Land Of The Free: Baltimore Police Investigating “Confederate Lives Matter” Facebook Posts

Someday, we’re going to have college classes detailing the methods used by the Jews to destroy our freedom of speech – by God’s grace they won’t succeed.

It’s playing out differently than in Germany (essentially written into their Constitution), and it’s different than in Britain (they used straight up legislation to create “hate speech”), but at the end of the day the final result will turn out to be the same.

In America, expect the use of the term “LEGAL PRECEDENT” to become more and more common, with charges based at first on the idea that to call out Blacks, invaders, the Killers of Christ, and various sexual deviants is tantamount to criminal harassment.

Once the ball gets rolling, you’ll see district attorneys, judges, and lawsuit lawyers jumping on the bandwagon more and more, with citations increasingly made to the original cases as justification for their suppression of rights.

Never mind the fact that many of these suspects will be held on simple one-off internet comments (not how harassment is legally defined), for it remains a basic part of human nature that many will ignore the onslaught out of a sense that as long as it only impacts trolls, nothing is being destroyed.

CBS Baltimore:

A police investigation is now underway into a group of students accused of posting threatening and discriminatory comments aimed at a transgender student.

The principal at Southern High School in Anne Arundel County is urging any parent who feels their child may have been targeted in these posts to contact the school immediately.

The pictures were posted in the group ‘Confederate Lives Matter.’

Police say they know at least one student who’s behind the posts, and are now investigating.

The images have become the talk of Southern High School. Someone wearing what appears to be a KKK-like hood, along with threatening comments all aimed at a transgender student.

The photos that circulated on Snapchat are now at the center of a police investigation.

Authorities say one of the posts read: ‘Being a liberal transgender isn’t the only excuse for being a brain damaged freak.”

Others are too disturbing to share.

Police say they’re looking into possible assault and hate crime charges. None have been filed at this time.

You know what the real crime here was?

It was the fact that these students didn’t take optics into account when they decided to use something like the Confederacy as their platform name.

That sort of thing is not going to appeal to the Alt-Right’s target group – upper middle class college kids that still have the material wealth to live lives straight out of a 90’s teen movie.

What’s even worse is the fact that these Confederate Lives Matter bros probably have the will within them to someday appear in real life to protest the extermination of their people.

How terrifying – will they even wear black like some sort of goon squad?

Don’t they realize that the ONLY way to save the White Race is through anonymous shitposting – all ironic, of course?


  1. Government schools have long been gulags wherein tired and distracted McJob-working parents dump their hated offspring. American children have been viciously abused and brainwashed by Jewry in this manner for over a century. Read Charlotte Iserbyt, Beverly Eakman and Anita Hoge for all the grisly info.

  2. Iserbyt chronicled this during the Reagan era, for the love of Pete!

    Perverts who call themselves ‘transwhatevers’ SHOULD be ridiculed. They are mentally SICK.

  3. With all the violent groid activity going on in the Blackamore area this is what the pigs decide to look into? Whites today have too much respect for authority, they need to become like their pre-TV ancestors and take matters into their own hands every now and then.

    • After a cop pointed a gun at my face, my respect for authority crashed to nearly zero. Whatever “respect” if I exhibit any at all is feigned. As whites face ever more blatant and brutal treatment at the hands of authorities, one would think this problem will correct itself.

    • Klan lives matter 🙂 I love it. You could make $ with t-shirts.

      But no … we still have a watered down excuse of a Constitution that Soros wants real bad to change. We may have just enough time to take it to the next level, ( the next step in the next phase, ) which is :


      Being VERY careful to spell out in detail what we stand for.

      Our country’s been over run. We must give the freaks a place to move to. We must “Balkanize.” Period. The BRAND must be attractive to almost everyone.

      Form a think tank and THINK. Want the most bang for your buck ? EVERY march / protest you do should be to promote THE CONFEDERATE PARTY and THE ( BENEFICIAL TO EVERYONE, ) CHANGE IT WILL BRING.

      You know … software coding is 90 % analysis and 10 % doing. Saving the south is loosely similar to this no ?

  4. It should be clear to the average person at this point that the Jews and the Shabbos Goy have systematically subverted and destroyed traditional American culture, and have transformed it into a debauched, disgusting Marxist paradise.Our forefathers are looking down with disgust and horror. .

  5. I was in Baltimore recently and was surprised at the number of niggers in the city. Real poverty.

    Even in the Bay which is a tourist area, the place is crawling with loud and shiftless niggers.

    • Yeah, there was an incident of a white family being attacked right in the tourist area.

      Swarmed by dozens of feral Blacks.

  6. For fuck’s sake, get over the DS criticism. We’re all on the same side here and won’t always agree. Granted, your comments are passive aggressive and not directly naming Anglin, but you’ve made your point. I happen to agree with you, but let’s not let our pride get in the way of what must be done. Divided we fall.

    • For a few glorious hours in Charlottesville we had put aside our differences and pride, and had given ZOG crippling heart palpitations.

      But then the old dramas emerged, and we wound up with mini-Fuhrers trying to dictate how everyone else was to proceed in the future despite no knowledge of how street activism actually works (for the record, my opinion is to try different things out, don’t blast others for we’re not one giant united group, and study what works best).

      And much of it was done through the same sort of passive-aggressive snarky comments that I was mocking in the article – the whole, “I don’t want to criticize or attack anyone, but blah, blah, blah.”

      I see where you’re coming from, and I personally despise the infighting crap as much as anyone, but sometimes when you see bullshit it just becomes too much not to call it out.

      One example would be the fact that we have people criticizing and cucking on optics, but then come out and say things that are in essence optics suicide – even among many Nationalists on the Hard Right.

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