Our Potential Future: Spanish Government Prepares To Crush Catalan Independence Referendum

To this day, I still find the idea of a Max Max-style full societal collapse to be a retarded pipe dream fabricated in order to steal shekels from gullible Boomers and Fox News enthusiasts.

These people are led to believe that if they buy up food rations, build bunkers in their backyards, and buy gold at quadruple the spot price from Rosland Capital, then they will be safe from roving bands of barbarians when all comes crashing down.

What I actually see happening is an increasingly-bloated, chaotic, and strife-ridden United States struggling like a dying dog to hold everything together.

Think of a combination between modern Brazil and Weimar Germany after the 1929 Stock Market Crash – just with Colorfuls scattered in huge numbers across the entire nation, and no Hitler figure to unite the White Man against his enemies.

For obvious reasons, then, I suggest everyone study the Catalan Independence Referendum to see how everything plays out.

The politics may be different, and the dynamic is somewhat more nuanced than our situation, but the whole idea of a secession movement in the face of government wrath is something to pay attention to.


Catalonia is gearing up for an independence referendum on Sunday despite attempts to hinder the process by the government in Madrid, which considers it illegal. Police trying to seal polling stations have faced resistance from occupiers keen to vote.

Catalans have staged numerous protests and occupied polling stations to secure their right to vote. Over six thousand ballot boxes will be used, and there are more than 2,300 polling stations across the region.

The referendum was not authorized by the federal authorities and Spain’s Constitutional Court has ruled that it is illegal. Police have been ordered to remove people occupying polling stations, located in schools and other facilities, Reuters reports citing a government source.

The federal authorities said on Saturday that police had sealed off 1,300 of 2,315 schools in Catalonia which had been designated as polling stations, according to Reuters.

Prior to the vote, Madrid launched a crackdown on Catalonia, local government buildings were raided and top-ranking Catalonian officials, including Junior Economy Minister Josep Maria Jové, were arrested over referendum documents.

The government also wanted to take direct control over the local police force in a bid to halt the upcoming vote. The action was denounced it as “intervention attempt” by Catalonia’s Interior Minister, Joaquim Forn, who also said that the local police refused to comply with the order.

The Spanish government forced Google to block an application which provided information to the citizens on where and how to vote. Madrid also ordered the shutdown of all polling stations and deployed thousands of its troops to the region.

On Saturday, the Civil Guard raided the Center of Telecommunications and Technologies of Information (CTTI) to switch off applications that could be used to count the results.

However, to make sure the vote happens locals staged numerous sit-ins at schools and other sites that are supposed to serve as polling stations.

Much of this may occur in the not-too-distant future here in the United States, for no matter how much the (((powers that be))) hate us, they will not let us go in peace.

All resources would be devoted to pushing one last gasp of the dead brand known as Americanism in order to turn the majority of the White population (even the Jews privately understand that we’re the most important in many ways) against any move at secession.

This is why we consistently speak of changing the culture by pushing through that all-important 10% threshold, for if we can get enough power behind Nationalistic causes, all things will then be open for discussion.

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  1. Catalans are close to justifiably shooting representatives of the Spanish national government.

    • When they start, I hope they don’t forget about their parasitic king and his brood. As usual, the only thing that stands between corrupt rulers and independence is law enforcement/military. Their protection, not ours.

  2. To achieve the nation you and I want, an all white Confederacy, will take time and brains. FIRST, get people on our side. Next get as MANY whites to move to the south as we can. ( Gotta be creative here. ) THEN … when you have their attention, bring in the ( as you say, ) Hitler figure to unite, BUT … he better be way more like a Robert E. Lee ( but strong and mesmerizing ) than an ACTUAL ( murdering nut case ) Hitler. Remember … Hitler would kill YOU once you’ve served his purpose ! Careful what you wish for.
    YOU need to focus on building $$$ now so you can achieve this.
    How about an NGO to save the south … stop Soros … ( ??? ) … reveal the bias in media, like zero coverage of 3rd world darkie killing whites in a church but non stop Dillan Roof coverage cause it, “fit their fake ass victimhood template” … ?
    If SPLC can raise 60 + million … YOU can raise MORE !!!!
    GO SOLDIER GO !!!!

    Just be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot with any heiling of Hitler while you’re trying to fund raise. What do you want MORE … a silly fantasy, or a new country ?

    • “Murdering nut case?” I guess your (((public education))) really took hold. Why don’t you tell us about the Holocaust now. Obese Boomer or effete Millennial?

    • @james Jackson

      A Confederacy won’t happen, go back to sleep now Great great great great grandpa.

    • It’s insane.

      They’re literally arresting Catalan politicians with even remote ties to those who organized the referendum.

      That’s why I’m telling people to pay attention to the tactics and responses – we’ll likely see our own version in some form not all that long from now.

      • We all need to observe the globalist system’s warfare strategies as well as their slaves’ reaction to it no matter where they occur. From Venezuela to Germany to Malaysia and everywhere in between.

  3. The unification of Spain was ultimately a mistake and a disaster, just like the unification of Italy, the Balkan states and, one could argue, Germany. Catalan must emerge from the tyranny of the Castile-Aragon union and reassert itself. It is a White nation and they are PROUD of that.

  4. Secession is a sign to the central authorities that they’ve failed and are in danger of losing their power. USSA response would be very similar to what’s going on in Spain.

  5. Saw a great comment on Vox Day:

    “These pictures are terrible for Spain. They’ve done everything the Catalan separatists could have possibly hoped for, especially the half-hearted show of force.

    “If you’re going to crack down on the populace, you need the will to be as brutal as the USSR was in 1956 or Britain wasn’t in facing Gandhi. Simply LARPing as a police state is the worst of both worlds – you earn the people’s hate but not their fear.”

  6. no Whites are going to “secede’ from ‘Murka. The Jews and their invasive ethnic Einsaztgruppen intend to kill us. All of us. We’ll either exterminate them, all of them, or they will do us. It is a zero sum game.

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