Evolutionary Throwbacks Take Knee Across The NFL, Heckled And Booed By Angry White Fans

Someday in the not too-distant future, historians and pundits will refer to this day (the 24th of September in the Year Of Our Lord 2017) as the day that the NFL began to die.

And it’s going to be remembered as a long-delayed and much-needed death too, for professional sports has over the course of the last generation or so degenerated into a sick mockery of what it once was – an opiate for the cuckolded masses if you want to be blunt.

Aside from men like ATHLETIC AVATAR OF THE WHITE RACE Tom Brady (he pulled off another great comeback today just for the record), the vast majority of NFL athletes (college included) are nothing more than Negroid trash that find raping and killing just as easy as catching a ball.

Unfortunately for them, however, Communist anti-White causes (kneeling for the national anthem is nothing more than a protest against our very existence) have seemingly at last grown sickening to many normal American humans, and for that we should be thankful.

NY Post:

The Patriots players made their statement, and many fans did so in response.

Before Sunday’s Texans-Patriots matchup in Foxborough, Mass., about 20 Patriots players, according to ESPN, took a knee during the national anthem, the first time anyone on the team had joined the growing protest.

In return, a loud chorus of boos was heard sandwiching the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” According to the Boston Herald, there were shouts of, “Stand up,” as they knelt.

Tom Brady, the face of the team and the league, did not take a knee, but stood with his arms locked with other players and his hand over his chest.

Be careful, Tom.

You may be an AVATAR OF THE WHITE RACE, but our patience is thin with subversion and self-flagellating foolishness.

The Patriots have been intertwined with Trump, with Brady, coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft pals with the president. After Trump’s attack on the protests, though — saying owners should cut ties with “the son of a bitch” who kneels during the anthem — Kraft said he was “deeply disappointed” in Trump.

Kraft is Jew, so I’m not surprised that DNA triumphed over friendship in this instance.

It’s been a Sunday in which not just players, but owners, executives and fans have been forced to take a side. There were similar reports of booing in Indianapolis, too.

There was also chaos in Pittsburgh, with only one gigantic Spaniard player (a combat veteran) coming out of the locker room to stand for the anthem.


A special international game in the capital of Cuck Island between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars also played host to subversive activities.

CBS Baltimore:

In the first NFL game since President Donald Trump made comments about players who kneel during the national anthem, members of both the Ravens and Jaguars took a knee while the “Star-Spangled Banner” was played ahead of their match-up in London.

Some players on both teams and Jaguars owner Shad Khan, who did not kneel, stood arm-in-arm as the “Star-Spangled Banner” and Britain’s national anthem, “God Save The Queen,” played.

Let us just hope that ratings continue to plummet, and that decreases in merchandise sales force the NFL to implode quicker than ordinary events would dictate.

And for this to occur, we need to hope that enough disgusted and enraged Whites exist to counter the cucks who would parade themselves around while wearing jerseys emblazoned with the names of Black criminals and thugs.


  1. I posted this on the other thread, but here goes:

    Call the NFL, and mock them this week:

    NFL Headquarters
    345 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10065
    (212) 450-2000

    • Instead of booing, the stupid whites should have walked out. Permanently.

      Did you ever see the sign language exhibited by Brady’s wife? A little illuminati mixed in there. And, to think she probably comes from Nazi lineage.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the Spaniard. He’s obviously a decent man. He’s been in Dune Coon world, so he must know how horrible they are. But he’s standing up for ZOG. He probably doesn’t know it, but he is. But bless him anyways.

    • This is not about free speech or patriotism or Yankee flags and songs, this is all of the same mind set as the anti-Confederate agenda, just another “FUCK YOU, WHITEY!” middle finger from the coddled, overpaid, and overprivileged negro golem and their yiddish masters. I can only wonder if there aren’t some jew owners who realize the danger of alienating the honkies from their beer and Super Bowls safety valve opiate.

      • I couldn’t have said it any better… Well, I could have, But you said it first! Jewish masters with their slave class Uruk-Hai are revolting…in every sense of the word.

        It’s time for White America to take our nation back, and ship the Xenos out… By any means necessary.

    • If those pictures bother white Americans, then the attached will make you cry or cry & laugh at the same time. Found it through a commenter at the Irish Savant blog:

      https://goodbyeamericainaphoto (dot) wordpress (dot) com/2017/07/

      Very powerful statements.

      Read the comments!

    • Right, Miss Denise – Villeneuva is NOT in possession of what you know.

      He did the noble and right thing – something which, though you will not hear about it, he will suffer many slights.

      I salute the man, even though his flag is not mine.

  3. Southern Nationalists need to thank these thugs for their irreverence to the Yankee song and flag. Make them representative of the SN movement.

    We’ll see how long they’ll keep it up then.

  4. That’s why I refer to these monkeys as “Africans”, not “African-Americans”. Americans stand for the national anthem.

  5. angry, dumbass White “fans”. Who don’t have the brains to understand that it’s the Jew-billionaire teamowners up in the luxury boxes (paid for by White taxpayers) that are calling the shots.

    and it’s fine with me if the niggers and Jews don’t stand for the ‘Murkan anthem. It’s their country now.. Not ours.

    • Stop it, Haxo. The KikenNigs just gave us a beautiful White Pill. Cuz they red-pilled a million White fans. The Normies are PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSED. Alas – this is superceding the TN Church shooting. The Fans are RAGING. Go to Breitbart for some Good Times! I’m having cough cough a ball!

      • Trump is a cultural genius. It would appear trivial but he’s driven a stake into the heart of a Black Run America institution.

        • The Normies are CHEESED. I’m telling you – the comments are…..just….like…sniff sniff..my beloved Stormfront. FYI – some of Our Gang is there – but you can tell a Normie from a Racist Bigot Knaaazeee Hater. But there’s not….much..difference these days….Even the Jews shows are featuring pissed off White guys.

        • Seeing the NFL collapse is an important part of our agenda, and I do like it when we see flashes of the good old Campaign Trump, but I’m thinking this was just part of a damage control on the President’s part.

          #MAGA has become a joke at this point, so best to distract everyone by digging deep into the old Populist implicit Whiteness bag like back in the day.

          If he had used the same platform to endorse Roy Moore and to finally announce the death of DACA, I would be far more positive.

          • Yeah, damage control. Football and sports in general are the national White addiction. Sports keep whitey distracted and mesmerized as our overlords chip away at our very survival. If the “keel” really pisses off Whites that much these knee grows ought to be encouraged.

  6. The player/fan divide in football could not be greater at this point. This was bound to happen, considering the racial makeup of each group. It’s time for Americans to move on from football — like they did from baseball in the 1980s.

    The European immigrants who run the eatery near where I live tune into soccer on the big screen TV they have there. From the looks of things, both the fans and teams a majority white. And if they’re not 100 percent, the demographic is at least much better than football.

    Why doesn’t America switch its allegiance to this sport? Now would be a good time for soccer franchises to aggressively promote their teams.

    I have no idea how many US cities have soccer franchises. But I do know that at this point, more Americans played soccer as kids than football because this number includes women too. So the transition should not be difficult.

    Image matters. A lot of American men identified with football because it burnished the kids of image they wanted to project to the world: All-American, touch, patriotic, dependable, and a team player. But over the last decade, things changed. The NFL now represents now of this. And the white guy who now sports a jersey bearing the name of his favorite player is more likely to be mocked than admired.

    Ironically, those European immigrants I mentioned now represent the kind of Americans that actual Americans used to be. They have close-knit families. They’re business owners who didn’t take gubmit handouts. They take pride in their work.

    They’re not watching football.

    • But soccer is so fruity and foreign. Ultimate Fighting, kickboxing, pro-wrestling, coon-hunting….those are the kinds of sports I approve of.

  7. This is all childlike attention seeking. Please, please notice me white Europeans. I’m important and needed.

    What they don’t seem to understand is that it reminds us of their insignificance. Throwing a football means nothing. They can’t build a road, draw up plans for a city, split an atom or grow a field of wheat. With the advance of technology they will become even less necessary for our society to function. It’s an embarrassment to their race.

    • “…They can’t build a road, draw up plans for a city, split an atom or grow a field of wheat. With the advance of technology they will become even less necessary for our society to function. It’s an embarrassment to their race…”

      Actually,just a few months before Apartheid ended,researchers at the University of Witwaterstrand in South Africa discovered an incredibly cheap and simple way to split atoms.

      They discovered that all they had to do was to hand one to a nigra and tell him not to break it.

  8. In the overall scheme of things, these players are insignificant and their so called accomplishments (running up and down a field playing with a ball) are utterly trivial and unimportant. However, being negroes, their narcissism is off the charts and they think they’re the center of the universe and everyone is amazed by them and they’re oh so important. Thus, they think when they ook and eek, that it’s of major significance to the world and don’t realize how pathetic they really are. They could all vanish off the face of the earth tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter one damn bit and that’s the truth.

  9. I don’t watch these over paid nappy headed horses asses anymore. I watch a very good all white local high school football team. When you’ve been watching the NFL, it’s amazing how fast paced the high school game is, you don’t have to watch six beer commercials every time the ball changes hands!

  10. I keep hearing today about the players’ right to free speech and expression and that Trump wants it quashed. How un-American!

    The NFL is not a govt agency.

    If people behind the counters at Starbucks greeted customers with “Heil Hitler,” no one on TV would be celebrating their freedom of speech. They’d be demanding the employees be fired and they, of course, would be terminated.

    Just like everything else in this Empire of Chaos and Lies this solemn concern for freedom of speech is a crock. Those who support the football creeps do so because they agree with the message.

  11. This will fizzle. White sports lemmings are addicted to collegiate and professional sports. They will sale their soul and prostitute their daughter out if necessary to the black gods of professional sports. It is a form of virtual negro worship!

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