LOL: Valerie Plame Condemns Jewish Neo-Con Warmongering, Cucks After Unleashing Hebraic Firestorm

Valerie Plame is an interesting character to the extreme if anybody wants to know.

Born as a one-quarter Mischling (her grandfather was a Ukranian Jew), she joined the CIA as an adult and became a covert operative before being outed/exposed by a cabal of Tribesmen led by the likes of (((Scooter Libby))), (((Judith Miller))) and (((Robert Novak))) back in the days of the George W. Bush Administration.

Since all that chaos (if you’re old enough you surely remember the nonstop coverage), Plame has been a minor figure in the political world, but has stuck true to fanatical Leftist beliefs except for one instance that surfaced earlier today – she knows who pushes America’s insane foreign wars, and has apparently grown sick of what this nation has become.

Sadly, however, Valerie did not stand up to the intense pressure that almost-instantaneously surfaced after her original tweet, and quickly regressed into Soviet-style ritual shaming after Jews and cucks from across the globe rose to rip into her as if she was a human-trafficked prostitute smuggled into the city of Mobile by the (((Russian Mafia))).

Not that any of this matters, for we are now reaching the point of no return – figures from across the political spectrum are now realizing that the world has gone absolutely insane, and have begun to identify the (((key culprits))) behind many of the schemes that have brought our nation to its knees.

The more we see figures like Plame (genetically in a position best able to properly sense the perfidy of the Jews) condemn our mutual enemies, the more we’ll see positions normally held by the Alt-Right surge into the cultural mainstream.


    • Pretty much.

      I’m actually sitting here wondering what goes through her mind during these sorts of situations.

      It must be some sort of mental battle between her White majority and her Jew minority – it’s gotta be torture.

      • Maybe her whole intention was to out them and was willing to apologize afterward just to take away some of the heat. She had to know the usual response, everyone on the planet does! The damage has been done and that was the mission. Did they call her an anti-Semite?

        • Not sure if the Kikes called her that, but the Alt-Cuck members like Posobiec and Cernovich most certainly did.

        • I think that is probably the case. She is not stupid and surely knew the hebes were going to come after her with a vengeance only they are capable of.

          • @Steve,
            Whites have to start shutting down criticism of them by the left, BLM, etc by labeling it anti-white. Also, we are not privileged, like Jews and blacks, via affirmative action so criticism of us is illegitimate hate speech.
            We face the double burden of being the worlds fixer and provider, whilst also being the most hated and criticized.

        • Yeah, as far as the Jews go, she’s not Jewish because her mother was not Jewish. Old granddad Jew don’t count.

          • Well, the mother being Jewish is a canard – supposedly the mother can be determined by birth so the bullshit story alludes to blood yet convert mothers also determine if one is Jewish. As the great Revilo Oliver stated:

            “IT IS ALWAYS extremely difficult for a member of one race to understand, or even to appraise fairly, the mentality of another race. I have often commented on a puzzling aspect of the Jewish mind, the strange desinvolture–no, it’s more than that: the downright negligence with which they perpetrate hoaxes that an Aryan would not attempt without spending an hour or two to make sure that his canard was plausible.


            I don’t know whether that is because truth to the Jewish mind is whatever is Good for the Jewish People, or because they have such sovereign contempt for a race that has been willing to put faith in tales about virgin births and dead men who sneak out of their tombs after three days, or because they like to show their dominion over their vassals by making the cringing creatures profess to believe fictions that were designedly made preposterous, such as the famous “Holocaust.””
            (c) 1985, The Jewish Psyche, Liberty Bell, Revilo P. Oliver

    • Some on the right are guilty of this too, ie the cernovitch & prosobiac comment .
      I don’t have a dog in that particular fight however I strongly suspect those who punch right may be (((provocateurs)))

      • Cernovich and Posobiec are not our allies.

        They’re just Cuckservatives from the old school with some faggot love added in for good measure.

        They would pick homosexual BBC connoisseur over us any day.

        • I wouldn’t want an ally that has sucked on the shriveled up blackened twig of a transgender. He belongs on the far Left with all the other lunatics.

  1. Remember when the neo-con jews in the Bush Jr. regime almost got Plame killed by revealing her identity as a CIA officer? Is she still mad about that?

  2. That was a fraud. She wasn’t undercover. All her neighbors, friends and others knew she worked at the CIA.

    Whatever happened to Phillip Agee?

  3. The internet has certainly changed things. Years ago there was not a platform for this discussion.

    The Jews are in full damage control over this innocuous retweet made by a woman of very little relevance. But it is viral, even on Drudge and the leftist sites as well.

  4. Anyone of any degree of intelligence knows what Plame said is true. You can think it, but you must never say it.

  5. I fully agree that Jews have take us to war, but the odd thing for me is that virtually all Jews with whom I know, are not warmongers. Yet these very Jews also seem in denial about the warmongering segment among them. But how do they not know? Cause they only pay attention to non Alt Right media?

  6. Please don’t get your knickers in a twist over this woman. There is no such thing as a ‘former’ CIA, ever.She is still working for them, for sure.

  7. Check out the crucial last sentence of her mea culpa: “Now that I see it, it’s obvious.” That should be the official slogan of the red-pilled. I can picture it on shirts, bumper stickers, tattoos…

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