Cuck Island: Church Of England To Allow Openly Transsexual Children In Their Schools

Remember when I talked about how aliens would feel if they saw our organized churches as indicative of Christianity as a whole?

Remember how I said that such observations would probably lead to a condemnation of the entire religion despite the open heresy involved in most institutions?

Well, let’s just hope they avoid the Church of England in general, because if they view that sad excuse for the teachings of Christ, expect imminent nuclear bombardment from high Earth orbit – low Earth orbit would be too risky due to diseases like GRIDS and whatnot.

Daily Mail:

Boys as young as five should be able to wear tiaras at school without criticism, teachers in Church of England schools are to be told.

Male pupils should also be free to dress up in a tutu or high heels without attracting any comment or observation, according to anti-bullying rules sent out by the Church yesterday.

The instructions for the CofE’s 4,700 schools said they should not require children to wear uniforms that ‘create difficulty for trans pupils’.

This appears to give official backing to schools that ban skirts to avoid discrimination against transgender children.

Schools are also told they cannot use the Christian faith or Bible teachings to justify behaviour that is considered to amount to bullying – for example, identifying a transgender pupil by a sex other than the one they have chosen. The advice contains instructions on how to report bullying, including sample forms on which teachers are encouraged to name the alleged bully and their target, and use tick boxes to describe what happened.

So, wait a second here – let’s summarize what we just read.

They’re still Christian schools (at least on paper), but they’re not allowed to use the teachings of Jesus Himself in regards to children obviously suffering from serious mental issues likely stemming from their sick society, and from parents/guardians that are either total cuckolds or sexual deviants themselves.

Examples include name-calling, social media trolling, or insulting gestures.

The rules to ‘challenge homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying’ follow initial guidelines published by the Church three years ago which said being gay can be good and pupils should ‘revere and respect all members of the diverse community’.

The new guidance came as a Christian teacher was suspended from a school in Oxfordshire after accidentally calling a transgender pupil ‘girl’ instead of ‘boy’. Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, faces a disciplinary hearing this week in which he could lose his job, after the parents complained.

Give it a few more years, and this poor guy (younger than me) will probably be sitting behind bars thanks to laws that will be copied from Canada’s now-infamous gender pronoun decree.

The rules add: ‘Within school communities there will be members of staff who are co-habiting, in same-sex relationships, bisexual, trans or exploring their gender identity.

‘Same-sex parents and trans parents may be among the parent body and in most secondary schools a minority of pupils will come out as gay or lesbian during their years in the school.

Then either expel them, or suspend them pending conversion therapy with a heavy Christian focus.

That’s what they would have done back in the day.

‘An increasing number of children and young people are being referred to gender identity services … an increasing number of primary and secondary schools are reporting incidences of children wishing to identify as other than the gender of their birth.’

Any school that does not teach the importance of gay or transgender rights will be ‘failing in their duty to prepare their pupils to live in modern Britain’, the Church rules say.

Yes, sell your souls to Satan in order to properly prepare your youngsters for a modern life in a modern and progressive nation – at least before Moslem domination becomes complete.

It really makes me wonder how much influence the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby had in drafting this legislation, for it really seems like something kosher is afoot hereabouts – for those who may not know, Welby is one-quarter Jew.

It may just be a true coincidence, but if so, then we have some serious, serious issues to contend with on the part of our own – appeasement has gotten to the point where hell is now pouring forth into the world of mortal men.

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  1. The perverts and sickos are in a race to the bottom. They’ve long since run out of legitimate causes to champion, so now they’re obsessed with ‘gender identity’. Pretty soon they’ll be openly advocating White infanticide, bestiality and cannibalism. In earlier, saner times such defective people would have been strangled and thrown into peat bogs. I have a feeling we shall soon revive that practice. I certainly hope so!

  2. Sodom, Adam and Steve are now taking over your friendly, inclusive church.
    No need to attend gay pride marches in the years to come….just visit your local church.
    Full of righteous, principled people….

  3. I always suspected that churches were full of flakes, whack-jobs and boy-touchers. Turns out I was right!

  4. The operative paradigm is perpetual self-annihilation in which “parricide” will be a soon-to-be particularly emergent mechanism of regenerate culling.

    • The Church of England, ( when she WAS the Church of England) gave the world the King James Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, and Shakespeare’s prose- in large measure, because Shakespeare was also Anglican.

      The modern [sic] ‘Church’ of England, like the [sick] Episcopalian congregations in the USA, no longer is that church. Don’t diss the culture, the liturgy, the Bible, and the piety that gave the world people like Archbishop Cranmer, John and Charles Wesley, CS Lewis, with such a broad brush.

      Instead, we should all pray for England to have a revival of the true faith, so that she may be freed from this Saanic oppression.

      God have mercy on us .

      • I agree.

        It makes me wonder just what exactly someone like CS Lewis would have thought had he lived long enough to see this filth come into existence.

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