Southern Baptists Cuck Hard For Moslem Terrorists, Denounce Us In All Forms

I wonder if Russell Moore ever allows a pure Q&A session at any of his public appearances, or does he just act like his spiritual brethren in Antifa with their violent suppression of any free thought?

Because if he would ever promise to truthfully answer questions, I would like to ask him where exactly in the Bible does it condone the extermination of the White Race?

Does it say specifically that we are doomed to die, and does it explicitly encourage the importation of non-Christian terrorists into communities of God-fearing men and women?

I think not.


This weekend, white nationalists will descend on Tennessee, in both Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, for a “White Lives Matter” rally. As Christian leaders in Tennessee, we declare ourselves in resolute opposition to this expression of racism and white supremacy. We denounce and repudiate white supremacy as a work of the devil, designed to dehumanize and divide.

I guess Moore and his buddies have the secret Bible book of Kangz in their possession, and are citing verses like, “Niggas gotta git dem White wimminz, for dat is da kee to da flyin’ pyramid in da sky.”

Ideologies that declare the white race as superior are an assault against the Word of God, which declares that every human being is created in the image of God and worthy of dignity and respect (Genesis 1:26-27; 1 Peter 2:17; James 3:9). These ideologies stand in opposition to the gospel of Jesus Christ, which reconciles, in Christ’s body, people from every tribe, tongue, and nation (Ephesians 2:15; Galatians 3:28; Revelation 7:9).

Racism and white supremacy are, sadly, not extinct but present all over the world in various white supremacist movements, sometimes known as “white nationalism” or “alt-right.” History shows that indifference, by the church, allows such evil to flourish. We must not only declare racism to be wrong, we must oppose specific acts and movements that would degrade and dehumanize our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We call every follower of Jesus in the state of Tennessee to speak out against white supremacy, in all of its forms, and to pray and work for racial unity in our communities. We also pray for those who advocate racist ideologies and those who are thereby deceived, that they may see their error through the light of the Gospel, repent of these hatreds, and come to know the peace and love of Christ through redeemed fellowship in the Kingdom of God.

If an alien species decided to observe our religion from analysis of just the organized churches of the West, it would be perfectly understandable that they would come to the conclusion that Christianity is an enemy of the White Race.

But this is in essence false – the teachings of Christ do not hinge on the whims of Boomer cuckolds or preachers who were taught their Scripture with a Happy Merchant rubbing his gold dust-stained hands somewhere in the immediate background.

The Word of God is eternal and unchanging, and yet over the last couple generations we’ve seen interpretations fly all across the political spectrum – going so far as to condone virtual worship of those who seek to slaughter us all by both subversion and the sword.

No, even though the churches in our communities have fallen into levels of heresy and idiocy that would have sent our ancestors into an enraged frenzy, the Christians in our Movement need to remember that all is not lost when faith is concerned.

For the day will soon arrive when we will not only have to rebuild our politics, but will have to rediscover our spirituality as well.

And let us look on the bright side of all this – we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt how badly sacred teachings can be warped by corrupted and evil men.

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  1. I hear tell that Reverend Moore frequently allows niggers to run a train on his wife, while he watches from inside the closet and plays with himself.

  2. All humans are made in God’s image, but where in the Bible does it say that all individuals and groups have the same talents and abilities? Christians can be of all tribes and nations, but that doesn’t mean that Christianity abolishes tribes and nations. Quite to the contrary, it affirms them. Moore and his buddies worship the goddess Equality far more than they worship Christ.

    • Roland, those assholes worship the semitic god Mammon far more than they profess to worship Jay-zus.

    • “All humans are made in God’s image”

      Are you repeating what you’ve been told or have you spent a great length of time analyzing that statement? How precise can that statement be when it is so full of holes in so many ways?

    • ” I wonder if Russell Moore ever allows a pure Q&A session at any of his public appearances, or does he just act like his spiritual brethren in Antifa with their violent suppression of any free thought?”

      God does not hear the prayers of Russell Moore, because He does not hear the prayers of the wicked.

      And Russell Moore and the Southern Baptists are wicked, for worshiping false idols instead of the true and living God.

    • ” All humans are made in God’s image…”.

      This is either true, or false, depending upon who you consider a “human”-because God only considers one race of people-Adam’s race, to be the people with whom he has to do.

      And if that is the case, then this book proves that not all ‘hominids’ are ‘human beings.’

      Something our antebellum ancestors knew and operated their worldview with. They were smarter than we are.

  3. Marcus,

    I don’t believe that all these supposedly foolish men and women are that blind to reality. I really do believe most of our churches are controlled in some manner – deeply controlled. Everything – all of it – has a control mechanism of some kind or another – blackmail, taxation, fines, donations, personal advancement – whatever, it could be anything. Although I don’t deny that there may be a complete moron here and there, I don’t buy that they’re all morons. Even all their family members don’t resist. Certainly at least one of them had to be born with mental clarity.

    There is far more to the anti-white agenda than meets the eye. Whatever is at the very top is beyond me nor have I ever found anyone who has studied it in depth that can completely explain the phenomena. After reading the article on Amren entitled “Global Demographics and White Survival – Part I”, I was totally disgusted with our people. We have to stop blaming others for something endemic to our race. Hunter had a recent article that mentioned one of the Confederate leaders (I believe) could see back then that it was only a matter of time before blacks were elevated above whites. How did he see it? What was going on back then that we have not been told about?

    To quote the great Revilo Oliver….. there is almost something supernatural about it.

  4. If you’re referring to the following quote, no, it wasn’t Jackson. I didn’t see any specific reference to it in the clip either. I keep thinking Calhoun but I don’t think that’s right because he was dead before the war started. Perhaps it was stated before the war.

    “Hunter had a recent article that mentioned one of the Confederate leaders (I believe) could see back then that it was only a matter of time before blacks were elevated above whites.”

  5. “It’s a supernatural war. Between Bre Rabbit and Elmer Fudd.”

    Is this suppose to be humor or mockery?

    You often respond with nonsensical comic strip images or cartoon quotes. What am I missing?

    • ‘Captain’ John is a Britcuck. No one knows why he posts here. We wish he would go away, as he never adds anything to any discussion. We empathize, Snowhitey.

      • @spahn

        British? Aha! He’s getting back at me for insulting his “royal” Lizzy the Luciferian Queen.

        Think about the cucks over there. They are being swarmed with alien creatures from all directions yet still believe the Bitch of Buckingham is special. The idiots fawning over the very creature who is partly behind their destruction. Kneeling and bowing to something with no soul.

        I suggest everyone analyze that woman’s actions and words. Watch the gloves and watch the handbag just for starters. A useless relic? Really? Those “rulers” figured out long ago to use front people and compartmentalization to avoid discovery. There are so many layers upon layers that the very bottom has no clue what’s at the very top. There is a reason why they are so focused on bloodlines. What’s in the blood, folks? There is no such thing as royal blood. If you figure out the real House of Saud, you will figure out how they all get crowned. It’s all one big happy family in so many ways!

        Bob Chapman said the Duchess of Cambridge, chosen at birth, is a Rothschild. Herbert Dorsey, the author and researcher, said Lizzy the Luciferian has Canaanite blood.

        Go do a little research on the royals and aristocrats of Europe. Go back a thousand years….. bloodlines, Jews, Vatican, banking, trade, drugs, wars, natural resources, hidden history, hidden technology….. they’re all connected. They have the power to avoid detection and sequester or destroy anyone or anything.

  6. It’s a shame to me as a Christian to see the church forsaking territory. Christendom, excepting 20th century and beyond, has always been territorial. John Calvin burned people at the stake for bringing heresies into his community, my hero Zwingli died on the battlefield for his beliefs, not to mention all of the prophets and disciples dying for their faith….

    What a disgrace these “pastors” are to my religion.

    • “Zwingli”? Is that some new internet site for girls who like to dress up anime characters in different costumes and hairstyles?

    • “Leader” yeah. Zwingli, a theological dead end off of the theological dead end, known as Calvinism-at least Calvin understood the Catholic nature of the church even as he railed it against it.

      John Knox, though, threw the baby out with the baptismal bathwater; and Zwingli wouldn’t even deal with the thought that the Eucharist might actually convey grace. The United Church of Christ is Zwingli’s apostate heretical bastard child in America.

      Don’t talk to me about these heretics. Oh, and Snow whitey? There is too, such a thing as Royal Blood.

      • Friar John, do you consider Bishops Marcion and Arius to have been heretics? What about the Cathars?

  7. This is all a consequence of your big beautiful “reformation”. Protestantism is judaizing. Your hero, the mentally unstable Father Luther, brought this misery on all of society. It gave the Jews a foot in the door, as well.

    • Except that Luther hated the Jews and wrote scathing indictments about them:

      The Jews of our days still keep to these [Talmudic] doctrines and follow the example of their fathers, taking every opportunity to practice their deliberately false interpretation of the Lord’s Word, their avariciousness, their usury, their thefts, their murders, and teaching their children to do likewise. (W. 53, 489-490-91)

      Maybe mild-hearted and gentle Christians will believe I am too rigorous and drastic against the poor, afflicted Jews, believing that I ridicule them and treat them with such sarcasm. By my word, I am far too weak to be able to ridicule such a Satanic breed. (W. 32, pg. 286)

      But okay, sure…after an entire lifetime ministry, which included exposing the Satanic influence of the Jews and their Talmud, Martin Luther was actually a Judaizer. (/eyeroll)

      • It has been said that all three major religions and all European languages have roots in the Sanskrit. Why is so much referred to as Indo-European? Sanskrit, Sumerians, Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, Gnosticism….. all foreign to most of Earth’s inhabitants.

        When I see the current war on whites, I now understand how earlier peoples have completely disappeared. We are intentionally misled. The “experts” are often not experts at all.

    • Sursum, you haven’t read Michael Hoffman’s book, the Occult renaissance church of Rome, yet, have you?

      Martin Luther was far more righteous than any of the Popes since him have ever been, if Hoffman’s book is true… And it is.

  8. Steve Bannon on Catholic Church needs illegals aliens to fill the churches.

    Decades ago preachers new their place where the line is drawn.

  9. Protestantism is anti-catholic and truly remains that to this day. I don’t recall many reformers begging Jews to take over their churches. I respect Luther for standing up against the organized church machine-other than that your views of his sanity are your own.

    • ” Protestantism is anti-catholic…”. Good God! How really stupid you are! Do you even know what the filioque is? Then why do you protestants still use it, if you say the Creed at all? You follow Rome’s leading in this, as you have done in everything, without even knowing why you’re heretical!

      No wonder why the JEWS found it so easy to take over the West-we are not even smarter than a fifth grader anymore, and this error existed when Bellarmine, Calvin, and Luther were around! And they even missed it…

  10. Unfortunately there are a lot of brainwashed zero Christians out there who will believe dumb ass Moore. This is why : 1. We need to all be on the same – enlarged Confederate States – page and EDUCATE the dopes. We need the dopes to wake up and support us, which leads into 2. We’ll NEVER get “enough” white support if any in our group heil Hitler …. say ALL Jews are bad …. or wave swastikas.

    You need to get with smart writers like Michael Hill and ( if he can slow down on the Jew stuff for 5 seconds, ) David Duke … to come up with a say … 3 to 5 page draft that can give idiots like Moore a condensed “verifiable” education. Him and his followers have fallen for the fake medias ‘talking points’ against white Christians. Put together a video of black mobs attacking whites and the knock out game and what’s happening in South Africa and how it’s coming here and “THEY” are using psychology 101 to get the mentally weakest of us to have fake “white guilt,” and let “THEM” over take us.

    What these fake Christians are doing is actually treason AND very against Gods will !!!

    • @JJ: Actually I think Duke deserves credit for being a Southern Christian who is totally jew-wise. There aren’t many of ’em.

      • I agree. It’s quite the shock to the system for a Christian who has been brought up believing that “God loves the Jews and so should we”, to suddenly look around and say, “Gee…for a group that’s supposedly God’s Chosen, they sure do seem hell-bent on destroying Christendom.”

        A little research reveals that today’s Jews are actually from the Southern part of ancient Israel (Judah…where the word “Jew” comes from). Both the Southern part of the kingdom (the tribes of Judah and Benjamin) and the Northern Kingdom (the other 10 tribes) were conquered and taken captive at different times in history: the Northern Kingdom taken by Assyrians around 722 BC and the South (Jews) taken by Babylonians around 586 BC.

        But only the Southern tribes (Judah) returned to Palestine in any significant numbers, bringing the evil, Satanic Babylonian Talmudic (Hebrew) practices with them. They became intermixed with Babylonians and Edomites as well. It was the Talmudic “laws” that Jesus denounced when He kept calling the Pharisees out for their evil and hypocrisy.

        Jesus said plainly that He didn’t come for those Jews who followed the Pharisees and the Talmud.
        He came “only for the Lost Sheep of Israel”, many of whom were no longer in Jerusalem but had spread northward into Turkey and Greece.

        What eventually became of those lost sheep? We can identify them by reading what God said about them: they were to “be a blessing to the whole world” and “found a multitude of nations”. (That rules out blacks and Jews, at the very least.)

        Long story short, they were absorbed into the cultures northwest of the Caucasus Mountains. The lost 10 Tribes of Israel are Caucasians.

        • Why do Christian Identity muricans want to be the “real Jews” so badly?
          PS, we aren’t going to win over any new normies with this low IQ, non-historical, laughable hokum.

          • It’s not a matter of “wanting” so much as it’s just being honest about what the Bible says. It’s pretty obvious the Israelites of the Bible were and are the White Christian European race.

            If you were being honest about it you’d admit that 1,500 years or more of artists painting the Last Supper and almost all of them have unmistakeably White features lol.

          • triuwida
            I am unable to reply to your comment, I am curious to know …
            Are you a American Christian?
            Have you ever heard of Marcion?
            Have you ever heard of King Bulan of Khazaria?
            Do you think the Universe is only 6,000 +/- years old?

          • @triuwida

            Hopefully curiosity will get their attention. Even when Rep. Steve King of Iowa stated – in 2016 – that he was surprised to find out that so many ancient artifacts in Greece depicted blonde hair and blue eyes, it barely garnered any attention.

            Our reality is a conglomerate of historical lies and fallacies. We believe what we believe because we were told to believe what we believe and since everyone believes what we believe it is fact.

            The Internet. Breaking the chains that have enslaved humanity. Protect it at all costs.

    • ” You need to get with smart writers like Michael Hill and ( if he can slow down on the Jew stuff for 5 seconds, ) David Duke…”

      Duke- who tries as hard as he can to deny the Khazar hypothesis, thus siding with the [sic] Jews, even in the wake of DNA evidence by another JEW -Dr. Elhaik.

      try again bozo

  11. Virtue signaling, cucked out White fools. WN’s want seperation, not supremacy. Ironically all the Great White Bearers of the White Man’s Burden are the real supremacists. Thanks to The Long March Through the Institutions anti-Whites have found a great alliance with the various “christian” sects.

  12. Please take the time to personally contact these individual Tennessee Southern Baptist churches, their pastors and members. It’s best to go in person. Get to personally know these real people, explain in an intelligent, slow manner who you/we are – these things take time.

    There are good people like you/us in these churches – they don’t much like hard core porn, Harvey Weinstein Hollywood, Islamic terrorists, BlackLiesMatter, Antifa/Communists or Russell Moore New York Times published liars/traitors.

    Here are 30 prominent Tennessee Southern Baptist churches – please contact them.

    1. Fourteenth Avenue Baptist Church
    2501 Buchanan StNashville, TN 37208
    (615) 866-3443
    Baptist Churches
    WebsiteYP AdDirectionsMore Info
    From Business: Sunday School 9:00 AM Worship Service 10:30 AM – Prayer Serv & Bible Study 6:30 PM Wed – Rev Frank S. Gordon – 2 Blocks From Ted Rhodes Golf Course
    2. Watson Grove Baptist Church
    1415 Horton AveNashville, TN 37212
    (615) 298-4045
    Churches & Places of Worship
    WebsiteDirectionsMore Info
    3. Arbor Baptist Church
    8300 Charlotte PikeNashville, TN 37221
    (615) 662-5385
    Churches & Places of Worship
    WebsiteDirectionsMore Info
    4. Forest Hills Baptist Church
    2101 Old Hickory BlvdNashville, TN 37215
    (615) 661-6632
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Bellevue Baptist Church
    5. Bellevue Baptist Church
    7400 Highway 70 SNashville, TN 37221
    (615) 646-2711
    Southern Baptist Churches
    6. Inglewood Baptist Church
    3901 Gallatin PikeNashville, TN 37216
    (615) 228-2546
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Donelson View Baptist Church
    7. Donelson View Baptist Church
    2049 Lebanon PikeNashville, TN 37210
    (615) 883-8754
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Haywood Hills Baptist Church
    8. Haywood Hills Baptist Church
    255 Haywood LnNashville, TN 37211
    (615) 832-6909
    Southern Baptist Churches
    9. Grace Baptist Church
    1510 Old Hickory BlvdNashville, TN 37207
    (615) 865-6262
    Southern Baptist Churches
    This church is an awsome family oriented church. I recommend this place to any family that would want to worship the lord as a family and meet new p…
    10. Lockeland Baptist Church
    1601 Holly StNashville, TN 37206
    (615) 227-0813
    Southern Baptist Churches
    11. Broadmoor Baptist Church
    518 Broadmoor DrNashville, TN 37216
    (615) 262-1631
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Scenic View Baptist Church
    12. Scenic View Baptist Church
    2111 Elm Hill PikeNashville, TN 37210
    (615) 883-8489
    Southern Baptist Churches
    13. Lincoya Hills Baptist Church
    3143 Mcgavock PikeNashville, TN 37214
    (615) 883-7111
    Southern Baptist Churches
    14. Scottsboro First Baptist Church
    5253 Old Hickory BlvdNashville, TN 37218
    (615) 242-9543
    Southern Baptist Churches
    15. Dalewood Baptist Church
    1586 McGavock StNashville, TN 37203
    (615) 227-7000
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Glenwood Baptist Church
    16. Glenwood Baptist Church
    308 E Thompson LnNashville, TN 37211
    (615) 361-8051
    Southern Baptist Churches
    First Baptist Church of Donelson
    17. First Baptist Church of Donelson
    2526 Lebanon PikeNashville, TN 37214
    (615) 883-2339
    Southern Baptist Churches
    18. Greater Grace Temple Church
    901 Dalebrook LnNashville, TN 37206
    (615) 650-5374
    Southern Baptist Churches
    19. Saturn Drive Baptist Church
    1212 Saturn DrNashville, TN 37217
    (615) 361-1656
    Southern Baptist Churches
    20. Smith Springs Baptist Church
    2760 Park Dale DrNashville, TN 37217
    (615) 361-3898
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Third Baptist Church
    21. Third Baptist Church
    5275 Buena Vista PikeNashville, TN 37218
    (615) 876-3646
    Southern Baptist Churches
    22. Dickerson Road Baptist Church
    3601 Dickerson PikeNashville, TN 37207
    (615) 865-0911
    Southern Baptist Churches
    23. Northwood Baptist Church
    1287 Old Hickory BlvdNashville, TN 37207
    (615) 865-2435
    Southern Baptist Churches
    24. Ivy Memorial Baptist Church
    425 E Trinity LnNashville, TN 37207
    (615) 262-1442
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Primera Iglesia Bautista
    25. Primera Iglesia Bautista
    285 Plus Park BlvdNashville, TN 37217
    (615) 365-4727
    Southern Baptist Churches
    26. Salem Baptist Church
    215 Duke StNashville, TN 37207
    (615) 228-9284
    Southern Baptist Churches
    Mill Creek Baptist Church
    27. Mill Creek Baptist Church
    318 Wallace RdNashville, TN 37211
    (615) 832-4173
    Southern Baptist Churches
    28. Woodbine Baptist Day Care
    29 Whitsett RdNashville, TN 37210
    (615) 833-5870
    Southern Baptist Churches
    29. Edgefield Baptist Church
    700 Russell StNashville, TN 37206
    (615) 255-0468
    Southern Baptist Churches
    30. Liberty Baptist Church
    325 Elberta StNashville, TN 37210
    (615) 331-2024

  13. The church my wife and I once attended had a positive social structure, it bought white couples together with singles programs, encouraged out-of-church social activities. It had a gym. Older members taught the youth how to manage money, do basic home repairs and fix cars. Good health and fitness were pushed hard.
    Then staff changes occurred. The gym had to go. There was a new focus on things like helping refugees, giving hard earned money to charities in the third world. The seats are now largely occupied by overweight Samoans on Sundays. Mixed race marriages were encouraged and performed. My wife and I finally had enough and walked away five years ago.
    Like home schooling, home churching is perhaps now the answer if you want your children, and yourself, to avoid leftwing abuse and infiltration.
    In Australia, church attendance is dropping every year. I wonder why….
    Real Christians are tired of the creeping degeneracy.

    • I’m not a huge church person myself, but my wife is and I attend services every now and then.

      Don’t get me started on what goes on in a few Churches I’ve been to. If I remember correctly you are in Southern California. Here in Vegas, I’m actually in Arizona at the moment, they have gone down hill. I am from Boston and one of the Fathers in a certain church started up with the holocaust nonsense and had the entire room feeling sorry for them. The Father had a heavy Beantown accent.

      I was disappointed and stood up to leave. Of corse everyone was staring at me. My wife gave me a stare and I sat back down. Later that same church embellished on a woman in heat dancing around with a scarf. The Father condoned it and that was it. We left and haven’t been back there since,

      Catholic Church.

      • What passes for the Catholic church today, has no bearing on what the Catholic Church was even 50 years ago. You and I both know that.

        Your wife needs to submit to your leadership, and you need to get to a traditional Anglican or a nearby Orthodox Church fast. Rome is in a freefall with the arch heretic Bergoglio. Flee from Rome!

        • Christ gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom, and Peter established his Church in Rome, at the time the center of all political and economic life throughout Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. The Devil had hated His Church from the beginning, and has devised countless ways to undermine it.

          Through the first Millennium we stood firm, but intense pressures, mostly Social, saw great rifts in the Church which brought about the Great Schism of 1054, of the Latin Rite, and Eastern Orthodox Rite, which lasts to this day. This was a temporary victory for Lucifer, because it split the Body of Christ into two Churches. Later, the Reformation splintered it further. Instead of one Church of Christ, we have many, often times trying to compete with each other.

          I believe that if Christ could have 12 Apostles, such as Peter, and Mark who is said to have traveled to Egypt and established the Coptic Christian Church, than there can be at least as many Churches that proclaim His Divinity as the Messiah, and true Son of GOD. Christian Unity is imperative, to fight the Eternal Enemy.

          During the French Revolution, the Jacobins attacked and destroyed Churches throughout France, while murdering the Clergy, along with the French Nobility. This scenario played out again in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, where the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries were attacked, and destroyed, where Crosses were thrown down from the steeples, as Icons and the Crucifix were desecrated. This while the Communists stabled their horses in the Churches, in contempt for GOD.

          Wherever these people took power, in Mexico, in the 1920s, and in Spain, under the so-called Republican Government, which was funded outright by Josef Stalin; they, too, persecuted the Spanish Church, which inspired the Nationalists, led by General Francisco Franco to fight a three year Civil War against Communism, which was supported by Mussolini, and Hitler, to train their pilots and Soldiers for the upcoming War against the Soviet Union.

          Also, in the 1930s, the Communist Party in the United States made it a priority to infiltrate all Christian Seminaries with the intention to infiltrate, subvert, pervert, and twist the Liturgy, and Ministries of these Denominations. People were being quietly led astray from the traditional Faiths.

          The Worldwide Anglican Communion has been subverted, first with the Ordination of Women into the Priesthood; then by allowing openly gay Priests, followed by openly gay Bishops, while the Archbishop of Canterbury allowed gay Marriages in the Church, had a gay Bishop marry his Partner, while the Bishop wore a woman’s white Wedding Gown.

          Pedophilia is also a major problem in the Churches, such as the Catholic Church, because it is meant to create a wedge between all Priests, on the basis of guilt by Association, and their Parishioners, which makes it difficult to Celebrate Mass, hear Confessions, and administer the other Sacraments of the Church to its people, which are required for a full spiritual life, through Grace of the Sacraments.

          These are not coincidences, but were planned a long time ago, in calculated moves against the Body of Christ on Earth. This is the type of subversion that first gave rise to “Liberation Theology” that was very widely received by the poor of Latin America, and Africa.

          Liberation Theology is a distraction for people who do not realize that as a Christian, they have already been liberated from their sins through Christ’s Passion on the Cross, and His Resurrection from the dead on the third day. Christ liberated them from Eternal Damnation by offering His Precious Blood to wash away their sins, and restore them to the Father.

  14. I’m sorry if I disappoint or offend you, but I would like to be free of all this Middle-Eastern garbage, whether it be called Christianity, Judaism or Islam. Why do we take as unquestioned truth bloodthirsty and genocidal “holy” texts like the Torah and Koran, both filled with superstition and fanciful nonsense? The parting of the Red Sea? People turned into pillars of salt? All the world’s different species on a giant wooden boat? Europe really “took off” during the Renaissance and later when classical Greece and Rome were, in a sense, rediscovered. Christianity ruled during the Dark Ages. Maybe von Goethe was right when he suggested that Homer should have been the religion of Europe. After all, everything of the human experience is there. And others prefer Greek ethics to the jew ethics.

    I do, however, respect the Orthodox Church and the Coptic church for cultural reasons and I have been known to enjoy reading the lives of saints. The lives of the popes– haha!– many were real bastards.

    • ” but I would like to be free of all this Middle-Eastern garbage, whether it be called Christianity, Judaism or Islam…”.

      Just because these faux ‘Semites’ now live in those geographically delineated areas, does not mean that they are the natives of those areas.

      Christianity has been, and always will be, a white man’s religion. You show your ignorance by neither knowing history, the movements of the Church, or the cultural underpinnings of Europe, which is the white man’s home. Christianity is part and parcel that -you can’t avoid it.

      • Who are the ones who proclaim loudest that European civilization is based on Christianity? Are they the same ones who speak of Judeo-Christian values?

        European civilization is based on Greece and Rome, not jew fantasies and bloodlust.

        Go back to your desert craziness.

  15. My wife is a dyed in the wool Orthodox Christian. She is from Europe. We went to a Catholic Church years back I almost walked out when the Father began to defend Jews in a sermon. This particular “house of worship” has been overrun with Philippines.

    She asked me politely to leave a few months later when the Father of this Church allowed a women to dance with a scarf. Like a strip club. Haven’t been back there since.

    I found a real Orthodox Church on the internet. Easter service. Now there was none of that nonsense there. The service went on, and on and on. “The Christ has risen”. Women were literally weeping , my wife included. Just before the end of the service a bunch of young people showed up and were speaking Russian or something else.

    They looked like mafia. The Father specifically said to the crowd no communion would be given to anyone in the Church unless they had attended recently. And he was prepared to embarrass anyone that tried to lie.

    This garbage above is not a church. It is activism. These asholes don’t believe in God, nor would they respect a higher power.

    • How about I pray God gave you,… A new “dispensation.” What vulgar rudeness to the creator of the universe, and your Savior and mine!

  16. The Mormon Church is pretty hardcore though. I used to travel to Utah quite a bit a few years ago. Huge churches. Not bad people, very inclusive people. And they are White and have children. The doctrine is very controlling. Some of the cleanest areas I’ve ever seen. Orderly and serious.

    You can drive in Utah for hours and not see a single nigger or Jew. Parks filled with White people. Not a bad area at all.

  17. These Evangelicals (Ziotards) are really just a large support group for a completely different religion and people. “If we love and support Israel and jews God will be nice to us. If we don’t, we will pay.”

    They seem to pay scant attention to what Jesus (the Christ in Christianity) himself said and what happened to him, why it happened and by whom.

    Pathetic. Worthy of utter contempt.

  18. Does it not bother these Ziotard assholes that those whom they worship (jews) read in theTalmud that Jesus (their savior) is boiling in excrement in hell?

  19. @Mestigoit,
    Yes, when you put it that way…
    If modern day Christians can’t stand by their teachings and be actual Christians, how do expect the everyday citizen to do it?
    Jews control our banks, media, entertainment, government and education…..then we’re expected to worship them at church on Sundays! They’ve utterly infested every aspect of our lives. Everything is now Jews, Jews, Jews! I want them out of my face.

  20. Lots of our British and European kinsmen do a lot of great things better than we do. English (White) soccer fans are excellent at doing insulting group songs, group chants. Central and Eastern Europeans are great at doing loud, group whistling, it’s a form of booing. When some A*** Marxist is butchering a beloved nationalist Classical music piece or Algerian Arabs are disrespecting the French National Anthem the crowd whistles loudly.

    We need to do this in Church when some Liberation theology As* H*** starts mouthing off anti White, Holohoax nonsense.

    • @Jack,
      Churches now are sort of an indicator of whats happening in the general community demographically- whites are being replaced by non-whites-with smiles and open arms. The bible is full of nationalist quotes where this activity is discouraged.
      If non-whites want to be Christian, they should do so in their own nations. The reality is Christianity is mostly a Western belief system and perhaps is incompatible with third world nations whose culture and circumstances are totally different from us.

  21. “Church is a Sunday morning social club for old ladies and gossiping housewives. It’s like total bullshit, man.”

    – St. Augustine


    65,000 words titled “The Jews and Their Lies” by Martin Luther.

    Given that excommunication from the Catholic Church in the early 1500’s was akin to being cast out into the wilderness naked and unarmed it is little surprise that Luther was intitally looking for friends of darn near any sort and the antiChrist Judaists are always looking to (appear to) befriend anyone who can help them further their goal of destroying Christianity.

    The brief romance didn’t last.

    Luther finally figured out the nature of the “Brute Beast” creatures so correctly described in John 8:44 and he thus wrote his treatise on them.

    Read it.

  23. WP, you’re correct about Christian Identity/ British Israelism being nonsense. The genetics for Jews and Caucasians are completely different. And there’s no proof in secular or sacred history that there was a mass migration of Semitic/Israelite people from the Caucasian Mountains. The people who believe this nonsense are just plain or willfully ignorant about real history.

    • You false, hypocritical, lying Jewish son of a bitch! The modern day JEW-of which you have ethnic ancestry-has no background to biblical Jews, and you know that if you were only honest enough.

      The Christian identity teaching may be confusing at first, and may not have all their ducks in line, but they have more biblical, cultural, historical and genealogical veracity to the claim of being the biblical Israelites, then either you or the apostate Jews do.

      Go to hell!

  24. Avoid Southern Baptist, like poison. Take money from Whites and throw it away in Africa or American slums. They have always leeched on White folk and wasted it on frivolous endeavors.

    They have betrayed us! (Goes for almost all churches)

  25. These same “Christian” churches never criticize non-whites when they organize, get special government treatment or riot and burn cities down as ‘supremacy’, even as dead police bodies litter the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. It’s sad to see so much hatred of white people coming from a “Christian” denomination. Their criticisms of what they call ‘racial supremacy’, whatever that means, is reserved exclusively and solely against white folks. It’s like huge segments of the Christian church are a suicide cult drying to drive white folks away from Christianity.

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