SIGH: Illegal Invader Numbers Steadily Rising Since President Trump’s Great Cuckening

Hunter was dead on about this issue, and I myself had a bad gut feeling about it all since the first signs of Trump’s collapse showed themselves during the spring.

Basically what we were seeing in the early months of this year was a “wait and see” approach by the hordes of Hispanics crouched near our southern border.

Many figured it would be best to figure out which way the wind was blowing inside the United States for a number of reasons – it costs a lot of money to cross the border, many feared family would be deported, and most understand that deportation usually makes it next to impossible to reenter the country in the LEGAL manner that we heard Donald speak of hundreds of times since 2015.

Sounds pretty advanced, but you’d be surprised by the technology these Squatamalans get their hands on – in some ways they’re not as primitive as you might think at first glance.

But now that everything is unraveling, expect numbers to rise to what I would assume will be first term Obama levels – amnesty might even trigger a deluge due to legalisms guaranteed under any of these decrees.


Illegal border crossings spiked at the same time President Donald Trump’s administration spoke with congressional Democrats about potentially giving amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

President Trump met with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) weeks ago. The meeting gave the appearance of the president seeming to cave on his major campaign promise to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens, Breitbart News reported.

The negotiations were centered on the nearly 800,000 illegal aliens shielded by the Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Though no deal has been made between the White House and Congress – two amnesty bills have been filed in the House and Senate. The talk of amnesty in Washington, D.C. has already led to surges of illegal crossings at the U.S./Mexico border.

As Breitbart Texas reported, illegal border crossings peaked at 22,293 in the month of August. This represents an almost 25 percent increase over the month before, reaching almost August 2012 illegal immigration levels.

At the same time, the number of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and Family Unit Aliens (FMUA) apprehended while illegally cross into the U.S. through Mexico increased as well. In the month of August, nearly 3,000 UACs were apprehended at the southern border, an increase of 20 percent from July. Another 4,645 FMUAs were arrested at the border, an increase of 37 percent from the month before.

In a report by McClatchy DC, a U.S. official said the illegal immigration levels – which were at a historic low in April of this year – have taken a “surprising” turn.

“They’ve definitely began creeping back up,” the official said. “They’re still low compared to recent years, but when you look at the calendar they’re trending in a surprising direction. They’re trending up.”

Additionally, because the federal government under Trump continues to relocate UACs and FMUAs across the U.S. if they can persuade officials about their fears in their native countries, the U.S. official said illegal aliens may believe that an immigration crackdown under the administration is just talk, rather than action.

“People may be figuring that out,” the official told McClatchy DC. “They may have assumed that it was going to be worse than it is.”


  1. There is one possible silver lining to this endless mud-crud invasion. It may result in Whites becoming more racially aware and more likely to segregate.

    • That happened a long time ago, aka white flight. We aren’t allowed segregate because Diversity keeps chasing us down.

      • I meant becoming racially aware in a militant, aggressive way, not as a bunch of white-flight cowards.

    • Spahn….Whites in So Cal have segregated themselves from these brown asses who live in incredible squalor and filth as a matter of habit and culture. These two-legged parasites that trespass into our boarder are notorious for squatting illegally and creating shanty no-go towns all through California. These La Cocochas bring with them from Me-Shit-Co… drugs, prostitution, violent crimes, contagious diseases of all types, poor education and the parents are poor role models for their offspring mystery meats. Their culture, or lack thereof is similar to gypsy-style contempt for law and civilized societal norms. They have no concept of sanitation or personal hygiene. No one wants to live near these despicable creatures.

  2. When the neighborhood gets to about a 20% it’s time to sell the house. Property values will drop. It just takes a few of them hanging out in the area and it’s all downhill from there.

  3. When the time comes, again I will say, go for the white ones first. A country rots from the inside out and the top down.

    • we won’t have to. When the Jewbuck dies, the urban diversity (niggers, spics, muslims) will liquidate most of the urban Jews and White cosmics. We’ll only have to deal with whatever Jews and cosmics leak out into the countryside. Then, when the dust settles, we go back into the cities and clean out whatever’s left.

      • What a general you are. No fighting, huh. You’re so brilliant that you get to pick your hiding spot and emerge as king with your predictions entitling you to receive a crown.

        • No hiding or running away for me. I’m no tough guy but I’m ready to fight if confronted. Hoping that Trump will do this or that, hoping the economy will collapse, hoping the niggers and the mestizos will turn against each other like zombies against vampires….fuck it, let’s get this party started.

  4. Remember that very few people are actually turned away at the border now – the law, or how it is interpreted, makes simply turning them away and not allowing them to enter the United States, impossible. A large majority – and ALL children (even those who look like adults but claim to be under 18) – MUST be accepted into the US for processing, for a court date, and for a decision on their status. This means some go to detention centers (very often – very comfortable, with full hotel and medical services, and education for the kids), but most are RELEASED – into the United States – in the “custody” of their supposed relatives already here, or to some other sponsor. Once in most do NOT show up for their hearings and disappear into the gigantic and still growing illegal population.

    So far, the Trump administration has done NOTHING to change this automatic acceptance – no denial of entry into the US – policy.

    Which means, in essence, we still do not have an enforced border – 10 months into Trump.

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