Charlottesville: DeAndre Harris Turns Himself In, Immediately Released On Bail

Charlottesville is a perfect look into the crystal ball of what the rest of America will look like if Leftist vermin gain control of the main institutions of power – a mockery of what a functioning society is supposed to look like.

At the moment, we have at least 3 or 4 guys sitting in jail cells after being denied bond/bail for minor actions during the Battle Of Charlottesville back in August – actions so minor that in normal times they wouldn’t even qualify for a bail over $100, or a sentence greater than a “continued without a finding” in a court of law.

But when the narrative doesn’t run in the proper manner the Left sees fit, and when their pets begin to be implicated for actions that could in many ways be construed as attempted murder or mayhem (usually requiring a double-digit prison term), watch just how the justice system gets perverted to balance everything out once again.

NBC 29:

A man wanted in connection to an assault in Charlottesville on August 12 has turned himself in to police.

Twenty-year-old DeAndre Shakur Harris turned himself to the Charlottesville Police Department around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, October 12. He was served the warrant charging him with unlawful wounding.

Police said Harris was taken before the magistrate and released on an unsecured bond.

Authorities had issued a warrant for Harris’ arrest on Monday, October 9, after a person filed a charge of malicious wounding with the magistrate.

Three men – Alex Michael Ramos, Daniel Patrick Borden, and Jacob Scott Goodwin – are accused of attacking Harris inside the Market Street Parking Garage on Saturday, August 12.

Harris is scheduled to appear in Charlottesville General District Court Friday, October 13.

I know that if I personally did this to some random Black, I would face time in prison that probably wouldn’t end until my infant son was entering college, and that would probably be a best case parole scenario.

There would be no bond, no quick series of court dates, no serious plea bargain deals, and no mercy from (((the powers that be))).

Gotta love that double standard in today’s fallen society, right?

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  1. That jail needs some busting. The jailed White activists should maintain their cool and be model inmates. The guards will probably know cops etc.

  2. Well, at least that coon has to appear in court tomorrow morning. It’s not likely he’ll have any opportunity to avoid it. And if he tries he’ll go straight to jail.

    Getting mad YET, Whitey?

  3. Perhaps Harold Crews can be at the hearing? I don’t know if he would be allowed to speak, but surely….nah…wait a minute….I must be mad….once we get our people out of jail, a Carthaginian solution is the only thing that will work on Cville.

  4. Sounds to me like the left have infested the justice/ court system in the U.S. so we all know
    they won’t work to get justice of any kind for white working class types who want to live normal lives. Its always- don’t punish them, they need understanding, and they’re disadvantaged. Oh….but give whitey ten years for fighting back!
    In Australia the left have made our justice system a sorry joke with perps laughing at it. Your lucky if they get five years for murder.
    Refugees who join gangs, murder, rape or intimidate people- are never deported….it would ‘violate their human rights’. What about OUR human rights?
    The justice system hasn’t gone in to bat for us for years.

  5. Of course MSM continues to treat him as the victim. He’ll probably get off light but the effort to get him into court was still worth it.

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