispanics don’t have anywhere near the opiate addiction epidemic whites do.

  8. Does anyone out there still want to call me ‘paranoid, mentally ill,’ etc.?

    Any takers?

    (((What happens))) in Jersey won’t stay in Jersey.

  9. Sorry, I only check OD every day, so I did not see your long list of posts “answering” me.

    Allow me to elucidate.

    I agree that communists did use mental institutions to house political dissidents. This was Evil and wrong and the practice should never be replicated, ever.

    However, people who are getting Hepatitis are drug addicted, mentally ill people who are passing dirty needles between other sick people, despite knowing the risk. In the early part of this century their were Hobos (who would work for their meals) and bums (who would beg for their meals) and their were the mentally ill, who were housed for their own safety and the safety of others.

    In the early part of this century, families would search the opium dens looking for lost family members. When they found them, they would take them home, clean them up and try to restrict them from obtaining more drugs.

    The 40’s and 50’s saw the rise of institutions where they would receive as best care as possible. We still do this with everything from “drug rehab” for the poor (on an outpatient basis) to the Rich having access to dry out “resorts” where the beautiful people and the ultra-rich can settle in for a few weeks and dry out and get their health back. We also care for the physically damaged. We do that now with people who have head injuries or comas, who have lost contact with reality or who are sociopaths and psychopaths (i.e. the criminally insane.) This has never been considered “oppression” but simply a better system than allowing nature to take its course or executing these people or allowing them to ravage the citizenry. With the rise of antibiotics,we closed the institutions relating to diseases (leper colonies and Tubercular Sanatoriums for example. This was a terrible error. The rise of conquered or incurable diseases in the general population parallels three trends.

    One is the closing of the sanitariums (which allowed people to regain their strength or die without spreading the disease once diagnosed) and therefore allows the disease to travel and spread unchecked.

    The second is the rise of a permissive attitude toward illegal drugs which is pumped by the jew, who ever looks to bring down the White. This is reinforced by (((media))) by those we are supposed to admire. Drug addition is merely another form of mental illness, where more and more of the behavior of the individual is dedicated to drug seeking behavior.

    Third is the rise of illegal aliens bringing conquered diseases to out shores such as Ebola, (which thank God did not get a foothold) to incurable Tuberculosis. These diseases (and others) burn in the mentally ill which are just functional enough not to be either jailed or institutionalized, but live a short limited existence beneath bridges and overpasses or the sidewalks.

    I Love my Race, the White race in all its glory. I want to see it reach for the stars. However, its great future does not mean that I do not see the people who are huddled, desperate or broken and societies responsibility to both lift these people up and to protect the public.

    White Homeland! Northwest Front!

  10. Hepatitis A, B or C? Haha, crybabies! Wait until the enrichment with real diseases starts. Like cholera, like typhus, like bubonic plague, like oh many other third world plagues. They have sooo much to offer to your immune system, it will make your head spin! Anything else would be racist.

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