Cuck Island Speaks: Bank Of England Has Too Many (((White))) Men, Needs More Diversity

While watching the West destroy itself, I especially enjoy the times when the Colorfuls and assorted Leftist dolts accidentally forget about the Jews in their quest to crush the White Race, and subsequently lump them in with all of us.

Usually these situations are quickly and quietly rectified (as we’ve seen with the bans on BDS organizations here in America), but there are times when even the wrath of the Chosen fails to halt the demand for true Third-World enrichment.

But even with these anomalies, I never expected the banking industry to come under concentrated attack – a pillar of the International Jew’s existence.


The Bank of England has way too many white men at the top, a U.K. parliamentary committee has warned.

The House of Commons Treasury Committee, through which the Bank of England maintains its accountability to Parliament, on Thursday wrote to Chancellor Philip Hammond to express concerns about “diversity at the most senior levels” at the central bank.

The letter followed the appointment of Silvana Tenreyro as the Bank’s deputy governor and as an external member of its monetary policy committee.

Tenreyro is the only woman to serve in that committee, which has nine members. The Bank’s financial policy committee is entirely composed of men. Women account for only three of the central bank’s 16 executive directors, one of its six governors, and one of its 12 prudential regulation committee members. Almost every one of these directors, governors, and committee members is white.


Now, it’s sometimes difficult to identify British Jews by their last names since many changed them centuries ago, but thanks to the grace of God (whose Son they murdered), we can oftentimes use physical features to identify members of the Tribe.

And based off of just this crude analysis, we can safely assume that between 20 and 25 percent of both the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee and Executive Directors are Jew (Mischling status at the very least).

There are also a couple of rather swarthy fellows on the boards that are apparently classified as White by the Brits.

“In future, the Committee expects to be provided, prior to its appointment hearings, with diversity data on the candidates applying to the associated position,” the letter read. One member of the committee told the Financial Times that, “if we do not see an improvement, this is a message that we will block a future appointment.”

This is essentially going to be Affirmative Action on steroids, with many talented and deserving individuals rejected in favor of random Vibrants with a second grade literacy level.

I just hope that they continue to push themselves to the extreme, and wind up sinking their own financial enterprise(s) in the process – sort of like how tapeworms tend to perish once their host kicks the bucket.

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  1. If the folks that “appear” to run the bank ain’t Jews then they’re white queers, white pedophiles, Jew white lackeys without minds of their own, or white fools soon to be part of these celebrated groups. The real owners of the Bank of England are Lizzy the Luciferian queen and the Rothschild family, most notably Jacob & Evelyn, and perhaps a few other royals or banking family members. Don’t buy that nonsense that it was nationalized after the war.

    • When Lizzy moseys on down to the Bank of England to check on HER gold, I can guarantee you she gets to touch it unlike Steve Mnuchin when he visited Fort Knox in August.

      He’s only the third Treasury Secretary to ever visit the U.S. Bullion Depository. The gold there has not been counted since 1953. Now, what are the chances he counted it? None. But, he put on a magnificent face regardless:

      ““I assume the gold is still there,” the former Hollywood producer quipped to an audience in Louisville, Kentucky, 40 miles (64 km) north of the U.S. Bullion Depository. “It would really be quite a movie if we walked in and there was no gold.” After the visit, he playfully reassured Americans the treasure was still secure. “Glad gold is safe!” he wrote in a post on Twitter.

      He was the right man to take a look-see. The charade was straight out of a Hollywood production studio.

      There’s very little gold in Fort Knox.

        • It was half of the UK’s reserves….. supposedly. It was probably already gone. None of it belonged to the Luciferians. They would never sell their gold….. at least voluntarily.

  2. (((Harvey Weinstein))), (((Leon Wieseltier))), (((James Toback))) and (((Mark Helprin))) abused their wealth and power to obtain sexual favors. There are no screeds of outrage in the Jew media about the horrors of Jewish priviliege. Imagine the outrage of the Jew media about white privilege if the aforementioned were goyim.

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