U.S. Chamber Of Cuckerce Unveils Pro-Dreamer Billboards, Claims Whites Did Nothing To Build America

Unbridled and unfettered Capitalism as personified in the various Chambers of Commerce embedded throughout America is just as deadly as the most poisonous Leftist ideology pushed within Jewish-dominated universities and think-tanks.

It works differently than Bolshevism, but when all is tallied, we see the same outcome thanks to the cold and soulless greed that lies at the heart of any philosophy that puts money and profit above human dignity and well-being.

Because with organizations like the Chamber, the easiest and quickest increase in Net GDP (not to be confused with Per Capita GDP) is always the chief goal.

And what better way to achieve such growth than through mass immigration and the subsequent rabbit-like birth rate of those new primitives?

You can theoretically keep the house of cards upright long after Per Capita GDP begins to decline due to squalor and Third-World living conditions (just keep numbers increasing at a faster pace), and with these pure materialists, there usually isn’t much thought put into future generations and their inheritance – to hell with them for I will be dead and buried is the general mindset.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has posted two billboards in front of the White House which declare America was built by foreign ‘Dreamers,’ not by native-born Americans, who apparently have no place in the billboards or in America’s society.

“It is absolutely an insult to Americans, but the Chamber knows that, which is why this isn’t a broad-based campaign” conducted outside Washington D.C., said Mark Krikorian, director at the Center for Immigration Studies. He continued:

“The implicit message is that immigrants are better than Americans, that Americans are the supporting players, and the immigrants are the stars. It really is kind of the idea that immigrants are somehow magical people, not normal humans with all the strengths and weaknesses and foibles of regulaar people, that they are somehow magical…

It’s not really that, to be honest.

All they’re really saying is that White Americans have no real value other than the shekels in their pockets, and the shekels they spend when out shopping.

It’s really a transfer of Jewish Talmudic teachings into the upper middle and wealthy classes – we’re just cattle meant to bring profit to our masters.

Don’t American kids have dreams? [Silicon valley creators] David Packard and Bill Hewlett were not immigrants. Bill Gates wasn’t an immigrant. Tom Watson [founder] of IBM wasn’t an immigrant. Obviously immigration is an important part of America’s story, but it is just one part.”

America is not a “nation of immigrants,” Krikorian said, it is “a nation which includes immigrants.”

The Chamber’s use of ‘dreamers’ to refer to migrants, and the deliberate erasure of 290 million Americans from their own nation and history was posted as business leaders arrived in town November 15 to demand that Congress provide a no-strings amnesty for at least 3 million illegal immigrants, plus million of their foreign relatives, no matter the financial and civic cost to American families and American voters.

The business groups are demanding the extra immigrant workers and employers, even though new data shows that the migrants dubbed ‘dreamers’ by Democrats have college graduation rates that are one-tenth of similar-aged Americans’ college graduation rate.

However, any infusion of new immigrants provides Chamber companies with millions of extra workers to lower wages rates. The immigrants also serve the Chamber as millions of government-dependent customers. For example, Breitbart News estimated that an amnesty for 3 million ‘dreamers’ would require taxpayers to provide $115 billion subsidies via Obamacare to myriad health-care companies.

In practice, the taxpayers’ costs will be far higher because new immigrants can use the nation’s chain-migration law to being in many of their foreign relatives, regardless of their skills, ideology, age or health. For example, the National Academy of Sciences reported in September 2016 that legal and illegal immigrants cost state and local taxpayers $57 billion per year, not counting huge additional federal costs. The same report shows that immigration forces down Americans’ wages down by 5.2 percent, and annually transfers $500 billion in payroll up to employers and investors.

That is all gravy to business groups, which gain from a larger population and national economy, especially if there is no growth in employees’ per-capita salaries.

Just as I said up at the top of this article – they don’t care if you die in the streets so long as there are replacement bodies lined up behind you.

The billboard was endorsed by the FWD.us group of investors, whose founders include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Interesting when you study the entire group of investors, although I wasn’t all that surprised to see Zuck and a Rothschild grinning back at me.

You essentially get a look into the future at the rulers (including some token White males) who will be sitting high and mighty while society collapses all around.

It may be comforting to know that eventually things would stall, growth would halt, and many would be torn to pieces by their consumer hordes once sustainability proved impossible, but in my case I would like to avoid such an outcome.

I haven’t grown that nihilistic quite yet, and I would much rather see my descendants live in a world of their own making rather than in a fetid and spiritually-bankrupt Capitalist cesspit.

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  1. The (((US Chamber of Commerce))) don’t give a damn about those beaners, they just want the cheap labor.

  2. Negroes built America? Oh yes of course. Built on the hard work, intelligence and ingenuity of Africans.
    Same with Somalians in Australia or Paki’s in Britain-couldn’t do shit in their own nation, yet will come here and suddenly be a scientist or industrialist.
    There’s nothing minorities have bought to the West that we couldn’t have done ourselves, or needed in the first place. Indeed, we were already prosperous before their arrival. Why don’t these moral cripples return to their own nations where their so called talents would be put to better use, and help out there?
    We don’t need them, and never have.

      • @Elle Chapo,
        As Aborigines aren’t human, and didn’t have civilization, a functioning government, infrastructure, farms, schools or clean running water, its fair to suggest we didn’t steal it from anyone. Some Sudanese have said they belong
        in Australia more than the whites do as they are the same color as them. The reality is no third world immigrants would come near Australia with a barge pole if it was controlled, and populated only by Aboriginies.
        Much of Australia is under, or unpopulated-the Aboriginies could live there and do whatever, but no, they live in white built towns, and are a headache for the other residents.
        if every white Australian returned to Europe tomorrow, many Aboriginies would follow us there as they realize they can’t run things themselves. As Europe will be Islamic in 15 years, returning there is no longer an option for us now anyway.
        The trouble with dickheads like you-if whites move to India its colonization, if Indians move to Europe its enrichment we must embrace.
        Immigrants come to Europe, North America and Australia…..because WHITES made them the best places on earth. But instead of being given any credit, we’re eternally bagged.
        For your part, if you hate whites, or white countries, you know where the airport is…

      • “Stolen” land….I thought you commies didn’t believe in the private ownership pf property? Try to keep your idiotic arguments consistent.

        • That’s a good point. The Red Indians didn’t have a concept of private property or borders either. How could land been stolen?

      • This “native” concept is very weird. Liberals took one bunch of murderous savages and announced that whole continent belongs to them

        Since when amok running savages became “natives” ?

        • And why limit “native” to continets ? There are “natives” in other places as well.

          For example mr. Lee Harwey was native dealeyplazasean because he was there before the other guy who wanted to steal his land.

          All serial killers are native remoteareans because they were there before their victims.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
        “Stolen” land?

        Oh what I wouldn’t give, to try some target practice on a wetback like you, and be justified by the Lord God Almighty for ridding ourselves of the Amorrite, the Perezzite, and the other pagan nations round about us.

        HW, Ban this son of a bitch now! He doesn’t deserve to be on this forum!

  3. The same thing happens in Australia, and I’d imagine everywhere in the white world. Our elites sometimes go on tv and state that….’Australia is a nation of immigrants, we believe in a fair go for all, embracing diversity is the Australian way, migrants built our great country and Australians love diversity’. Very condescending and irritating given we were never asked if we wanted it to begin with.
    If ever you see a token white I an ad, they usually play second fiddle to the black or brown. It just makes me sick.

  4. Bolshevism and Capitalism are different in that we knew who the members of the Politbureau were and we are not allowed to ask who owns and controls the (((Fed))). Just think about that for a minute.

    • Let me plug Gottfried Feders book “Manifesto For the Abolition of Interest Slavery” or whatever it translates into. This is more of less the basis for how the “Nazi”‘s went from poverty to building jets and rockets in a few short years. Pirate Bay the english version torrented I believe. My guess is you will be hard pressed to find any remaining paper versions as this is (((kryponite))) for the (((bankers))).

      • Update: Amazon has a Kindle edition for $2.99. I am actually shocked but I guess the textbook purge is still in process.

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