Black Female Stages Category 2 Chimpout Over Veteran’s Service Dog Inside Restaurant

I think in terms of pure usefulness and benefit to society, a service animal of any sort is head and shoulders above the overwhelming majority of Blacks male, female, or undefined gender.

History has shown that the Negroid Race is essentially useless in all but the most menial tasks, and even these basic jobs are best conducted by others due to the Black penchant for corruption, theft, random violence, and other assorted issues best removed from a civilized society.

Fox News:

A restaurant patron in Delaware wasn’t thrilled to be eating next to a fellow patron’s service animal — and she wasn’t afraid to let him know.

The woman, who was dining at Kathy’s Crab House & Family Restaurant in Delaware City, was filmed yelling at group of people in the middle of the eatery, arguing that having a dog in the dining room is “nasty,” and that there should be a “separate section” for people with animals, reports

“I’m not going to keep my voice to myself,” she can be seen telling a fellow patron. “I’m gonna voice it just like I did, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

In the video, the woman herself also claimed to be the widow of a military veteran, but that didn’t seem to soften her stance on the large Great Dane wearing a vest reading “PTSD Service Dog.”

The woman then continued to argue with patrons, calling one of the women a “b—-” and a “whore,” and admonishing another woman for getting into her face “while my daughter is standing there.”

The woman and her male companion then turn to leave, but re-enters when a woman inside dares her to “get the last word, b—-.“

The woman’s friend then warns her that she’s being recorded, but she brushes him off.

Just think about it, here we have a soldier who was injured/traumatized while defending the insanity of ‘equality” for the lesser races, and yet is thanked by the very same creatures with contempt and rage for bringing his closest companion with him on his daily routine.

Sort of ironic, isn’t it?

And on a slightly unrelated note, I would like to know why this Black has what appears to be a relationship of some sort with a White male.

If it’s what I think it is, I just want to say one word:


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  1. Actually Delaware City has a very pleasant and quaint restaurant district right down on the Delaware River. Generally African free but the “specials” tend to bring them down from Wilmington or even up from Dover. That nasty African is typical of the Africans that have laid the City of Wilmington to waste and I bet a dollar to a doughnut it is where she came from.

  2. ‘I’m not going to keep my voice to myself’….sounds about right. They never know when to shut up. It could try moving to Africa where I’m sure cleanliness and hygiene in restaurants there are of an impeccable standard.
    Any dog, or cat, is worth 20 of that useless piece of work.

  3. You can see the male is cucked by his “negroid service animal”.

    While it screeches and ooks, he rolls his eyes at the ceiling and stares off into space. Not enough of a male to intervene or silence his animal, even though he was clearly embarrassed and not enough to risk not getting the diseased negro coochie (barf).

  4. I’m tending to go full Confederate lately, despite living in the north and being born here. May the Confederacy rise again and encompass the whole heartland, too — the branch of American culture that recognizes the absolute difference in various kinds of hominid.

    That was one hell of a chimpout. Disgusting.

  5. Foxnews link an open commentary opinion. I’ve posted on this.Q.Is the commentaries visible on your part,or sign up..

  6. Is it only me or does this screeching harridan look demon-possessed? Ugh.They never know when to shut up and have no manners and no decorum whatsoever. Vile creatures.

  7. Another case of negro impulse control. She said that’s her child around 1:25. Empowered by traitors since 1965. Management should have demanded she leave. You notice she never referred to it as a service animal.

  8. The sheboon needs to be de-barked and treated to the electric whip and a nice spray of ghetto cologne (mace).
    Ship it a Africa for a voo-doo exorcism.

  9. @Metalwoman420,
    Well hello there! My name is John and its very good to see you here. I love everything you say.
    Have yourself a nice weekend and I hope to hear much more from you!!!

  10. this stupid bitch thinks they should have a “separate” room for service dogs. Kind of like when they used to have separate rooms for niggers to eat?

  11. I see two animals in that video. One is useful service dog, and the other, a primate. I would rather eat next to a dog then an ape any day of the week. I do not have to worry about the dog throwing shit on me.

  12. A service dog for someone with PTSD? I’m not so sure that’s a legitimate justification for allowing dogs into restaurants. But I must say he was a lot better behaved than the Africanus Erectus.

    • Agree and agree.

      I look at it this way. The guy is so mentally unstable he can’t sit through dinner without a cuddly animal at hand, lest he have a nervous breakdown. Is this really a person you want to expose to typical negro behavior?

      In California we have no end of childless liberals, cat-scan hypochondriacs, and aging lesbians who make monthly trips to the sperm bank. They all play dress up with their foo foo doggies and take them to the store. Which store? Every store. Especially any store where I happen to be. Seems the Democrats assign them to show out their mental conditions as the new normal.

      Some of them buy cute little sweaters for their dogs that say “service animal.” Some let their dogs run naked off the leash. All of them are full of it. There were so many complaints that the state government passed a law. Now, the only service animals allowed are for totally deaf or blind people, or otherwise under the orders of a medical doctor. A person using a service animal must carry a special card, which is basically a permit.

      Problem is, it’s illegal for store or restaurant employees to ask you if your shivering Chihuahua is a service dog — much less ask to see your permit. Only the police can do that. And the police have better things to do than check service-dog permits in the frozen food aisle at Safeway.

      I’m sick and tired of everyone putting on an act of being one wheel short of a unicycle. “Everyone’s sick, pick your perversion!” No thanks. I don’t want a crutch or an excuse, and I don’t like living around eternal victims. The war’s over. Get over it and get on with your life. Foo foo doggy therapy might be a good temporary stopgap, but it should never become a permanent crutch.

      • Very well said. Think of all those crippled and disfigured veterans in post WWI Germany, many of whom had to resort to begging in the streets just to survive. You never saw any of them bringing “service animals” into restaurants and expecting special treatment from everyone.

        Seeing eye dogs are perfectly understandable but having a “service animal” because you feel sad or nervous makes a mockery of those who are truly disabled. Too bad it was a mouthy nigger who complained about that nonsrnse instead of a civilized humasn being.

        • Spahn, dogs are very senitive animals. People with epilepsy use them because they can tell in advance when a seizure is about to happen. It’s the same story with ptsd.

  13. The sheboon realized the dog was better looking, better behaved and served a useful function- all qualities which she lacks so she had no choice but to get jealous and throw a fit.

  14. Marcus, you are hereby relieved of your duty as our future ethno-state’s Immigration Officer General! lol! You can’t tell a non-White from a White, son?! 😉

    • Meh…

      Hard to tell sometimes with the crap quality of some Whites – Antifas are sometimes really difficult to figure out.

      Just reassign me to running the special treason court we’ll have set up.

      Or oven duty if you’re really mad.

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