May Almighty God Have Mercy On Our Degenerate Metrosexual Souls

In my entire life I’ve known maybe three non-homosexual men who wore makeup as if they were a female – politicians don’t count because of the whole appearance/propaganda thing, but I still sort of think even that is borderline weird and vain.

Two of those men/boys were Goths in high school, and grew out of that phase by the time of their 18th birthday, and the other one had a few really nasty burn scars from an accident when he was a small child (therefore understandable so long as he didn’t prance around with eye-shadow and whatnot).

But you have to remember that those people existed back in the days of anti-LGTBQQX666 pogroms and unconcealed hatred for those desiring the freedom to bugger men and use gerbils for unspeakable acts.

Now we’ve come so far from those dark times – maybe 2005 to 2007.

Progress has never tasted sweeter.

I hope y’all realize that in a few more years you’re going to see (((people))) start to say that it’s perfectly normal to have sex with these effeminate boys – it’s already common among the queer community, but it still needs to be mainstreamed.

I figure it will come somewhere between trannies and incest orgies on the stairs of degeneracy.


  1. The Jews are always a fifth column. This is what comes of allowing them to live among gentile Christians. The Popes segregated them from Christians for a reason. Unfortunately, the heretic Martin Luther came along and ruined all of that. Enjoy your protestant revolution. It’s worked wonders for our Hebrew betters.

    • Are you so daft as to not understand that most europeans lived as slaves – literally – during the Middle Ages? Please explain how the Roman Catholic Church’s subjugation of Europe was such a great system.

      How many europeans adopt latin terms for aliases anyway?

      • Onceler. A family always has it’s internal feuds and quarrels. It will occasionally even reach the level tyranny and abuse.

        But if you and If you are incapable of understanding how our progress has been hijacked and thwarted by international interlopers. That they, far worse than sacrificing the common good for the benefit of one misguided leader, have deliberately strategized our destruction for the benefit of their genealogy, then YOU are part of the problem.

        • If you cannot understand how our progress has been hijacked by romans in alliance with the jews – both interlopers – then YOU are more of a problem than they are.

      • Most Slavs were serfs right up to the 19th century, and there was white slavery in the U.S. during the 17th and 18th centuries. So no, slavery for many whites was their lot in life almost to the modern era.

        • Slavery of my people was pivotally controlled by the jews. It was not the lot in life of northwestern europeans prior to Roman invasion. Slavs aren’t relevant here. If you want to celebrate a bunch of sandniggers and slopes raping yours, have at it but leave me and mine alone, thank ye very much.

    • Sursum- Drop the hatred.

      Michael Hoffman, a Roman Catholic, and his new book “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” shows unequivocally that the hierarchy of Rome was totally corrupt from at least the 1400s, indulging in Sodomy, Usury, Talmudic and Kabbalistic intrigue, and keeping it all from the “unregenerate masses”- in short, much like Bergoglio’s satanic cult, today.

      Instead of blaming the Protestants, (who only can follow what Rome does, because they did not have the first thousand years of the Church’s existence to build upon), try getting the log out of your own damn eye!

    • Pretty much.

      Next we’ll be moving into the Eunuch stage – I suppose they would differ from trannies…

  2. As the jews turn the US society into a horror show or as I say jewdicate it I see they are using the all invasive media to show their hate for the Christian holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The jews go absolutely insane during the Christian holidays. The networks and cables show one jew made horror and slasher movie after another during this time as the jew absolutely chokes on the Christian themes during this time. The jew courts are filled with one lawsuit after another to ban any kind of Christian display during this time. Lets pour it on. Give thanks to the Lord and have a very Merry Christmas.

    • And the worst of them all is the supposedly nice family movie, A Christmas Story, about a boy Ralphie wanting a BB gun for Christmas. An outright slasher movie is preferable as you at least know what you are getting. In the final scene of A Christmas Story, a pack of dogs ruins the Christmas dinner and a lot more, so the family goes out to The Chop Suey Palace, where the Chinese staff save the day for them including their singing “Deck The Hores with boughs of horry, fa ra ra ra ra, ‘Tis the season to be jorry…”

      This film is rife with anti-family input. Christmas is just such a burden, doncha see, with a nasty terrifying Santa, overstressed parents, a doofus father, and a poor little jewish boy (whom we don’t see on the screen) getting the blame for teaching Ralphie the word “f*u*c*k* – when it’s really Ralphie’s father who’s the villain. And on and on. Every scene is like this. The movie was directed by the fellow who did Black Christmas and Porky’s.

  3. Why do Christians like to virtue signal against homo men all the time? There’s always a small percentage of males in each race/ethnic-group that is homo. Various attempts in the past to eliminate it have failed, since it still occurs in societies with extreme penalties such as in Iraq which throws homo men off buildings.

    Being a numbers guy who likes to be practical, my question to others is: In politics, why make enemies at the outset of a small percentage of our men?

    In my opinion, the reason Christianity makes a big deal about homos is self-interest, which I’ve stated elsewhere as follow:

    “Regarding Christianity’s position on sexual matters, Christianity has a long history of being hostile to sex for any purpose other than the production of children. Thus, given this emphasis on having children, Christianity, in general, has a history of being against birth control, abortion, infanticide, and homosexuality. The reason Christianity has these attitudes is because Christianity wants its current believers to have many children, because Christian parents are likely to take their young children to a Christian church, with an end result that this early indoctrination of the child into a particular religion, in this case the Christian religion, makes it much more likely — when compared to a child who had no such early indoctrination into that religion — that that child when adult will be a member of that religion and an active supporter of it — putting money in the collection plate, for example. Thus, what has guided Christianity’s position on sexual matters is the self-interest of those who directly live off Christianity, because, in general, more Christians means more material support for those who directly live off Christianity.”

    • While I of course agree that homosexuals have always existed (it may be due to hormone imbalances, mental illness, or whatever), the fact remains that aside from brief periods in Classical Greece (it was by and large an Athenian thing according to Roman writers), faggotry is not something that has been celebrated or even openly tolerated in White Western societies.

      Only because of Jewish meddling has deviancy been brought out of the shadows into the mainstream in our modern civilization.

      And loathing of queers is not just a Christian thing – Pagans like Caesar, Antony, Octavian/Augustus, and both Catos condemned homosexuality as sick and disgraceful. Many of the Classical philosophers did the same.

    • All this millennial psycho-speak needs to die. “Virtue signalling” for instance. All these faggoty tumblrite colloquialisms need to fuckoff.

  4. Cultural Marxists are always pushing for “anti bullying” policies in public schools so that sissies can be openly gay without fear of getting the shit kicked out of them. Bullies may be cruel and stupid but they serve an important role in the food chain. And that role is to keep the faggots under control.

  5. White genocide is a multi-pronged attack on our populace that no other race on earth tolerates. The Jew agenda for us reads something like this:-
    -interracial marriages producing halfbreed turdlings who can’t identify with either side.

    -endless non-white immigration to further dilute whats left of our numbers.

    -higher non-white birthrates once they’ve settled and found their feet.

    -murders of whites in white nations and South Africa that in some places are 27% more likely against whites by non-whites than vice versa.

    -normalised faggotry since about the 70’s that only we seem to tolerate.

    All these things combined-gradually, gently and over time are eating away our numbers like
    termites slowly devouring a house.
    The Asian woman lovingly on the hunt for white husbands are just as dangerous as a terrorist who wants to blow us up. Difference is we find one acceptable, but not the other.
    On top of that, all the wars that rob us of strong, white men of breeding age who would be the most capable of taking on the real enemies on home soil.

    Ahhh the Jews….they have it ALLLLL worked out!

  6. What kills me is when homosexuals claim that Gay Marriage is a Constitutional right, and otherwise attempt to equate their deviancy with an extension of the freedoms envisioned by the nation’s founders. The term that the American Colonists were familiar with was Buggery, and it was punishable by death. It’s not that they were unaware that such activity sometimes occurred, it was just so far out of the norm that they couldn’t possibly forsee the sort of acceptance and encouragement that it receives today. Indeed, if they’d had any inkling as to how warped, degenerate and confused their descendants would become, I feel certain that they would have been a great deal more specific about several matters that either weren’t addressed directly or left some room for ambiguity. It is the flagrant abuses of their well meaning doctrines that has permitted those devious and clever people to twist the logic of the Constitution and weaponize it against those whom it was intended to benefit. In order to combat this subversion, one must look to other writings penned by the founders and search for clarification on their views there. That is the only way that the myths about their beliefs and intentions can be dispelled. But, with the hordes of immigrants, dumbed-down native born, and morally bankrupt individuals comprising a large segment of the population, even Washington, Jefferson and Madison are losing their standing as the American patriarchs.

  7. Wow. The level of degeneracy is astounding. I read the NYT article that Marcus referenced here. This. Is. Really. Happening.
    Merica’ is *right now* heading into full-out Sodom and Gomorrah mode. Even if we could preserve this society, why would we want to? The White race will endure, and be stronger when the current degenerate society is just a memory. Hail Dixie.

  8. O/T: I went to a currency exchange place to exchange some Canadian money and the White cuck running the place introduces me to his ‘BEAUTIFUL WIFE’ (his words) – an ugly little dark Thai squatamalan-type thing. When can we start killing the cucked race-mixers?

    AND! Over Thanksgiving, I heard from my brother, a college freshman, that his roommate grew up Evangelicuck in Tennessee with an adopted Haitian ‘brother’.

    God help the Aryan race…

  9. I misread the title of the article as: May Almighty God Have Mercy on our degenerate metrosexual sons; not souls. On second reading I realized my mistake, but I had already formulated a comment in my head. So, here it is: God is merciful and just, but, BUT: There are limits to his mercy and as far as Scripture goes, I seem to remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrha not as having a happy ending for the sodomites who were so horny and out of control, they even wanted to anally rape the Angels, who were guests in the house of one Lot. Yes, there is a lot of kinky stuff in the bible which they did not teach in sunday school. At least not when I went there, lol. But I digress. Even if the Almighty has mercy on the souls of assorted degenerates, as long as they live in the present day cesspool, do you or they really think the feral negroes or the millions of angry low IQ mudslimes are going to have mercy on them? I foresee great sufferings and torment for these limp-wristed faggots, when they are encouraged to flaunt their moral leprosy on the streets of Weimerica. They are all targets of real hatecrimes from POC. Because I am sure that this super degenerate trend is jew-inspired and only aggressively promoted among white youngsters. No Shamiloquay or Shitavious or Abdullah or Mohammed is going to pull this shit, I guarantee you that. His own family or homies would kill him first. Our white boys are targeted, not the POC.The nose knows.

    • Sodom and Gomorrah were NOT destroyed because of homosexuality.

      Yahweh/Jehovah had told Abraham that he would spare the city if it had ten righteous men. He sent two agents to the villages to JUDGE if they deserved obliteration. See Genesis 18:21.

      The villagers seem to have understood they were being set up. First the entire village surrounded the house. That includes women, children, and aged.

      “…the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter.” Genesis 19:4

      Then they demanded Lot release the men.

      “And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may KNOW THEM.”

      The term ‘know them’ is always assumed to be a sexual reference, but the villagers explained just why they wanted the men.

      “This fellow came to sojourn, and he has become the JUDGE: now will we deal worse with thee, than with them. And they pressed sore upon the man, even Lot, and came near to break the door.”

      In other words, the agents ostensibly came to visit, but were really JUDGING the fate of the village. That’s why the villagers were so angry. They wanted to ‘know’ who the agents were. That’s why they tried to break down Lot’s door.

      The usual Christian interpretation injects an unsubstantiated homosexual motive in order to absolve Yahweh/Jehovah of genocidal guilt. Lot’s actions were arguably far worse than those of the villagers. They only want to interrogate a couple of enemy agents who were there to obliterate their city, whereas Lot offered his virgin daughters.

      • Eric- God damn you!
        Do you understand you’re evil?
        Do you understand your blasphemy ?
        Do you understand that you’re advocating for the removal of the very reason for Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction, now falls on you?

        If you’re a faggot, have the decency to say so.
        If you’re not a faggot, then you’re a faggot enabler.

        Either way, you’ve just lost any credibility on this forum.

    • Hey newmeterology,
      Those of the Futurist eschatological school of thought often think that the antichrist will be a Jew, but the Preterist ans Historicist schools of interpretation do no think so. The Reformers were not Futurists, and neither were the early settlers of America. But most people in most churches hear nothing but Futurism.

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