Baby White Pill: Supreme Court Upholds President Trump’s Travel/Moslem Ban

The reason I decided to term this Supreme Court decision just a baby white pill is basically due to the fact that I feel as if the Moslem ban should have been easily extended to nations such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Algeria, etc…

It would have been just as easy, if not easier, to defend in court than this watered down series of travel restrictions – last I checked, there haven’t been reports of Venezuelans or North Koreans driving trucks of peace through the streets of any major or minor American city.

Nor have I heard of any Iranians tearing through crowds with knives of love – I’d rather not have them in my country in any significant numbers, but the fact remains that Iran as a nation heroically stands against Sunni and Israeli terrorism each and every day.

Still, I suppose the fact that nations like Syria and Somalia grace the upheld list is enough to smile – my guess is that Canada and Cuck Island will step up their immigration numbers to compensate.

New York Times:

The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the third version of the Trump administration’s travel ban to go into effect while legal challenges against it continue. The decision was a victory for the administration after its mixed success before the court over the summer, when justices considered and eventually dismissed disputes over the second version.

The court’s brief, unsigned order on Monday urged appeals courts to move swiftly to determine whether the latest ban was lawful. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor said they would have denied the administration’s request to allow the latest ban to go into effect.

The third and newest version of the ban, issued by President Trump in a proclamation in September, imposed restrictions on citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen. In a pair of filings in the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Noel J. Francisco said Mr. Trump had acted under his broad constitutional and statutory to control immigration.

Mr. Francisco wrote that the process leading to the September proclamation was more deliberate than those that had led to earlier bans, issued in January and March. Those earlier orders were temporary measures, he wrote, while the proclamation was the product of extensive study and deliberation.

Lawyers with the American Civil Liberties Union, which represents people and groups challenging the ban, told the justices that little had changed. “The proclamation is the third order the president has signed this year banning more than 100 million individuals from Muslim-majority nations from coming to the United States,” they wrote.

In October, federal judges in Maryland and Hawaii blocked major parts of the latest ban while legal challenges proceed.

Another day, and yet another reason arguing against the system of government we’re  saddled with – what we currently have is almost insane as Late Republican Rome trying to run an empire with a system designed for a small city-state.

In reality, it’s so bad that even if we were to instantaneously remove all Jews and other non-Whites, we’d still be stuck in a mess worthy of legend – actually, it wouldn’t be too long before the same expelled populations were let back in anyway.


  1. everything Trumpenthal does is a scam and a hoax. In FACT,

    Trumpenthal’s State Dept. has MORE THAN DOUBLED the weekly insourcing of Black Muslim savages from Sudan/Somalia.. Then, each orc gets to bring 34 relatives.

    • Yeah, it’s a nightmare, and I didn’t see anything in any of the travel bans (maybe, just maybe the first) that directly addressed this problem.

      Not to mention the private importation programs pushed by the churches (Catholic and Protestant).

    • Yeah, I think I read 70% of new invaders are from family unification visas so who really cares? I live in a region that was targeted by Obama and every time I go out I see more frizzy haired east Africans in new clothes walking around. They are not driving much yet as far as I can tell but that will come in time. They have handlers from churches and ethnic activist groups coaching them on their english and making sure they don’t stand out too much to the natives. I think the cost to taxpayers is about $120k/yr for each family. New schools and housing were built in advance. This is all a long term plan.

  2. …..Trump was not ‘banning Muslims’. He was banning persons flying to the US from countries where Mossad would have utilized one of their assets in blowing up American airliners and dragging Trump into the wars in the Middle East which he is trying to end.

    From The Ugly Truth

    • That is the most desperate spin I’ve heard lately. Most of the 911 terrorists were Saudis, and not from Afghanistan or Iraq. Yet, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded. Besides Mossad could just get fake passports and Ids anyway for their “assets” and leave a trail to whomever, not that it mattered before. Mark Glen needs to stop sucking on Trump’s dick.

  3. It’s promising at least to see that the Supreme Court backed this up. I’d like to think we can at least get a reliable Court in place if the atrocious jew Ginsburg finally croaks, and Trump can stick in another Gorsuch-type justice.

    • They have all been thoroughly vetted by ZOG or they would not be there. The only wild card is the black dude, ironically. Put him in a hall of fame with Bobby Fischer.

  4. Even if the border is closed this minute and all migration halted they’ve already got enough 3rd worlders here to finish us off. We will definitely need our own homelands here or elsewhere in order to survive racial extinction. MAGA is cuckservative fantasy. In 50 years the political map of North America will look nothing like it looks today.

    • True – their birthrates are too high and ours too low to sustain anything.

      I knew someone who did some rough calculations during the 2016 Campaign, and they figured that a total sealing of the borders without deportations would net us maybe 3-5 extra years as a majority.

  5. Relying on some politician or judge to protect this country from harm is friggin’ absurd. Only patriotic and well-armed White citizens can do that.

  6. So far I haven’t had too much contact with those smelly Mohammedan cut-throats, because I live in a clean, White suburban neighborhood, not some dirty, nigger-infested slum. There is a Lebanese guy who runs the local gas station, but he’s a Catholic and he’s a White Arab, not one of those swarthy little sand-monkey types.

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