Catalan Secession Referendum Hits 90%, Spanish Police Injure Hundreds During Voting

Catalonia’s attempt to remove itself from the Spanish nation drew my interest for two specific reasons.

First off, we are seeing the concept of Democracy as taught to us by the Jews disintegrate at this very moment. We have now beyond a shadow of a doubt learned that voting and popular support only means something so long as it follows a specific party line.

We saw this with Brexit, we saw this with Donald Trump’s victory last year, and now we see this in broad daylight on a level that honestly makes me wonder why the Spaniards are reacting so viciously – taxes and financial issues alone are not usually very emotional in their content.

The only recent exception to the above rule seems to be the Scottish Referendum – my guess is that the (((powers that be))) wanted the Leftist loons (rumor has it that the SNP is secretly led by a shadowy figure known only as Cuckheart: The Gimped Crusader) stuck to Britain in order to serve as a barrier to any sort of Brexit push (this all happened a few years ago if you remember).

And second, as I highlighted just the other day, we see in Catalonia a vision of a likely future involving many of us here in the United States.

Expect any future push at secession to be met with hostility the likes of which has not been seen since the War Between The States more than 150 years ago – total shutdowns, hacking attacks, mass arrests, and killings will all happen.

Therefore, I again urge everyone to study the tactics, responses, successes, and failures of what we witnessed today, for such knowledge may one day save our lives.

The politics of the Catalan people don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things (they’re EU-beholden Leftists much akin to the Scots from what I’ve heard), for what is really of importance is whether a push for total independence in the face of overwhelming Globalism is still realistic in the short to medium term.


Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont says the Spanish region has won the right to statehood following a contentious referendum that was marred by violence.

He said the door had been opened to a unilateral declaration of independence.

Catalan officials later said 90% of those who voted backed independence in Sunday’s vote. The turnout was 42.3%.

Spain’s constitutional court had declared the poll illegal and hundreds of people were injured as police used force to try to block voting.

Officers seized ballot papers and boxes at polling stations.

“With this day of hope and suffering, the citizens of Catalonia have won the right to an independent state in the form a republic,” Mr Puigdemont said in a televised address flanked by other senior Catalan leaders.

“My government, in the next few days will send the results of today’s vote to the Catalan parliament, where the sovereignty of our people lies, so that it can act in accordance with the law of the referendum.”

He said the European Union could no longer “continue to look the other way”.

You know something?

When the EU is involved, I wholeheartedly believe in spawning so much chaos that the whole rotten structure comes crashing down with a single kick of the boot.

With each new crisis, we see the Marxist abomination currently dominating Europe teetering closer and closer to a final fall – they’re now in a rather dreadful situation.

Do they dare step in on the side of Catalonia and thus negate their whole philosophy of a united continent loyal only to Brussels?

Or do they step back and make all other separatist movements realize that the only way forward is through isolationism?


No one knows precisely what will happen if Catalan officials actually follow through on their pledge to use the vote — chaotic as it was — as a basis for declaring the northeastern region independent, a provocative move that would threaten Spain with the possible loss of one of its most prosperous regions, including the popular coastal city of Barcelona, the regional capital.

Hundreds of police armed with truncheons and rubber bullets were sent in from other regions to confiscate ballots and stop the voting, and amateur video showed some officers dragging people out of polling stations by the hair, throwing some down stairs, kicking them and pushing them to the ground. Anguished, frightened screams could be heard.

Police were acting on a judge’s orders to stop the referendum, which the Spanish government had declared illegal and unconstitutional — and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said going forward with the vote only served to sow divisions.

In a televised address after the majority of polls closed Sunday, he thanked the Spanish police, saying they had acted with “firmness and serenity” — comments sure to anger Catalans.

Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said the violence, while “unfortunate” and “unpleasant” was “proportionate.”

“If people insist in disregarding the law and doing something that has been consistently declared illegal and unconstitutional, law enforcement officers need to uphold the law,” Dastis told The Associated Press in an interview.

By day’s end, Catalan health services said 844 civilians had been treated in hospitals for injuries, including two in serious condition and another person who was being treated for an eye injury that fit the profile of having been hit by a rubber bullet. Thirty-three police officers were also injured.

Officials planning the police operation may have failed to take into account the ubiquitous use of smart phones with video recorders as violent images were broadcast across the world.

At the Pau Claris School in Barcelona, amateur footage filmed by one voter showed police roughing up unarmed people standing in their way. Amateur video from other locations showed similar tactics, with people seen being hit, kicked and thrown around by police, including elderly people with their dogs, young girls and regular citizens of all stripes. Many tried to shield themselves from being smacked on the head.


    • BS. España is real. And over half of the people of Cataluna recognize it and want to remin part of Spain. That is why the turnout for these independence vote never exceeds 40 something percent. And 10 percent of those who do vote in these referendums (which are seen as illegitimate by the majority of Catalans) oppose independence.

      Also bear in mind that most of the Catalan secessionists are Leftists (like the Scottish secessionists) who would gladly fill Cataluna full of Africans and Muslims as long as those people support secession.

        • Miguel – Is it true that the most popular name for boy’s born in Catalonia in recent years is Mohammed? If so what I make the connection that Catalonia is voting to become a Caliphate some time down the road.

        • That is my opinion. I lived in Spain for 4 yeara and have friends there. The Catalan secessionists tend to Leftists, globalists and communists. Franco crushed them for a reason.

      • Not turning out to vote does not meann you are against it. If part of Catalan’s argument pro secession is the drain on its resources by the rest of Spain, then flooding themselves with tax draining Africans will be amusing and very instructive for observers.

      • Michael Cushmen’s analysis sounds right to me. Michael has been to Spain, knows the history, knows who is like us who is with us.

        This sounds so much like false Christ, false nationalism – like Mel Gibson’s Braveheart.

        In some weird twists evil White Racists Spanish are some how oppressing Catalanians as the English were/are suppressing the Scotts who are supposedly in some twist, not evil racist Whites, they are supposedly another oppressed people like Jews, Muslims, Blacks, feminists, LGBT.

        This is utter nonsense.

        Don’t let any Lib Leftists try to bring up “The Irish Potato famine” and compare it to the Jewish 6 million holocaust or Black slavery and then try to chat up some young Ted Kennedy type or that fash Canadian Prime Minister or some talk of getting Brad Pitt to run for President and bring everyone together including 20 million muslim migrant men.

        Utter nonsense.

  1. Those who talk self-righteously of “Muh Democracy” really have very little use for it. They like it as long as the approved candidates/parties/positions win, which leaves out Brexit, Yanukovich in Ukraine, the Crimean referendum, Catalonia and too many others.

    As for the self-determination of peoples, forget about it.

  2. One thing I noticed about the Catalonia debate in Europe is that no one EVER says rights come from God. Whatever the state says is lawful is the final word. We see the consequence of that in Catalonia today.

    The alt right really lost an opportunity to front run this historic event (horrible “leadership” again!)

    They seemed to side with the EU and global media and the Madrid government, all of whom are our Enemies against Catalonia? Why? Because of fascist LARPing? You want fascism? Here it is on display in Catalonia, and it will lose.

    Small nations are demographic bulwarks. Superstates are demographic doom.

    • ” …no one EVER says rights come from God. Whatever the state says is lawful, is the final word.”

      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

      This is the great evil of any regime-whether democracy, monarchy, limited monarchy, bolshevik, or even National Socialist.

      The old adage, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely, ” is not out of date-it has merely been proven more recently, to be a component part of any godless government.

      Precisely because it is… Godless!

      The idiots -yes every single f*cking one of them are idiots- who think we can exist without the Law of God and submission to the Patriarch of the Universe, are fools. Or Jews.

      And you know what the Bible says about fools. Ps. 14-

      ” The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.
      2 The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God.
      3 They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one.
      4 Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the Lord.”

      And what the Bible says about the Jews is even worse- Gospel of John, Chapter 8

      ” Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.
      43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.
      44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

      • The Bible was written by men – not God. The National Socialists merely interpreted God as the power which governs the universe & never remained beholden to 2,000 year old words written by those who claimed they spoke for God at a time completely detached from our current problems.

        The “absolute power corrupts absolutely” can also be applied in many areas, even insofar as a powerless people without centralized rule becomes a feral anarchistic mob & as such, far more destructive than one totalitarian ruler.

        Just some food for thought.

  3. Lol, this “Catalonia Spring” is a movement lead by leftists and Jews. Anyone can take a few minutes and find out that there has never been an independent Nation of Catalonia, they have been apart of the Kingdom of Spain since isabella and ferdinand finished the reconquesta and united all of Spain, and Spain became an empire.

    I can’t believe so many Alt-right/dissident Right types are falling for this. (I suspect its the post -libertarian idea of “Nationalism for Everyone” nonsense). The so-called Catalonia nationalists want to be in the EU, they want more refugees, they want more gay pride parades and more same-sex marriages and more leftism all round. The people of Catalonia are going to get jewed even harder now when they are a smaller, weaker nation-state under the EU, because they will be made wholly dependent on it. I predict this is template for all larger Europe states under the EU, to break them up, to make them weaker and more manageable.

    This all is going to be more clear in days to come.

    • Afterthought is a mainstream conservative troll. As you pointed out Barcelona is a hive of Anarchists and Communists. The Castillians are generally Fascist. Interpret accordingly.

    • A substantial chunk of Catalonia lies in French territory proper, ditto for the Basque Country. Any secession from France activity there?

    • That’s a very real possibility, and that is why I would never endorse this secession movement aside from MAYBE saying it would provide somewhat of a precedent for us in the future.

      Like I said, my main interest is in observing how the crackdown takes place, and to see what we can learn from this incident.

    • procopius is right.

      This is a case of our people grasping at straws. Since we’re not allowed real nationalism with race realism, cultural realism – we look for anything different that the current system.

      I look at this the same way as young American Jewish liberals and Leftists going off to Egypt to partipate in ….


      Freedom and Democracy

      And then blonde American reporters trying to give gushing positive reporting of this wonderful display of people’s power, democracy in the streets – this blond American reporter gets raped by the Arab mob, then it becomes reality that the Muslim Brotherhood has won the election – somehow Lib Leftist Jewish Americans have to spin this someway or else, they just walk away like the walked away from Detroit MI after the 1967 “Rebellion” or they walked away from Zimbabwe and South Africa after it became no longer fashionable.

      The Lib Left Jewish elite would rather going skiing at Aspen CO and attend Climate change conferences.

      Too many of our people in the Alt Right, Race Realism movement want to do the same – walk away, live in a fantasy world, embrace false Christs.

  4. Leftists, anarchists, gays or not, I think Catalans themselves should be able to decide what their future will be.

    • ” I think Catalans themselves should be able to decide what their future will be.”

      Why? Why does an entire people under the grip of Satanic possession (and yes, liberalism and progressivism, feminism, homosexism, etc., are all states of demonic possession) have the right to choose anything at all, when they are in rebellion against the very God that created their nation in the first place?

      Lunatics do NOT run asylums.

      • Of course they do. The people running lunatic asylums are hard core psychopaths while the majority of inmates are merely poor, often drugged out, sometimes messed up. The former is way more evil and crazy than the latter, on average.

        • Who would know better how lunatic asylums are run than someone who’s spent half her life in one?

      • Yep. Lunatics shouldn’t run an insane asylum.

        7th grade “students” from Red Hook Brooklyn shouldn’t run PS 142 where I taught.

        When anything goes, everything goes.

  5. According to Russia Today, Catalonia represents a large share of Spain’s GDP. Catalan secession would lose a broke country a lot of revenue, in which case the brutal crackdown makes more sense.

  6. Can anyone explain to me why the Spanish government though it would be a good idea to attack people for holding a vote? Even if it is an “illegal vote”, surely the way to handle an illegitimate plebiscite is just to ignore the result? Do they really think it’s better optics to bash old ladies about the head?

  7. This is about money. Catalonia is the center of (((commerce))) of Spain and (((they))) don’t like paying taxes to Madrid.

  8. Strange how those Spic cops had no problem clobbering their fellow countrymen, including old ladies, yet they have never done anything to stop the invading niggers and Mohammedans from raping, rioting and committing acts of terrorism. Why is that?

  9. The unification of Spain is no longer a good idea, although it served its purpose in earlier times. Germany and Italy should also break up into smaller states and kingdoms, which is how those two countries existed for most of their history anyway.

  10. Catalonia is PROOF the EU Model can be destroyed. It is also proof Whites are becoming restless. which is why the Lefties are flooding us with Nigs and Sand Nigs, to stem off the Revolution!

  11. I may be wrong, but some of the arguments here against Catalonian secession could just as well be used against a hypothetical (at this point) second secession of the South. The loss of a big chunk of GDP justifying a brutal crackdown, the same (secession ) problem, and so on. Do we support self-determination only for people sharing our own general views?

    • Mestigoit asks:

      “Do we support self-determination only for people sharing our own general views?”

      I respond:


      It’s the same as asking me if I want to listen to the political views of Hollywood celebrities – George Clooney, Michael Moore, that girl who acted in the Harry Potter movie and is now a special UN Ambassador for DIVERSITY and Inclusion.

      Do support these PC celebrities and their causes?



  12. I believe in self-determination for all humanity more especially for its major ethnic strains.I care not if it weakens the nation they are part of because these are not true nations, The origin of the word nations in the Bible is from the Greek “ethnos” from which we get the word ethnic and ethno as in Ethno-State. That means self-determination for Kurds, Catalonians, Palestinians, Tibetans, African-Americans, the Hispanic Southwest and yes even for white Americans whether red staters or blue staters! A people can never be truly happy and free unless they are in nations of their own ethnicity firmly in control of their own destiny. As such I am a racial preservationist, a political devolutionist, and an Ethno-Statist!

  13. Ethnostatist nutcase writes:

    “I believe in self-determination for all humanity”

    I respond:

    Sounds like we have another John Lennon “Imagine”. Here’s hoping you get to experience the joys of self determination for my Black AA neighbors in Engelwood Chicago or the worst slums of Jo Burg.

    Jeees we have some stupid comments in the comment section today.

    Get a job mate. Time to re connect with reality.

  14. I have a job, thank you very much.What an idiot you are. You put the retarded in Retarded Right! (Besides being arrogant and obnoxious) If blacks had their own Ethno-State whether it failed or not would be their concern because a white ethno-State would have secure borders. What is your solution? An all white nation, an America 2.0, from sea to shining sea with Africans sent back to Africa and Hispanics to Mexico? That is not going to happen!

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