Baltimore: Ray Lewis Statue Surrounded By Police And Private Security After Petition To Remove Circulates

Our statues are subject to vandalism, desecration, and moments of being shouted at by morbidly obese Feminists and Communists, while at the same time we see massive defensive resources allocated to a monument dedicated to a Black who somehow escaped a double murder conviction back in the day.

All for being a garden-variety snitch – very common among the Black gangsta population despite tens of thousands of rap “songs” arguing the opposite.

This is how low we have fallen as a society, and this is what happened to what was once a glorious and historical city.

Baltimore Sun:

Extra security has been added near the statue of retired Ravens star Ray Lewis at M&T Bank Stadium after he joined current players Sunday in kneeling during the national anthem, provoking calls to remove the likeness.

As of mid-afternoon Wednesday, more than 36,000 people had signed an online petition on that advocates for the removal of the Lewis statue “because of his refusal to stand during the National Anthem.

“That song honors our country and our veterans who fought for it,” the petition reads. “To kneel during it is disrespectful, regardless of what you are protesting.”

Given recent statue-related protests and vandalism, the Maryland Stadium Authority didn’t wait until this Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to take precautions.

“There is additional security at the statue plaza at this time,” said Rachelina Bonacci, a spokesperson for the authority, which is the team’s stadium landlord.

“Certainly observers can notice the presence of uniformed security officers at M&T Bank Stadium, which includes the statue plaza,” she said. “The additional officers and other security enhancements have been in place since Sunday afternoon.”

My goal if ever in power would be to turn Baltimore into one of many open-air concentration camps – just seal off the roads into the city, allow only enough supplies to give each inhabitant 1000 calories per day at the most, and deploy artillery and machine gun nests along the perimeter.

This measure would save billions in much-needed funds, and would enable many of these cities to serve some useful function for the first time in generations.

And it’s not like we’d be missing anything important if recent headlines are any indicator.


  1. I am a feminist according to everyone’s definition (even feminists don’t agree on what the term means) and I am not obese.

    Most feminists aren’t and I am tiring of this extension of Hugh Hefner’s fantasy world.

    Feminism was a jew term, designed to divide the white working/middle class into make-believe classes of ‘men’ and ‘women’ that don’t exist (no such politically united entity that is).

    It’s no coincidence that Hefner’s first issue featured the ultimate bimboization of the prototype anglo female, or that Gloria Steinem became obsessed with ‘redeeming’ her, Marilyn Monroe, at a certain point in her spook career.

    White men gotta grow up and cease this gentile minstrelsy. We simply don’t have time for this shit.

  2. None other than Pat Buchanan said not long ago that the US is a country in which everybody hates everybody else.

    He is right.

    This doesn’t end well.

  3. Every black would be hunting tonights dinner with a spear if their kind weren’t brought here back when. They’re gonna need to re locate out of the south as we form The Confederate States … and take their statues with them !

  4. I read on “Your #1 College Football Blog” (haha) that the black nigros in New Orleans held a Fried Chicken Festival and used a nearby “holocaust” memorial as an employee break area. An outrageous desecration (!!!haha) which did not go unnoticed.

    Why does N. O. even have a “holocaust” memorial? Nothing happened there. I think it should be replaced with a monument to the Notorious B. I. G. That makes more sense.

  5. Here in Charleston they removed recycle bins from ‘certain neighborhoods’ because the people put anything in them and it became a nuisance.

    • Part of anarcho-tyranny is that authorities will tyrannize those who are easiest to tyrannize. It applies to this story as well: they throw up security because there’s no real danger of any mob action, in part because not that many people care, and in part because of their absolutely justified contempt for the cowardice of the right. Security guards, lol! Guarding statues against antifa means a real battle and when push comes to shove they’re more than happy to throw the culture of the white sheep under the bus. They know the white sheep won’t do anything but take it.

  6. Yeah, yeah, gather the police, and the military around monkey statues, but stand down in the face of black mobs and communists when it comes to our American national symbols. Whites and their once orderly societies and White homelands are targetted for destruction. Nonwhites have not only refused to assimilate into White culture, but with the incitement of jews, they are all working together to destroy America by changing it from a once moral country with high standards set by hundreds of years of trial and error, into a chaotic, warlike, criminal, state, in which American Whites are not included, smeared as racists, and viewed as unamerican and subversive if they dare insist the US government abide by the principles laid down by the Founders and the US Constitution.

    It’s pretty obvious that different races can’t live together peacefully unless it’s understood that it is equal rights for all, special rights for no one, but that will never happen as long as there are jews in the mix creating all sorts of problems and situations that are destructive to an orderly, moral, society.

  7. That is one ugly-ass statue, it must have been sculpted by a nig-nog. At least put a noose around its neck! Imagine the shame and humiliation of the White security guard whose job is to protect that piece of shit from being vandalized. Does he really need that $10 an hour job so badly?

    • Thermite would be an improvement. Melting it. Into a hot mass of melted and charred metal would send a message.

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