TOP CUCK: Ole Miss Spent $130,000 To Bring Wiz Khalifa Rap Concert To Campus

I’m preaching to the choir here, obviously, but for those of you who are new to our ideology, here is a bit of advice:

Be very careful about sending your children to college, and if you do, pay extreme attention to any slight changes in their mindsets and behaviors.

I mean, I don’t think attending one concert featuring a strange alien creature is going to cause permanent damage, but things do add up – especially when you’re dealing with kids and young adults passing through their most impressionable years.

The College Fix:

The University of Mississippi paid $130,000 to bring rap star Wiz Khalifa to the campus as part of its back-to-school festivities for a performance that was clouded with controversy because the artist celebrates drug use and uses lyrics that degrade women.

The College Fix, through a public records act request, obtained a copy of the contract between the public university and the rapper’s management company, showing the compensation included a $130,000 pay out for the one-hour performance in front of some 5,000 students.

Campus leaders now refuse to address questions regarding the high cost of bringing Wiz Khalifa to campus for a concert that drew criticism from many, including a major donor.

Multiple College Fix requests for comment regarding the costs and the source of the event’s funding have gone unanswered by a wide variety of university officials.

The choice of Khalifa, an artist who openly flaunts using marijuana and whose music includes vulgar lyrics and scantily clad women in its videos, irked some alumni who saw his visit to campus as antithetical to the university’s principles.

Maybe some of the older guys are starting to drop the “color blind” cuckoldry?

Perhaps it’s just a matter of pushing them too far too fast – that sort of thing can oftentimes backfire in a nasty little way.

In an interview with The Daily Mississippian, Brady Ruffin, executive director of the Student Activities Association, said his group’s vote to have Wiz Khalifa perform on campus was “almost pretty unanimous.”

Who is this group, and who are their members?

And if they’re students, can somebody please explain why they have the authority to piss away hundreds of thousands of dollars on idiocy like Wiz?

Yet, that decision came with blowback.

Conservative news website LifeZette reported “emails and texts flooded the office of Chancellor Jeff Vitter” regarding Khalifa’s planned appearance on campus. Among those who reached out to Vitter was alumnus Meg Carter, who questioned why Khalifa’s “message of heavy drug use and sexualization of women” was being welcomed on campus.

Another critic of the concert was Ed Meek, a Ole Miss alumni who donated $5.3 million to the university’s journalism school, which is now named after him and his wife.

A Facebook screenshot posted by The Daily Mississippian shows a post from Meek criticizing Khalifa’s appearance at Ole Miss.

“This guy does not represent our values. How does the UM administration expect our students to act when presented this kind of role model,” Meek wrote.

Well, it’s actually quite simple when you break it all down.

The (((powers that be))) no longer care about how they look in the eyes of the people, for their primary mission is, and always has been, the degradation of the White youth.

The only real difference at this point in time is that everything is being carried out at a speed that is mind-boggling – a race to prevent certain segments (us) from gaining ground among those who will one day be the leaders of our society.

They know that if they can destroy the generation currently reaching adulthood, then they will have essentially checkmated the White Man once and for all.

The main question out of all this is: will you let that happen?

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  2. O/T but does anyone know where I can read a copy of the lawsuit brought by the city of Charlottesville against UTR?

  3. Ed Meek, a Mississippi Boomer who gave a fortune to UM, so cucked it won’t even play Dixie anymore. Pathetic.I hope he chokes on his caviar.

  4. Unless you’re going in for Medicine, Law, Accounting or Engineering a young person would be far better off learning a trade. The less exposure to Mommy Professor the better, not to mention thousands in student loans and an inability to get a job.

  5. “This guy does not represent our values. How does the UM administration expect our students to act when presented this kind of role model,” Meek wrote.
    – – – –

    perfect. stick their “that’s not our values” bs up their backsides

  6. After 800 years one of the most esteemed institutions in the West, the university, is finished. The university system once gave us the likes of St. Thomas Aquinas and Sir Isaac Newton. Now they give us fat, neurotic girls with purple hair and problem glasses. And dirty, low-life niggers rapping about “muh dick”and “dat azz”, like this worthless coon. It’s sad, but universities are no longer needed as repositories of culture or as centers for the advancement of knowledge / intellectual inquiry.

    • Giving over the University, (which arose out of, and needs to be connected to the Christian world and Life view) to the Moloch state, is the reason for the problems that we are encountering. Not the institution itself.

  7. The alt-right has ignored Trump’s reneging on the Iran deal, whose purpose is to set
    America on a course of war with Iran.

    From Eric Margolis

    “Israel has just scored a major triumph by using Trump to sabotage the Iran nuclear pact. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long been adamant in insisting that the pact be scrapped. Having pushed the US to destroy its old foes, Iraq and Syria, Israel now has its big guns trained on Iran, the last regional power that can challenge Israel’s domination of the Mideast. Iran, we should remember, is also the only important Mideast power backing the Palestinians and calling for a Palestinian state.

    Trump is surrounded by a coterie of ardently pro-Israel advisors and cronies aligned to that nation’s far right wing. So far to the right, in fact, that their Israeli opponents often call them ‘fascists.’ Trump, with this Mussolini complex, fits right into this mind-set.

    Israel is determined to destroy Iran so that it can never pose a military or political challenge to the Jewish state. Call it Iraq II. This means turning Iran’s nuclear industry and its civilian economy to ruins. And maybe even breaking up Iran – as was done with Iraq – into Iranian, Azeri and Kurdish mini-states.”

    • I’ve paid attention to it, but I’ve just been feeling so crappy that I haven’t had the time to write much in the last week or so.

      That chest cold I mentioned like two weeks ago?

      Well, yesterday was the first day I wasn’t hacking up hairballs (from what I’ve heard, half of Alabama had this bug during the last month).

      But yeah, it’s definitely concerning, but unlike some of the diehards, I don’t see Donald as much anymore.

      And it’s not like we couldn’t see this coming – he kept whining about muh Iran deal during every single rally.

    • So far Trump hasn’t actually done anything about Iran, other than talk tough in order to keep the jews off his back. Iran is a huge country with high plateaus, vast deserts, tall mountains and tens of millions of healthy young people willing to defend it. And deep down, Iranians are not even Mohammedans, they are still Mithraists and Zoroastrians. They would be an exceedingly tough opponent to defeat and they are NOT the enemy.

  8. You must be united in your MISSION to section off an enlarged Confederate States for whites only and secede from the PC controlled Titanic. Don’t waste your time marching and protesting unless you can collectively say, ” our GOAL is a bigger better Confederate States for whites.”

    • That’s a good point, JJ. HW is clearly a Southern Nationalist, which means his ultimate goal is for the Southern states to secede from the Union and form a new CSA. But he and his confederates (pun intended) need to make that clear so that everyone knows exactly what the purpose of these rallies and demonstrations is.

  9. This is further evidence that protests at SEC games (as Jack Ryan suggests) is a colossal waste of time. Universities WANT “muh-dik”. They WANT niggerball. They WANT a new nation of timid, cucked white sheep.
    I can’t wait til this nation fails. Then we can get to the business of the culling.

      • They are. A tractor is a relatively complex machine that needs the care and maintaince of white people to work. It also serves a useful purpose (agriculture). Blacks serve no purpose and produce nothing other than misery, crime and chaos. You can sneer at unsophisticated whites all you’d like, but you know you are just like the blacks. A useless parasite, a taker and an interloper in a country that isn’t yours and where you aren’t welcome or wanted. No wonder you’re so angry. But that’s not white people’s fault or problem. Go home.

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  11. “Uh uh you know what it iz
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    Yeah uh huh, screaming that nothing
    When I pulled off the lot , that’s stunting”
    -wiz khalifa lyrics

    Are you Fucking kidding me? And the media brainwashes young people to praise this as music?!

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