Charlottesville To Push Lawsuit Demanding Massive Alt-Right Criminal Indictments

Think about this now – you’ve now got the local Charlottesville Soviet seeking to have us all indicted and/or sued for exercising a First Amendment right that was upheld by a federal court order.

Isn’t modern America interesting?

CBS 19:

Charlottesville City counselor Bob Fenwick and four others have planned to bring forth legal action. The lawsuit will be filed against the people responsible for white nationalist demonstrations. Fenwick refered to them as “invaders” and thinks a special grand jury can force some action.

“I think that the city generally is kind of anxious because they don’t think too much is being done to bring these people to justice,” explained Fenwick.

Fenwick said he is doing it as a private citizen, not as an elected official. He is doing all this with the backing of a handful of people that are remaining anonymous right now.

“We hereby file a complaint about a public nuisance resulting in damage to the people of Charlottesville from the operations and tactics organized and conducted Jason Kessler; Richard Spencer, David Duke and their organization and connects,” said Fenwick.

The suit refers to Virginia code § 48-1 that said five or more citizens can request a special grand jury to investigate a complaint made to the circuit court about a public or common nuisance.

Okay, so this would probably never hold on appeal, but that’s not the point of this, I’m guessing.

After looking at this “lawsuit” closely, it seems as if Charlottesville is attempting to break us through frivolous legal action that would force us to shell out ridiculous amounts of money just to defend ourselves from oblivion.

It’s a tried and true tactic among the Left, and has been used in the past to great effect by terrorist groups like the SPLC and ADL when they’ve found themselves faced with an adversary growing too fast and too successfully for comfort.

Look for these Communist weasels to also cite the actions of single individuals (whether they did anything or not is irrelevant) as justification for attacking an entire group/organization – this tactic was pioneered by the Jews long ago with their idea that the entire White Race is collectively responsible for gassing six million with crude bug spray in rickety wooden shower rooms.

CBS19’s Legal Analyst, Scott Goodman, said this is an avenue which has never been used before in the City of Charlottesville and a special grand jury could bring charges against those who previously have not been arrested.

“This grand jury process will allow perhaps additional indictments,” explained Goodman. “That will be criminal charges against people and have to answer in court.”

Imagine this:

You show up to exercise freedom of speech over the fact that your people are being annihilated, and you later find yourself arrested thanks to a sneaky lawsuit worded to label us all as domestic terrorists.

Along with arrests, Fenwick and supporters hope the special grand jury will lead to millions of dollars of restitution to be paid for things like police overtime and physical damage to the city. Good said this is possible.

I’ve said this in the past, and I guess I’ll have to say it again:

At the end of the day, Leftists and Jews don’t care about the Constitution, about legalisms, or about proper procedure and civil rights if any of these get in the way of their agenda.

Sure, they talk a good game when there’s something to be gained (homosexual “marriage” and men seeking to masturbate in women’s bathrooms are two great examples), but when our rights are in question, expect the enemy to simply act as they see fit.

Many over the years (Cuckservatives are famous for this) have talked about how someday the Left will decide to revoke the First and Second Amendments, but they never did seem to be able to think outside the box and envision a situation in which the trappings of certain rights would remain, but would in reality be circumvented by technicalities and case law as bizarre and twisted as verses from the Talmud.

This is where we are headed today, and this is what we need to understand about the forces we fight.

They have no morality, they have no conscience, and they have no concept of fair play as the White Man understands.

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    • The UVA was not that many years ago was a school where the study of the Bill of Rights was an art form. Now it’s a school run by an Irish Roman Catholic woman who probably thinks the Bible should never have been translated into English, and that the Pope’s infallible.

  1. “it seems as if Charlottesville is attempting to break us through frivolous legal action that would force us to shell out ridiculous amounts of money”

    Can we not counter sue a class action suit for each individual in our organization for the amount of legal defense fees? $500,000 for each individual with us should amount to…..125 million…that would help our organization out a lot.

  2. Every time a cop exonorated from the grand jury,Ferguson, ferals do 100,000 property damage and innocent bystanderd injure and killed. we’re dealing with fuktards.

    • how come the left never has anything fresh…black mobs has cause 1000x more property and personal damage since 1921 than Tulsa. ‘Sides, Tulsa was started by gun toting blacks.

    • @El Crappo: Those were the good old days, when the White man knew how to deal with troublesome niggers.

    • Why are you bringing up something from 100 fucking years ago? Besides, the point made still stands. If you’re going to hold our organizers responsible for what happened in Charlottesville, then you could hold other organizers of other groups accountable for any time an event leads to damages, which would have a chilling effect on demonstrations in general, as people planning them can’t control everyone that might show up.

  3. That’s cool. You should check out (what used to be) Hamberg, SC if you ever find yourself on I-20 @ the SC/GA border

  4. Look at how Bannon is throwing the cuckservatives out of the party by putting all his focus on the 2018 primaries;

    The Alt Right totally dropped the ball on this – a lost year.

    • Like voting is going to stop the $ from collapsing into hyperinflation. It would appear we are on Talmudic Autopilot now going at supersonic speed into oblivion.

  5. This is ANOTHER reason you need to go all out with the fund raising. You need a TEAM OF lawyers to “kick that ass.” Start with ( if they advise this, ) YOU getting a grand jury together to indict George Soros the governor and all high ups AND all Antifa for violation of The Rico Act and inciting a riot and aggravated assault. You’re not going to win unless you come out into big public view. To do that you’ld have to curb any Nazi rhetoric and get on board the “Confederate Train.”

    You need to start a “Legal Defense / Attack Fund,” and load it up with donations. You need to go town to town donor to donor and make your donation seeking public through ALL alt right channels.

    I bet … there’s even SOME lawyers out there that would take it free for A. The fun of it, cause they’re one of us, and B. The fame and $$ it would bring THEM.

  6. Isn’t this what you want-to have your day in court? I thought a class action was being planned against the authorities anyway. I’m speaking as someone who is no legal eagle, but one way or the other, this was always bound to end up in the courts.
    Find good lawyers, and get your side of the story known.

    • I understand your point, except your financial figures aren’t appealing to a mega law firm, and it being a libel suit doesn’t help.

      We kick around the 250 million dollar number with the evidence we have and I bet a few law firms will jump into the fight for us.

  7. I love how all of you always go on and on about counter suing and Sue this person and Sue that person. Only city’s, states, feds or millionaire tax exempt orgs can afford to do these things. I have a libel suit in the courts right now! I am suing an Marxist anarchist for libel. I won in circuit court against a pro Bono attorney with my paid attorney. The case is now in the appellate court. It will most likely be overturned because now I am fighting the ACLU! The ACLU flew in attorney’s from New York to represent them. I am not rich. I have spent 20+ thousand dollars. My judgement was for 14,500 dollars, which I will never see. The appeal will never end and if I lose I would have to go back to court to retry the case. Then if I were to win. It would all start back over. This has been going on over two years now! So now I tell you how are the courts going to help us? They won’t…they will only bankrupt us faster.

    • Then one of you needs to start your own version of ACLU, for White Confederate Nationalists. It will start small, get donations … grow … get new but “wanna make a name for themselves” hot shot law grad’s …. win a few cases and build up the war chest. Become an anti SPLC and anti ACLU.

      A person NOT licensed by bar cannot be “part of” a law firm, but you can found one and charge them rent on the building and free representation. So, it’s a profitable firm … making $$$, and everytime one of you has a case like this they take it FREE and they get a %. The firm’s doing 50 to 60 % regular other paying business, paying YOU rent on the building …. then when some punk attacks you they rock n roll FREE 🙂 You need to raise seed $$$$$$$ to finance some good lawyers and their bldg. and legal secretaries etc.

      Think outside the box

      Ever read “The Firm ?” Saw the movie right ? A GREAT Tax Firm will do good in any economy and you can keep a few “other than tax specialists” busy in a well marketed / staffed / funded “Firm.

      It’s time to “arm up” in more ways than one. You want a new country ? MAKE it happen.

    • @Reckonings: It’s not called the JEW-dicial system for nothing! Friggin’ jews and their lawfare tactics. This country has lost all semblance of legitimacy.

  8. Your money would be better spent on an AR-15 and three cases of ammunition at this point. In case you haven’t realized it, we’ve been in a Cold War since 1964 with leftist commies that is about to go Hot.

  9. It seems that there are many chinks developing in the lefts armor. Their moral legitimacy is dissolving with the predatory and deviant behavior of untermensch like Harvey Weinstein; the boorish and vulgar antics of “nasty women” like Ashley Judd and Madonna; the mindless and wanton destruction perpetrated by B.L.M. and Antifa; the hypocrisy and faux environmentalism practiced by Al Gore and the Hollywood Jetset.
    Everyday, outside of the lost cities and universities, in ordinary, working class America, people are beginning to seriously question the elite’s definition of what it means to be an American, and they are starting to notice the inconsistencies with what they preach as opposed to what they practice.
    One thing that may give us some solace in the grim interim, many men achieved their ultimate notoriety after serving time in jail or prison. Hitler, Ghandi, Michael King, David Lane, Mandela, and others, used the time to write, recruit, contemplate and formulate. Certainly not ideal, but maybe God will vindicate those who are persecuted by using them to gain adherents from within the prison walls. It’s often said that those who have the least to lose are the most dangerous. As the disenfranchisement of the native born increases, these draconian tactics could ultimately make a lot of people less discreet and more inclined to voice their opinions without fear of losing everything, because they have nothing left to lose.

  10. Lawfare. Needless to say, “anfifa” are being held harmless. I’d love to know who the handful of anonymous backers are.
    Anti-White: No free speech for Nazis!
    Me: What’s a Nazi?
    Anti-White: You are Whitey, for shedding no tears over your White guilt.

    • Easily found out by hiring GOOD investigator(s), but it’s mostly George Soros through a variety of organizations … because each young brain dead qweeb will be motivated to join because of different reasons, so he leads them all TO THE SAME PLACE through different doors. Then you’ve got CAIR, La Raza, and muslim brotherhood, etc.

      The Fusion Centers know who each Antifa homo is 🙂 they know who everyone is.

      Trump needs to get out The National Guard and arrest the freaks en mass, and toss the book at them for inciting a riot, The Rico Act, and aggravated assault to name a few. Good beatings and 15 year prison sentences will shut those mama’s boys up quick.

      Don’t forget the scene in Hoffa, ( with Stallone, ) where THEIR guys came around the corner with bats thereby surrounding the Antifa … er I mean, non union thugs 🙂 I’m just sayin ….

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