DA BEARS: White Hero Mike Ditka Attacks NFL Negroids, Calls Out “Oppression” Hoax

After slicing through defenses as a tight end back in the day, and after demolishing teams as a head coach, Mike Ditka has decided to stand up again late in life to destroy one last adversary – the freeloading Black terrorists in our midst.

Chicago Tribune:

Former Bears star and coach Mike Ditka, an adamant critic of National Football League players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial discrimination, said Monday in a national radio interview that this country has been free of oppression for at least a century.

“All of a sudden, it’s become a big deal now, about oppression,” Ditka told Jim Gray on Westwood One’s pregame show ahead of the Bears’ “Monday Night Football” loss to the Vikings. “There has been no oppression in the last 100 years that I know of. Now maybe I’m not watching it as carefully as other people.”

“Is that the stage for this? If you want to protest, or whatever you want to protest, you’ve got a right to do that, but I think you’re a professional athlete, you have an obligation to the game,” Ditka said. “I think you have to respect the game. That’s what I think is the most important thing. I don’t see a lot of respect for the game. I just see respect for their own individual opinions. Opinions are like noses, we all have one. Some are good. Some are bad.”

Ditka insisted he wasn’t “condemning anybody or criticizing anybody” but urged players to “protest when the game’s over, protest whatever other way you want to” and said he would bench players who insisted on demonstrating during the anthem because it’s disrespectful.

“If you don’t respect our country, then you shouldn’t be in this country playing football,” he said. “Go to another country and play football. If you had to go somewhere else to try to play the sport, you wouldn’t have a job. So that would be my take. If you can’t respect the flag and the country, then you don’t respect what this is all about. So I would say, adios.”

Gray cited athletes such as Muhammad Ali and Jesse Owens who have taken on social injustices, but Ditka was unmoved.

“I don’t know what social injustices have been,” Ditka said. “Muhammad Ali rose to the top. Jesse Owens is one of the classiest individuals that ever lived. I mean, you can say, ‘Are you (saying) everything is based on color?’ I don’t see it that way. I think that you have to be color blind in this country. You’ve got to look at a person for what he is and what he stands for and how he produces, not by the color of his skin. That has never had anything to do with anything.”

This is somewhat cucked, but from his statement we can deduce that this country is now more racially hobbled than ever before.

At this point you’re looking at anti-White hatred wherever you turn – Colorfuls are entitled to whatever their primitive hearts desire so long as it doesn’t slap the Jews across their hooked-nosed faces.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s just keep it real here, everyone.

Blacks in the United States have ALWAYS had an existence better than they ever deserved, ever desired, and ever dreamed of back in their cannibal and Ebola-infested jungle habitats.

Under slavery (there were I’m sure a few minor exceptions), Blacks were treated with dignity, were provided ample personal resources and nourishment (they actually grew significantly in average height), and oftentimes grew to become a part of the Master’s family in deeper ways than they shared with their own blood kin back in Africa.

It should even be noted that after the War Between The States, many freed slaves expressed regret over their new lot, and spoke of the joys of their former “bondage” until their dying days.

And after the proto-Communists of the Reconstruction Era were at last expelled, Jim Crow ushered in what could honestly be described as the pinnacle of the Negro Race’s entire existence.

During the roughly three generations before Jew-instigated rebellion, Blacks were required by society to manage their own affairs, maintain their own communities, and at least make the attempt to copy White civilization as best as was possible under genetic constraints.

Standard Black vices like public intoxication, overall sloth/degeneracy, and “muh dik” were punished harshly and justly, and were overall at levels lower than anything seen in modern times.

As for this mysterious “oppression” I’m always hearing about?

Not seeing it.


  1. Ditka is a good pollock, no question about it. But I doubt the popularity of football will ever recover. In addition to all the usual nigger nonsense associated with it there is the ongoing concern about long-term head injuries, the dangers that the sport poses to high school boys, the scandalous, criminal behavior of NFL “stars”, etc. The popularity of college football is also declining because students have found other things to do.

    So now the jews have a bit of a problem: How do they get the White goyim to continue worshiping the schvartzes?

    • The big thing in a lot of areas is the fact that at around age 12 or so you’ll have coaches abandon their best White players in favor of Tyrone, Leroy, and DeJarvis because “muh scholarships and muh SEC/ACC recruiters.”

      So many White kids get ignored this way despite having more raw talent and more potential.

      It’s the same in baseball although it’s Hispanics and not Blacks.

    • I started watching NFL games back in the late 1950’s when you had such greats as Y.A. Tittle, Billy Kilmer, Johnny Unitas, the almost immortal George Blanda, Alex Karras, etc. with very little “diversity” & none of this recent bullshit That was back in the days when the players actually did cigarette commercials, and yes, there was a time when weeds were promoted on the boob tube, big time. Usually two games on Sunday & that was it for the week. In glorious black & white with announcers who actually called the game like it was a boxing match. No bimbo cheerleaders or outrageous halftime shows. As I recall many of the players wore helmets without facemasks. Getting your teeth busted out was quite common for most players in that era. Haven’t watched a game in over 30 years & could care less. Two things that really piss me off is that the taxpayers now have to finance the stadia in virtually every city. The other, the fans. No need for explanation on that one!

        • Joe Wille was Hungarian. I read his autobiography, “I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL TOMRROW BECAUSE I GET BETTER LOOKING EVERYDAY” (1969), & puts great emphasis on that! Many people actually thought he was Italian or possibly an Arab. However, there’s one thing for sure, he rattled up the NFL like DeLorean did to GM in that same bygone era!

          • Also, a few corrections, I understand Joe Namath is still alive & recently turned 74. At the time he was playing there were two separate leagues, the AFL & NFL. They merged around 1970.
            During that same time, Dave Meggyesy, a former linebacker for the St. Louis Cardinals, published his very controversial book, “OUT OF THEIR LEAGUE” (1969) which literally ripped apart both pro & even college football with very explicit details about corrupt the sport was at that time & I’m sure it’s a lot worst in 2017. I still remember the night when he appeared on the TONIGHT SHOW back in 1970 & starting trashing not only pro football but also, the Viet Nam War & even President Nixon. A very embarrassed Johnny Carson had to cut him off with a commercial. He didn’t return after the break. Carson never permitted a re-broadcast of that segment of the show nor did Meggysey ever return as a guest. The book by the way is still in print.

          • @JP: I remember seeing an interview on the Dick Cavett show with some hippie looking dude who was sitting next to Gloria Swanson and talking about how corrupt the football industry was. I thought to myself “This guy is sitting next to a legendary Hollywood actress and he’s talking about football?” It must have been the same guy you mentioned.

        • Spahn, it was him. Meggysey got a great deal of publicity from that book including the talk show circuit. Just remember, back in ’70 there was Carson, Cavett & Merv Griffin all competing for the late night TV audience. It was about the same time the very controversial syndicated TV host, Joe Pyne died, too after taking late night TV talk shows to a new extreme.

  2. I grew up on SEC football in the South as a youngster in the 70s. Never did really get into the NFL until I was in my late 20s and it was poular to go watch the games in the local pub. I swore it off long ago, don’t even remember why actually. I continued to watch college (SEC) ball into my 30s and then finally got disgusted with the nigger antics and rapes in the 90s.

    What did I gain? Two free days every weekend to spend DOING something rather than WATCHING something. I shoot, I hunt, I expore, I work on my own trucks/cars, I spend quality time with my white children and my white wife.

    One one really sees how unattractive modern football (and Sports in general) are, you can’t unsee it. Ditka (and the cucked American male) still find football attractive, they can’t see…yet
    I regularly ridicule the acquaintances I have that still watch.

  3. He knows these niggers are killing the game from within and he is prettty darn close to saying this explicitly.

    Fine-groomed athletes > racinated political stooges is what an all-white professional football league could produce.

  4. >Gray cited athletes such as Muhammad Ali and Jesse Owens who have taken on social injustices, but Ditka was unmoved.

    dont be surprised if jim gray is a jew

  5. Clay/ali at the Rumble In the Jungle in Africa told a reporter, when he was asked what he thought about Africa, that he is glad that his granddaddy got on that ship

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